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Posts for February 2020
News and Notes for Feb 23,2020
Every now again I will post some bullet points that are generally too small for their own post. More like little Tweets merged together into an article.

  • The major rehaul of the site is complete and I am now able to focus more on features and data.
  • Going forward, most projects will take on an incremental approach. That is, quick launch with minimal functionality with incremental improvements every few days. I like to work on several concurrent projects for a few reasons. (1) Big projects don't block progress of smaller ones. (2) I don't get bored. (3) Different projects suit different brain states. If I'm feeling tired, I can work on something mindless. If I've had coffee, I can code. If I'm stuck without wi-fi, I can bridge players. There can be as many as 15 "lanes" open at one time. It might mean slower deployment for data but it means bigger projects stand a chance.
  • The High School Baseball section continues to grow daily. Currently I have stats or rosters for 1104 teams. Check in periodically to see this number grow.
  • The TBC PREMIUM section now has the option to merge the "Other Stats" with the regular season stats. College Summer League, Playoffs, Spring Training, AZ Fall League, Australia etc. All the stats that are not considered part of the regular flow of MLB/Minor/Indy/College regular seasons.
  • PREMIUM subscriber will also soon get access to our PLAYER NOTES feature. Subscribers can keep notes on players and either keep them private or share them with other subscribers. TBC will also be adding public notes as well. This can be for scouting purposes, fantasy or if you simply want to contribute to the general knowledge of a player. It will be deployed within a couple of weeks.
  • TBC PLAYER TRACKER subscribers can now add a player to their tracker directly from a player page. It will be in the player bio section under TBC APPS. "Add to Daily TRACKER". Don't forget to subscribe to the TRACKER to get a daily email with your subscribed player's stats from the prior day.
  • The Mexican League almost broke TBC. They split their 2018 season into 2 separate seasons... 2018.1 and 2018.2 which meant the year now became a float data type instead of an integer. Argggh.
  • There are a few players in baseball with Iconic baseball first names. Jeter, Gehrig, Maddux and Ripken. It made me wonder if there are players with these names who do not play baseball and never did, much to their baseball-loving parents disappointment. Is it a given that with these names, that the pathway to high-level competitive baseball is paved in gold?
  • The TBC Facebook page has been deleted. I'm not a dinosaur and I do see a purpose for Social Media but it doesn't suit me or TBC. The TWITTER page is still active but it is essentially dormant.
  • Speaking of Smokey and the Bandit, this is one of my favorite sequences of all time!
  • Here are some fun names I found in my database: General McArtur. We salute you! Burt Reynolds, the Bandit! (Smokey is here too). Eli Moron. He's Colombian. Maybe its pronounced Moh-Ron.

  • Tracking our High School Progress?
    High School stats research project will have incremental updates. Each day, we'll do some research and upload the latest available stats and player bridges. At the time of this entry, there are 1069 school/seasons available. Keep checking in to see this number grow and eventually, the number will impress you enough to sign up to a TBC PREMIUM account.

    Player bridging is a manual process (with an automated review system behind it). You may find players in the data who are not yet bridged when they clearly have a player page on the site. All players will eventually get bridged.

    College Baseball Conference Rankings
    The following list is based on an extract from The Baseball Cube's Draft Database.

    The query pulled the number of draft picks per college conference. The list includes signed and unsigned players. The list is intended to illustrate which Conferences produce the most professional players.

    One thing to consider for this list is that Conferences with more teams will likely be a bit higher in the rankings than leagues with less teams. As an example ... the SEC has 14 teams while the Pac12 has less than 12 teams. Still, the rankings will tell you what you need to know about the quality of each College Conference.

    Draft Picks by Conference 2015-2019
    SEC 435
    ACC 345
    Pac12 275
    Big12 225
    Big10 211

    BigWest 156
    AAC 145
    ConfUSA 143
    WCC 138
    SBC 118

    MVC 98
    MWC 96
    Sthland 90
    CAA 79
    BigEast 70

    SoCon 67
    WAC 66
    AtlSun 66
    MAC 58
    Atl10 56

    BigSou 54
    OVC 52
    Ivy 43
    Horiz 41
    AmEast 29

    Summ 27
    MAAC 27
    NEC 22
    Patriot 18
    SWAC 17
    MEAC 13
    IndyNCAA 1

    2020 College Coaching Staffs
    All Head Coaches and paid assistant coaches have been added to Division I schools. Why only paid coaches? I don't know man. I draw lines in the sand and I stick to them.

    According to my records, there were 21 coaching changes for 2020:

    Bryant - Ryan Klosterman
    Cal State Northridge - Dave Serrano
    Fairleigh Dickinson - Rob Ditoma
    Loyola Marymount - Nathan Choate
    Morehead State - Mike Aoki
    Notre Dame - Link Jarrett
    Oakland - Colin Kaline
    Oregon - Mark Wasikowski
    Oregon State - Mitch Canham
    Purdue-Fort Wayne - Doug Schreiber
    Rutgers - Steve Owens
    Sam Houston - Jay Sirianni
    St. Peters - Lou Proietti
    Texas State - Steven Trout
    UL Lafayette - Matt Deggs
    UNC Charlotte - Robert Woodard
    UNC Wilmington - Randy Hood
    UT San Antonio - Pat Hallmark
    Washington State - Brian Green
    Western Illinois - Andy Pascoe
    Wichita State - Eric Wedge

    Please subscribe to a TBC PREMIUM account. That was random. Sorry. Sign up anyways.

    5,4,3,2,1 ... TBC Player Tracker Emails Launching Feb 18
    The College Baseball season started on Friday. Valentines Day. You probably missed it. Missed dinner with the other I mean. No way you missed MLB4 Michigan/Vanderbilt right? Um, I did. Because I'm in Canada. Stupid Canada. Don't have MLB Network. Which surprised me. THought I did ... but I digress ... The College kickoff means the Tracker is ready to go.

    Though the TBC Player Tracker is daily for MLB and Minors, its a bit different for College. Typically, I update about 5-6 conferences a day and so over the course of a week, a school's stats will be updated once or twice. This year, I will be doing something different by skewing towards 5 conferences. (SEC,ACC,Big 12,Big 10,Pac 12). I haven't quite figured out the pattern yet but I will focus on the teams in these conferences since they will likely produce the most draft picks and prospects. Maybe I will build tiers. I don't know yet.

    Coupled with the Tracker will be the integration of the Division I stats on the site. The 2020 in-season stats are available to all site visitors.

    Note that if you are a current Tracker subscriber, you will receive the daily email as of tomorrow. If you do not have any college players, your tracker will be empty. If your tracker expired during the off-season, you will be notified that your tracker is dead and requires PayPal revival.

    TBC Goes Back to High School
    Over the next little while, The Baseball Cube will delve back into High School data. Though it existed in a prior version of TBC, it was thin and for only a few selected schools. The latest attempt will be a long-term project and will be available only to TBC PREMIUM subscribers. I have been collecting data for a month and today, I started development to integrate the data into the site. On High School pages, (See Blessed Trinity in Georgia), above the alumni, you will see a list of available seasons. Regular visitors will see the years available unlinked while subscribers will see more information. You may also see notes of availability on players pages if data exists...designed to tease. Sorry. The data is still thin but will be growing at a fair rate over time.

    Soon, you will start to see high school data spill into player stat grids and you will be available to view high school rosters and/or stats on their own page. The eventual ideal is that all players will have a full historical view of their stats from High School --> (College) --> Professional --> MLB. The reality is that this will be true for many players but not all. Based on early attempts, the collection of data is at a rate of 84% success. Meaning, that there is some form of data for 84% of seasons researched. However, only 52% of all attempts results in batting/pitching stats and of those, there is no telling the quality or completion of the stats. The 84% includes both the stats and rosters.

    There will be more posts about this data over the next few months. In the meantime if you want to have this data appear on your version of The Baseball Cube, you'll have to sign up for the ad-free TBC PREMIUM subscription which is only $19/year. Once you do this, you will see the high school data slowly start to seep into the stat grids.

    2020 College Baseball Season Plans
    The Division I NCAA season starts on Friday, February 14, 2020. Only 2 weeks away. College World Series defending champions Vanderbilt are the pre-season #1, according to Baseball America. I'm not sure what percentage of baseball fans care about college baseball. But in case you didn't know, The Baseball Cube cares very much.

    I am currently working furiously to prepare by creating player pages for all the new 2020 players. If you know College Baseball, then you'll know that this is a significant number. Incoming freshmen and non-Division I transfers account for more than 33% turnover from one college season to the next. For those who track college baseball in a database, this is mucho annoying.

    For 2020, we will include in-season statistics. We rotate through college conferences on a daily basis, updating 5-6 at a time. Each school should have its stats updated at least once a week, similar to past years.

    Like last year, you can track players with a daily email using the TBC Player Tracker. If you add active college player to your tracker, you will get their season stats in your daily email. A tracker account is 30 cents per player per year. 30 players would cost $9.

    At the conclusion of the college season, stats for all levels will be added. Including Division 2, 3, NAIA and all the Junior Colleges. Summer League stats will be added in the fall. As always, you can visit the Data Store if you want a csv file of all the stats for your own personal analysis.

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