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Boston BeesNational League (MLB)
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History of available seasons for this team. The Inclusion Rules will explain the limitations of the historical data.

LeagueNational League LevelMLBCategoryMajor League Baseball
Current NicknameBraves
Years Available1876-2018

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Team History by Year

Top Playoff Teams Winning Record
YearTeamLeagueDivisionGPWLPctGBLRFRADiffRankManagerGeneral ManagerPlayoffsAttendanceStadiumLinks
2017Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1627290.44425.0732821-893Brian SnitkerJohn Coppolella 2,505,252SunTrust ParkStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2016Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1616893.42226.5649779-1305Fredi GonzalezJohn Coppolella 2,020,914Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2015Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1626795.41423.0573760-1874Fredi GonzalezJohn Hart 2,001,392Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2014Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1627983.48817.0573597-242Fredi GonzalezFrank Wren
John Hart
John Hart
 2,354,305Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2013Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629666.593--6885481401Fredi GonzalezFrank WrenLost in 1st Round (Dodgers)2,548,679Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2012Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629468.5804.0700606942Fredi GonzalezFrank WrenLost NL Wild-Card Game (Cardinals)2,420,171Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2011Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1628973.54913.0641605362Fredi GonzalezFrank Wren 2,372,940Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2010Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629171.5626.07386291091Bobby CoxFrank WrenLost in 1st Round (Giants)2,510,119Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2009Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1628676.5317.0735641943Bobby CoxFrank Wren 2,373,631Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2008Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1627290.44420.0753778-254Bobby CoxFrank Wren 2,532,834Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2007Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1628478.5195.0810733773Bobby CoxJohn Schuerholz 2,745,207Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2006Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1627983.48818.0849805443Bobby CoxJohn Schuerholz 2,550,524Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2005Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629072.556--769674951Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost NLDS (Astros)2,521,534Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2004Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629666.593--8036681351Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Astros)2,322,565Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2003Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast16210161.623--9077401671Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Cubs)2,401,084Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2002Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast16010159.631--7085651431Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Giants)2,603,484Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2001Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1628874.543--729643861Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Diamondbacks)2,823,530Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
2000Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629567.586--810714961Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Cardinals)3,234,304Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1999Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast16210359.636--8406611791Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost World Series (Yankees)3,284,901Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1998Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast16210656.654--8265812451Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost in 1st Round (Padres)3,360,860Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1997Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast16210161.623--7915812101Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost NLCS (Marlins)3,464,488Turner FieldStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1996Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1629666.593--7736481251Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost World Series (Yankees)2,901,242Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1995Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1449054.625--6455401051Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzWon World Series (Indians)2,561,831Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1994Atlanta BravesNational LeagueEast1146846.5966.0542448942Bobby CoxJohn Schuerholz 2,539,240Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1993Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest16210458.642--7675592081Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost NLCS (Phillies)3,884,720Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1992Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1629864.605--6825691131Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost World Series (Blue Jays)3,077,400Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1991Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1629468.580--7496441051Bobby CoxJohn SchuerholzLost World Series (Twins)2,140,217Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1990Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1626597.40126.0682821-1396Bobby Cox
Russ Nixon
Bobby Cox 980,129Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1989Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1606397.39428.0584680-966Russ NixonBobby Cox 984,930Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1988Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest16054106.33839.5555741-1866Russ Nixon
Chuck Tanner
Bobby Cox 848,089Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1987Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1616992.42920.5747829-825Chuck TannerBobby Cox 1,217,402Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1986Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1617289.44723.5615719-1046Chuck TannerBobby Cox 1,387,181Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1985Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1626696.40729.0632781-1495Bobby Wine
Eddie Haas
John Mullen 1,350,137Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1984Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1628082.49412.0632655-232Joe TorreJohn Mullen 1,724,892Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1983Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1628874.5433.07466401062Joe TorreJohn Mullen 2,119,935Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft -- Prospects
1982Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1628973.549--739702371Joe TorreJohn MullenLost NLCS (Cardinals)1,801,985Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1981Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1065056.47215.0395416-215Bobby CoxJohn Mullen 535,418Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1980Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1618180.50311.0630660-304Bobby CoxJohn Mullen 1,048,411Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1979Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1606694.41323.5669763-946Bobby CoxBill Lucas 769,465Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1978Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1626993.42626.0600750-1506Bobby CoxBill Lucas 904,494Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1977Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest16261101.37737.0678895-2176Dave Bristol
Ted Turner
Vern Benson
Bill Lucas 872,464Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1976Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1627092.43232.0620700-806Dave BristolEddie Robinson 818,179Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1975Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1616794.41640.5583739-1565Connie Ryan
Clyde King
Eddie Robinson 534,672Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1974Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1628874.54314.0661563983Eddie Mathews
Clyde King
Eddie Robinson 981,085Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1973Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1617685.47222.5799774255Eddie MathewsEddie Robinson 800,655Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1972Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1547084.45525.0628730-1024Eddie Mathews
Lum Harris
Paul Richards 752,973Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1971Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1628280.5068.0643699-563Lum HarrisPaul Richards 1,006,320Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1970Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1627686.46926.0736772-365Lum HarrisPaul Richards 1,078,848Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1969Atlanta BravesNational LeagueWest1629369.574--691631601Lum HarrisPaul RichardsLost NLCS (Mets)1,458,320Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1968Atlanta BravesNational League-1628181.50016.0514549-355Lum HarrisPaul Richards 1,126,540Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1967Atlanta BravesNational League-1627785.47524.5631640-96Ken Silvestri
Billy Hitchcock
Paul Richards 1,389,222Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1966Atlanta BravesNational League-1628577.52510.0782683993Bobby Bragan
Billy Hitchcock
John McHale 1,539,801Atlanta StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1965Milwaukee BravesNational League-1628676.53111.0708633755Bobby BraganJohn McHale 555,584County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log -- Draft
1964Milwaukee BravesNational League-1628874.5435.0803744595Bobby BraganJohn McHale 910,911County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1963Milwaukee BravesNational League-1628478.51915.0677603746Bobby BraganJohn McHale 773,018County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1962Milwaukee BravesNational League-1628676.53115.5730665655Birdie TebbettsJohn McHale 766,921County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1961Milwaukee BravesNational League-1548371.53910.0712656564Birdie Tebbetts
Chuck Dressen
John McHale 1,101,441County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1960Milwaukee BravesNational League-1548866.5717.0724658662Chuck DressenJohn McHale 1,497,799County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1959Milwaukee BravesNational League-1568670.5512.07246231012Fred HaneyJohn McHale 1,749,112County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1958Milwaukee BravesNational League-1549262.597--6755411341Fred HaneyJohn QuinnLost World Series (Yankees)1,971,101County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1957Milwaukee BravesNational League-1549559.617--7726131591Fred HaneyJohn QuinnWon World Series (Yankees)2,215,404County StadiumStats -- Roster -- Game Log
1956Milwaukee BravesNational League-1549262.5971.07095691402Fred Haney
Charlie Grimm
John Quinn 2,046,331County StadiumStats -- Roster
1955Milwaukee BravesNational League-1548569.55213.5743668752Charlie GrimmJohn Quinn 2,005,836County StadiumStats -- Roster
1954Milwaukee BravesNational League-1548965.5788.06705561143Charlie GrimmJohn Quinn 2,131,388County StadiumStats -- Roster
1953Milwaukee BravesNational League-1549262.59713.07385891492Charlie GrimmJohn Quinn 1,826,397County StadiumStats -- Roster
1952Boston BravesNational League-1536489.41832.0569651-827Charlie Grimm
Tommy Holmes
John Quinn 281,278Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1951Boston BravesNational League-1547678.49420.5723662614Tommy Holmes
Billy Southworth
John Quinn 487,475Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1950Boston BravesNational League-1548371.5398.0785736494Billy SouthworthJohn Quinn 944,391Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1949Boston BravesNational League-1547579.48722.0706719-134Billy Southworth
Johnny Cooney
 1,081,795Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1948Boston BravesNational League-1539162.595--7395821571Billy SouthworthLost World Series (Indians)1,455,439Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1947Boston BravesNational League-1548668.5588.0701622793Billy Southworth 1,277,361Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1946Boston BravesNational League-1538172.52915.5630593374Billy Southworth 969,673Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1945Boston BravesNational League-1526785.44130.0721727-66Bob Coleman
Del Bissonette
 374,178Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1944Boston BravesNational League-1546589.42240.0593681-886Bob Coleman 208,691Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1943Boston BravesNational League-1536885.44436.5465609-1446Casey Stengel
Bob Coleman
 271,289Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1942Boston BravesNational League-1485989.39944.0515645-1307Casey Stengel 285,332Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1941Boston BravesNational League-1546292.40338.0592720-1287Casey Stengel 263,680Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1940Boston BeesNational League-1526587.42834.50007Casey Stengel 241,616National League ParkStats -- Roster
1939Boston BeesNational League-1516388.41732.50007Casey Stengel 285,994National League ParkStats -- Roster
