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Chicago White SoxAmerican League (MLB)
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Tommie Agee played for Chicago White Sox (1965, 1966, 1967)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAmerican League LevelMLBCategoryMajor League Baseball
Current NicknameWhite Sox
Years Available1901-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
YearTeamLeagueDivisionGPWLPctGBLRFRADiffRankManagerGeneral ManagerPlayoffsAttendancePayrollStadiumLinks
2018Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1566195.39127.5637807-1704Rick Renteria-0$72,177,640Guaranteed Rate FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2017Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1626795.41435.070607064Rick RenteriaRick Hahn-1,629,470$109,591,167U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2016Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627884.48116.568606864Robin VenturaRick Hahn-1,746,293$115,998,667U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2015Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627686.46919.062206224Robin VenturaRick Hahn-1,755,810$110,712,866U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2014Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627389.45117.066006604Robin VenturaRick Hahn-1,650,821$91,159,254U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2013Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1626399.38930.059805985Robin VenturaRick Hahn-1,768,413$124,065,277U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2012Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628577.5253.074807482Robin VenturaKenny Williams-1,965,955$96,919,500U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2011Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627983.48816.065406543Ozzie Guillen
Don Cooper
Kenny Williams-2,001,117$127,789,000U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2010Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628874.5436.075207522Ozzie GuillenKenny Williams-2,194,378$108,273,197U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2009Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627983.4887.572407244Ozzie GuillenKen Williams-2,284,164$96,068,500U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2008Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1638974.546--81108111Ozzie GuillenKen WilliamsLost in 1st Round (Rays)2,501,103$121,189,332U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2007Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1627290.44424.069306934Ozzie GuillenKen Williams-2,684,395$108,671,833U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2006Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629072.5566.086808683Ozzie GuillenKen Williams-2,957,414$102,750,667U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2005Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629963.611--74107411Ozzie GuillenKen WilliamsWon World Series (Astros)2,342,834$75,178,000U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2004Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628379.5129.086508652Ozzie GuillenKen Williams-1,930,537$65,212,500U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2003Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628676.5314.079107912Jerry ManuelKen Williams-1,939,524$51,010,000U.S. Cellular FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2002Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628181.50013.585608562Jerry ManuelKen Williams-1,676,911$57,052,833Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2001Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628379.5128.079807983Jerry ManuelKen Williams-1,766,172$65,628,667Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2000Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1629567.586--97809781Jerry ManuelRon SchuelerLost in 1st Round (Mariners)1,947,799$31,159,000Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1999Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1617586.46621.577707772Jerry ManuelRon Schueler-1,349,151$24,550,000Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1998Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628082.4949.086108612Jerry ManuelRon Schueler-1,391,146$36,840,000Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1997Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1618081.4976.077907792Terry BevingtonRon Schueler-1,864,782$54,377,500Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1996Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1628577.52514.589808982Terry BevingtonRon Schueler-1,676,403$41,940,000Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1995Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1446876.47232.075507553Gene Lamont
Terry Bevington
Ron Schueler-1,609,773$39,632,834Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1994Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueCentral1136746.593--63306331Gene LamontRon Schueler-1,697,398$38,413,836Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1993Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629468.580--77607761Gene LamontRon SchuelerLost ALCS (Blue Jays)2,581,091$34,598,166Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1992Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628676.53110.073807383Gene LamontRon Schueler-2,681,156$28,413,500Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1991Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628775.5378.075807582Jeff TorborgRon Schueler-2,934,154$16,830,437Comiskey Park IIStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1990Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629468.5809.068206822Jeff TorborgLarry Himes-2,002,357$9,496,238Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1989Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1616992.42929.569306937Jeff TorborgLarry Himes-1,045,651$7,595,561Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1988Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617190.44132.563106315Jim FregosiLarry Himes-1,115,749$5,906,952Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1987Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627785.4758.074807485Jim FregosiLarry Himes-1,208,060$0Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1986Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627290.44420.064406445Tony La Russa
Jim Fregosi
Doug Rader
Ken Harrelson-1,424,313$0Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1985Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628577.5256.073607363Tony La Russa-1,669,888$0Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1984Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627488.45710.067906795Tony La Russa-2,136,988--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1983Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629963.611--80008001Tony La RussaLost ALCS (Orioles)2,132,821--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1982Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1628775.5376.078607863Tony La Russa-1,567,787--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1981Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1065452.5098.547604763Tony La Russa-946,651--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1980Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1607090.43826.058705875Tony La Russa-1,200,365--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1979Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1607387.45614.073007305Tony La Russa
Don Kessinger
-1,280,702--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1978Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617190.44120.563406345Bob Lemon
Larry Doby
-1,491,100--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1977Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1629072.55612.084408443Bob Lemon-1,657,135--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1976Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1616497.39825.558605866Paul Richards-914,945--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1975Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1617586.46622.565506555Chuck Tanner-750,802--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1974Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1608080.5009.068406844Chuck Tanner-1,149,596--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1973Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627785.47517.065206525Chuck TannerStu Holcomb-1,302,527--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1972Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1548767.5655.556605662Chuck TannerStu Holcomb-1,177,318--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1971Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1627983.48822.561706173Chuck TannerStu Holcomb-833,891--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1970Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest16256106.34642.063306336Don Gutteridge
Chuck Tanner
Bill Adair
Ed Short-495,355--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1969Chicago White SoxAmerican LeagueWest1626894.42029.062506255Don Gutteridge
Al Lopez
Ed Short-589,546--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1968Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1626795.41436.046304638Al Lopez
Les Moss
Eddie Stanky
Ed Short-803,775--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1967Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628973.5493.053105314Eddie StankyEd Short-985,634--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1966Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628379.51215.057405744Eddie StankyEd Short-990,016--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1965Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629567.5867.064706472Al LopezEd Short-1,130,519--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1964Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629864.6051.064206421Al LopezEd Short-1,250,053--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1963Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1629468.58010.568306832Al LopezEd Short-1,158,848--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1962Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628577.52511.070707073Al LopezEd Short-1,131,562--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1961Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1628676.53123.076507654Al LopezBill Veeck
