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Ferrum College

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Ferrum College
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Ferrum College
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last updated: May 25, 2023 02:00 AM

Active Batters [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbgabrh2b3bhrrbisbcsbbsohbpshsfgdpavgobpslgops
Active Pitchers [2023]
player nameteamleaguelevelmlbwlggscgshosviphrerbbsohrwphberawhip
Active Player List
player nameposhtwtb-tbornplacehigh schoolhs placehigh levelstatusteamorg
Hunter PeckP6-2195L-L1997-05-05Norfolk,VASouthampton AcademyCourtland,VAAAFree Agent
Career MLB Batting Totals
player nameyearsgabrh2b3bhrrbisbbbsoavgobpslgopsmlb orgs
Eric Owens1995-20038062353305621861626214126182284.264.318.347.665CIN [6] SDN [2] MIA [2] MIL [1] ANA [1] DET [1]
Billy Wagner1995-2010439201200010112. [11] NYN [4] PHI [2] BOS [1] ATL [1]
Career MLB Pitching Totals
player nameyearswlggssviphrerbbsohrerawhipmlb orgs
Daryl Irvine1990-199245410063714340333275.681.64BOS [8] PIT [1]
Billy Wagner1995-2010474085304229036012622328230011962.311.00HOU [11] NYN [4] PHI [2] BOS [1] ATL [1]
Pro Players by Year
2017Hunter Peck, Cairo Selden
2016Hunter Peck, Jake Perkins
2015Jake Perkins
2014Jake Perkins
2013Jake Perkins
Major Leaguers are in bold
Draft Picks by Year
2016Jake Perkins (28-851)
2001Brian Strong (23-705)
1996Jimmy Hamilton (7-213)
1995Keith Mayhew (31-869)
1993Billy Wagner (1-12)
1992Eric Owens (4-101), Randy Lawrence (32-898)
1990Darren Hodges (10-273)
1988William Scarborough (30-761)
1985Daryl Irvine (1-20), Robert Slate (16-311)
1984Greg Mayberry (1-2), *Greg Mayberry (1-13), *Terence Guzman (2-28), *Daryl Irvine (2-48), *Daryl Irvine (3-65), Oscar Talley (5-68), Terence Guzman (5-87)
1983*Terence Guzman (2-47), David Leonard (5-114), Rob Mortimer (11-254), *Terence Guzman (13-286)
1978Jeffrey Musser (7-163)
1977Jeffrey Musser (2-47)
1968*John Penn (19-421)
Major Leaguers are in bold
* Indicates unsigned by MLB Team
italics indicate player signed as Undrafted free agent
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