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Chicago CubsNational League (MLB)
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Alex Metzler played for Chicago Cubs (1925)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueNational League LevelMLBCategoryMajor League Baseball
Current NicknameCubs
Years Available1876-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
YearTeamLeagueDivisionGPWLPctGBLRFRADiffRankManagerGeneral ManagerPlayoffsAttendanceStadiumLinks
2017Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1629270.568--8226951271Joe MaddonJed HoyerLost in NLCS (Dodgers)3,199,562Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2016Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral16110358.640--8085562521Joe MaddonJed HoyerWon World Series (Indians)3,232,420Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2015Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1629765.5993.0689608813Joe MaddonJed HoyerLost in ALCS (Mets)2,959,812Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2014Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1627389.45117.0614707-935Rick RenteriaJed Hoyer 2,652,113Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2013Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626696.40731.0602689-875Dale SveumJed Hoyer 2,642,682Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2012Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral16261101.37736.0613759-1465Dale SveumJed Hoyer 2,882,756Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2011Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1627191.43825.0654756-1025Mike QuadeRandy Bush
Jim Hendry
 3,017,966Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2010Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1627587.46316.0685767-825Mike Quade
Lou Piniella
Jim Hendry 3,062,973Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2009Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1618378.5167.5707672354Lou PiniellaJim Hendry 3,168,859Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2008Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1619764.602--8556711841Lou PiniellaJim HendryLost in NLDS (Los Angeles)3,300,200Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2007Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1628577.525--752690621Lou PiniellaJim HendryLost in NLDS (Arizona)3,252,462Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2006Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626696.40717.5716834-1186Dusty BakerJim Hendry 3,123,215Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2005Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1627983.48821.0703714-114Dusty BakerJim Hendry 3,100,262Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2004Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1628973.54916.07896651243Dusty BakerJim Hendry 3,170,184Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2003Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1628874.543--724683411Dusty BakerJim HendryLost NLCS (Marlins)2,962,630Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2002Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626795.41430.0706759-535Bruce Kimm
Don Baylor
Andy MacPhail 2,693,096Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2001Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1628874.5435.0777701763Don BaylorAndy MacPhail 2,779,465Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2000Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626597.40130.0764904-1406Don BaylorEd Lynch 2,789,511Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1999Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626795.41430.0747920-1733Jim RigglemanEd Lynch 2,813,854Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1998Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1639073.55212.5831791402Jim RigglemanEd LynchLost in 1st Round (Braves)2,623,194Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1997Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1626894.42016.0687759-725Jim RigglemanEd Lynch 2,190,308Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1996Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1627686.46912.077277114Jim RigglemanEd Lynch 2,219,110Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1995Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1447371.50712.0693671223Jim RigglemanEd Lynch 1,918,265Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1994Chicago CubsNational LeagueCentral1134964.43416.5500549-495Tom TrebelhornLarry Himes 1,845,208Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1993Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1628478.51913.0738739-14Jim LefebvreLarry Himes 2,653,763Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1992Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627884.48118.0593624-314Jim LefebvreLarry Himes 2,126,720Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1991Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1607783.48120.0695734-394Jim Essian
Don Zimmer
Joe Altobelli
