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Bert Blyleven  

Bert Blyleven  

|Special assistant - Minnesota Twins (MLB) [2021]

Proper Name
Rik Aalbert Blyleven
High Level
MLB (1970-1992)
P (635)
Ht / Wt
6-3 / 207
Bats / Throws
Right / Right
High School
Santiago (Garden Grove,CA)
draft posit
MLB Debut
MLB Teams
MIN [11] CLE [5] CAL [3] PIT [3] TEX [2]
mlbam id
Stat Capsuleerawhipw-lggssviphso
Career MLB [1970-1992]3.311.20287-25069268504,970.046323701
Player Tags
Player Notes:  Father of Todd Blyleven ... [2009] Coach for Team Netherlands at 2009 World Baseball Classic ... [2013] Coach for Team Netherlands at World Baseball Classic ... [2017] Pitching Coach for Team Netherlands at World Baseball Classic ... [2023] Pitching Coach for Kingdom of the Netherlands in the 2023 World Baseball Classic
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year team name age salary tm rank lgrk avg salary lg minimum
1985 Cleveland Indians 34 650,000 2 136 371,571 60,000
1986 Minnesota Twins 35 1,450,000 1 18 412,520 60,000
1987 Minnesota Twins 36 1,150,000 2 40 412,454 62,500
1988 Minnesota Twins 37 1,000,000 6 62 438,729 62,500
1989 California Angels 38 1,225,000 4 72 497,254 68,000
1990 California Angels 39 1,175,000 7 110 597,537 100,000
1992 California Angels 41 900,000 13 277 1,028,667 109,000
7 record(s)
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