Hank Greenberg
-1,146,019--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1960Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548767.56510.074107413Al LopezBill Veeck-1,644,460--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1959Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549460.610--66906691Al LopezCharlie ComiskeyLost World Series (Dodgers)1,423,144--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1958Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.53210.063406342Al LopezCharlie Comiskey-797,451--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1957Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549064.5848.070707072Al LopezCharlie Comiskey-1,135,668--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1956Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548569.55212.077607763Marty MarionCharlie Comiskey-1,000,090--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1955Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549163.5915.072507253Marty MarionFrank Lane-1,175,684--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1954Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549460.61017.071107113Paul Richards
Marty Marion
Frank Lane-1,231,629--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1953Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.57811.571607163Paul RichardsFrank Lane-1,191,353--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1952Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548173.52614.061006103Paul RichardsFrank Lane-1,231,675--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1951Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548173.52617.071407144Paul RichardsFrank Lane-1,328,234--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1950Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546094.39038.062506256Red Corriden
Jack Onslow
Frank Lane-781,330--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1949Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546391.40934.064806486Jack Onslow-937,151--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1948Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15251101.33644.555805588Ted Lyons-777,844--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1947Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547084.45527.055305536Ted Lyons-876,948--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1946Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547480.48130.056205625Jimmy Dykes
Ted Lyons
-983,403--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1945Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1497178.47715.059605966Jimmy Dykes-657,981--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1944Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547183.46118.054305437Jimmy Dykes-563,539--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1943Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.53216.057305734Jimmy Dykes-508,962--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1942Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1486682.44634.053805386Jimmy Dykes-425,734--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1941Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547777.50024.063806383Jimmy Dykes-677,077--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1940Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548272.5328.073507354Jimmy Dykes-660,336--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1939Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548569.55222.575507554Jimmy Dykes-594,104--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1938Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1486583.43932.070907096Jimmy Dykes-338,278--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1937Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548668.55816.078007803Jimmy Dykes-589,245--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1936Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1518170.53620.092009203Jimmy Dykes-440,810--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1935Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527478.48719.573807385Jimmy Dykes-470,281--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1934Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1525399.34947.070407048Jimmy Dykes
Lew Fonseca
-236,559--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1933Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1506783.44731.068306836Lew Fonseca-397,789--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1932Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15149102.32556.566706677Lew Fonseca-233,198--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1931Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1535697.36651.570507058Donie Bush-403,550--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1930Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546292.40340.072907297Donie Bush-406,123--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1929Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1525993.38846.062606267Lena Blackburne-426,795--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1928Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547282.46829.065706575Lena Blackburne
Ray Schalk
-494,152--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1927Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1537083.45839.566206625Ray Schalk-614,423--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1926Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1538172.5299.573107315Eddie Collins-710,339--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1925Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547975.51318.581108115Eddie Collins-832,231--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1924Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1536687.43125.579407948Johnny Evers
Eddie Collins
Ed Walsh
-606,658--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1923Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546985.44830.069006907Kid Gleason-573,778--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1922Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547777.50017.069106915Kid Gleason-602,860--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1921Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1546292.40336.567706777Kid Gleason-543,650--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1920Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549658.6232.079407942Kid Gleason-833,492--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1919Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1408852.629--66806681Kid GleasonLost World Series (Reds)627,186--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1918Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1245767.46017.045704576Pants Rowland-195,081--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1917Chicago White SoxAmerican League-15410054.649--65706571Pants RowlandWon World Series (Giants)684,521--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1916Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.5782.060106012Pants Rowland-679,923--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1915Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1549361.6049.571707173Pants Rowland-539,461--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1914Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547084.45530.048704877Nixey Callahan-469,290--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1913Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527874.51317.548604865Nixey Callahan-644,501--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1912Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1547876.50628.064106414Nixey Callahan-602,241--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1911Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1517774.51024.071807184Hugh Duffy-583,208--Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1910Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1536885.44435.545604566Hugh Duffy-552,084--South Side Park,Comiskey ParkStats -- Roster
1909Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1527874.51320.049404944Billy Sullivan-478,400--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1908Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1528864.5791.553505353Fielder Jones-636,096--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1907Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1518764.5765.558405843Fielder Jones-666,307--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1906Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1519358.616--56705671Fielder JonesWon World Series (Cubs)585,202--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1905Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1529260.6052.061406142Fielder Jones-687,419--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1904Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1548965.5786.060006003Nixey Callahan
Fielder Jones
-557,123--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1903Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1376077.43830.551605167Nixey Callahan-286,183--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1902Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1347460.5528.067506754Clark Griffith-0--South Side ParkStats -- Roster
1901Chicago White SoxAmerican League-1368353.610--81908191Clark Griffith-0--South Side ParkStats -- Roster