Jim Frey 2,314,250Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1990Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627785.47518.0690774-844Don ZimmerJim Frey 2,243,791Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1989Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1629369.574--702623791Don ZimmerJim FreyLost NLCS (Giants)2,491,942Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1988Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627785.47524.0660694-344Don ZimmerJim Frey 2,089,034Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1987Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1617685.47218.5720801-816Gene Michael
Frank Lucchesi
Dallas Green 2,035,130Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1986Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1607090.43837.0680781-1015Jim Frey
Gene Michael
John Vukovich
Dallas Green 1,859,102Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1985Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1617784.47823.5686729-434Jim FreyDallas Green 2,161,534Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1984Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1619665.596--7626581041Jim FreyDallas GreenLost NLCS (Padres)2,107,655Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1983Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627191.43819.0701719-185Lee Elia
Charlie Fox
Dallas Green 1,479,717Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1982Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627389.45119.0676709-335Lee EliaDallas Green 1,249,278Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1981Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1033865.36921.5370483-1136Joey AmalfitanoBob Kennedy 565,637Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1980Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1626498.39527.0614728-1146Preston Gomez
Joey Amalfitano
Bob Kennedy 1,206,776Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1979Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1628082.49418.0706707-15Joey Amalfitano
Herman Franks
Bob Kennedy 1,648,587Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1978Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627983.48811.0664724-603Herman FranksBob Kennedy 1,525,311Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1977Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1628181.50020.0692739-474Herman FranksBob Kennedy 1,439,834Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1976Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627587.46326.0611728-1174Jim MarshallSalty Saltwell 1,026,217Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1975Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1627587.46317.5712827-1155Jim MarshallJohn Holland 1,034,819Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1974Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1626696.40722.0669826-1576Whitey Lockman
Jim Marshall
John Holland 1,015,378Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1973Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1617784.4785.0614655-415Whitey LockmanJohn Holland 1,351,705Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1972Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1558570.54811.06855671182Leo Durocher
Whitey Lockman
John Holland 1,299,163Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1971Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1628379.51214.0637648-113Leo DurocherJohn Holland 1,653,007Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1970Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1628478.5195.08066791272Leo DurocherJohn Holland 1,642,705Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1969Chicago CubsNational LeagueEast1629270.5688.07206111092Leo DurocherJohn Holland 1,674,993Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1968Chicago CubsNational League-1628478.51913.061261113Leo DurocherJohn Holland 1,043,409Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1967Chicago CubsNational League-1618774.54014.0702624783Leo DurocherJohn Holland 977,226Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1966Chicago CubsNational League-16259103.36436.0644809-16510Leo DurocherJohn Holland 635,891Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1965Chicago CubsNational League-1627290.44425.0635723-888Bob Kennedy
Lou Klein
John Holland 641,361Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1964Chicago CubsNational League-1627686.46917.0649724-758Bob KennedyJohn Holland 751,647Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1963Chicago CubsNational League-1628280.50617.0570578-87Bob KennedyJohn Holland 979,551Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1962Chicago CubsNational League-16259103.36442.5632827-1959Charlie Metro
Lou Klein
El Tappe
John Holland 609,802Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1961Chicago CubsNational League-1546490.41629.0689800-1117Harry Craft
Lou Klein
El Tappe
Vedie Himsl
John Holland 673,057Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1960Chicago CubsNational League-1546094.39035.0634776-1427Charlie Grimm
