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Arizona Cubs -Arizona League (Rk)
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Ryan Acosta played for Arizona Cubs (2007, 2008)
History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueArizona League LevelRkCategoryMinor League
Most Recent MLB ParentChicago Cubs
Current Nickname
Years Available1997-2019

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
2019Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN000----000--0-Stats -- Roster
2018Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN563818.679--306238681Carmelo MartinezLost in finals0Sloan ParkStats -- Roster
2017Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN562531.4469.0246285-394Carmelo MartinezLeague Champions0Sloan ParkStats -- Roster
2016Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN562828.5002.5255286-314Carmelo MartinezLost in 1st Round0Sloan ParkStats -- Roster
2015Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN533122.585--266205611Carmelo MartinezLost in Semi-Finals0Sloan ParkStats -- Roster
2014Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN562234.39312.0261283-225Bobby Mitchell-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2013Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN552728.49114.026826444Bobby Mitchell-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2012Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN563719.6611.03572481092Bobby MitchellLost in Semi-Finals0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2011Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN562828.50013.0360310503Juan Cabreja-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2010Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN552629.4738.5278285-73Juan Cabreja-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2009Arizona Cubs -Arizona LeagueEastCHN562927.51810.0309312-33Juan Cabreja-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2008Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN553124.5647.5351294575Franklin Font-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2007Arizona Cubs -Arizona League-CHN562729.48210.0285301-166Ricardo Medina-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2006Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN552134.38215.0258309-518Carmelo Martinez-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2005Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN561937.33920.0317318-19Steve McFarland-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2004Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN552629.47310.5275311-366Trey Forkerway-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2003Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN562729.48211.0306343-374Carmelo Martinez-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2002Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN562828.5007.0316264523Carmelo MartinezLeague Champions0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2001Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN562630.4649.0262319-575Carmelo Martinez-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
2000Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN563224.5717.537134427-Carmelo Martinez-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
1999Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN551837.32720.5249379-1308Carmelo Martinez-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
1998Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN552926.52712.5330336-64Nate Oliver-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster
1997Arizona Cubs Arizona League-CHN553421.618--342294481Terry Kennedy-0Fitch ParkStats -- Roster