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Portage Central High School

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last updated: November 29, 2022 06:41 PM

Active Batters [2022]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Luke LetoLSUSECNCAA-1-131021000100221000.100.308.100.408
Zach MacDonaldMiamiMACNCAA-1-4815939458110308026559022.283.408.535.943
Justin McIntyreWestern MichiganMACNCAA-1-51170424313152293272629624.253.434.429.864
Joe StewartMichiganBig10NCAA-1-622697394172135623124646042.349.409.572.982
Joe StewartTri-City Dust DevilsNwst2A+ANA331251129611177110433014.232.302.320.622
Active Pitchers [2022]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Gavin BrasoskyTennesseeSECNCAA-1-10500004.1200360100.001.15
Jeff CriswellLansing LugnutsMidw2A+OAK23101011050.037242118587233.781.10
Jeff CriswellMidland RockHoundsTex2AAOAK2612900057.261282724576604.211.47
Jeff CriswellLas Vegas AviatorsPCL2AAAOAK012200010.21055340104.221.22
Jacob GernonWestern MichiganMACNCAA-1-00200001.1000010010.000.00
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplaceyearshigh levelstatusteamorgcolleges
Jeff CriswellP6-4225R-R1999-03-10Portage,MI2018-2022AAAIn MinorsLas Vegas AviatorsOAKUniversity of Michigan (Ann Arbor,MI),
Joe StewartCF-RF6-4207R-R1998-05-06Portage,MI2018-2022A+In MinorsTri-City Dust DevilsANAMichigan State University (East Lansing,MI), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor,MI)
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
Mike Hart1980-198054110000011.250.400.250.650TEX [2] BAL [2] MON [2] CHA [1] KCA [1] NYA [1]
Kirt Ojala1997-199946332410030312. [6] MIA [3] CIN [1] BOS [1]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
Kirt Ojala1997-19993105619016417798861983994.711.58NYA [6] MIA [3] CIN [1] BOS [1]
Draft Picks by Year
2017*Jeff Criswell (35-1055)
2011*Ryan Krill (40-1217)
1994*Patrick Dunham (26-731), *Brad Block (45-1241)
1992*Ryan Topham (34-955)
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent
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