1938Boston BeesNational League-1527775.50712.00005Casey Stengel 341,149National League ParkStats -- Roster
1937Boston BeesNational League-1527973.52016.00005Bill McKechnie 385,339National League ParkStats -- Roster
1936Boston BeesNational League-1547183.46121.00006Bill McKechnie 340,585National League ParkStats -- Roster
1935Boston BravesNational League-15338115.24861.5575852-2778Bill McKechnie 232,754Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1934Boston BravesNational League-1517873.51716.0683714-314Bill McKechnie 303,205Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1933Boston BravesNational League-1548371.5399.0552531214Bill McKechnie 517,803Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1932Boston BravesNational League-1547777.50013.0649655-65Bill McKechnie 507,606Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1931Boston BravesNational League-1546490.41637.0533681-1487Bill McKechnie 515,005Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1930Boston BravesNational League-1547084.45522.0693835-1426Bill McKechnie 464,835Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1929Boston BravesNational League-1545698.36443.0657876-2198Judge Fuchs 372,351Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1928Boston BravesNational League-15350103.32744.5631867-2367Rogers Hornsby
Jack Slattery
 227,001Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1927Boston BravesNational League-1546094.39034.0652771-1197Dave Bancroft 288,685Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1926Boston BravesNational League-1526686.43422.0624718-947Dave Bancroft 303,598Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1925Boston BravesNational League-1537083.45825.0708802-945Dave Bancroft 313,528Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1924Boston BravesNational League-15353100.34640.0520798-2788Dave Bancroft 177,478Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1923Boston BravesNational League-15454100.35141.5636801-1657Fred Mitchell 227,802Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1922Boston BravesNational League-15353100.34639.5596822-2268Fred Mitchell 167,965Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1921Boston BravesNational League-1537974.51615.0721696254Fred Mitchell 318,627Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1920Boston BravesNational League-1526290.40830.0523670-1477George Stallings 162,483Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1919Boston BravesNational League-1395782.41038.5465563-986George Stallings 167,401Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1918Boston BravesNational League-1245371.42728.5424469-457George Stallings 84,938Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1917Boston BravesNational League-1537281.47125.5536558-226George Stallings 174,253Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1916Boston BravesNational League-1528963.5864.0542453893George Stallings 313,495Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1915Boston BravesNational League-1528369.5467.0582545372George Stallings 376,283Fenway Park,Braves FieldStats -- Roster
1914Boston BravesNational League-1539459.614--6575481091George StallingsWon World Series (Athletics)328,913South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1913Boston BravesNational League-1516982.45731.5641690-495George Stallings 208,000South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1912Boston BravesNational League-15352101.34052.0693869-1768Johnny Kling 121,000South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1911Boston BravesNational League-15144107.29154.06991021-3228Fred Tenney 116,000South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1910Boston RustlersNational League-15353100.34650.50008Fred Lake 149,027South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1909Boston RustlersNational League-15345108.29465.50008Harry SmithFrank Bowerman195,188South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1908Boston DovesNational League-1546391.40936.00006Joe Kelley 253,750South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1907Boston DovesNational League-1485890.39247.00007Fred Tenney 203,221South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1906Boston BeaneatersNational League-15149102.32566.5408648-2408Fred Tenney 143,280South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1905Boston BeaneatersNational League-15451103.33154.5398733-3357Fred Tenney 150,003South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1904Boston BeaneatersNational League-1535598.35951.0415757-3427 140,694South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1903Boston BeaneatersNational League-1385880.42032.0514692-1786 143,155South End GroundsStats -- Roster
1902Boston BeaneatersNational League-1377364.53329.0571515563 0 Stats -- Roster
1901Boston BeaneatersNational League-1386969.50020.5604556485 0 Stats -- Roster
1900Boston BeaneatersNational League-1386672.47817.08817391424 0 Stats -- Roster
1899Boston BeaneatersNational League-1529557.6258.09536453082 0 Stats -- Roster
1898Boston BeaneatersNational League-14910247.685--10446144301 0 Stats -- Roster
1897Boston BeaneatersNational League-1329339.705--12246655591 0 Stats -- Roster
1896Boston BeaneatersNational League-1317457.56517.010517612904 0 Stats -- Roster
1895Boston BeaneatersNational League-1317160.54216.59978261715 0 Stats -- Roster
1894Boston BeaneatersNational League-1328349.6298.0133810033353 0 Stats -- Roster
1893Boston BeaneatersNational League-1298643.667--11157953201 0 Stats -- Roster
1892Boston BeaneatersNational League-15010248.680--10287183101 0 Stats -- Roster
1891Boston BeaneatersNational League-1388751.630--882902-201 0 Stats -- Roster
1890Boston BeaneatersNational League-1337657.57112.078177925 0 Stats -- Roster
1889Boston BeaneatersNational League-1288345.6481.09991057-582 0 Stats -- Roster
1888Boston BeaneatersNational League-1347064.52215.5780960-1804 0 Stats -- Roster
1887Boston BeaneatersNational League-1216160.50416.59761113-1375 0 Stats -- Roster
1886Boston BeaneatersNational League-1175661.47930.5687961-2745 0 Stats -- Roster
1885Boston BeaneatersNational League-1124666.41141.0544589-455 0 Stats -- Roster
1884Boston BeaneatersNational League-1117338.65810.56844682162 0 Stats -- Roster
1883Boston BeaneatersNational League-986335.643--6694562131 0 Stats -- Roster
1882Boston BeaneatersNational League-844539.53610.0472414583 0 Stats -- Roster
1881Boston BeaneatersNational League-833845.45817.5349410-616 0 Stats -- Roster
1880Boston BeaneatersNational League-844044.47627.0416456-406 0 Stats -- Roster
1879Boston BeaneatersNational League-845430.6435.05623482142 0 Stats -- Roster
1878Boston BeaneatersNational League-604119.683--298241571 0 Stats -- Roster
1877Boston BeaneatersNational League-604218.700--4702632071 0 Stats -- Roster
1876Boston BeaneatersNational League-703931.55715.0471450214 0 Stats -- Roster