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TBC Player TRACKER, Emails and Killer Squirrels
As the Minor League season approaches and many prospect-hungry fans rejoice while they work-from-home for the 517th straight day, it is time to sign up for the TBC PLAYER TRACKER. What is it you ask? Well, I can tell you that its an essential part of being a baseball fan. It is a way for you to track player stats for only those of interest to you. No more navigating to 200 different pages to see stats for your players. The TRACKER will show you all of your (up-to) 200 players' season and incremental daily stats. (How they did yesterday). The TRACKER (always all-caps my man) lets you sort and filter your players. You can even view stats by last 7/14/21/30 days. And you can change your players at any time. There is even a list of recent player movement for your dudes.

The TRACKER was once a daily email subscription where you paid per player. You would wake up each morning and hopefully find an email with your player stats in your inbox. The email was discontinued and tracking was moved online and integrated into the PREMIUM service. For those that don't know, the PREMIUM service is $19/year and gives you access to the site without any ads as well as access to research applications where you can play with the data. There are some other benefits such as additional columns in many grids, high school stats integration and data store discounts. Signing up to PREMIUM automatically gives you 200 players for your TRACKER account. I am currently working on a dedicated PREMIUM section so getting in at $19 is essentially the ground floor. I would do it now. (I actually did pay myself $19 for an account)

In addition...wait for can ALSO subscribe to the email for an additional cost of $50 (1-time setup cost). There were many time-consuming email issues with servers rejecting emails and for an account that cost $6/year, it wasn't really worth my while to spend time trying to resolve. The setup fee will be enough to compensate support for the application and setup/monitoring. Contact Me directly if you would like access to the Email, provided you have already signed up for a PREMIUM account. Several people have already opted in to the email. (nooooo pressure)

As I continue to spend 99% of my time at home, I have developed an intense rivalry with squirrels regarding recycling, garbage and compost boxes. The squirrels have been attacking daily and chipping away at the plastic and today, they broke through into the compost box that I had just finished cleaning. Compost boxes can get grody. (Sad face emoji). I was forced to retreat my plastic army to the garage which is an extreme inconvenience for the workout-crazy softball player in my house as the gym is her training facility. The squirrels have the upper hand for now but the war is not over. Luckily they still fear my presence and it recently occurred to me that a free civilization rests entirely on the fact that squirrels fear us as much as we fear them. If they ever realized that we were afraid of them and generally defenseless against them, humans could never leave their homes. Which actually is not so far off from Covid-19 quarantine so...

Tune in next week when a vaccinated TBC swings at squirrels with a wrong-handed hockey stick.

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