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  • Active rosters are generally set at 25 players and does not include injuries. On September 1, active rosters are expanded to a maximum of 40 players where the players on the active roster must be on the team's 40-man roster.
  • The 25man date column refers to the date the player was added to the 25-man roster for this team. The date does not consider injuries or minor league rehab stints as an interruption of this date. The date indicates that a player joined this team's active roster on xxxx-xx-xx date and was not demoted or on a different team since. TBC only started tracking daily roster movement since May of 2012.
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    Player NamePosStatusAgeHtWtB-TBornPlaceDraft InfoLast Tranx DateRoster Transaction  (how he joined team)
    David AardsmaRPFree Agent33.0346-5200R-RSFN: 2003-1-222014-11-08Granted free agency (from Memphis - AAA)
    Fernando AbadRPActive29.0446-2170L-LUDFA2013-11-21Designated for Assignment (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Matt AbramsonPFree Agent24.3146-2185R-RCHA: 2013-29-8732014-11-03Released by White Sox (from Kannapolis - A)
    Erick AbreuPFree Agent31.1746-1170R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Juan AbreuPFree Agent29.2976-0167R-RUDFA2014-07-18Released by Dodgers (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Jeremy AccardoPFree Agent33.0536-2190R-RUDFA2013-06-27Released by Nationals (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Rony AcevedoPFree Agent26.1346-2165R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Athletics (from Arizona Athletics - Rk)
    Alfredo AcevesRPFree Agent32.0536-3200R-RUDFA2014-07-03Suspended 50 games for positive marijuana test (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    A.J. AchterPActive26.1566-5190R-RMIN: 2010-46-13952014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Rochester - AAA)
    Hunter AckermanPFree Agent24.0986-1190L-LCHN: 2010-4-1302013-06-21Released by Cubs (from Boise - A-)
    Manny AcostaPInternational33.2746-4170R-RUDFA2012-07-24Contract purchased from Buffalo (AAA) (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Ryan AcostaPFree Agent26.0876-2170R-RCHN: 2007-12-3672013-06-08Released by Dodgers (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Victor AcostaPFree Agent24.3265-11175R-RUDFA2012-11-22Released by Diamondbacks (from Yakima - A-)
    Joaquin AcunaPFree Agent23.3296-2185R-RUDFA2013-12-21Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Brady AdamekPFree Agent24.2926-5230R-RUDFA2014-06-30Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Jesus AdamesPFree Agent24.0056-4195R-RUDFA2014-03-19Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    Austin AdamsPActive28.1645-11185R-RCLE: 2009-5-1552014-09-01Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Mike AdamsRPFree Agent36.1856-5190R-RUDFA----
    Zak AdamsPFree Agent22.3176-2190L-LTOR: 2010-15-4562013-07-19Released by Blue Jays (from Gulf Coast Blue Jays - Rk)
    Nate AdcockRPMinors26.3406-5190R-RSEA: 2006-5-1412014-11-01Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Nicholas AdditonPMinors27.0456-3170L-LSLN: 2006-47-14182014-11-08Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Daniel AdrianPFree Agent24.0546-1175R-RUDFA2014-02-10Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Jeremy AffeldtRPActive35.2396-4185L-LKCA: 1997-3-912014-04-16Activated from DL (from San Jose - A+)
    Kenedy AgramontePFree Agent24.0575-10150R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Geison AguasvivaPFree Agent27.1806-2166L-LUDFA2014-03-23Released by Dodgers (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Cesar AguilarPFree Agent22.2606-3250R-RSLN: 2010-14-4392013-03-14Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Andrew AizenstadtPFree Agent25.1796-3195R-RUDFA2013-06-21Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Jonathan AlbaladejoPFree Agent32.0926-5210R-RPIT: 2001-19-5642013-11-07Granted free agency (from Reno - AAA)
    Andrew AlbersSPMinors29.1166-1195L-LSDN: 2008-10-3152013-08-03Contract purchased from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Matt AlbersRPFree Agent32.0106-0195L-RHOU: 2001-23-686----
    Al AlburquerqueRPActive28.2346-0150R-RUDFA2012-04-04DL-15 Right elbow surgery (from Toledo - AAA)
    Sean AlburyPFree Agent25.3125-11180R-RMIL: 2011-31-9412013-11-10Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Martin AlcantaraPFree Agent23.1385-11180R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Tim AldersonPFree Agent26.0886-6217R-RSFN: 2007-1-222014-11-08Granted free agency (from Stockton - A+)
    Francibel AlejoPFree Agent22.0096-3170L-LUDFA2014-10-21Released by Phillies (from Gulf Coast Phillies - Rk)
