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Detroit TigersAmerican League (MLB)
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Simon Nicholls played for Detroit Tigers (1903)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueAmerican League LevelMLBCategoryMajor League Baseball
Current NicknameTigers
Years Available1901-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
YearTeamLeagueDivisionGPWLPctGBLRFRADiffRankManagerGeneral ManagerPlayoffsAttendanceStadiumLinks
2017Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1626498.39538.0735894-1595Brad AusmusAlberto Avila 2,321,599Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2016Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1618675.5348.0750721292Brad AusmusAlberto Avila 2,493,859Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2015Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1617487.46020.5689803-1145Brad AusmusDave Dombrowski 2,726,048Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2014Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1629072.556--757705521Brad AusmusDave DombrowskiLost in 1st Round (Orioles)2,917,209Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2013Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1629369.574--7965981981Jim LeylandDave DombrowskiLost in ALCS (Red Sox)3,083,397Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2012Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1628874.543--726670561Jim LeylandDave DombrowskiLost World Series (Giants)3,028,033Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2011Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1629567.586--787711761Jim LeylandDave DombrowskiLost in ALCS (Rangers)2,642,045Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2010Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1628181.50013.075174383Jim LeylandDave Dombrowski 2,461,237Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2009Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1638677.5281.0743745-22Jim LeylandDave Dombrowski 2,567,185Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2008Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1627488.45714.5821857-365Jim LeylandDave Dombrowski 3,202,654Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2007Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1628874.5438.0887797902Jim LeylandDave Dombrowski 3,047,133Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2006Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1629567.5861.08226751472Jim LeylandDave DombrowskiLost World Series (Cardinals)2,595,937Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2005Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1627191.43828.0723787-644Alan TrammellDave Dombrowski 2,024,505Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2004Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1627290.44420.0827844-174Alan TrammellDave Dombrowski 1,917,004Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2003Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral16243119.26547.0591928-3375Alan TrammellDave Dombrowski 1,368,245Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2002Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral16155106.34239.0575864-2895Luis Pujols
Phil Garner
Randy Smith 1,503,623Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2001Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1626696.40725.0724876-1524Phil GarnerRandy Smith 1,921,305Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2000Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1627983.48816.0823827-43Phil GarnerRandy Smith 2,438,617Comerica ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1999Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1616992.42927.5747882-1353Larry ParrishRandy Smith 2,026,491Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1998Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueCentral1626597.40124.0722861-1395Larry Parrish
Buddy Bell
Randy Smith 1,409,391Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1997Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627983.48819.0784790-63Buddy BellRandy Smith 1,365,157Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1996Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast16253109.32739.07831103-3205Buddy BellRandy Smith 1,168,610Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1995Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1446084.41726.0654844-1904Sparky AndersonJoe Klein 1,180,979Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1994Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1155362.46118.0652671-195Sparky AndersonJoe Klein 1,184,783Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1993Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628577.52510.0899837624Sparky AndersonJerry Walker 1,971,421Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1992Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627587.46321.0791794-36Sparky AndersonJoe McDonald 1,423,963Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1991Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628478.5197.0817794233Sparky AndersonJoe McDonald 1,641,661Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1990Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627983.4889.0750754-43Sparky AndersonBill Lajoie 1,495,785Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1989Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast16259103.36430.0617816-1997Sparky AndersonBill Lajoie 1,543,656Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1988Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628874.5431.0703658452Sparky AndersonBill Lajoie 2,081,162Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1987Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1629864.605--8967351611Sparky AndersonBill LajoieLost ALCS (Twins)2,061,830Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1986Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628775.5378.5798714843Sparky AndersonBill Lajoie 1,899,437Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1985Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1618477.52215.0729688413Sparky AndersonBill Lajoie 2,286,609Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1984Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast16210458.642--8296431861Sparky AndersonBill LajoieWon World Series (Padres)2,704,794Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1983Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1629270.5686.07896791102Sparky AndersonJim Campbell 1,829,636Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1982Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628379.51212.0729685444Sparky AndersonJim Campbell 1,636,058Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1981Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1096049.5502.0427404234Sparky AndersonJim Campbell 1,149,144Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1980Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628478.51919.0830757734Sparky AndersonJim Campbell 1,785,293Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1979Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1618576.52818.0770738325Dick Tracewski
