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Sunday, December 1,1940

Sunday, December 1,1940

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player name teamname statusshort Transaction Description
Tony DePhillips Cincinnati Reds Hist Sold by New York Yankees to Cincinnati Reds
Bubba Floyd -- Hist Sold by Philadelphia Phillies to Dallas (Texas)
Hank Helf -- Hist Sold by Cleveland Indians to Nashville (Southern)
Scat Metha -- Hist Sold by Detroit Tigers to Knoxville (Southern Association)
Hal Quick Philadelphia Athletics Hist Sold by Springfield (Eastern) to Philadelphia Athletics
Red Steiner Boston Bees Hist Sold by Chicago Cubs to Boston Bees
Dewey Williams Philadelphia Athletics Hist Traded from Atlanta (Southern Association) to Philadelphia Athletics for Flea Clifton
Flea Clifton -- Hist Traded from Philadelphia Athletics to Atlanta (Southern Association) for Dewey Williams
Jack Graham Brooklyn Dodgers Hist Traded from New York Yankees to Brooklyn Dodgers for Boze Berger
Boze Berger New York Yankees Hist Traded from Brooklyn Dodgers to New York Yankees for Jack Graham
Mickey Rocco Detroit Tigers Hist Traded from Nashville (Southern Association) with Bob Boken to Detroit Tigers for Les Fleming
Bob Boken Detroit Tigers Hist Traded from Nashville (Southern Association) with Mickey Rocco to Detroit Tigers for Les Fleming
Les Fleming -- Hist Traded from Detroit Tigers to Nashville (Southern Association) for Mickey Rocco and Bob Boken
Orie Arntzen Philadelphia Athletics Hist Traded from Cleveland Indians to Philadelphia Athletics for Sammy Liberto
14 record(s)