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Matt Diaz  

Matt Diaz  

Top 10 Ranks

Proper Name
Matthew E. Diaz
High Level
MLB (2003-2013)
OF (737) ... LF (419) ... RF (140) ... DH (17) ... 1B (6) ... CF (2)
Ht / Wt
6-1 / 206
Bats / Throws
Right / Right
High School
Santa Fe Catholic (Lakeland,FL)
Florida State University (Tallahassee,FL),
draft posit
MLB Debut
Service Time
8.136 (2013)
MLB Teams
ATL [7] TBA [6] KCA [1] PIT [1] MIA [1]
mlbam id
Stat Capsuleavgopsabrhhrrbisb
Career MLB [2003-2013].290.76018812125464522633
Player Tags
Player Notes:  Brother of Zach Diaz ... [2013] Inducted into the Florida State University Athletics Hall of Fame
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year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2009 Atlanta Braves NL Hit By Pitch HBP 4 13
year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2004 Durham Bulls IL Batting Average BAVG 2 .332
2004 Durham Bulls IL Slugging Percentage SLG 4 .571
2004 Durham Bulls IL On Base Plus Slugging OPS 8 .947
2004 Durham Bulls IL Games Played G 9 134
2004 Durham Bulls IL At Bats AB 10 503
2004 Durham Bulls IL Runs R 9 81
2004 Durham Bulls IL Hits H 2 167
2004 Durham Bulls IL Total Bases TB 2 287
2004 Durham Bulls IL Doubles DBL 1 47
2004 Durham Bulls IL Runs Batted In RBI 4 93
2004 Durham Bulls IL Hit By Pitch HBP 5 13
2004 Durham Bulls IL Extra Base Hits XBH 2 73
2004 Durham Bulls IL BAVG on Balls in Play BABIP 4 .373
year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2003 Orlando Rays Sou Intentional Walks IBB 3 6
year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2002 Orlando Rays Sou Runs R 6 71
2002 Orlando Rays Sou Stolen Bases SB 6 31
2002 Orlando Rays Sou Hit By Pitch HBP 9 10
year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Batting Average BAVG 6 .328
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Slugging Percentage SLG 10 .510
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif At Bats AB 5 524
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Hits H 1 172
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Total Bases TB 2 267
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Doubles DBL 4 40
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Hit By Pitch HBP 6 14
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Extra Base Hits XBH 5 59
2001 Bakersfield Blaze Calif Strikeouts Percentage SO_PCT 6 12.78
year team(s) league stat name stat abbr rank stat value
2000 St. Petersburg Devil Rays FSL Hit By Pitch HBP 7 11
2000 St. Petersburg Devil Rays FSL Grounded into Double Play GDP 1 21
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