'SI' Player Listing (Other)

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Players whose last name begin with 'SI' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'SI' Full Player Listing

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  • 'SIA' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Michael SianiSSMichael Siani-
    1972-  7-  57-TEX
    Thomas SiauIFThomas Siau-
    1986- 22- 358-HOU
    'SIB' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Justin SibbersenPJustin SibbersenIndy
    Steve SibleyPSteven Edward Sibley-
    1968-  1-  18-SFN
    David SibodaPDavid Siboda-
    1997- 48-1381-TOR
    Eric SibrizziCoach----
    'SIC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Dominiq SicardoPDominiq Anthony SicardoJrCollege
    Robert SiciliaOFRobert R. Sicilia-
    1969- 42- 904-LAN
    Ryan SicklesOF-3BRyan SicklesIndy
    'SID' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chris SidickOFChris SidickIndy
    Jerry SidmanCOACHJerry Sidman-
    Marc Sidney1BMarc Sidney-
    Eugene SidorCEugene Sidor-
    1965- 32- 597-CLE
    Mike SidotiSSMike SidotiIndy
    Rob SidwellSCOUTRob Sidwell-
    'SIE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Scott SiebenthallIFScott Siebenthall-
    Mac SiebertP-1BMac Siebert-
    1984- 23- 582-OAK
    Randolph SiebertPRandolph Siebert-
    1967- 31- 589-SLN
    Ryan SiebertPRyan Siebert-
    1998- 29- 865-BOS
    Shane SieblerOFShane SieblerIndy
    William Siebler1B-CWilliam Siebler-
    1972- 10- 141-BAL
    Lawrence SiedowOFLawrence Siedow-
    1970- 46- 900-MIN
    Tom SiefertCTom Siefert-
    1981- 11- 274-OAK
    Izaak SiefkenPIzaak Siefken-
    Tony SiegalEXECTony Siegal-
    Travis SiegelOFTravis Siegel-
    1995- 33- 909-PIT
    Alex SieleHAlex J. SieleIndy
    Christopher SiemanCChristopher Sieman-
    1999- 43-1285-MON
    Kim Siepe---Kim Siepe-
    Robert SiererPRobert Sierer-
    2000- 38-1146-CLE
    Gregory SiereveldIF-OFGregory A. Siereveld-
    1968- 22- 500-CIN
    Anibal Sierra------Indy
    Johnny SierraSCOUTJohnny Sierra-
    Pedro SierraPPedro Pastor (Quintana) Sierra-
    Rayden Sierra---Rayden SierraIndy
    Joseph SiersPJoseph Siers-
    1979-  4- 101-LAN
    Greg SieszputowskiPGreg SieszputowskiIndy
    Rob Sievers3BRobin K. Sievers-
    1970-  6- 134-SLN
    Dillon Sievert---Dillon SievertIndy
    'SIG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jonathan Sigado2BJonathan SigadoIndy
    Oscar SigalaOFOscar SigalaIndy
    Jayson SigleyPJayson SigleyIndy
    Mike SigmanPMike Sigman-
    1969-  6- 124-NYN
    Shane Sigmon---Shane Sigmon-
    Dominic SignorelliIFDominic Signorelli-
    'SIK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Herbert Sikes3BHerbert D. Sikes-
    1968- 26- 590-CHN
    Jeff SikesCoach----
    Gregory SikoraOFGregory Sikora-
    1969- 30- 696-CAL
    Marc SikoraOFMarc SikoraIndy
    Mike SikorskiOFMichael Joseph SikorskiIndy
    1996- 46-1344-MON
    Mike SikorskiPMichael Anthony SikorskiIndy
    'SIL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Steven SilagiPSteven Silagi-
    1976- 28- 633-LAN
    Cas SilberIF-PCas SilberIndy
    Matt SilbermanPMatt SilbermanIndy
    Matt SilcockPMatthew James SilcockIndy
    Dan SilerPDan Siler-
    1977- 26- 638-SFN
    James SilestriniOFJames Silestrini-
    1966- 18- 345-CHN
    Jeff Silfies1BJeff Silfies-
    1970- 52- 915-PIT
    Frankie SilhaSSFrankie Silha-
    Tom SilicatoPThomas Carmen SilicatoIndy
    Kevin SilkyIFKevin Silky-
    Robert SilkyPRobert SilkyIndy
    Ted SillanpaaIFTheodore Sillanpaa-
    Robert Sillicani3B-SSRobert Sillicani-
    1979-  1-  23-LAN
    Greg SilliventP-IFGreg SilliventIndy
    Keith Sills2BKeith SillsIndy
    Pat SillupPHPatrick SillupIndy
    Larry (Trey) SilmonCLarry Donail Silmon IIIIndy
    Trey Silmon------Indy
    Alfredo SilvaPAlfredo SilvaNAIA
    Brad Silva------Indy
    Chris SilvaPChristian Silva-
    1997- 51-1437-SEA
    Daniel Silva---Daniel SilvaIndy
    Ernie SilvaPErnie SilvaIndy
    Hubert SilvaSCOUTHubert Silva-
    Josh SilvaIF----
    Luis SilvaPLuis Eduardo SilvaIndy
    Michael SilvaCMichael SilvaIndy
    Sebastian SilvaCSebastian Silva-
    Dayron Silva-PerezPDayron Silva-PerezIndy
    Danny SilvasPDanny SilvasIndy
    Eric SilvasSSDavid Eric Silvas-
    1991- 65-1511-LAN
    Larry SilveiraCLarry Wayne Silveira-
    1974- 19- 430-PHI
    Pedro SilverioCOACHPedro Silverio-
    Bryan SilvermanC-OFBryan SilvermanIndy
    Edward SilvermanPEdward Nelson Silverman-
    1967- 15- 106-ATL
    Matt SilvermanEXECMatt Silverman-
    David SilvernailPDavid Silvernail-
    1988- 63-1399-PIT
    Kris SilverthornOFKris Silverthorn-
    1969- 13- 307-DET
    Billy SilvestriPWilliam Frederic Silvestri-
    2002- 34-1015-SDN
    Ken SilvestriPKen Silvestri-
    Mike SilvestriSCOUTMike Silvestri-
    Dennis Silvey1BDennis J. Silvey-
    1971-  6- 102-BAL
    George SilveySCOUTGeorge John Silvey-
    Jim Silvey2BJames T. Silvey-
    1971-  2-  40-SLN
    'SIM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Allen SimasPAllen Simas-
    1968-  5-  84-CHN
    Joseph SimbolickCJoseph Simbolick-
    1973-  9- 211-DET
    Thomas SimchoPThomas SimchoIndy
    Matt SimekIFMatt SimekIndy
    Greg SimendingerPGregory L. Simendinger-
    1969-  8- 185-BAL
    Mark SimeoneCoach----
    Brian SimleyCOACHBrian Simley-
    Jaxson SimmermanCJaxson Simmerman-
    John SimmersPJohn E. Simmers-
    1967-  5-  73-ATL
    Aaron Simmons1BAaron SimmonsIndy
    Al SimmonsPAl Simmons-
    1967- 12- 185-NYA
    Andrew SimmonsIF-OFAndrew Simmons-
    Billy Simmons1B-OFBilly Simmons-
    1971-  3-  48-KCA
    Brian SimmonsIFBrian SimmonsIndy
    Cameron SimmonsOFCameron Simmons-
    Chad SimmonsHChad SimmonsIndy
    Chase SimmonsCChase SimmonsIndy
    Clyde SimmonsSSClyde Simmons-
    1976- 19- 450-KCA
    Ethan SimmonsPEthan Simmons-
    Guy SimmonsCoach----
    Hi SimmonsCoach----
    Jamison Simmons-------
    Jerry SimmonsPJerry Simmons-
    1970- 10- 244-ATL
    John SimmonsSS-PJohn Simmons-
    1969-  1-  23-KCA
    Josh SimmonsCOACHJosh Simmons-
    Leroy SimmonsOF-CLeroy SimmonsIndy
    Lloyd SimmonsCOACHLloyd Simmons-
    Luke SimmonsCLuke Simmons-
    Micah SimmonsOFMicah SimmonsIndy
    1998- 37-1113-CLE
    Rick SimmonsPRick R. Simmons-
    1972- 12- 285-SLN
    Robert SimmonsPRobert Simmons-