Les Moss
Sparky Anderson
Jim Campbell 1,630,929Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1978Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628676.53113.5714653615Ralph HoukJim Campbell 1,714,893Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1977Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627488.45726.0714751-374Ralph HoukJim Campbell 1,359,856Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1976Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1617487.46024.0609709-1005Ralph HoukJim Campbell 1,467,020Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1975Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast15957102.35837.5570786-2166Ralph HoukJim Campbell 1,058,836Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1974Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627290.44419.0620768-1486Ralph HoukJim Campbell 1,243,080Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1973Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1628577.52512.0642674-323Joe Schultz
Billy Martin
Jim Campbell 1,724,146Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1972Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1568670.551--558514441Billy MartinJim CampbellLost ALCS (Athletics)1,892,386Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1971Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1629171.56212.0701645562Billy MartinJim Campbell 1,591,073Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1970Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1627983.48829.0666731-654Mayo SmithJim Campbell 1,501,293Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1969Detroit TigersAmerican LeagueEast1629072.55619.07016011002Mayo SmithJim Campbell 1,577,481Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1968Detroit TigersAmerican League-16210359.636--6714921791Mayo SmithJim CampbellWon World Series (Cardinals)2,031,847Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1967Detroit TigersAmerican League-1629171.5621.0683587962Mayo SmithJim Campbell 1,447,143Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1966Detroit TigersAmerican League-1628874.54310.0719698213Frank Skaff
Bob Swift
Chuck Dressen
Jim Campbell 1,124,293Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1965Detroit TigersAmerican League-1628973.54913.0680602784Chuck Dressen
Bob Swift
Jim Campbell 1,029,645Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1964Detroit TigersAmerican League-1628577.52514.0699678214Chuck DressenJim Campbell 816,139Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1963Detroit TigersAmerican League-1627983.48825.5700703-35Chuck Dressen
Bob Scheffing
Jim Campbell 821,952Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1962Detroit TigersAmerican League-1618576.52810.5758692667Bob ScheffingRick Ferrell 1,207,881Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1961Detroit TigersAmerican League-16210161.6238.08416711702Bob ScheffingRick Ferrell 1,600,710Tiger StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1960Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547183.46126.0633644-116Billy Hitchcock
Joe Gordon
Jimmy Dykes
Rick Ferrell 1,167,669Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1959Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547678.49418.0713732-194Bill Norman
Jimmy Dykes
Rick Ferrell 1,221,221Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1958Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547777.50015.0659606535Bill Norman
Jack Tighe
John McHale 1,098,924Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1957Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547876.50620.061461405Jack TigheJohn McHale
Walter Briggs
 1,272,346Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1956Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548272.53215.0789699905Bucky HarrisMuddy Ruel 1,051,182Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1955Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547975.51317.07756581175Bucky HarrisMuddy Ruel 1,181,838Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1954Detroit TigersAmerican League-1546886.44243.0584664-805Fred HutchinsonMuddy Ruel 1,079,847Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1953Detroit TigersAmerican League-1546094.39040.5695923-2286Fred HutchinsonCharlie Gehringer 884,658Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1952Detroit TigersAmerican League-15450104.32545.0557738-1818Fred Hutchinson
Red Rolfe
Charlie Gehringer 1,026,846Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1951Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547381.47425.0685741-565Red RolfeBilly Evans 1,132,641Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1950Detroit TigersAmerican League-1549559.6173.08377131242Red RolfeBilly Evans 1,951,474Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1949Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548767.56510.0751655964Red Rolfe 1,821,204Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1948Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547876.50618.5700725-255Steve O'Neill 1,743,035Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1947Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548569.55212.0714642722Steve O'Neill 1,398,093Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1946Detroit TigersAmerican League-1549262.59712.07045671372Steve O'Neill 1,722,590Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1945Detroit