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1987 Gulf Coast League

1987 Gulf Coast League

Coaching Staffs

Gulf Coast League
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Coaching Staffs
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year teamname level mlb player name job
1987 Gulf Coast Astros Rk hou Julio Linares Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Braves Rk atl Pedro Gonzalez Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Braves Rk atl Nardi Contreras Pitching Coach
1987 Gulf Coast Dodgers Rk lan Joe Alvarez Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Expos Rk mon Jethro McIntyre Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Pirates Rk pit Woody Huyke Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Rangers Rk tex Stan Hough Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Reds Rk cin Sam Mejias Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Royals Rk kca Luis Silverio Manager
1987 Gulf Coast White Sox Rk cha Steve Dillard Manager
1987 Gulf Coast Yankees Rk nya Fred Ferreira Manager
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