Lou Boudreau
John Holland 809,770Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1959Chicago CubsNational League-1547480.48113.0673688-155Bob ScheffingJohn Holland 858,255Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1958Chicago CubsNational League-1547282.46820.0709725-166Bob ScheffingJohn Holland 979,904Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1957Chicago CubsNational League-1546292.40333.0628722-947Bob ScheffingJohn Holland 670,629Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1956Chicago CubsNational League-1546094.39033.0597708-1118Stan HackWid Mathews 720,118Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1955Chicago CubsNational League-1537281.47126.0626713-876Stan HackWid Mathews 875,800Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1954Chicago CubsNational League-1546490.41633.0700766-667Stan HackWid Mathews 748,183Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1953Chicago CubsNational League-1546589.42240.0633835-2027Phil CavarrettaWid Mathews 763,658Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1952Chicago CubsNational League-1547777.50019.5628631-35Phil CavarrettaWid Mathews 1,024,826Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1951Chicago CubsNational League-1546292.40334.5614750-1368Phil Cavarretta
Frankie Frisch
Wid Mathews 894,415Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1950Chicago CubsNational League-1536489.41826.5643772-1297Frankie FrischWid Mathews 1,165,944Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1949Chicago CubsNational League-1546193.39636.0593770-1778Frankie Frisch
Charlie Grimm
 1,143,139Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1948Chicago CubsNational League-1546490.41627.5597701-1048Charlie Grimm 1,237,792Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1947Chicago CubsNational League-1546985.44825.0567722-1556Charlie Grimm 1,364,039Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1946Chicago CubsNational League-1538271.53614.5626580463Charlie Grimm 1,342,970Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1945Chicago CubsNational League-1549856.636--7355332021Charlie GrimmLost World Series (Tigers)1,036,386Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1944Chicago CubsNational League-1547579.48730.0701669324Jimmie Wilson
Charlie Grimm
Roy Johnson
 640,110Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1943Chicago CubsNational League-1537479.48430.5631598335Jimmie Wilson 508,247Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1942Chicago CubsNational League-1546886.44238.0591667-766Jimmie Wilson 590,972Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1941Chicago CubsNational League-1547084.45530.0666670-46Jimmie Wilson 545,159Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1940Chicago CubsNational League-1547579.48725.5681636455Gabby Hartnett 534,878Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1939Chicago CubsNational League-1548470.54513.0724678464Gabby Hartnett 726,663Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1938Chicago CubsNational League-1528963.586--7135981151Charlie Grimm
Gabby Hartnett
Lost World Series (Yankees)951,640Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1937Chicago CubsNational League-1549361.6043.08116821292Charlie Grimm 895,020Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1936Chicago CubsNational League-1548767.5655.07556061493Charlie Grimm 699,370Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1935Chicago CubsNational League-15410054.649--8475962511Charlie GrimmLost World Series (Tigers)692,604Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1934Chicago CubsNational League-1518665.5708.0705639663Charlie Grimm 707,525Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1933Chicago CubsNational League-1548668.5586.06465361103Charlie Grimm 594,112Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1932Chicago CubsNational League-1549064.584--720633871Rogers Hornsby
Charlie Grimm
Lost World Series (Yankees)974,688Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1931Chicago CubsNational League-1548470.54517.08287101183Rogers Hornsby 1,086,422Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1930Chicago CubsNational League-1549064.5842.09988701282Rogers Hornsby
Joe McCarthy
 1,463,624Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1929Chicago CubsNational League-1529854.645--9827592231Joe McCarthyLost World Series (Athletics)1,485,166Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1928Chicago CubsNational League-1549163.5914.0714615993Joe McCarthy 1,143,740Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1927Chicago CubsNational League-1538568.5568.5750661894Joe McCarthy 1,159,168Wrigley FieldStats -- Roster
1926Chicago CubsNational League-1548272.5327.0682602804Joe McCarthy 885,063Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1925Chicago CubsNational League-1546886.44227.5723773-508Bill Killefer
George Gibson
Rabbit Maranville