TigersAmerican League-1538865.575--633565681Steve O'NeillWon World Series (Cubs)1,280,341Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1944Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548866.5711.0658581772Steve O'Neill 923,176Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1943Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547876.50620.0632560725Steve O'Neill 606,287Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1942Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547381.47430.058958725Del Baker 580,087Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1941Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547579.48726.0686743-574Del Baker 684,915Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1940Detroit TigersAmerican League-1549064.584--8887161721Del BakerLost World Series (Reds)1,112,693Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1939Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548173.52626.5849762875Del Baker 836,279Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1938Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548470.54516.0862795674Mickey Cochrane
Del Baker
 799,557Briggs StadiumStats -- Roster
1937Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548965.57813.0935841942Mickey Cochrane
Cy Perkins
Del Baker
 1,072,276Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1936Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548371.53919.5921870512Mickey Cochrane
Del Baker
 875,948Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1935Detroit TigersAmerican League-1519358.616--9196652541Mickey CochraneWon World Series (Cubs)1,034,929Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1934Detroit TigersAmerican League-15410153.656--9577082491Mickey CochraneLost World Series (Cardinals)919,161Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1933Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547579.48725.0722733-115Del Baker
Bucky Harris
 320,972Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1932Detroit TigersAmerican League-1517675.50329.5798787115Bucky Harris 397,157Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1931Detroit TigersAmerican League-1546193.39647.0651836-1857Bucky Harris 434,056Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1930Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547579.48727.0783832-495Bucky Harris 649,450Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1929Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547084.45536.0927928-16Bucky Harris 869,318Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1928Detroit TigersAmerican League-1546886.44233.0744803-596George Moriarty 474,323Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1927Detroit TigersAmerican League-1538271.53627.5845805404George Moriarty 773,716Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1926Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547975.51312.0793829-366Ty Cobb 711,914Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1925Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548173.52616.5901826754Ty Cobb 820,766Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1924Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548668.5586.0847794533Ty Cobb 1,015,136Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1923Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548371.53916.0833741922Ty Cobb 911,377Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1922Detroit TigersAmerican League-1547975.51315.0828789393Ty Cobb 861,206Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1921Detroit TigersAmerican League-1537182.46427.0887852356Ty Cobb 661,527Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1920Detroit TigersAmerican League-1546193.39637.0652833-1817Hughie Jennings 579,650Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1919Detroit TigersAmerican League-1408060.5718.0620577434Hughie Jennings 643,805Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1918Detroit TigersAmerican League-1265571.43720.0473558-857Hughie Jennings 203,719Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1917Detroit TigersAmerican League-1537875.51021.5639577624Hughie Jennings 457,289Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1916Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548767.5654.0673595783Hughie Jennings 616,772Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1915Detroit TigersAmerican League-15410054.6492.57785971812Hughie Jennings 476,105Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1914Detroit TigersAmerican League-1538073.52319.5615618-34Hughie Jennings 416,225Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1913Detroit TigersAmerican League-1536687.43130.0624716-926Hughie Jennings 398,502Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1912Detroit TigersAmerican League-1536984.45136.5721768-476Hughie Jennings 402,870Navin FieldStats -- Roster
1911Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548965.57813.5831777542Hughie Jennings 484,988Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1910Detroit TigersAmerican League-1548668.55818.0679582973Hughie Jennings 391,288Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1909Detroit TigersAmerican League-1529854.645--6664931731Hughie JenningsLost World Series (Pirates)490,490Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1908Detroit TigersAmerican League-1539063.588--645552931Hughie JenningsLost World Series (Cubs)436,199Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1907Detroit TigersAmerican League-1509258.613--6965371591Hughie JenningsLost World Series (Cubs)297,079Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1906Detroit TigersAmerican League-1497178.47721.0517596-796Bill Armour 174,043Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1905Detroit TigersAmerican League-1537974.51615.5511608-973Bill Armour 193,384Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1904Detroit TigersAmerican League-1526290.40832.0505627-1227Ed Barrow
Bobby Lowe
 177,796Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1903Detroit TigersAmerican League-1366571.47825.0567539285Ed Barrow 224,523Bennett ParkStats -- Roster
1902Detroit TigersAmerican League-1355283.38530.5566657-917 0 Stats -- Roster
1901Detroit TigersAmerican League-1357461.5488.5742696463 0 Stats -- Roster