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Players whose last name begin with 'FU' who are not in the player listing for Major Leaguers, Minor Leaguers or College Players. This list is for players in our database for other reasons such as players being drafted but with no stats ... GMs, managers and coaches ... Independent League Players ... International players.
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'FU' Full Player Listing

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  • 'FUC' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joe FucarinoCoach----
    Ryan FucciOFRyan FucciIndy
    2016- 25- 747-SEA
    Daryl FuchsCDaryl Fuchs-
    1970- 13- 313-OAK
    Judge FuchsCOACHJudge Fuchs-
    Lester FuchsUMPLester Fuchs-
    Michael FuchsPMichael L. Fuchs-
    1966- 19- 375-PIT
    'FUD' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Giorgio FudaPGiorgio FudaIndy
    Greg FudaczPGreg M. Fudacz-
    2004- 46-1381-CHN
    Donald FudgeCoach----
    Kenneth FudgeOFKenneth FudgeIndy
    'FUE' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Andrew FuentesPAndrew FuentesIndy
    Carlos FuentesPCarlos Roland FuentesIndy
    Eduardo Fuentes2BEduardo Fuentes-
    1991- 47-1216-HOU
    Fernando FuentesCFernande FuentesIndy
    2001- 36-1085-NYA
    Henry FuentesOFHenry FuentesIndy
    Jose FuentesSCOUTJose Fuentes-
    Leo FuentesPLeo FuentesIndy
    Rey FuentesCOACHRey Fuentes-
    Ricardo FuentesSSRicardo Fuentes-
    1972-  3-  63-SLN
    Brian Fuess3BBrian Paul FuessIndy
    'FUG' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Joseph FugereUMPJoseph H. Fugere-
    Wayne FugettPWayne Fugett-
    1982- 33- 792-NYA
    William FuggattCWilliam Fuggatt-
    1984- 22- 570-DET
    Isaac FuggettOFIsaac Fuggett-
    1966- 22- 433-CIN
    Eric Fuglister---Eric Fuglister-
    'FUH' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Tim FuhrmanPTim Fuhrman-
    1993- 30- 845-CHA
    'FUJ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Chu Fujia------Indy
    Hitoshi FujiePHitoshi FujieIndy
    Masanori FujiharaPMasanori FujiharaIntl
    Shoma FujihiraPShoma FujihiraIntl
    Akihito FujiiCAkihito FujiiIntl
    Atsushi FujiiOFAtsushi FujiiIntl
    Hiromi FujiiIFHiromi FujiiIntl
    Koya FujiiPKoya FujiiIntl
    Reira FujiiPReira FujiiIntl
    Ryota FujiiC-OFRyota FujiiIntl
    Satoru FujiiPSatoru FujiiIndy
    Shugo FujiiPShugo FujiiIntl
    Shunsuke FujikawaOFShunsuke FujikawaIntl
    Atsushi FujimotoSSAtsushi FujimotoIntl
    Hiroshi FujimotoCHiroshi FujimotoIndy
    Daisuke Fujimura2BDaisuke FujimuraIntl
    Shintaro FujinamiPShintaro FujinamiIntl
    Kevin FujiokaPKevin FujiokaIndy
    Takahiro FujiokaPTakahiro FujiokaIntl
    Yoshiaki FujiokaPYoshiaki FujiokaIntl
    Yudai FujiokaIFYudai FujiokaIntl
    Hironori FujisakiPHironori FujisakiIntl
    Kento FujishimaPKento FujishimaIntl
    Seigoh FujishimaOFSeigoh FujishimaIntl
    Kazuya FujitaIFKazuya FujitaIntl
    Soichi FujitaPSoichi FujitaIntl
    Taiyoh FujitaPTaiyoh FujitaIntl
    Jiro FujitateOFJiro FujitateIntl
    Hiromichi FujiwaraPHiromichi FujiwaraIntl
    Kyota FujiwaraOFKyota FujiwaraIntl
    Ryohei FujiwaraPRyohei FujiwaraIntl
    Tooru FujiwaraOFTooru FujiwaraIntl
    Tsuyoshi FujiwaraIFTsuyoshi FujiwaraIndy
    'FUK' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Masato FukaeOFMasato FukaeIndy
    Ryosuke FukamachiPRyosuke FukamachiIntl
    Takuya FukataPTakuya FukataIntl
    Hiroto FukuPHiroto FukuIntl
    Kazuki FukuchiIFKazuki (Kazuhiro) FukuchiIntl
    Motoharu FukuchiPMotoharu FukuchiIntl
    Koki FukudaIFKoki FukudaIntl
    Masayoshi FukudaOFMasayoshi FukudaIntl
    Nobumasa Fukuda1BNobumasa FukudaIntl
    Satoshi FukudaPSatoshi FukudaIntl
    Shuhei FukudaIFShuhei FukudaIntl
    Suguru FukudaPSuguru FukudaIntl
    Takehiro FukudaPTakehiro FukudaIntl
    Junichi FukuharaOFJunichi FukuharaIntl
    Shinobu FukuharaPShinobu FukuharaIntl
    Taisei FukuharaOFTaisei FukuharaIndy
    Keiji FukuiIFKeiji FukuiIntl
    Tsuyoshi FukuiPTsuyoshi Fukui-
    Yuya FukuiPYuya FukuiIntl
    Masakazu FukukawaCMasakazu FukukawaIntl
    Kentaro FukukuraPKentaro FukukuraIntl
    Atsushi Fukumoto2BAtsushi FukumotoIntl
    Makoto FukumotoIFMakoto FukumotoIntl
    Shungo FukunagaPShungo FukunagaIndy
    Koji FukutaniPKoji FukutaniIntl
    Hiroki FukutomeIFHiroki FukutomeIntl
    Kazuya Fukuura1BKazuya FukuuraIntl
    Hiroyuki FukuyamaPHiroyuki FukuyamaIntl
    Ryutaro Fukuyama---Ryutaro Fukuyama-
    'FUL' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Brian FulcherIFBrian FulcherIndy
    Joe Fulcher---Joe Fulcher-
    Robert Fulenwider2BRobert Fulenwider-
    1969- 39- 873-SLN
    Michael Fulford3BMichael Fulford-
    1968- 18- 417-MON
    Steven FulgencioPSteven Abel Fulgencio-
    2018-  0-   0-NYA
    Joel FulgenziCJoel FulgenziIndy
    Robert FulghamPRobert M. Fulgham-
    1974-  6- 105-CLE
    Brad Fulk2BBradley S. Fulk-
    1973-  1-   2-TEX
    Thomas FulkersonPThomas Fulkerson-
    1983-  7- 156-CIN
    Jordan FullbrightPJordan Fullbright-
    J Fulle------Indy
    Kurt FullenkampPKurt FullenkampIndy
    Dave FullerCoach----
    Eric FullerSSEric Fuller-
    1994- 69-1618-CHN
    Jeff Fuller2BJeff Fuller-
    1968-  7- 105-CLE
    Jesse FullerSSJesse FullerIndy
    John FullerCJohn Fuller-
    1974- 26- 567-CIN
    Ken FullerPKenneth Harman Fuller-
    1970-  4-  78-PHI
    Mark Fuller---Mark Fuller-
    1968- 18- 420-KCA
    Nick FullerPNicholas Logan Fuller-
    2008- 25- 760-ATL
    Reggie FullerPReggie Fuller-
    2005- 44-1326-SFN
    Rickey FullerCRickey C. Fuller-
    1965-  2-  11-PHI
    Ryan FullerPRyan FullerIndy
    1995- 60-1525-CHN
    Thomas FullerCThomas G. Fuller-
    1969- 14- 315-CHA
    Travis FullerPTravis Fuller-
    2003- 34- 998-TBA
    William FullerPWilliam Fuller-
    1969- 39- 874-SE1
    Jake FullertonPJake Fullerton-
    Lester FulleylovePLester W. Fulleylove-
    1965-  7- 137-CIN
    Chris FullmanIFGary Christopher FullmanIndy
    Troy FullwoodUMPTroy Alexander Fullwood-
    Bundy FulmerPBundy FulmerIndy
    Jack Fulmer3BJack Coleman Fulmer-
    1967-  7- 135-SFN
    Grady FulsonCoach----
    Braeson FultonCBraeson Fulton-
    Cal FultonIFCal Fulton-
    Ken FultonCKen Fulton-
    1970- 11- 174-PIT
    Phil FultonPPhil Fulton-
    Richard FultonPRichard W. Fulton-
    1974- 27- 576-DET
    Sam FultonPSamuel John Fulton-
    Skyler FultonOFSkyler Paul Fulton-
    2002- 22- 666-NYA
    Trey FultonCTrey FultonIndy
    Frank FultzCOACHFranklin L. Fultz-
    Travis Fultz3BTravis FultzIndy
    'FUM' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Darian FumeroPDarian Fumero-
    'FUN' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Satoshi FunakiPSatoshi FunakiIntl
    Ryota FunakoshiCRyota FunakoshiIntl
    Jeff FunaroCJeff FunaroIndy
    James FunderburkPJames Funderburk-
    1978-  6- 144-BOS
    Levi Funderburk1B-OFLevi Von FunderburkIndy
    Chris FungIFChris FungJrCollege
    Aaron FunkPAaron Funk-
    AJ FunkPA.J. FunkIndy
    Christian Funk1BChristian FunkIndy
    Mike FunkOFMike Funk-
    1986- 37- 829-MON
    William Funk2BWilliam Funk IIIIndy
    Jason Funkhouser------Indy
    Tyler FunnemanUMPTyler Joseph Funneman-
    'FUQ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Cody FuquaIFCody FuquaIndy
    David FuquaPDavid Philip FuquaIndy
    Kevin FuquaPKevin FuquaIndy
    Travis FuquayOFTravis FuquayIndy
    'FUR' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Mike Furey1BMike FureyIndy
    Roberto FurgesonPRoberto FurgesonIndy
    Nicholas FurlongPNicholas R. Furlong-
    1969-  6- 101-NYN
    Taylor FurloughCoach----
    Thomas FurmanskiPThomas Furmanski-
    Cameron FurrPCameron Alan FurrJrCollege
    Al FurrowCOACHAl Furrow-
    Donald FurrowPDonald Warren FurrowIndy
    Shuichi FurukawaPShuichi FurukawaIntl
    Yuki FurukawaPYuki FurukawaIntl
    Yuri FurukawaPYuri FurukawaIntl
    Katsuaki FurukiOFKatsuaki FurukiIntl
    Shigeyuki FurukiIFShigeyuki FurukiIntl
    Takeru FurumotoOFTakeru FurumotoIntl
    Masato FurunoPMasato FurunoIntl
    Atsuya FurutaCAtsuya FurutaIntl
    Carl FurutaniCoach----
    Daniel FurutoCOACHDaniel Furuto-
    Takuro FuruyaPTakuro FuruyaIntl
    Takuya FuruyaPTakuya FuruyaIntl
    Tsuyoshi FuruyaIFTsuyoshi FuruyaIntl
    Yuto FuruyaPYuto FuruyaIntl
    'FUS' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Richard FusariPRichard J. Fusari-
    1970- 18- 420-PHI
    Nick FuscardoCOACHNick Fuscardo-
    Carmen FuscoSCOUTCarmen Fusco-
    Nicolas FuscoPNicolas Fusco-
    Joe FusheyPJoe FusheyIndy
    Nick FushiOFNick FushiJrCollege
    Torai FushimiC-1BTorai FushimiIntl
    Torai FusimiCTorai FusimiIntl
    Skyler FussPSkyler FussIndy
    David FussellCDavid Fussell-
    1969- 19- 456-SDN
    Eric FussellPEric FussellIndy
    John FussellOFJohn R. FussellIndy
    'FUT' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    Kazuhito FutagamiPKazuhito FutagamiIntl
    Kota FutakiPKota FutakiIntl
    Mike FutrellCMichael Ray FutrellIndy
    'FUZ' Players
    Player NameposProper NameHilvlDraft Info
    John Fuzak3BJohn Fuzak-
    1970- 26- 622-SFN
    Wayne FuzzardPWayne S. Fuzzard-
    1965- 14- 275-BOS
    189 record(s)
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