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Support TBC

The TBC Data Store allows you to purchase some standard datasets available on the site or even request a custom extract of your own design!
Support The Baseball Cube
The Baseball Cube is a free baseball history resource that is always available to you to help you with your baseball research. The site was redesigned in 2022 to better display on multiple device types. The current version of the site is the best we have ever created with respect to portability, performance and functionality. Especially the PREMIUM version.

And since it takes many hours of many days to create the architecture behind the site, to collect the data and to design the pages, I always feel compelled to ask for support from the baseball community.

Here are some ways you can support The Baseball Cube:

  • Yearly subscription to PREMIUM - PREMIUM provides you with the ability to surf the site with no ads, additional grid functionality and access to the research applications. You also get data store and sponsorship discounts, additional data views, additional fields and more!
  • Visit the Data Store - The TBC Data Store has many pre-compiled data products available for purchase. All extracts are sent to you in csv format which can be easily loaded into Excel or most any other application. You can order any standard extract or even order custom data based on your specific needs. We have provide data to MLB organizations, corporations, college teams, agents, lawyers, scouts, academics and regular fans.
  • Sponsor a Page - Player Page Sponsorships allow you to put your name/link and message on any available player page for $10/year. The sponsorship will remove ads from that page for everyone else. It is also a way to support TBC as well as the player.
  • Make a Donation - If you truly want to support us and you don't want anything in return you can send us a donation through the "Send Payment" link at the bottom of each page. Though all other methods of support are appreciated, this one is always touching. If you visit frequently, please consider this option at least once a year.
  • Recommend the site - If you truly appreciate this site, letting your communities know about the site is another way you can help. Tell your fantasy league, your softball team, your social media group or whatever baseball community you belong to, about The Baseball Cube.
  • Send us a note - Lastly, if you simply want to show your appreciation and you don't want to spend any money, a short email note can always perk up morale at the TBC office.

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