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Manhattan College

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Manhattan College
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Manhattan College
Bronx,New York
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Active Batters [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Jonathan BarditchJacksonvilleAtlSunNCAA-1-24571070001107155602.
David BermudezStetsonAtlSunNCAA-1-5720746641308433131287063.309.406.488.894
Nick CimilloBradenton MaraudersFSL2APIT5116332471618291129434013.288.406.546.952
Nick CimilloGreensboro GrasshopperSAL2A+PIT19689101039109241001.
Sam FrancoPurdueBig10NCAA-1-2127275016001103010.259.344.556.899
Will TrochianoMonmouthCAANCAA-1-35861822300160113117321.256.389.291.680
Active Pitchers [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Tom CosgroveACL PadresACLRkSDN00110001.0111120009.002.00
Tom CosgroveEl Paso ChihuahuasPCL2AAASDN00800008.1000480110.000.48
Tom CosgroveSan Diego PadresNLMLBSDN1250000048.029121017433151.880.96
Joe JacquesWorcester Red SoxIL2AAABOS1333100139.032151113354242.541.15
Joe JacquesBoston Red SoxALMLBBOS2123100126.232171510202165.061.57
Luke RierHartfordIndyNCAANCAA-1-0112000020.12016161193227.081.52
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplacehigh schoolhs placehigh levelstatusteamorg
Nick CimilloC6-2215R-R2000-02-23New York,NYSuffernSuffern,NYA+In MinorsGreensboro GrasshoppersPIT
Tom CosgroveP6-2170L-L1996-06-14Staten Island,NYMonsignor FarrellStaten Island,NYMLBActive on MLB RosterSan Diego PadresSDN
Joe JacquesP6-4210L-L1995-03-11Shrewsbury,NJRed Bank RegionalLittle Silver,NJMLBIn MinorsWorcester Red SoxBOS
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
George Chalmers1910-191612120983480090484. [7]
Dick Cotter1911-1912461008280201521120.280.357.320.677PHI [1] CHN [1]
Cy Ferry1904-190547221002000.286.286.429.714DET [1]
Joe Gallagher1939-194016548773133265167342676.273.314.446.760SLA [2] NYA [1] BRO [1]
Jim Hanley1913-191311000000000. [1]
Buddy Hassett1936-194292935174691026130401234353209116.292.333.362.695BRO [3] BSN [1] NYA [1]
Andy Karl1943-194719795101610060822. [4] BOS [1] BSN [1]
Chris Mahoney1910-191037110000000. [1]
Charlie Meara1914-191447220001022.286.444.286.730NYA [1]
Cotton Minahan1907-190725100000000. [1]
James Mullen1904-1905118375377410812612140. [2] PHA [1]
Mike Parisi2008-2008104011002001.250.250.500.750SLN [6] LAN [2] CHN [1]
Xavier Rescigno1943-19451297269110101026. [3]
Doc Scanlan1903-1911181416237811202343421. [2] BRO [1]
Chuck Schilling1961-196554119692304707652314611176236.239.304.317.621BOS [5]
Henry Thielman1902-19034312391812161120. [1] CIN [1]
Jake Thielman1905-1908691752742560204210.240.328.337.665SLN [2] BOS [1]
Nick Tremark1934-19363573101840010065.247.313.301.614BRO [3]
Eddie Zimmerman1906-1911127431318010733793437. [1] BRO [1]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
George Chalmers1910-19162941121776646645339245172792903.411.43PHI [7]
Bob Chlupsa1970-19710215001829181829118.842.07SLN [2]
Tom Cosgrove2023-202312500048291210317431.880.96SDN [6]
