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Arizona PadresArizona League (Rk)
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Brad Brach played for Arizona Padres (2008)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueArizona League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentSan Diego Padres
Current Nickname
Years Available1988-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2018Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN000----000- 0 Stats -- Roster
2017Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN553025.5451.0314338-242Shaun Cole 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2016Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN552530.4556.0293318-253Mike Collins 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2015Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN562333.41117.0229317-884Anthony Contreras 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2014Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN562036.35712.5285317-324Rod Barajas 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2013Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN542826.5193.5286333-472Mike CollinsLost in Semi-Finals0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2012Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN561640.28618.0349414-654Jim Gabella 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2011Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN562333.41115.0322417-953 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2010Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN552035.36411.0282357-754Ivan Cruz 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2009Arizona Padres -Arizona LeagueWestSDN562828.5005.5364303612Jose Flores 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2008Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN563323.5896.0340283574Jose Flores 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2007Arizona Padres -Arizona League-SDN562828.5009.0358344144Tony Muser 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2006Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN553619.655--382285971Carlos LezcanoLeague Champions0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2005Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN562927.51810.0311300114Carlos Lezcano 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2004Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN562630.46411.027826997Carlos Lezcano 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
2000Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN551738.30922.0252383-131-Howard Bushong 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1999Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN553124.5647.5323291323Randy Whisler 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1998Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN542331.42618.0313320-76Randy Whisler 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1997Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN552530.4559.0335400-655Randy Whisler 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1996Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN563620.643--345276691Larry See 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1995Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN552431.43612.5254292-385Dan Norman 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1994Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN552827.5095.5264245195Barry Moss 0Peoria Sports ComplexStats -- Roster
1993Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN552431.43611.0257292-356Ken Berry 0 Stats -- Roster
1992Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN562036.35714.0222339-1177Ken Berry 0 Stats -- Roster
1991Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN603129.5178.0386376104Ken Berry 0 Stats -- Roster
1990Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN541935.35217.5261413-1525Jaime Moreno 0 Stats -- Roster
1989Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN562531.44616.0232306-744Lonnie Keeter 0 Stats -- Roster
1988Arizona Padres Arizona League-SDN593128.5253.538337762Jaime Moreno 0 Stats -- Roster