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University of North Carolina-Charlotte

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Alumni Report

school long name
University of North Carolina-Charlotte
short name
UNC Charlotte
Robert and Mariam
college division
drafted players
major leaguers
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last updated: May 31, 2023 02:00 AM

Active Batters [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Nate FurmanLynchburg HillcatsCaro2ACLE4012843424101227335197032.328.486.375.861
Nate FurmanLake County CaptainsMidw2A+CLE31323000000120000.
David McCabeAugusta GreenJacketsCaro2AATL421462639718251127471025.267.381.493.874
Aaron McKeithanPeoria ChiefsMidw2A+SLN341071426203211015248062.243.360.346.706
Active Pitchers [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Spencer GiestingHillsboro HopsNwst2A+ARI128800030.030171527382424.501.90
Quinton MartinezInland Empire 66ersCal2AANA0111000116.117883182234.411.22
Bryce McGowanFresno GrizzliesCal2ACOL0012000213.18216160110.681.05
Bryce McGowanSpokane IndiansNwst2A+COL10400004.2400360100.001.50
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplacehigh schoolhs placehigh levelstatusteamorg
Holden CappsP6-2180R-L1995-03-24Lawton,OKLawtonLawton,OKAAAssistant Coach - Long Island-Brooklyn (NCAA-1) [2023]
Nate Furman2B5-8180L-R2001-07-23Brookhaven,PAMonsignor BonnerDrexel Hill,PAA+In MinorsLake County CaptainsCLE
Spencer GiestingP6-4200L-L2001-07-02Fairfield,OHBadinHamilton,OHA+In MinorsHillsboro HopsARI
Reece HamptonRF-LF5-10170B-R1996-07-19Charlotte,NCCharlotte ChristianCharlotte,NCA+Free Agent
Zach JarrettCF-LF6-3217R-R1994-12-08Hickory,NCHickoryHickory,NCAAAIn MinorsNorfolk TidesBAL
Colton LawsP6-7230R-R1995-11-20Faith,NCJesse C CarsonChina Grove,NCA+Free Agent
Josh MaciejewskiP6-2175L-L1995-08-14Morrisville,NCPanther CreekCary,NCAAA7-day Injured ListSomerset PatriotsNYA
Quinton MartinezP6-4190L-L1999-01-23Orlando,FLBishop MooreOrlando,FLAIn MinorsInland Empire 66ersANA
David McCabe3B6-4230B-R2000-03-25Oshawa,ONEverest AcademyToronto,ONAIn MinorsAugusta GreenJacketsATL
Bryce McGowanP6-1205R-R2000-03-20Cary,NCCaryCary,NCA+In MinorsSpokane IndiansCOL
Aaron McKeithanC6-1220R-R1999-12-13Asheville,NCRobersonAsheville,NCA+In MinorsPeoria ChiefsSLN
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
Stu Cole1991-199197110000022.143.333.143.476KCA [6] COL [3]
Chris Haney1991-20022636240004004. [7] MON [3] CLE [2] BOS [1] CHN [1]
John Maine2004-20131051661016101801184. [5] BAL [4] COL [1] MIA [1] NYA [1]
Armando Rios1998-200341910211352755583616714115206.269.341.445.786SFN [8] PIT [2] CHA [1] BAL [1] SLN [1]
Jason Stanford2003-200712000000002. [9] WAS [1] CHN [1]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
Chris Haney1991-200238521961251825924510465942864425.071.47KCA [7] MON [3] CLE [2] BOS [1] CHN [1]
Bryan Harvey1987-199517253220177387278122107301444482.491.09CAL [8] MIA [4] ATL [1] - [1]
Jeff Johnson1991-1993816383301822391431322058766.521.63NYA [6] CLE [1]
John Maine2004-201341361121050593534315293812704994.451.36NYN [5] BAL [4] COL [1] MIA [1] NYA [1]
Jason Stanford2003-2007252312087923635628513.611.37CLE [9] WAS [1] CHN [1]
Sean Whiteside1995-199500200476614214.733.00DET [5] SEA [1]
Pro Players by Year
2022Nate Furman, Spencer Giesting, Quinton Martinez, David McCabe
2021Nate Furman, Spencer Giesting, Austin Marozas, David McCabe, Bryce McGowan, Aaron McKeithan, Rafi Vazquez
2020David McCabe, Bryce McGowan, Rafi Vazquez
2019Bryce McGowan, Rafi Vazquez, Harris Yett
2018Reece Hampton, Josh Maciejewski, Harris Yett
2017Reece Hampton, Zach Jarrett, Colton Laws, Josh Maciejewski, Brett Netzer, TJ Nichting, Harris Yett
2016Holden Capps, Reece Hampton, Zach Jarrett, Colton Laws, Josh Maciejewski, Brett Netzer, TJ Nichting
2015Zach Jarrett, Josh Maciejewski, Brett Netzer, TJ Nichting
2014Mikal Hill, Brock Hudgens, Zach Jarrett
2013Tyler Barnette, Leland Clemmons, Brock Hudgens, Justin Seager
2012Tyler Barnette, Leland Clemmons, Brock Hudgens, Miguel Rodriguez, Justin Seager, Andrew Smith, Joseph Yermal
2011Tyler Barnette, Brock Hudgens, Miguel Rodriguez, Justin Seager, Andrew Smith, Joseph Yermal
2010Patrick Lawson, Ryan Rivers, Miguel Rodriguez, Zane Williams, Joseph Yermal
2009Aaron Bray, Patrick Lawson, Rob Lyerly, Ryan Rivers, Miguel Rodriguez, Andrew Smith, Zane Williams, Joseph Yermal
2008Aaron Bray, B.J. Hagen, Rob Lyerly, Brad McElroy, Shayne Moody, Ryan Rivers, Zach Rosenbaum, Andrew Smith, Joseph Yermal
2007Aaron Bray, Matt Foard, B.J. Hagen, Greg McDaniel, Brad McElroy, Adam Mills, Shayne Moody, Kris Rochelle, Zach Rosenbaum, Spencer Steedley
2006Mike Ambrose, Aaron Bray, Matt Foard, B.J. Hagen, Derek McDaid, Adam Mills, Kris Rochelle, Zach Rosenbaum, Spencer Steedley, Erik Walker
2005Mike Ambrose, Matt Foard, B.J. Hagen, Derek McDaid, Adam Mills, Kris Rochelle, Spencer Steedley, Erik Walker
2004Thomas Bowker, Justin Brown, Brett Cammons, Matt Foard, Adam Mills, Kris Rochelle, Spencer Steedley, Zack Treadway, Erik Walker
2003Thomas Bowker, Justin Brown, Alex Derhak, George Sandel, Zack Treadway, Erik Walker
2002Thomas Bowker, Justin Brown, Alex Derhak, John Maine, George Sandel, Zack Treadway
2001Thomas Bowker, Justin Brown, Alex Derhak, Derek Dixon, John Maine, George Sandel, Eric Shanks, Zack Treadway
2000Ryan Baker, Daryl Clark, Alex Derhak, John Maine, John McKay, Eric Shanks, Bradley Smith, Brion Treadway
1999Ryan Baker, Matthew Dryer, John McKay, Paul Poplin, Eric Shanks, Bradley Smith, Jason Stanford, Brion Treadway
1998Ryan Baker, Daniel Decola, Joey Hammond, Jim Matan, John McKay, Paul Poplin, Bo Robinson, Eric Shanks, Jason Stanford, Brion Treadway
1997Ryan Baker, Joey Hammond, Jim Matan, John McKay, Bo Robinson
1996Keith English, Joey Hammond, John McKay, Bo Robinson
1995Andy Bovender, Tim Collie, Keith English, Matt McWilliams, Bo Robinson, Kelly Skeens, Brian Vandenheuvel
1994Andy Bovender, Tim Collie, Matt McWilliams, Kelly Skeens, Brian Vandenheuvel
1993Andy Bovender, Cam Browder, Tim Collie, Kelly Skeens, Brian Vandenheuvel
1992Jeff Berry, Andy Bovender, Cam Browder, Tim Collie, Andy Heckman, Donovan Mitchell, Kelly Skeens, Darren Vazquetelles, Sean Whiteside
1991Cam Browder, Deon Danner, Kris Gresham, Donovan Mitchell, Allen Plaster, Calvin Smith, Darren Vazquetelles, Sean Whiteside
1990Deon Danner, Joe Ganote, Kris Gresham, Chris Haney, Frank Kowar, Donovan Mitchell, Armando Rios, Calvin Smith, Darren Vazquetelles, Sean Whiteside
1989Cam Browder, Deon Danner, Joe Ganote, Kris Gresham, Chris Haney, Scott Muscat, Darren Vazquetelles
1988Chris Haney, Jeff Holshouser, Ron Honeycutt, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kowar, Scott Muscat, Jeff Shore, Calvin Smith, Eric Williams
1987Stu Cole, Terry Hill, Jeff Holshouser, Ron Honeycutt, Scott Muscat, Jeff Shore
1986Stu Cole, Terry Hill, Tom Malchesky, Danny Montgomery, Kenny Morgan, Scott Muscat, Barry Shifflett
1985Kevin Ayers, Stu Cole, Terry Hill, Danny Montgomery, Kenny Morgan, Barry Shifflett, Jeff Shore
1984Kevin Ayers, Bryan Harvey, Terry Hill, Danny Montgomery, Kenny Morgan, Barry Shifflett
1983Kevin Ayers, Jim Dickerson, Bryan Harvey, Kenny Morgan, Barry Shifflett
1982Kevin Ayers, Jim Dickerson, Bryan Harvey
1981Jim Dickerson
Major Leaguers are in bold
Draft Picks by Year
2022Nate Furman (4-121), David McCabe (4-125), Spencer Giesting (11-318)
2021Aaron McKeithan (16-481), Bryce McGowan (18-530)
2019Harris Yett (32-948)
2018Josh Maciejewski (10-307), Reece Hampton (12-345)
2017Brett Netzer (3-101), Colton Laws (7-219), TJ Nichting (9-278), Zach Jarrett (28-848)
2014Ryan Butler (7-207), Brock Hudgens (31-926)
2013Justin Seager (12-357), Tyler Barnette (14-423)
2012Miguel Rodriguez (36-1111), Andrew Smith
2010Ryan Rivers (35-1074)
2009Rob Lyerly (6-195), Aaron Bray (27-821)
2008Zach Rosenbaum (19-584), Shayne Moody (24-730), Brad McElroy (25-759), *Chris Taylor (45-1354)
2007Adam Mills (8-264), Kris Rochelle (22-691), Spencer Steedley (25-782)
2006Erik Walker (20-589)
2002John Maine (6-166)
2000Brion Treadway (3-91), Daryl Clark (17-501), Jason Hutton (48-1401)
1999Paul Poplin (19-569), Jason Stanford
1998Joey Hammond (25-759), Bo Robinson (28-845), Jim Matan (34-1010)
1995Matt McWilliams (15-421), Tim Collie (24-657), Andy Bovender (25-697)
1994*Matt McWilliams (54-1433)
1993Cam Browder (46-1290)
1992Sean Whiteside (11-308), Donovan Mitchell (14-377), Andy Heckman (32-887)
1991Deon Danner (9-253), Allen Plaster (20-524), Kris Gresham (33-862)
1990Chris Haney (2-51), Frank Kowar (38-1019), Joe Ganote (41-1089)
1989Scott Muscat (18-469)
1988Jeff Johnson (6-157), Jeff Shore (27-687), Eric Williams (41-1052)
1987Stu Cole (3-67), *Jeff Shore (41-1023)
1986Danny Montgomery (14-360), Kenny Morgan (17-429), Barry Shifflett (21-549)
1985*Barry Shifflett (22-556), Kevin Ayers (28-711)
1984Bryan Harvey
1983Jim Dickerson (19-476)
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent
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