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St. Lucie MetsFlorida State League (A+)
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Lucas Duda played for St. Lucie (2008, 2013, 2017)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueFlorida State League LevelA+CategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentNew York Mets
LocationPort St. Lucie,Florida
Current NicknameMets
Years Available1988-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN000----068-68-Chad Kreuter-0-Stats -- Roster
2018St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1305476.41519.5433527-946Chad Kreuter-98,823First Data FieldStats -- Roster
2017St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386375.45713.5555665-1106Chad Kreuter-132,359First Data FieldStats -- Roster
2016St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1357461.548--588508801Luis RojasLost in Semi-Finals96,556Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2015St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386870.4937.555354945Luis Rojas-99,044Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2014St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1387662.5515.5643666-234Ryan Ellis-94,650Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2013St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1317160.5426.0570518522Ryan Ellis-98,664Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2012St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1358352.615--6135111021Ryan EllisLost in Semi-Finals92,044Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2011St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1407268.5143.5625606192Pedro LopezLost in Finals105,379Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2010St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1386276.44917.5590692-1025Edgardo Alfonzo-100,921Digital Domain ParkStats -- Roster
2009St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueSouthNYN1346668.49312.0609560494Tim Teufel-95,598Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2008St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1345381.39621.0517637-1206Tim Teufel-93,626Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2007St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1396871.4897.5618656-383Frank CacciatoreLost in Semi-Finals91,069Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2006St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1397762.5542.0608546621Gary CarterLeague Champions100,518Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2005St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1346668.49311.564164104Tim Teufel-91,382Tradition FieldStats -- Roster
2004St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1296465.49610.555755255Tim Teufel-41,374Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2003St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1397762.554--566505611Ken OberkfellLeague Champions49,684Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2002St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1407169.50711.0693660333Ken Oberkfell-57,365Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2001St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1396376.45319.0590594-46Ron Johnson-51,125Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
2000St. Lucie MetsFlorida State League-NYN1398158.5833.570261389-Dave Engle-0Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1999St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1386870.4935.0625637-123Howard Freiling-82,631Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1998St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1367066.5158.062362302Roy SilverLeague Champions87,181Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1997St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1355481.40025.0512574-626John Gibbons-154,670Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1996St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1337162.534--517505122John GibbonsLeague Champions124,174Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1995St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1346173.45525.5484504-204Chris Maloney-100,055Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1994St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1367165.5225.5578544342Mike Ramsey-108,283Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1993St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1307852.600--5934671261Terry KennedyLost in Finals123,275Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1992St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN693534.5074.0520507132John Tamargo
Dave Bialas
Lost in 1st Round121,763Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1991St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1317259.5507.0433404292John TamargoLost in Semi-Finals155,946Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1990St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEastNYN1347658.56717.06415091323Tim BlackwellLost in 1st Round65,597Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1989St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEasternNYN1347955.590--579483961Dave BialasLost in Semi-Finals66,041Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster
1988St. Lucie MetsFlorida State LeagueEasternNYN1397465.5322.0537521162Clint HurdleLeague Champions68,150Thomas J. White StadiumStats -- Roster