    Gabriel AlfaroPInternational31.2306-4190R-RUDFA2014-05-09Loaned to Oaxaca (Mexico) (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Brandon AllenPRetired23.1686-6190R-RSFN: 2010-18-5582012-09-25Announced retirement (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Cody AllenRPActive26.0716-1195R-RCLE: 2011-23-6982012-07-20Contract purchased from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Kevin AllenP Free Agent23.3056-1205R-RKCA: 2012-23-7032014-03-31Released by Royals (from Lexington - A)
    Kyle AllenPFree Agent24.3526-4203R-RNYN: 2008-24-7342012-09-30Released by Mets (from St. Lucie - A+)
    Scottie AllenPMinors23.2116-2170R-RARI: 2009-11-3362014-03-31Assignment unknown (from Trenton - AA)
    Jose AlmarantePFree Agent26.1036-1172R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Memphis - AAA)
    Jefferies AlmontePFree Agent22.2466-2190R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Orioles (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    Yohan AlmontePFree Agent25.0826-1150R-RUDFA2013-03-27Released by Mets (from Savannah - A)
    Wes AlsupPIndy League28.0666-3190R-RUDFA2012-10-08Activated from DL (from High Desert - A+)
    Giancarlo AlvaradoPFree Agent37.0066-4210R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Joshua AlvaradoPFree Agent27.0416-0180R-RANA: 2011-25-7652012-07-03Released by Angels (from Arizona Angels - Rk)
    Dario AlvarezPActive26.0136-1170L-LUDFA2014-09-01Contract purchased from minors (from Binghamton - AA)
    Henderson AlvarezSPActive24.2876-1175R-RUDFA2013-07-04Activated from DL (from Jacksonville - AA)
    R.J. AlvarezPActive23.2366-1180R-RANA: 2012-3-1142014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from San Antonio - AA)
    Richard AlvarezPFree Agent22.1696-2180R-RUDFA2014-01-20Released by Rangers (from Spokane - A-)
    Hector AmbrizRPFree Agent30.2466-1220L-RARI: 2006-5-1472014-08-22Released by Padres (from El Paso - AAA)
    Brett AndersonRPActive26.3646-4215L-LARI: 2006-2-552013-08-28Activated from DL (from Stockton - A+)
    Brian AndersonPMinors32.3256-2205R-RCHA: 2003-1-15----
    Chase AndersonPActive27.0616-1175R-RARI: 2009-9-2762014-05-06Recalled from Mobile (AA) (from Mobile - AA)
    Cody AndersonPActive24.1386-4225R-RCLE: 2011-14-4282014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Akron - AA)
    Dixon AndersonPRetired25.2126-5225R-RWAS: 2011-9-2772014-05-17Announced retirement (from Hagerstown - A)
    Kyle AndersonPFree Agent24.2516-1180R-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Hillsboro - A-)
    Tyler AndersonPActive25.0316-3195L-LCOL: 2011-1-202014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Tulsa - AA)
    Pete AndrelczykPFree Agent29.0816-1190R-RFLO: 2008-5-1482014-03-31Released by Marlins (from Jacksonville - AA)
    Matt AndriesePActive25.1556-2188R-RSDN: 2011-3-1122014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Durham - AAA)
    Chris AndujarPFree Agent27.1596-2180R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Charlotte - A+)
    Aris AngelesPFree Agent25.1436-0179R-RUDFA2013-06-08Released by Dodgers (from Arizona Dodgers - Rk)
    Luis AngelesPFree Agent25.0466-0165R-RUDFA2013-02-06Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Rivar AnguloPFree Agent23.2136-3185L-LUDFA2013-06-28Released by Phillies (from Gulf Coast Phillies - Rk)
    Davide AnselmiPFree Agent20.0196-2210R-RUDFA2014-10-27Released by Reds (from Arizona Reds - Rk)
    Michael AntoniniPFree Agent29.1776-0190R-LNYN: 2007-18-5732012-04-23Recalled from Albuquerque (AAA) (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Evan AnundsenPFree Agent26.2586-3202R-RMIL: 2006-4-1222012-11-18Declared free agency (from Huntsville - AA)
    Paul ApplebeePMinors26.2586-3185L-LWAS: 2009-10-2922012-10-08Activated from DL (from Potomac - A+)
    Daury AquinoPFree Agent23.3016-1179R-RUDFA2013-12-21Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Wilmer AquinoPFree Agent23.0565-9170L-LUDFA2014-06-29Released by Orioles (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    Elvis AraujoPFree Agent23.1996-6215L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Akron - AA)
    Cory ArbisoPFree Agent28.2846-3210R-RNYA: 2008-22-6802013-11-09Granted free agency (from Staten Island - A-)
    Chris ArcherSPActive26.1266-2165R-RCLE: 2006-5-1612013-06-01Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Orangel ArenasPFree Agent25.3056-0165R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arkansas - AA)
    Ricardo ArevaloPFree Agent23.3366-3210R-RUDFA2013-03-27Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Noel ArguellesPMinors25.0186-3215L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Gabriel AriasPMinors25.0556-2185R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Jonathan AriasPFree Agent26.3576-3190R-RUDFA2014-05-12Released by Mariners (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Kevin AricoPFree Agent26.1536-5195R-RCIN: 2010-10-3072013-07-28Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Jonnathan AristilPFree Agent28.0616-1160R-RUDFA2012-07-23Released by Astros (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Oscar ArmentaPFree Agent21.1075-11170R-LUDFA2014-10-21Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Jonathan ArmoldP Free Agent26.0156-2200R-RMIL: 2012-30-9352014-03-31Released by Brewers (from Wisconsin - A)
