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Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference (NCAA Div 1)
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Bill Spiers played for Clemson University (1995)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAtlantic Coast Conference LevelNCAA Div 1CategoryCollege Baseball
LocationClemson,South Carolina
Current NicknameTigers
Years Available1965-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic00--42210.667261511-   Monte Lee  Stats -- Roster
2017Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1713.56742210.66738731473315Monte LeeCWS Regionals,#23 in nation Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2016Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1614.53344200.68846134411747Monte LeeConf Champions,CWS Regionals,#17 in Nation Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2015Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1613.55232290.52538630383455Jack LeggettCWS RegionalsDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2014Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1514.51736250.59033727958255Jack LeggettCWS RegionalsDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2013Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1812.60040220.64534025981314Jack LeggettCWS RegionalsDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2012Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1614.53335280.55635728968330Jack LeggettCWS RegionalsDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2011Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1713.56743200.68344924720228Jack LeggettCWS Regionals,#21 in NationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2010Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1812.60045230.662600385215116Jack LeggettCWS Final-8Doug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2009Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1911.63344220.66745327917429Jack LeggettCWS Super Regionals,#16 in NationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2008Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1118.37931270.53436434123426Jack Leggett Doug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2007Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic1812.60041230.641394292102218Jack LeggettCWS Super-Regionals, #15 in NationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2006Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast ConferenceAtlantic246.80053160.76848527720811Jack LeggettConf Champions, CWS Final-8, #5 in NationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2005Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference-219.70043230.65246029216827Jack LeggettCWS Super-Regionals, #14 in nationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2004Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference-1410.58339260.600446330116514Jack LeggettCWS RegionalsDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2003Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference-159.62539220.63940831890417Jack LeggettCWS Regionals, #18 in NationDoug Kingsmore StadiumStats -- Roster -- Draft
2002Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference-168.66754170.76158135023141Jack LeggettConf. Finalists, #3 in Nation, College World Series Final-8Beautiful Tiger FieldStats -- Roster -- Draft
2001Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference177.70841220.651486319167-21Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
2000Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference177.70851180.739516323193-5Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1999Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference1310.56542270.609612480132-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1998Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference149.60943160.729529302227-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1997Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference1310.56541230.64156547590-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1996Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference177.70851170.750473254219-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1995Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference204.83354140.794570287283-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1994Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference204.83357180.760514346168-   Jack Leggett  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1993Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference1111.50045200.692482332150-   Carlos Oyola  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1992Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference195.79250140.781481222259-   Carlos Oyola  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1991Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference183.85760100.857698313385-   Carlos Oyola  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1990Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference146.70043230.652524320204-   Carlos Oyola  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1989Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference135.72250200.714503293210-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1988Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference182.90054140.794564307257-   Joel Lepel  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1987Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference165.76254141.794580315265-   Joel Lepel  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1986Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference94.69242210.667550374176-   Joel Lepel  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1985Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference94.69236301.54545942633-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1984Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference122.85738170.691384209175-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1983Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference65.54530201.600331223108-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1982Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference102.83337220.627482281201-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1981Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference104.71434240.58640532877-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1980Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference65.54538210.644384254130-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1979Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference101.90940150.727457255202-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1978Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference102.83339140.736378215163-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1977Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference91.90042100.808403209194-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1976Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference102.83336150.706327213114-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1975Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference102.83333100.767304133171-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1974Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference101.90923150.60525515699-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1973Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference124.75024160.60019916732-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1972Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference67.46219150.55916111447-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1971Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference104.71427140.65919015436-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1970Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference148.63632160.66723216171-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1969Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference128.60027172.614332232100-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster
1968Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference117.61127140.65918914049-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1967Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference1120.3552990.763206103103-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1966Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference94.6922072.741264142122-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft
1965Clemson UniversityAtlantic Coast Conference95.64318102.64319012466-   Bill Wilhelm  Stats -- Roster -- Draft