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University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Nick Greenwood played for University of Rhode Island
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAtlantic 10 Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
LocationKingston,Rhode Island
Current NicknameRams
Years Available1965-2018
Drafted Players (All)28

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-00--31220.58599172-73-   Raphael Cerrato--Stats -- Roster
2017University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-176.73931220.58531125358268Raphael Cerrato--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-186.75031270.534292315-231101Raphael CerratoConf Champions,CWS Regionals-Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-159.62526251.510246234123132Raphael CerratoConf FinalistsBill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-718.28013400.245183262-7911273Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-177.70835240.593277219583121Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-168.66733250.569366298683126Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-168.66731220.58533626769270Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster
2010University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-1710.63031260.544373353203173Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-196.76037201.64937831563255Jim FosterConf FinalistsBill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-1511.57731270.53430429595163Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster
2007University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-1611.59323300.434286330-445188Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster
2006University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference-196.76034160.680326229971109Jim Foster-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 ConferenceEast 186.75034210.618370223147194Frank LeoniConf. Champions, CWS RegionalsBill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 ConferenceEast204.83335201.63634327370195Frank LeoniConf. FinalistsBill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 ConferenceEast168.66726260.500279314-352125Frank Leoni-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 ConferenceEastern1014.41724280.462252275-233213Frank Leoni-Bill Beck FieldStats -- Roster
2001University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference102.83327230.5403173116-221Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
2000University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference813.38124251.490256278-22-209Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1999University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference810.44419240.442240368-128-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1998University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference810.444--------25118566-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1997University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference615.28614281.33318713552-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1996University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference614.30015240.38518312261-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1995University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference516.23812310.27921718037-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1994University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference122.0432391.049150333-183-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1993University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference514.26312260.31616314914-   Frank Leoni--Stats -- Roster
1992University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference412.2508251.242160187-27-   Dave Morris--Stats -- Roster
1991University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference412.25015270.357167216-49-   Dave Morris--Stats -- Roster
1990University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference610.37511232.32415113219-   Dave Morris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference510.33315250.3757088-18-   Dave Morris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference511.31310280.2634077-37-   Dave Morris--Stats -- Roster
1987University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference410.2869220.29085085-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1986University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference47.36414151.4831316764-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference57.41714161.46717373100-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference65.54522180.55019774123-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983University of Rhode IslandAtlantic 10 Conference37.30014220.3891108129-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982University of Rhode IslandEast Coast Athletic Conference34.42917190.47298944-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1981University of Rhode IslandEast Coast Athletic Conference35.37514180.4381066541-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1980University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference46.40015130.5361020102-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference37.30012150.444926824-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1978University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference35.37513170.433984850-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1977University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference26.25011130.458611546-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1976University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference26.2509130.40949049-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1975University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference24.3337142.333452718-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1974University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference62.750890.47114014-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1973University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference26.2506140.3001652-36-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1972University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference57.4177110.38927027-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1971University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference48.3336120.3336485-21-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1970University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference73.700960.600032-32-   John Norris--Stats -- Roster
1969University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference28.2004130.235000-   Brinton Piez--Stats -- Roster
1968University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference00--771.500015-15-   Brinton Piez--Stats -- Roster
1967University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference00--4131.235000-   Bob Butler--Stats -- Roster
1966University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference00--6110.353000-   Bob Butler--Stats -- Roster
1965University of Rhode IslandYankee Conference00--3150.167000-   Bob Butler--Stats -- Roster