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University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Em Lindbeck played for University of Illinois (-)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueBig Ten Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameFighting Illini
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-00--23280.45117413341-   Dan Hartleb----Stats -- Roster
2017University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-915.37523280.451292324-3210142Dan Hartleb----Stats -- Roster
2016University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1212.50028230.5492262206855Dan Hartleb----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-211.95550101.83338920118819Dan HartlebConf Finalists,CWS Super Regionals,#8 in Nation--Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-177.70832210.60425320548356Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1410.58335200.63633624393539Dan HartlebCWS Regionals--Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1113.45828250.52830928821784Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-159.62528250.528303330-272118Dan HartlebConf Champions,CWS Regionals--Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1014.41726260.500342347-59149Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2009University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-168.66737200.64940333073465Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1615.51631250.554405372334113Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1614.53331270.534408392165145Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1517.46929290.500348371-236139Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2005University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-2012.62533231.58939329598181Dan Hartleb---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1121.34422330.400286318-329189Richard Jones---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1219.38727260.509321238838138Richard Jones---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2002University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1415.48332190.627289230597110Richard Jones---Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001University of IllinoisBigTen1314.48129280.509352363-11-127Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60741230.641431305126-63Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999University of IllinoisBigTen1512.55634220.60744937475-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998University of IllinoisBigTen195.79242210.667414209205-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60732270.542363201162-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996University of IllinoisBigTen1710.63037220.627429193236-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995University of IllinoisBigTen1414.50025310.44625324211-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster
1994University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42926260.500406275131-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster
1993University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42932230.582345220125-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992University of IllinoisBigTen1612.57136200.643352220132-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991University of IllinoisBigTen1315.46426300.464346236110-   Richard Jones----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990University of IllinoisBigTen199.67943210.67226576189-   Augie Garrido----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60742160.724279122157-   Augie Garrido----Stats -- Roster
1988University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42926200.5656595-30-   Augie Garrido----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987University of IllinoisBigTen97.56332240.57118611175-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986University of IllinoisBigTen88.50034192.642345134211-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985University of IllinoisBigTen124.75046210.687383108275-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984University of IllinoisBigTen310.23123300.43421186125-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983University of IllinoisBigTen69.40023242.48926597168-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982University of IllinoisBigTen142.87549230.68131198213-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981University of IllinoisBigTen113.78635260.57431897221-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster
1980University of IllinoisBigTen610.37518330.3531394495-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster
1979University of IllinoisBigTen315.16714301.318000-   Tom Dedin----Stats -- Roster
1978University of IllinoisBigTen612.33325221.532000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1977University of IllinoisBigTen810.44423250.479000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976University of IllinoisBigTen312.20020220.476000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975University of IllinoisBigTen411.26725171.595000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974University of IllinoisBigTen97.56327110.71105-5-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster
1973University of IllinoisBigTen810.44421130.6181106050-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972University of IllinoisBigTen59.35716210.432483612-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster
1971University of IllinoisBigTen107.58820161.556704822-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster
1970University of IllinoisBigTen810.44419161.5431571516-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster
1969University of IllinoisBigTen117.61122200.524000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1968University of IllinoisBigTen710.41218190.486000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster
1967University of IllinoisBigTen511.31317210.447735716-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1966University of IllinoisBigTen57.41714140.500000-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1965University of IllinoisBigTen86.5711490.6093344-11-   Lee Eilbracht----Stats -- Roster -- Draft