 622,610Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1924Chicago CubsNational League-1538172.52912.0698699-15Bill Killefer 716,922Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1923Chicago CubsNational League-1548371.53912.5756704524Bill Killefer 703,705Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1922Chicago CubsNational League-1548074.51913.0771808-375Bill Killefer 542,283Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1921Chicago CubsNational League-1536489.41830.0668775-1077Bill Killefer
Johnny Evers
 410,107Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1920Chicago CubsNational League-1547579.48718.0619635-166Fred Mitchell 480,783Cubs ParkStats -- Roster
1919Chicago CubsNational League-1407565.53621.0454407473Fred Mitchell 424,430Weeghman ParkStats -- Roster
1918Chicago CubsNational League-1298445.651--5383931451Fred MitchellLost World Series (Red Sox)337,256Weeghman ParkStats -- Roster
1917Chicago CubsNational League-1547480.48124.0552567-155Fred Mitchell 360,218Weeghman ParkStats -- Roster
1916Chicago CubsNational League-1536786.43826.5520541-215Joe Tinker 453,685Weeghman ParkStats -- Roster
1915Chicago CubsNational League-1537380.47717.5570622-524Roger Bresnahan 217,058West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1914Chicago CubsNational League-1547876.50616.5605638-334Hank O'Day 202,516West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1913Chicago CubsNational League-1538865.57513.5720640803Johnny Evers 419,000West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1912Chicago CubsNational League-1509159.60711.5756668883Frank Chance 514,000West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1911Chicago CubsNational League-1549262.5977.57576071502Frank Chance 576,000West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1910Chicago CubsNational League-15410450.675--7114992121Frank ChanceLost World Series (Athletics)526,152West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1909Chicago CubsNational League-15310449.6806.56323892432Frank Chance 633,480West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1908Chicago CubsNational League-1549955.643--6254591661Frank ChanceWon World Series (Tigers)665,325West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1907Chicago CubsNational League-15210745.704--5713901811Frank ChanceWon World Series (Tigers)422,550West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1906Chicago CubsNational League-15211636.763--7043813231Frank ChanceLost World Series (White Sox)654,300West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1905Chicago CubsNational League-1539261.60113.06674422253Frank Chance
Frank Selee
 509,900West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1904Chicago CubsNational League-1539360.60813.0597511862Frank Selee 439,100West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1903Chicago CubsNational League-1388256.5948.0695598973Frank Selee 386,205West Side ParkStats -- Roster
1902Chicago CubsNational League-1376869.49634.0529501285 0 Stats -- Roster
1901Chicago OrphansNational League-1395386.38137.0578698-1206 0 Stats -- Roster
1900Chicago OrphansNational League-1406575.46419.0635751-1165 0 Stats -- Roster
1899Chicago OrphansNational League-1487573.50726.08937631308 0 Stats -- Roster
1898Chicago OrphansNational League-1508565.56717.59076792284 0 Stats -- Roster
1897Chicago ColtsNational League-1325973.44734.010188941249 0 Stats -- Roster
1896Chicago ColtsNational League-1287157.55518.510017992025 0 Stats -- Roster
1895Chicago ColtsNational League-1307258.55415.010778542234 0 Stats -- Roster
1894Chicago ColtsNational League-1325775.43234.0129110662258 0 Stats -- Roster
1893Chicago ColtsNational League-1275671.44129.010058741319 0 Stats -- Roster
1892Chicago ColtsNational League-1467076.47930.0697735-387 0 Stats -- Roster
1891Chicago ColtsNational League-1358253.6073.59137301832 0 Stats -- Roster
1890Chicago ColtsNational League-1368353.6106.59426922502 0 Stats -- Roster
1889Chicago White StockingsNational League-1326765.50819.09678141533 0 Stats -- Roster
1888Chicago White StockingsNational League-1357758.5709.08356591762 0 Stats -- Roster
1887Chicago White StockingsNational League-1217150.5876.5960999-393 0 Stats -- Roster
1886Chicago White StockingsNational League-1249034.726--11938033901 0 Stats -- Roster
1885Chicago White StockingsNational League-1128725.777--10927253671 0 Stats -- Roster
1884Chicago White StockingsNational League-1126250.55422.010787263524 0 Stats -- Roster
1883Chicago White StockingsNational League-985939.6024.08415413002 0 Stats -- Roster
1882Chicago White StockingsNational League-845529.655--7543534011 0 Stats -- Roster
1881Chicago White StockingsNational League-845628.667--7013793221 0 Stats -- Roster
1880Chicago White StockingsNational League-846717.798--6643193451 0 Stats -- Roster
1879Chicago White StockingsNational League-794633.58210.5477411664 0 Stats -- Roster
1878Chicago White StockingsNational League-603030.50011.0426331954 0 Stats -- Roster
1877Chicago White StockingsNational League-592633.44115.5447387605 0 Stats -- Roster
1876Chicago White StockingsNational League-665214.788--8074833241 0 Stats -- Roster