Cy Ferry1904-1905014201515121211167.201.73DET [1]
Jim Hanley1913-19130010045330426.752.25NYA [1]
Joe Jacques2023-202321231127321715210205.061.57PIT [4] BOS [1]
Andy Karl1943-19471823191426423451200165161301073.511.37PHI [4] BOS [1] BSN [1]
Chris Mahoney1910-19100121111161141563.271.91BOS [1]
Cotton Minahan1907-19070222014128201341.291.79CIN [1]
Mike Parisi2008-200804122023372421215138.222.26SLN [6] LAN [2] CHN [1]
Xavier Rescigno1943-194519221292116335366178154211131154.131.43PIT [3]
Doc Scanlan1903-1911657118114951,2521061558417156085843.001.33PIT [2] BRO [1]
Henry Thielman1902-19039193128124624014092598643.371.37NY1 [1] CIN [1]
Jake Thielman1905-190830286556047548323816791071583.161.24SLN [2] BOS [1]
Tom Waddell1984-1987151111391521517910610333831184.301.22CLE [4] ATL [3] MON [2] MIL [1]
Pro Players by Year
2022Jordan Warecke
2021Nick Cimillo
2020Nick Cimillo
2019John Cain, Nick Cimillo
2018Joe Jacques, Fabian Pena
2017Jose Carrera, Tom Cosgrove, Joe Jacques, Fabian Pena
2016Jose Carrera, Tom Cosgrove, Joe Jacques, Fabian Pena, Christian Santisteban
2015Jose Carrera, Tom Cosgrove, Joe Jacques, Christian Santisteban
2014Jose Carrera, Joe Jacques, Christian Santisteban, Brendan Slattery
2013Ramon Ortega, Christian Santisteban, Brendan Slattery
2012Joe Mortillaro, Ramon Ortega, Taylor Sewitt, Brendan Slattery, Anthony Vega
2011Ramon Ortega, Chad Salem, Taylor Sewitt, Brendan Slattery, Anthony Vega
2010Anthony Armenio, Zac Goyer, Tom Moran, Ramon Ortega, Chad Salem, Taylor Sewitt, Anthony Vega
2009Anthony Armenio, Zac Goyer, Tom Moran, Ramon Ortega, Chad Salem, Taylor Sewitt
2008Anthony Armenio, Jose Behar, Zac Goyer, Tom Moran, Chad Salem
2007Anthony Armenio, Jesse Darcy, Nick Derba, Zac Goyer, Tom Moran, Matt Rizzotti, Rene Ruiz, Josh Santerre
2006Chris Cody, Jesse Darcy, Nick Derba, John Fitzpatrick, Brian Fulcher, Matt Rizzotti, Rene Ruiz, Josh Santerre
2005Steve Bronder, Chris Cody, Jesse Darcy, Nick Derba, John Fitzpatrick, Brian Fulcher, Matt Rizzotti, Josh Santerre
2004Steve Bronder, Chris Cody, Matt Cucurullo, Jesse Darcy, Sam Deluca, Nick Derba, John Fitzpatrick, Chris Gaskin, Mike Parisi, Josh Santerre
2003Steve Bronder, Chris Cody, Matt Cucurullo, Ryan Darcy, John Fitzpatrick, Chris Gaskin, Mike Parisi
2002Matt Cucurullo, Ryan Darcy, Chris Gaskin, Mike Parisi
2001Matt Cucurullo, Ryan Darcy
2000Ryan Darcy
1998Neil Longo
1997Neil Longo
1996Neil Longo
Major Leaguers are in bold
Draft Picks by Year
2019John Cain
2018Fabian Pena (25-736), Joe Jacques (33-984)
2017Tom Cosgrove (12-348)
2012Anthony Vega (30-912)
2007Matt Rizzotti (6-203), Nick Derba (30-922), Jesse Darcy (38-1136)
2006Chris Cody (8-232)
2004Mike Parisi (9-270), Chris Gaskin (23-696)
1998Neil Longo (9-275)
1983Mike Murphy (18-455)
1981Tom Waddell
1972James Gorton (20-476)
1971Mark Connor (22-527)
1967Bob Chlupsa (5-90), *Bob Chlupsa (5-99)
1966*Bob Chlupsa (2-37), George Bruns (27-527)
1965*Bob Chlupsa (6-105), Lawrence Lembo (26-508)
1958Chuck Schilling
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent