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Garrett Whitley  

Garrett Whitley  

|Free Agent

Proper Name
Garrett Alan Whitley
High Level
LF (209) ... CF (153) ... RF (98)
Ht / Wt
6-0 / 199
Bats / Throws
Right / Right
Niskayuna,New York
High School
Niskayuna (Niskayuna,NY)
Signing Bonus
$ 2,962,100
draft posit
MLB Teams
TBA [5] MIL [1] PHI [1]
mlbam id
Stat Capsuleavgopsabrhhrrbisb
Season [2023]AA (PHI).161.4505669151
Player Tags
Player Notes:  
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year tranx date end date mlb org level Transaction Description status minor team 40man age
2023 2023-05-25 current -- -- Released by Phillies Free Agt -- No 26.072
2023 2023-05-02 2023-05-25 PHI AA Assigned to Reading Fightin Phils (AA) Minors Reading (East2) No 26.049
2023 2023-03-28 2023-05-02 PHI Rk Assigned to FCL Phillies (Rk) Minors FCL Phillies (FCL) No 26.014
2023 2023-01-11 2023-03-28 PHI AAA Assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs (AAA) Minors Lehigh Valley (IL2) No 25.304
2022 2022-12-23 2023-01-11 PHI MLB Signed to minor league contract Minors -- No 25.285
2022 2022-08-02 2022-12-23 MIL AA Assigned to Biloxi Shuckers (AA) Minors Biloxi (Sou2) No 25.142
2022 2022-04-25 2022-05-30 MIL AAA IL-7 Injured IL-7 Nashville (IL2) No 25.043
2022 2022-04-04 2022-04-25 MIL AAA Assigned to Nashville Sounds (AAA) Minors Nashville (IL2) No 25.022
2021 2021-12-16 2022-04-04 MIL AA Assigned to Biloxi Shuckers (AA) Minors Biloxi (Sou2) No 24.278
2021 2021-12-15 2021-12-16 MIL MLB Signed to minor league contract Minors -- No 24.277
2021 2021-12-09 2021-12-15 MIL MLB Signed to Minor League Contract Minors -- No 24.271
2021 2021-11-07 2021-12-09 -- -- Granted free agency Free Agt -- No 24.239
2021 2021-07-27 2021-11-07 TBA AAA Assigned to Durham [AAA_East] (AAA) Minors Durham (IL2) No 24.136
2020 2020-11-19 2021-07-27 TBA AAA Assigned to Durham [IL] (AAA) Minors Durham (IL) No 23.251
2018 2018-04-02 2020-11-19 TBA A+ Assigned to Charlotte (A+) Minors Charlotte (FSL) No 21.020
2017 2017-05-12 2017-05-19 TBA A DL-7 Injured DL-7 Bowling Green (SAL) No 20.060
2017 2017-04-06 2017-05-12 TBA A Assigned to Bowling Green (A) Minors Bowling Green (SAL) No 20.024
2015 2015-08-28 2017-04-06 TBA A- Assigned to Hudson Valley (A-) Minors Hudson Valley (NYPL) No 18.167
2015 2015-07-01 2015-08-28 TBA Rk Signed out of draft (New York HS) Minors Gulf Coast Rays (GCL) No 18.109
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