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Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University

Alumni Report

school long name
Bowling Green State University
short name
Bowling Green State
Bowling Green,Ohio
college division
drafted players
major leaguers
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last updated: September 25, 2023 02:00 AM

Active Batters [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Jon BertiMiami MarlinsNLMLBMIA12636647104152429155237412310.284.326.369.695
Trent FarquharMichigan StateBig10NCAA-1-55213597319123573432611152.343.467.469.936
Trent FarquharFCL PhilliesFCLRkPHI1034711200450542000.324.439.382.821
Trent FarquharClearwater ThreshersFSL2APHI61853200100540100.167.348.278.626
Billy FlohrClearyWHACNAIA-501551748133642701628160113.310.404.548.952
Preston LeonLansing CCNJCAA-Reg12NJCAA-57148565513064541444447022.372.527.5811.108
Anthony RyanMalone CollegeGMACNCAA-2-4918632561341363019345056.301.372.430.802
Active Pitchers [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Chase AntleJersey Shore BlueClawsSAL2A+PHI3017100017.2107620261313.061.70
Ben BeutelKannapolis Cannon BallCaro2ACHA7429000252.050211815471043.121.25
Andrew CarsonMichigan StateBig10NCAA-1-3422600155.059302423495983.931.49
Griffin ParrillCampbellBigSouNCAA-1-00500003.210773512117.183.55
Jay WardTexas-San AntonioConfUSANCAA-1-00100001.02331011027.003.00
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplacehigh schoolhs placehigh levelstatusteamorg
Chase AntleP6-2215R-R1997-02-16Grove City,OHGrove CityGrove City,OHA+Free Agent
Jon Berti3B-2B5-10190R-R1990-01-22Troy,MITroyTroy,MIMLBActive on MLB RosterMiami MarlinsMIA
Ben BeutelP6-0165L-L1999-09-02Davenport,IAAssumptionDavenport,IAAIn MinorsKannapolis Cannon BallersCHA
Trent Farquhar2B5-9180L-R2001-03-12Highland,MILakelandWhite Lake,MIAIn MinorsClearwater ThreshersPHI
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
Johnny Antonelli1948-1961399679561211231559126175. [4] SFN [3] BSN [3] MLN [2] CLE [1]
Larry Arndt1989-198926110000001. [6]
Burke Badenhop2008-2015339331310020119. [4] DET [3] TBA [1] MIL [1] CIN [1] BOS [1] TEX [1]
Doug Bair1976-1990397522510140023. [4] SLN [4] DET [4] PIT [3] OAK [2] TOR [2] PHI [1] CAL [1]
Jon Berti2018-202342913482043446282011691144338.255.332.358.690TOR [8] MIA [5] CLE [1]
Danny Godby1974-19741313220001034. [1] HOU [1] CIN [1]
Orel Hershiser1983-200042381065163292050827182. [17] CLE [3] SFN [1] NYN [1]
Grant Jackson1965-19825162362032212170790. [6] BAL [6] PIT [6] NYA [1] MON [1] KCA [1]
John Knox1972-197512421921604101172027.274.335.301.636DET [4]
Brian Koelling1993-1993715210000002. [6] PHI [1]
Roy Lee1945-194531000000001. [1]
Roger McDowell1985-19965867261650060528. [8] LAN [4] PHI [3] BAL [1] TEX [1]
Barney Mussill1944-1944161100000000. [1]
Larry Owen1981-1988171352306811083003498. [10] KCA [2]
Nolan Reimold2009-201648013781793396175617418150356.246.323.422.745BAL [12] ARI [1] TOR [1]
Andy Tracy2000-20091492773564102134313099.231.306.422.728MON [6] COL [3] PHI [3] NYN [2] BAL [1] ARI [1]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
Johnny Antonelli1948-1961126110377268211,992187086073918568711623.341.28NY1 [4] SFN [3] BSN [3] MLN [2] CLE [1]
Burke Badenhop2008-20152027418104512519234213351533503.741.31MIA [4] DET [3] TBA [1] MIL [1] CIN [1] BOS [1] TEX [1]
Doug Bair1976-19905543584581909839398367864056893.631.37CIN [4] SLN [4] DET [4] PIT [3] OAK [2] TOR [2] PHI [1] CAL [1]
Orel Hershiser1983-200020415051046653,130293913661211235100720143.481.26LAN [17] CLE [3] SFN [1] NYN [1]
Grant Jackson1965-1982867569283791,35912725895231095118893.461.31PHI [6] BAL [6] PIT [6] NYA [1] MON [1] KCA [1]
Jeff Jones1980-1984991123820520111090261121283.951.53OAK [8] DET [2]
Roy Lee1945-194502310789933011.571.57NY1 [1]
Roger McDowell1985-1996707072321591,0501045454385504105243.301.39NYN [8] LAN [4] PHI [3] BAL [1] TEX [1]
Barney Mussill1944-19440116001920161311356.051.71PHI [1]
Scott Taylor1992-199312201026271818516156.311.68BOS [6] MIL [3] SEA [2] PIT [2] ATL [2] SDN [1] TEX [1] BAL [1] HOU [1] KCA [1]
Kip Young1978-1979892720014915466642041713.861.31CIN [3] DET [3] MIN [1] SEA [1]
Pro Players by Year
2020Trent Farquhar
2019Chase Antle, RJ Williams
2018Ben Beutel, RJ Williams
2017Chase Antle, RJ Williams
2016Chase Antle, Hunter Clanin, CJ Schildt, RJ Williams
2015Brian Bien, Hunter Clanin, Trey Keegan
2014Brian Bien, Trey Keegan
2013Brian Bien, Trey Keegan
2012Brian Bien
2011Jon Berti, Ross Gerdeman, Charles Wooten
2010Jon Berti, Ross Gerdeman, Brennan Smith, Charles Wooten
2009Jon Berti, Ross Gerdeman, Ryan Shay, Brennan Smith, Charles Wooten
2008Kevin Light, Ryan Shay, Brennan Smith, Charles Wooten
2007Josh Dietz, Dan Horvath, Eric Lawson, Ryan Shay
2006Alan Brech, Josh Dietz, Dan Horvath, Eric Lawson, Ryan Shay
2005Burke Badenhop, Alan Brech, Josh Dietz, Andy Hudak, Keith Laughlin, Eric Lawson, Nolan Reimold
2004Burke Badenhop, Alan Brech, Josh Dietz, Dan Horvath, Andy Hudak, Keith Laughlin, Eric Lawson, Nolan Reimold
2003Burke Badenhop, Kelly Hunt, Keith Laughlin, Nolan Reimold
2002Burke Badenhop, Nick Elrod, Kelly Hunt, Keith Laughlin, Corey Loomis, Tim Newell
2001Nick Elrod, Andy Hudak, Kelly Hunt, Keith Laughlin, Corey Loomis, Craig Menke, Lee Morrison, Tim Newell, David Viane
2000Nick Elrod, Tony Fontana, Kelly Hunt, Corey Loomis, Craig Menke, Lee Morrison, Tim Newell
1999Nick Elrod, Tony Fontana, Jason Kelley, Craig Menke, Lee Morrison, Tim Newell, Bob Niemet
1998Andy Butler, Tony Fontana, Jeff Hundley, Jason Kelley, Bob Niemet, Drew Niles
1997Rick Blanc, Jeff Hundley, Jason Kelley, Bob Niemet, Drew Niles, Andy Smith
1996Jason Brown, Michael Chaney, Mike Combs, Joe Cotton, Drew Niles, Bob Reichow, Andy Tracy
1991Brian Koelling
1988Brian Koelling, Scott Taylor
1987Chuck Steward, Scott Taylor
1986Todd Hall, Jamie Reiser, Chuck Steward, Scott Taylor
1985Larry Arndt, Jamie Reiser, Chuck Steward
1984Larry Arndt, Todd Hall, Jim Phelps, Jamie Reiser, Chuck Steward
1983Larry Arndt, Jim Phelps, Jamie Reiser
1982Larry Arndt, Mark Hall, Roger McDowell, Jim Phelps
1981Douglas Groth, Mark Hall, Roger McDowell, Dan Sehlhorst
1980Roger McDowell
1979Chuck Black, Orel Hershiser
1978Chuck Black
1977Chuck Black, Jeff Jones, Larry Owen
1976Chuck Black, Larry Owen
1975Larry Owen
1974Larry Owen
1971Doug Bair
1970John Knox
Major Leaguers are in bold
Draft Picks by Year
2015Trey Keegan (14-420), Brian Bien (31-939)
2011Jon Berti (18-559), Ross Gerdeman (35-1054)
2010Brennan Smith (33-1003)
2009*Derek Spencer (45-1352)
2006Alan Brech (35-1061)
2005Nolan Reimold (2-61), Burke Badenhop (19-570), *Josh Stewart (43-1284)
2003Kelly Hunt (29-850)
2002Corey Loomis (21-620)
2000Tony Fontana (7-212)
1999Jason Kelley (34-1024)
1998Jeff Hundley (7-211), Andy Butler (23-679), Drew Niles (29-880)
1997*Joe Holland (10-298), Andy Smith (44-1317)
1996Michael Chaney (16-456), Andy Tracy (16-460), Joe Cotton (18-526), Bob Reichow (27-813)
1995Eric Stachler (12-333), *Andy Tracy (28-783)
1991Brian Koelling (14-379)
1988Scott Taylor (28-719)
1986Todd Hall (14-361), Jamie Reiser (21-535)
1985Carl Moraw (2-29), Larry Arndt (26-663)
1982Roger McDowell (3-59), Mark Hall (16-409)
1979Gary Reiter (11-264), Orel Hershiser (17-440), Chuck Black (26-645), *Jeff Groth (33-791)
1978*Jeff Groth (9-221)
1977Jeff Jones (13-329), Larry Owen (17-420)
1976*Larry Owen (18-414), Kip Young (23-529)
1973Mark Ammons (18-410), *Tim Pettorini (18-412)
1972David Meites (3-57), Jim Meerpoht (16-363)
1971Doug Bair (2-46), Robert Hill (14-321)
1970John Knox (8-193)
1968*William Becker (41-833), Danny Godby
1966Stan Evans (49-792)
1965Wayne Burdette (27-513)
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent