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Lynchburg College

Lynchburg College

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school long name
Lynchburg College
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Lynchburg College
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last updated: September 22, 2023 02:00 AM

Active Batters [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Active Pitchers [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Grayson ThurmanDunedin Blue JaysFSL2ATOR1234100645.043272424535714.801.49
Grayson ThurmanNew Hampshire Fisher CEast2AATOR00300014.0322231004.501.25
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplacehigh schoolhs placehigh levelstatusteamorg
Grayson ThurmanP6-3205R-R1998-12-27Lynch Station,VAAltavista Combined SchoolAltavista,VAAAIn MinorsNew Hampshire Fisher CatsTOR
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
Lefty Thomas1925-192687000000013. [2]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
John Hobbs1981-19810040065220613.181.94MIN [3]
Lefty Thomas1925-1926028202222158017133.321.80WS1 [2]
Pro Players by Year
2022Grayson Thurman
2021Grayson Thurman
2020Grayson Thurman
2019Grayson Thurman
2018Grayson Thurman
Major Leaguers are in bold
Draft Picks by Year
2012Richie Palase (32-971)
2008Ronnie Labrie (38-1141)
1991Chad Smith (45-1164)
1989Todd Abell (28-717)
1983Wayne Harrison (33-782)
1982Chip Childress (22-555)
1979Buddy Bailey (16-394), DeWayne Kitts (32-773)
1978John Hobbs (7-162), *Buddy Bailey (26-630)
1976Randy Thomas (4-87), David Owen (16-373)
1971Keith Scruggs (2-29), William Osborne (4-76)
1969*Gerald Bryant (4-75)
1968William Holt (3-51)
1967*William Holt (7-129)
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent