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Chicago White SoxAmerican League (MLB)
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Gustavo Molina played for Chicago White Sox (2007)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAmerican League LevelMLBCategoryMajor League Baseball
Current NicknameWhite Sox
Years Available1901-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
YearTeamLeagueDivisionGPWLPctGBLRFRADiffRankManagerGeneral ManagerPlayoffsAttendanceStadiumLinks
2017Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1626795.41435.0706841-1354Rick RenteriaRick Hahn 1,629,470U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2016Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627884.48116.5686715-294Robin VenturaRick Hahn 1,746,293U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2015Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627686.46919.0622701-794Robin VenturaRick Hahn 1,755,810U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2014Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627389.45117.0660758-984Robin VenturaRick Hahn 1,650,821U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2013Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1626399.38930.0598723-1255Robin VenturaRick Hahn 1,768,413U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2012Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628577.5253.0748676722Robin VenturaKenny Williams 1,965,955U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2011Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627983.48816.0654706-523Don Cooper
Ozzie Guillen
Kenny Williams 2,001,117U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2010Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628874.5436.0752704482Ozzie GuillenKenny Williams 2,194,378U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2009Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627983.4887.5724732-84Ozzie GuillenKen Williams 2,284,164U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2008Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1638974.546--811729821Ozzie GuillenKen WilliamsLost in 1st Round (Rays)2,501,103U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2007Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627290.44424.0693839-1464Ozzie GuillenKen Williams 2,684,395U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2006Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629072.5566.0868794743Ozzie GuillenKen Williams 2,957,414U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2005Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629963.611--741645961Ozzie GuillenKen WilliamsWon World Series (Astros)2,342,834U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2004Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628379.5129.0865831342Ozzie GuillenKen Williams 1,930,537U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2003Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628676.5314.0791715762Jerry ManuelKen Williams 1,939,524U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2002Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628181.50013.5856798582Jerry ManuelKen Williams 1,676,911Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2001Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628379.5128.079879533Jerry ManuelKen Williams 1,766,172Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2000Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629567.586--9788391391Jerry ManuelRon SchuelerLost in 1st Round (Mariners)1,947,799Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1999Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1617586.46621.5777870-932Jerry ManuelRon Schueler 1,349,151Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1998Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628082.4949.0861931-702Jerry ManuelRon Schueler 1,391,146Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1997Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1618081.4976.0779833-542Terry BevingtonRon Schueler 1,864,782Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1996Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628577.52514.58987941042Terry BevingtonRon Schueler 1,676,403Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1995Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1446876.47232.0755758-33Gene Lamont
Terry Bevington
Ron Schueler 1,609,773Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1994Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1136746.593--6334981351Gene LamontRon Schueler 1,697,398Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1993Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629468.580--7766641121Gene LamontRon SchuelerLost ALCS (Blue Jays)2,581,091Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1992Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628676.53110.0738690483Gene LamontRon Schueler 2,681,156Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1991Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628775.5378.0758681772Jeff TorborgRon Schueler 2,934,154Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1990Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629468.5809.0682633492Jeff TorborgLarry Himes 2,002,357Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1989Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1616992.42929.5693750-577Jeff TorborgLarry Himes 1,045,651Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1988Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617190.44132.5631757-1265Jim FregosiLarry Himes 1,115,749Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1987Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627785.4758.074874625Jim FregosiLarry Himes 1,208,060Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1986Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627290.44420.0644699-555Tony La Russa
Jim Fregosi
Doug Rader
Ken Harrelson 1,424,313Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1985Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628577.5256.0736720163Tony La Russa 1,669,888Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1984Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627488.45710.0679736-575Tony La Russa 2,136,988Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1983Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629963.611--8006501501Tony La RussaLost ALCS (Orioles)2,132,821Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1982Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628775.5376.0786710763Tony La Russa 1,567,787Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1981Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1065452.5098.5476423533Tony La Russa 946,651Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1980Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1607090.43826.0587722-1355Tony La Russa 1,200,365Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1979Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1607387.45614.0730748-185Tony La Russa
Don Kessinger
 1,280,702Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1978Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617190.44120.5634731-975Bob Lemon
Larry Doby
 1,491,100Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1977Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629072.55612.0844771733Bob Lemon 1,657,135Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1976Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1616497.39825.5586745-1596Paul Richards 914,945Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1975Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617586.46622.5655703-485Chuck Tanner 750,802Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1974Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1608080.5009.0684721-374Chuck Tanner 1,149,596Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1973Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627785.47517.0652705-535Chuck TannerStu Holcomb 1,302,527Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1972Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1548767.5655.5566538282Chuck TannerStu Holcomb 1,177,318Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1971Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627983.48822.5617597203Chuck TannerStu Holcomb 833,891Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1970Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest16256106.34642.0633822-1896Chuck Tanner
Bill Adair
Don Gutteridge
Ed Short 495,355Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1969Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1626894.42029.0625723-985Don Gutteridge
Al Lopez
Ed Short 589,546Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1968Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1626795.41436.0463527-648Eddie Stanky
Al Lopez
Les Moss
Ed Short 803,775Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1967Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628973.5493.0531491404Eddie StankyEd Short 985,634Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1966Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628379.51215.0574517574Eddie StankyEd Short 990,016Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1965Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629567.5867.0647555922Al LopezEd Short 1,130,519Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1964Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629864.6051.06425011411Al LopezEd Short 1,250,053Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1963Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629468.58010.56835441392Al LopezEd Short 1,158,848Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1962Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628577.52511.0707658493Al LopezEd Short 1,131,562Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1961Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628676.53123.0765726394Al LopezBill Veeck
Hank Greenberg
 1,146,019Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1960Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548767.56510.07416171243Al LopezBill Veeck 1,644,460Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1959Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549460.610--669588811Al LopezCharlie ComiskeyLost World Series (Dodgers)1,423,144Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1958Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.53210.0634615192Al LopezCharlie Comiskey 797,451Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1957Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549064.5848.07075661412Al LopezCharlie Comiskey 1,135,668Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1956Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548569.55212.07766341423Marty MarionCharlie Comiskey 1,000,090Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1955Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549163.5915.07255571683Marty MarionFrank Lane 1,175,684Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1954Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549460.61017.07115211903Paul Richards
Marty Marion
Frank Lane 1,231,629Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1953Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.57811.57165921243Paul RichardsFrank Lane 1,191,353Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1952Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548173.52614.0610568423Paul RichardsFrank Lane 1,231,675Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1951Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548173.52617.0714644704Paul RichardsFrank Lane 1,328,234Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1950Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546094.39038.0625749-1246Jack Onslow
Red Corriden
Frank Lane 781,330Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1949Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546391.40934.0648737-896Jack Onslow 937,151Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1948Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15251101.33644.5558814-2568Ted Lyons 777,844Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1947Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547084.45527.0553661-1086Ted Lyons 876,948Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1946Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547480.48130.0562595-335Jimmy Dykes
Ted Lyons
 983,403Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1945Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1497178.47715.0596633-376Jimmy Dykes 657,981Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1944Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547183.46118.0543662-1197Jimmy Dykes 563,539Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1943Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.53216.0573594-214Jimmy Dykes 508,962Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1942Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1486682.44634.0538609-716Jimmy Dykes 425,734Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1941Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547777.50024.0638649-113Jimmy Dykes 677,077Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1940Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.5328.0735672634Jimmy Dykes 660,336Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1939Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548569.55222.5755737184Jimmy Dykes 594,104Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1938Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1486583.43932.0709752-436Jimmy Dykes 338,278Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1937Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548668.55816.0780730503Jimmy Dykes 589,245Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1936Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1518170.53620.0920873473Jimmy Dykes 440,810Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1935Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527478.48719.5738750-125Jimmy Dykes 470,281Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1934Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1525399.34947.0704945-2418Jimmy Dykes
Lew Fonseca
 236,559Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1933Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1506783.44731.0683814-1316Lew Fonseca 397,789Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1932Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15149102.32556.5667897-2307Lew Fonseca 233,198Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1931Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1535697.36651.5705939-2348Donie Bush 403,550Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1930Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546292.40340.0729884-1557Donie Bush 406,123Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1929Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1525993.38846.0626793-1677Lena Blackburne 426,795Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1928Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547282.46829.0657723-665Lena Blackburne
Ray Schalk
 494,152Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1927Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1537083.45839.5662708-465Ray Schalk 614,423Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1926Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1538172.5299.5731665665Eddie Collins 710,339Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1925Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547975.51318.5811773385Eddie Collins 832,231Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1924Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1536687.43125.5794857-638Eddie Collins
Johnny Evers
Ed Walsh
 606,658Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1923Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546985.44830.0690740-507Kid Gleason 573,778Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1922Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547777.50017.069169105Kid Gleason 602,860Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1921Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546292.40336.5677857-1807Kid Gleason 543,650Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1920Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549658.6232.07946621322Kid Gleason 833,492Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1919Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1408852.629--6685341341Kid GleasonLost World Series (Reds)627,186Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1918Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1245767.46017.0457443146Pants Rowland 195,081Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1917Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15410054.649--6574621951Pants RowlandWon World Series (Giants)684,521Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1916Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.5782.06014981032Pants Rowland 679,923Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1915Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549361.6049.57175092083Pants Rowland 539,461Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1914Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547084.45530.0487568-817Nixey Callahan 469,290Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1913Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527874.51317.5486492-65Nixey Callahan 644,501Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1912Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547876.50628.0641647-64Nixey Callahan 602,241Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1911Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1517774.51024.0718620984Hugh Duffy 583,208Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1910Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1536885.44435.5456495-396Hugh Duffy 552,084South Side Park,Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1909Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527874.51320.0494461334Billy Sullivan 478,400South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1908Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1528864.5791.5535479563Fielder Jones 636,096South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1907Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1518764.5765.55844751093Fielder Jones 666,307South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1906Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1519358.616--5674601071Fielder JonesWon World Series (Cubs)585,202South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1905Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1529260.6052.06144501642Fielder Jones 687,419South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1904Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.5786.06004821183Nixey Callahan
Fielder Jones
 557,123South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1903Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1376077.43830.5516613-977Nixey Callahan 286,183South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1902Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1347460.5528.0675602734Clark Griffith 0 Stats -- Roster
1901Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1368353.610--8196321871Clark Griffith 0 Stats -- Roster