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Metrics Management

Metrics Management

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Metrics Management
The Baseball Cube offers the unique ability to customize the statistics display on the site for PREMIUM subscribers. A "Metric" is considered to be a calculated statistic that uses any of the non-calculated stats already available. The metrics are classified into 2 categories, both of which apply to batting and pitching statistics.

Standard Metrics
These are the base metrics included by The Baseball Cube in statistics grids. If you are not logged in to PREMIUM or if you don't use the Metrics feature, these are the statistics you will see. For example, Batting Average, Slugging Percentage (and more) for batters, and Earned Run Average and Strikeouts/9 innings (and more) for pitchers.

These metrics can be enabled/disabled and re-sorted for stat grids. If you don't care about BABIP, then remove it. If you prefer to see the slash line stats (BAVG/OBP/SLG/OPS) on the far right, then you have the power to move them.

Custom Metrics
A CUSTOM metrics is one that you create yourself. Custom metrics can be created, tested, enabled and sorted for display. You can provide your own abbreviation, formula, description and short name for a batting or pitching statistic. The only restriction is that the input variables need to be available within the grid already. This means you cannot build the WAR metric or any advanced metric that uses park effects or league averages. However, we will be working on slowly adding more of these stats as options over time.

Custom Metrics are great for fantasy players who want to use rate statistics to compare players. For example, you can create a stolen base rate as (SB/PA) or even something a bit more complicated that takes into effect the number of times a player is on base. (SB/(H+BB+HBP)). For a pitcher you, might want to know the number of innings per outing. (IP/g) or a strikeout to hit/walk ratio. (SO/(H+BB). Totally up to you

  • All Metrics must have unique abbreviations, formulas and names.
  • Metrics need to be tested before enabling. A badly formed formula will cause failures on most of your pages as it tries to calculate a metric with an invalid syntax. Please use the TEST METRIC button to ensure the metric works.
  • All Metrics must use the stat codes provided within a valid mathematical formula that can use standard operators (+-*/mod) or any mysql math operator.
  • Metrics are automatically disabled when created. You have to enable them manually.
  • Metrics will appear in all stat grids as well as within the Research applications that focus on stats.
  • Custom metrics will always appear to the right of the standard metrics
  • Metrics belong to your account only. No on else can see or use them.

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