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Nick Lodolo  

Nick Lodolo  

Louisville Bats |60-day Injured List

Proper Name
Nicholas Frank Lodolo
High Level
MLB (2022-2023)
P (44)
Ht / Wt
6-6 / 216
Bats / Throws
Left / Left
La Verne,California
High School
Damien (La Verne,CA)
Texas Christian University (Fort Worth,TX),
Signing Bonus
$ 5,432,400
draft posit
MLB Debut
Service Time
1.000 (2022)
[2022] ... 4-Seam Fastball (94.4) [32.1%] ... Curveball (81.5) [30.6%] ... Sinker (94.2) [26.9%] ... Changeup (88.3) [10.4%]
MLB Teams
CIN [4]
mlbam id
Stat Capsuleerawhipw-lggssviphso
Season [2023]CIN6.291.752-177034.35047
Career MLB [2022-2023]4.311.376-826260137.7140178
Player Tags
Player Notes:  
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year tranx date end date mlb org level Transaction Description status minor team 40man age
2023 2023-08-20 current CIN AAA Assigned to Louisville Bats (AAA) for rehab IL-60 Louisville (IL2) No 25.196
2023 2023-08-15 2023-08-20 CIN AA Assigned to Chattanooga Lookouts (AA) for rehab IL-60 Chattanooga (Sou2) No 25.191
2023 2023-08-11 2023-08-15 CIN Rk Assigned to ACL Reds (Rk) for rehab IL-60 ACL Reds (ACL) No 25.187
2023 2023-06-03 2023-08-11 CIN MLB Transferred to 60-day IL IL-60 Cincinnati Reds (MLB) No 25.118
2022 2022-06-21 2022-07-05 CIN MLB IL-60 Lower right back strain IL-7 Cincinnati Reds (MLB) No 24.136
2022 2022-06-18 2022-06-21 CIN AAA Assigned to Louisville Bats (AAA) for rehab IL-10 Louisville (IL2) Yes 24.133
2022 2022-06-13 2022-06-18 CIN Rk Assigned to ACL Reds (Rk) for rehab IL-10 ACL Reds (ACL) Yes 24.128
2022 2022-04-28 2022-06-13 CIN MLB IL-10 Lower right back strain *While pitching* IL-10 -- Yes 24.082
2022 2022-04-13 2022-04-28 CIN MLB Contract purchased from minors Active -- Yes 24.067
2022 2022-04-07 2022-04-13 CIN AAA Assigned to Louisville Bats (AAA) Minors Louisville (IL2) No 24.061
2021 2021-08-26 2021-10-04 CIN AAA IL-7 Left shoulder strain IL-7 Louisville (IL2) No 23.202
2021 2021-08-03 2021-08-26 CIN AAA Assigned to Louisville [AAA_East] (AAA) Minors Louisville (IL2) No 23.179
2021 2021-06-15 2021-07-06 CIN AA IL-7 Blister IL-7 Chattanooga (Sou2) No 23.130
2021 2021-05-04 2021-06-15 CIN AA Assigned to Chattanooga [AA_Sou] (AA) Minors Chattanooga (Sou2) No 23.088
2021 2021-02-12 2021-05-04 CIN A Assigned to Daytona [A2_SE] (A) Minors Daytona (FSL2) No 23.007
2019 2019-08-02 2021-02-12 CIN Rk Assigned to Arizona Reds (Rk) Minors Arizona Reds (Ariz) No 21.178
2019 2019-07-22 2019-08-02 CIN A Assigned to Dayton (A) Minors Dayton (Midw) No 21.167
2019 2019-06-11 2019-07-22 CIN Rk Signed out of draft (Texas Christian) Minors Billings (Pio) No 21.126
18 record(s)