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Gulf Coast MarlinsGulf Coast League (Rk)
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Chuck Carr played for Gulf Coast Marlins (1993)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueGulf Coast League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentMiami Marlins
Current Nickname
Years Available1992-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA000----000-John Pachot-0---Stats -- Roster
2017Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA553223.5821.5273244292John Pachot-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2016Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA552431.4369.5236200364Julio Bruno-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2015Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA603327.5501.5247225222Julio Garcia-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2014Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA602535.41712.0234294-603Julio Garcia-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2013Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA592534.42424.5195247-522Robert Bell-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2012Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastMIA592930.4925.523823802Jorge Hernandez-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2011Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastFLO543816.704--2911901011Lost in Finals0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2010Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastFLO563719.661--264172921Jorge HernandezLost in Semi-Finals0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2009Gulf Coast Marlins -Gulf Coast LeagueEastFLO553817.691--277189881Jorge HernandezLost in Finals0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2008Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEastFLO543024.5562.525625242Steven Watson-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2007Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO542925.53710.525324672Edwin Rodriguez-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2006Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEastFLO532924.5472.519819622Edwin Rodriguez-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2005Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO542430.44413.5223232-93Edwin Rodriguez-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2004Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO603129.5175.0273251223Tim Cossins-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2003Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO582632.44811.0193223-303Tim Cossins-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2002Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO603129.5172.0254221332Jesus Campos-0--Roger Dean StadiumStats -- Roster
2001Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO602931.48312.0222226-43Jon Deeble-0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
2000Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO604020.667--316232841Kevin BolesLost in Semi-Finals0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1999Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO602535.41714.0239274-354Jon Deeble-0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1998Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO603822.633--274178961Jon DeebleLost in Semi-Finals (Devil Rays)0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1997Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO593128.52510.5225256-312Jon Deeble-0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1996Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO593425.5767.0261222392Juan Bustabad-0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1995Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO564016.714--2891671221Juan BustabadLost in Semi-Finals0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1994Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueEasternFLO593821.644--3252131121Juan BustabadLost in Semi-Finals0--Space Coast StadiumStats -- Roster
1993Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueNorthernFLO603228.5333.5318239792Jim Hendry-0---Stats -- Roster
1992Gulf Coast Marlins Gulf Coast LeagueCentralFLO603327.5508.5248266-182Carlos Tosca-0---Stats -- Roster