    1975-  5-  92-NYN
    Rusty Simmons2BRusty SimmonsIndy
    Tim SimmonsPTim SimmonsIndy
    Travis Simmons3BTravis Simmons-
    2003- 47-1378-DET
    Walt SimmonsOFWalt SimmonsIndy
    Wendell SimmonsCOACHWendell Simmons-
    James SimmsCJames SimmsIndy
    Jimmy SimmsPJimmy SimmsIndy
    Matt SimmsPMatt SimmsIndy
    Nate SimmsCNate Simms-
    2003- 49-1432-SDN
    Preston SimmsPPreston SimmsIndy
    2001- 42-1252-PIT
    Alex SimonCAlex Simon-
    Antonio SimonSCOUTAntonio Simon-
    Arthur SimonSSArthur N. Simon-
    1970-  3-  56-MON
    David SimonOFDavid SimonIndy
    1989- 36- 922-ATL
    Dennis SimonPDennis R. Simon-
    1972-  2-  38-PIT
    Karl SimonOFKarl H. Simon-
    1966-  4-  78-CHA
    Michael SimonPMichael Charles SimonIndy
    Paul SimonOFPaul Simon-
    1967- 40- 732-CIN
    Rod SimonPRod Simon-
    1985-  2-  48-BOS
    Ryan SimonPRyan Simon-
    1999- 24- 725-SEA
    Scott SimonIFScott SimonIndy
    Steve SimonPSteven L. Simon-
    1967-  9- 177-MIN
    Willie SimonCoach----
    Chandler Simonds1BChandler D. Simonds-
    1966- 12- 234-DET
    Jason Simone2BJason SimoneIndy
    RJ SimonePRobert Jerome Simone Indy
    Michael SimonelliOFMichael Simonelli-
    Brent SimonianOFBrent Simonian-
    1991- 31- 806-MIL
    Steve SimonianPSteve Simonian-
    1968-  3-  53-CHN
    Robert SimonsCRobert Simons-
    1973- 15- 342-SFN
    Chris SimonsenCOACHChris Simonsen-
    Chris Simonson1BChris Simonson-
    1994- 54-1436-CHA
    John SimontacchiCJohn A. Simontacchi-
    1970-  8- 186-PIT
    David SimpiotP-CDavid Craig Simpiot-
    1972- 11- 246-MIL
    Shane SimpkinsOFShane SimpkinsIndy
    Darius Simple---Darius SimpleIndy
    Brady SimpsonPBrady Simpson-
    Chance SimpsonPChance SimpsonIndy
    Charles Simpson3BCharles Simpson-
    1981- 42- 850-PIT
    Clay SimpsonCClay Simpson-
    Ernest SimpsonOFErnest SimpsonIndy
    Jake Simpson------Indy
    James SimpsonOFJames Simpson-
    1988- 52-1272-HOU
    James Simpson------Indy
    Jamie SimpsonOFJamie SimpsonIndy
    2008- 33-1006-PHI
    Josh SimpsonCOACHJosh Simpson-
    Mike SimpsonCoach----
    Rick SimpsonOFRick SimpsonIndy
    Robert SimpsonCRobert Simpson-
    1996- 49-1431-NYA
    Taylor SimpsonPTaylor SimpsonIndy
    Bill SimsCBill Sims-
    1967-  3-  43-CIN
    Bryson SimsOFBryson SimsIndy
    Dallas SimsPDallas SimsIndy
    Donnie SimsOFDonnie J. Sims-
    1972-  6- 129-HOU
    Frank SimsCoach----
    James Sims---James Sims-
    Kylin Sims1BKylin SimsIndy
    Michael SimsCFMichael Sims-
    1999- 45-1356-CHN
    Mike SimsSSMike Sims-
    1984-  8- 196-MON
    Robert SimsSSRobert Sims-
    1975- 31- 654-PIT
    Ronnie SimsPRonald J. Sims-
    1972-  4-  88-BOS
    Stephen SimsPStephen Luis Sims-
    Stewart Sims3BStewart W. Sims-
    1971- 28- 638-DET
    Tyrone SimsCTyrone Sims-
    1985-  2-  43-SDN
    William Sims1BWilliam Sims-
    1971-  4-  64-SDN
    Zach Sims1BZach Sims-
    'SIN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Jason SinatraOFJason Sinatra-
    1996- 42-1252-HOU
    Darrell SinclairCDarrell SinclairIndy
    Gregory SinclairPGregory Allen Sinclair-
    1969- 16- 384-SDN
    Harold Sinclair3BHarold Sinclair-
    1972-  6- 113-SFN
    Haskell SinclairCoach----
    James SinclairHJames SinclairIndy
    John SinclairOFJohn L. Sinclair-
    1970- 29- 684-BOS
    Landon SinclairPLandon SinclairIndy
    Justin SincockPJustin A. Sincock-
    2005- 28- 845-CHA
    Chuck Sindlinger2BChuck SindlingerIndy
    Matt SinesPMatt Sines-
    1988- 43-1116-TOR
    Jack SingerOFJack W. Singer-
    1965- 19- 373-SLN
    Robert SingerOF-PRobert Singer-
    1969-  2-  28-CAL
    Roberto SingerOFRoberto SingerIndy
    Dave SingermanPDavid Nathan Singerman-
    1966-  3-  46-CLE
    Dylan SinghPDylan Singh-
    Kris SinghPKris SinghIndy
    Mac SingletonCOACHMac Singleton-
    McDaniel SingletonCOACHMcDaniel Singleton-
    Norman SingletonCNorman W. Singleton-
    1965- 16- 317-CIN
    Steve SingletonPSteven E. SingletonIndy
    Stu SingletonSS-OFStuart Raymond Singleton-
    1967-  2-  33-CHA
    Joe SingleyCJoe Singley-
    Ryne SingsankIF-PRyne Singsank-
    Anup SinhaSCOUTAnup Sinha-
    Justin SinibaldiP-IFJustin Jacob SinibaldiIndy
    Tim SinickiPTimothy Sinicki-
    1986- 13- 296-PIT
    Jayden SinjuOFJayden SinjuJrCollege
    Mike Sinovich1BMike Sinovich-
    1971- 13- 125-SLN
    Tim Sinovich1BTim Sinovich-
    1979- 16- 244-MIL
    Jimmy SintaroCJimmy Sintaro-
    'SIP' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Evan SipeCEvan Sipe-
    Jim SipkovichPJames Sipkovich-
    1994- 43-1202-ATL
    'SIQ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Antonio SiqueirosCoach----
    'SIR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Edward SiracusaOFEdward Steven Siracusa-
    1969-  6- 143-KCA
    Korrey SiracusaCKorrey SiracusaJrCollege
    Paul SirantPPaul Sirant-
    1996- 75-1679-LAN
    Geral SiriCGeral Emmanuel Siri-
    2019-  0-   0-ARI
    AJ SirianniPA.J. SirianniIndy
    Anthony SirianniCOACHAnthony Sirianni-
    John SirianniCOACHJohn Sirianni-
    Harold SirokaUMPHarold L. Siroka-
    Michael SirotaSSMichael Sirota-
    2021- 16- 492-LAN
    Costa SirounisPCosta Sirounis-
    'SIS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Clifton SiscoOFClifton Sisco-
    1965- 21- 408-NYA
    Mike SiscoPMike Sisco-
    Adam SiskPAdam Sisk-
    1994- 48-1303-SDN
    Larry SiskOFLarry Sisk-
    1972- 31- 675-TEX
    Clay SislerOF-PClay Sisler-
    Mel SisneyPMel Sisney-
    1985- 10- 230-TEX
    Jay SissenerP-1BJay Sissener-
    1991- 64-1502-MON
    Doug SissonCDouglas Dean Sisson-
    Aaron SistoIFAaron Sisto-
    'SIT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Cade SitkaUT-PCade Sitka-
    Steve SitterPSteve SitterIndy
    Rodney SittonOFRodney Sitton-
    1986- 16- 332-PHI
    'SIV' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Sean SiversPSean Sivers-
    1999- 39-1174-MIL
    Eric SivertsonCEric SivertsonIndy
    Cory SivumakiPCory SivumakiIndy
    'SIW' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Matt Siwek---Matt Siwek-
    'SIZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Timothy SizePTimothy Size-
    1974- 21- 475-PIT
    Bill SizemoreCOACHBill Sizemore-
    Roger SizooCRoger Sizoo-
    1969-  4-  93-MON
    255 record(s)
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