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Creighton UniversityBig East Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Rick Heiserman played for Creighton University (2001)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueBig East Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameBluejays
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Creighton UniversityBig East Conference-00--24250.49095887- Ed Servais  Stats -- Roster
2017Creighton UniversityBig East Conference-114.73324250.490209230-211168Ed Servais  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Creighton UniversityBig East Conference-135.72238170.69125920059249Ed ServaisConf Finalists Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Creighton UniversityBig East Conference-134.76532190.62725919366270Ed ServaisConf Finalists Stats -- Roster
2014Creighton UniversityBig East Conference-144.77832171.65327222349166Ed ServaisConf FinalistsJohnny Rosenblatt StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-138.61930180.62526521352361Ed Servais Johnny Rosenblatt StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-614.30028300.483267237308133Ed ServaisConf Champions,CWS RegionalsJohnny Rosenblatt StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-156.71444140.75931623086135Ed ServaisConf Champions,CWS RegionalsJohnny Rosenblatt StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-912.42927250.519341302396178Ed Servais Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-149.60931250.554339241984113Ed ServaisConf FinalistsJohnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-168.66737210.638387258129391Ed Servais Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-195.79245160.738397244153236Ed ServaisConf Champions, CWS RegionalsJohnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-177.70848170.738308222861102Ed Servais Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-177.70848170.738459287172142Ed ServaisConf. Finalists, CWS RegionalsJohnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-229.71035240.59334027961290Ed Servais Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2003Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-1417.45220370.351300343-436157Jack Dahm Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference-2110.67730240.5563533512261Jack Dahm Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium,CU Sports ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1121.34421310.404322424-102-148Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster
2000Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1714.54838230.623442334108-58Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1813.58138250.603503376127- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1219.38727271.50034725394- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1015.40027270.50026018476- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1016.38519311.38029219696- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1810.64335220.614384188196- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference138.61928290.491412238174- Jack Dahm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference1011.47632250.561292173119- Todd Wenberg  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference155.75041191.683407184223- Todd Wenberg  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference168.66751220.699605293312- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference137.65048220.68632197224- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference911.45037260.587338111227- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster
1988Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference128.60043211.672458166292- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference911.45035240.593331112219- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference614.30033291.532362102260- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference713.35035270.56515229123- Jim Hendry  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference210.16723210.523897118- Dave Underwood  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference53.62539170.696253107146- Dave Underwood  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference44.50032230.58229575220- Dave Underwood  Stats -- Roster
1981Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference610.37536310.537266159107- Dave Underwood  Stats -- Roster
1980Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference00--26221.5421829587- Jerry Bartee  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference00--17271.386835528- Jerry Bartee  Stats -- Roster
1978Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference00--19200.487917219- Jerry Bartee  Stats -- Roster
1977Creighton UniversityMissouri Valley Conference00--15160.484000- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976Creighton UniversityIndependent00--16201.444000- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975Creighton UniversityIndependent00--32120.7271396772- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster
1974Creighton UniversityIndependent00--30180.625105897- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1973Creighton UniversityIndependent00--25160.61045432- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972Creighton UniversityIndependent00--16170.4855774-17- Dave Baker  Stats -- Roster
1971Creighton UniversityIndependent00--24210.53372675- Larry Cochell  Stats -- Roster
1970Creighton UniversityIndependent00--2570.781000- Larry Cochell  Stats -- Roster
1969Creighton UniversityIndependent00--11240.314000- Tom Tvrdik  Stats -- Roster
1968Creighton UniversityIndependent00--1480.636000- Herb Millard  Stats -- Roster
1967Creighton UniversityIndependent00--1580.65297952- Herb Millard  Stats -- Roster
1966Creighton UniversityIndependent00--12120.500000- Herb Millard  Stats -- Roster
1965Creighton UniversityIndependent00--1190.55037289- Unknown  Stats -- Roster