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Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association (NCAA Div 1)
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Chris Nabholz played for Towson University (1994)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueColonial Athletic Association LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameTigers
Years Available1966-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-00--20340.370000-   Matt Tyner  Stats -- Roster
2017Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-618.25020340.370262415-1539246Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
2016Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1014.41720350.364297370-738225Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-915.37517352.327346452-1067250Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2014Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-413.23522250.468262279-178136Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2013Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1413.51930300.50042336756690Mike GottliebConf Champions,CWS RegionalsJohn B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2012Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1515.50027310.466314373-596173Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2011Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1515.50026280.481327349-227182Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1113.45819360.345364514-1507199Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1212.50028250.528433446-138151Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1416.46730280.51741241116106Mike GottliebConf FinalistsJohn B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1118.37921300.412304354-5010185Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-822.26720340.370329460-13111186Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2005Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-1311.54234240.586462379834123Mike GottliebConf. FinalistsJohn B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Towson UniversityColonial Athletic Association-618.25017350.327300411-1118237Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2003Towson UniversityColonial Athletic AssociationAmerican119.55029240.54736235753165Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster
2002Towson UniversityColonial Athletic AssociationAmerican912.42923270.460375399-243147Mike Gottlieb John B. Schuerholz Baseball ComplexStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Towson UniversityAmerica East Conference1711.60737230.617434172262-84Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Towson UniversityAmerica East Conference199.67931231.57432729334-103Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Towson UniversityAmerica East Conference207.74133190.635356153203-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Towson UniversityAmerica East Conference918.33321271.438310150160-   Mike Gottlieb   Stats -- Roster
1997Towson UniversityAmerica East Conference914.39124280.46230723176-   Mike Gottlieb   Stats -- Roster
1996Towson UniversityNorth Atlantic Conference814.36417290.37024517471-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Towson UniversityBig South Conference1014.41724281.46229424648-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Towson UniversityBig South Conference819.29615280.349101140-39-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1993Towson UniversityBig South Conference149.60920250.444201214-13-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1992Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference103.76930191.612330114216-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1991Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference135.72228231.549228251-23-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1990Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference77.50018290.383796712-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1989Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference94.69223211.5231799782-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster
1988Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference122.85730171.63826587178-   Mike Gottlieb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference95.64322190.53713711225-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1986Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference95.64316190.4571759382-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1985Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference77.50015200.4291119615-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1984Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference39.25010143.417904050-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1983Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference95.64319171.5281459055-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Towson UniversityEast Coast Conference611.35312240.33315212725-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1981Towson UniversityEast Coast Athletic Conference412.25015230.395117129-12-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1980Towson UniversityEast Coast Athletic Conference16.1435200.2003436-2-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster
1979Towson UniversityEast Coast Athletic Conference00--18100.6431162987-   Bill Hunter  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1978Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference73.70020130.6067785-8-   Bob Zeigler  Stats -- Roster
1977Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference57.41711180.379000-   Charlie Field  Stats -- Roster
1976Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference48.33310170.370836122-   Charlie Field  Stats -- Roster
1975Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference95.64314190.4245167-16-   Charlie Field  Stats -- Roster
1974Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference65.54511100.52424204-   Charlie Field  Stats -- Roster
1973Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference18.1115102.33310010-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1972Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference16.1434120.25017017-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1971Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--980.529000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1970Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--1270.632000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1969Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--940.692000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1968Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--930.750000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1967Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--950.643000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster
1966Towson UniversityMason-Dixon Conference00--950.643000-   Earl Killian  Stats -- Roster -- Draft