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I Hate Twitter. Welcome to the TBC Updates Section
Visit this page for site updates and random, possibly baseball-related information on the progress of the site and life in general. Hey Cube ... seems kinda old school to go this old format when y'all got Twitter, Facebook, Instachat and all those them there social media things. Well, to be honest, I don't like Twitter or Facebook. I find the updates drop out of feeds rather quickly and therefore, is hard to keep people informed. I also don't like the comments and easy/direct access to insult me publicly. This is not healthy. Instead, I will provide a link to this section at the top of each page where visitors can, at their leisure, click through to read about my latest updates or even my latest rants. You will not be able to comment or reply directly. Its only there for you to read. You can comment privately to me via email if you wish. Old School works better for me.

I will also include links to this section on the front page and may try to use click-baity subject headers to entice you to click through. That's about as cheap as I'll get. I want people to draw a connection to the site. Despite all the programming and automation behind the creation of the site, there's a human being driving it. I don't want people to forget that about this site or the Internet.

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