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University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Ken Holtzman played for University of Illinois (1976, 1977, 1978)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueBig Ten Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
Current NicknameFighting Illini
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-00--23280.451541- Dan Hartleb  Stats -- Roster
2017University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-915.37523280.451292324-3210142Dan Hartleb  Stats -- Roster
2016University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1212.50028230.5492262206855Dan Hartleb  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-211.95550101.83338920118819Dan HartlebConf Finalists,CWS Super Regionals,#8 in NationIllinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-177.70832210.60425320548356Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1410.58335200.63633624393539Dan HartlebCWS RegionalsIllinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1113.45828250.52830928821784Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-159.62528250.528303330-272118Dan HartlebConf Champions,CWS RegionalsIllinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1014.41726260.500342347-59149Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2009University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-168.66737200.64940333073465Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1615.51631250.554405372334113Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1614.53331270.534408392165145Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1517.46929290.500348371-236139Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2005University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-2012.62533231.58939329598181Dan Hartleb Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1121.34422330.400286318-329189Richard Jones Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1219.38727260.509321238838138Richard Jones Illinois FieldStats -- Roster
2002University of IllinoisBig Ten Conference-1415.48332190.627289230597110Richard Jones Illinois FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001University of IllinoisBigTen1314.48129280.509352363-11-127Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60741230.641431305126-63Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999University of IllinoisBigTen1512.55634220.60744937475- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998University of IllinoisBigTen195.79242210.667414209205- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60732270.542363201162- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996University of IllinoisBigTen1710.63037220.627429193236- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995University of IllinoisBigTen1414.50025310.44625324211- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster
1994University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42926260.500406275131- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster
1993University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42932230.582345220125- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992University of IllinoisBigTen1612.57136200.643352220132- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991University of IllinoisBigTen1315.46426300.464346236110- Richard Jones  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990University of IllinoisBigTen199.67943210.67226576189- Augie Garrido  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989University of IllinoisBigTen1711.60742160.724279122157- Augie Garrido  Stats -- Roster
1988University of IllinoisBigTen1216.42926200.5656595-30- Augie Garrido  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987University of IllinoisBigTen97.56332240.57118611175- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986University of IllinoisBigTen88.50034192.642345134211- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985University of IllinoisBigTen124.75046210.687383108275- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984University of IllinoisBigTen310.23123300.43421186125- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983University of IllinoisBigTen69.40023242.48926597168- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982University of IllinoisBigTen142.87549230.68131198213- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981University of IllinoisBigTen113.78635260.57431897221- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster
1980University of IllinoisBigTen610.37518330.3531394495- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster
1979University of IllinoisBigTen315.16714301.318000- Tom Dedin  Stats -- Roster
1978University of IllinoisBigTen612.33325221.532000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1977University of IllinoisBigTen810.44423250.479000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976University of IllinoisBigTen312.20020220.476000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975University of IllinoisBigTen411.26725171.595000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974University of IllinoisBigTen97.56327110.71105-5- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster
1973University of IllinoisBigTen810.44421130.6181106050- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972University of IllinoisBigTen59.35716210.432483612- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster
1971University of IllinoisBigTen107.58820161.556704822- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster
1970University of IllinoisBigTen810.44419161.5431571516- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster
1969University of IllinoisBigTen117.61122200.524000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1968University of IllinoisBigTen710.41218190.486000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster
1967University of IllinoisBigTen511.31317210.447735716- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1966University of IllinoisBigTen57.41714140.500000- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1965University of IllinoisBigTen86.5711490.6093344-11- Lee Eilbracht  Stats -- Roster -- Draft