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Mitch Williams  

Mitch Williams  


Proper Name
Mitchell Steven Williams
Wild Thing
High Level
MLB (1986-1997)
P (781)
Ht / Wt
6-4 / 205
Bats / Throws
Left / Left
Santa Ana,California
High School
West Linn (West Linn,OR)
draft posit
MLB Debut
MLB Teams
PHI [4] TEX [4] SDN [3] CHN [2] KCA [1] HOU [1] CAL [1]
mlbam id
Stat Capsuleerawhipw-lggssviphso
Career MLB [1986-1997]3.651.5645-586193192691.3537660
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year tranx date end date mlb org level Transaction Description status minor team 40man age
1997 1997-05-12 current -- -- Released by Royals Hist -- No 32.176
1997 1997-01-14 1997-05-12 KCA MLB Signed to #-year contract for 1997-1997 ($0m) [Free Agent] Hist -- No 32.058
1996 1996-08-19 1997-01-14 -- -- Released by Phillies Hist -- No 31.275
1996 1996-07-06 1996-08-19 PHI MLB Signed to #-year contract for 1996-1996 ($0m) [Free Agent] Hist -- No 31.231
1995 1995-06-19 1996-07-06 -- -- Released by Angels Hist -- No 30.213
1994 1994-11-30 1995-06-19 CAL MLB Signed to #-year contract for 1994-1994 ($0m) [Free Agent] Hist -- No 30.012
1994 1994-05-31 1994-11-30 -- -- Released by Astros Hist -- No 29.195
1993 1993-12-02 1994-05-31 HOU MLB Traded from Philadelphia Phillies to Houston Astros for Doug Jones and Jeff Juden Hist -- No 29.015
1991 1991-12-18 1993-12-02 PHI MLB Signed to #-year contract for 1991-1991 ($0m) [Free Agent] Hist -- No 27.030
1991 1991-10-31 1991-12-18 -- -- Granted free agency Hist -- No 26.347
1991 1991-04-07 1991-10-31 PHI MLB Traded from Chicago Cubs to Philadelphia Phillies for Chuck McElroy and Bob Scanlan Hist -- No 26.140
1988 1988-12-05 1991-04-07 CHN MLB Traded from Texas Rangers with Paul Kilgus, Steve Wilson, Curtis Wilkerson, Luis Benitez and Pablo Delgado to Chicago Cubs for Rafael Palmeiro, Jamie Moyer and Drew Hall Hist -- No 24.018
1985 1985-04-06 1988-12-05 TEX MLB Traded from San Diego Padres to Texas Rangers for Randy Asadoor Hist -- No 20.140
1985 1985-04-05 1985-04-06 SDN MLB Returned to San Diego Padres Hist -- No 20.139
1984 1984-12-03 1985-04-05 TEX MLB Selected from San Diego Padres by Texas Rangers in MLB Rule 5 Draft Hist -- No 20.016
1982 1982-06-14 1984-12-03 SDN MLB Signed out of draft (Oregon HS) Hist -- No 17.209
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