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Player TRACKER Tour

Player TRACKER Tour

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Player Tracker Tour
The TBC Player TRACKER allows you to track up to 200 players and their current season statistics, together, on a single page.

The TRACKER is updated daily, before 5am, which means you can review your player's daily/season stats with your morning coffee.

The 200 players can be managed at any time and the player stats will be updated immediately. You can view your list of players at any time on the Player list page.

You can quickly add any active player to your player list by entering his last name in the "Add Player to my Tracker" search box.

You can also quickly add a player by clicking on the "Add Player" icon on the player page or from the "Add to Tracker" button within the analysis tools.

Remove a player easily by clicking on the "remove" link next to the player. Made a mistake? You can easily add him back

Though most people are interested in the daily stats, you also get to view season statistics for your players. Batting/Pitching stats are separate. The AMAZING thing about this section is that you can track college players as well as Pro players. TBC updates college stats for most US colleges daily (all levels). From Vanderbilt University (Go Commodores!) to Herkimer County Community College (Go Generals!).

Each grid has some filters to help you view the content. You can also remove a player directly from the stat grids.

Columns are always sortable. Click header row to sort and cick again to reverse sort.

Double-click a cell value to filter with tha value as a minimum. View below is of 10 homers and more because 10 was clicked in the HR column..

The Daily Stats tab shows you how your players did the prior day. The focus here is on daily stats but some season stats have been included as well. Sorting/Filtering functionality applies here as well

All active players will appear within the grid, regardless of whether they played. Double-header stats will be combined. Stats are not displayed by game but instead, by day.

Player Transactions for your players are also available in a separate view. These are pulled directly from MILB transactions section and apply only to PRO players. College players roster status, though normally stable, will not be included. i.e. Injuries.

If you would prefer to have your stats sent to you each morning via email, we offer this service as well for a 1-time $50 charge.

The email is sent out each morning shortly after 4:30am and includes stats from the prior day for both Major Leaguers and Minor Leaguers. Stats are separated by batting/pitching and include both daily and season stats for all teams for each player for the current season.

In addition to the Pro stats, there is a summary for college players at the bottom that includes only the season stats.

Purchasing the email will still allow you access to view your stats on the site and any change to your player list will be reflected in the subsequent day's tracker which runs 7 days a week.

The email tracker will also include your player transactions

So there you go! Sign up for a year and you will be hooked. We have many subscribers who have been with us for 10 seasons!

Contact Us with any questions.