    Shawn ArmstrongPActive24.1416-2196R-RCLE: 2011-18-5482014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Columbus - AAA)
    Erik ArnesenPMinors30.3176-3240R-RWAS: 2006-17-5112014-03-31Assignment unknown (from Midland - AA)
    Zach ArnesonPFree Agent26.0746-2190R-RNYA: 2011-9-2992013-09-30Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Eric ArnettPFree Agent27.0056-5225R-RMIL: 2009-1-262014-03-31Released by Brewers (from Brevard County - A+)
    Demondre ArnoldPFree Agent22.3186-3197R-RSFN: 2011-25-7772012-09-30Released by Giants (from Augusta - A)
    Patrick ArnoldPFree Agent26.0916-1190R-RWAS: 2007-15-460----
    Rigoberto ArrebatoPMinors28.3605-11190L-LUDFA2014-05-19Assignment unknown (from Trenton - AA)
    Jose ArredondoRPFree Agent30.3246-0170R-RUDFA2013-11-02Declared free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Jake ArrietaSPActive28.3306-4225R-RBAL: 2007-5-1592014-05-03Activated from DL (from Tennessee - AA)
    Bronson ArroyoSPActive37.3406-5180R-RPIT: 1995-3-69----
    Spencer ArroyoPFree Agent26.1746-3160L-LPHI: 2008-31-9462014-11-08Granted free agency (from Visalia - A+)
    Jairo AsencioRPMinors30.2686-2150R-RUDFA2013-10-04Elected Free Agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Barrett AstinPMinors23.1006-1190R-RMIL: 2013-3-902014-09-16Traded from Brewers to Reds with Kevin Shackelford to complete Jonathan Broxton trade (from Wisconsin - A)
    Scott AtchisonRPActive38.3076-2180R-RSEA: 1998-49-14232013-07-14Activated from DL (from Binghamton - AA)
    Mitch AtkinsPMinors29.1216-3210R-RCHN: 2004-7-2162014-11-08Granted free agency (from Mississippi - AA)
    Bryan AugensteinPFree Agent28.2036-5225R-RARI: 2007-7-2232014-11-08Granted free agency (from Erie - AA)
    Javier AvendanoPFree Agent24.1466-3180R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Magdiel AvendanoPFree Agent21.1416-1155R-RUDFA2014-01-17Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    James AveryPFree Agent30.2346-1210R-RCIN: 2005-5-1522012-11-18Declared free agency (from Erie - AA)
    Nick AvilaPRetired26.1546-2220R-RDET: 2011-37-11272014-07-04Announced retirement (from Erie - AA)
    Luis AvilanRPActive25.1956-2165L-LUDFA2014-08-14Recalled from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Dylan AxelrodRPActive29.1846-0195R-RSDN: 2007-30-9272014-08-28Recalled from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    John AxfordRPFree Agent31.3046-5185R-RCIN: 2005-42-1259----
    Luis AyalaRPFree Agent37.0186-2170R-RUDFA2014-07-05Released by Blue Jays (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Manuel AybarPFree Agent22.0246-3185R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Reds (from Arizona Reds - Rk)
    Jose AzorPFree Agent26.1106-2185R-RUDFA2013-07-10Released by Athletics (from Arizona Athletics - Rk)
    Jon BachanovPFree Agent26.0006-4210R-RANA: 2007-1-582012-12-07Selected from White Sox by Red Sox in AAA Rule 5 Draft (from Birmingham - AA)
    Burke BadenhopRPFree Agent31.3566-5220R-RDET: 2005-19-570----
    Gregory BaezPFree Agent22.2706-3185L-LUDFA2012-07-30Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Cory BafidisP Free Agent24.1616-0190L-LWAS: 2013-18-5562014-07-08Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Kayvon BahramzadehPFree Agent25.0086-2190R-ROAK: 2012-24-7392013-09-30Released by Athletics (from Vermont - A-)
    Andrew BaileyRPMinors30.2446-3220R-ROAK: 2006-6-1882014-11-08Team option declined, declared free agent (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Homer BaileySPActive28.2726-4185R-RCIN: 2004-1-7----
    Brian BakerPFree Agent32.0206-5190R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    David BakerPFree Agent23.2886-4195R-RBAL: 2009-14-4162013-03-21Released by Orioles (from Delmarva - A)
    Garrett BakerPFree Agent25.1826-3195L-LANA: 2011-11-3452013-06-25Released by Angels (from Burlington - A)
    Scott BakerPFree Agent33.1336-4190R-RMIN: 2003-2-582014-05-14Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Chris Balcom-MillerPFree Agent25.3336-2190R-RCOL: 2009-6-1812014-03-26Released by Red Sox (from Portland - AA)
    Grant BalfourRPActive37.0316-2170R-RUDFA----
    Mike BallardPFree Agent30.3596-2185L-LTEX: 2006-14-4182012-11-18Declared free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    J.R. BallingerPFree Agent26.3036-1185R-RCHA: 2009-11-3432014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Parker BangsPFree Agent27.0396-3210R-RKCA: 2010-31-9292012-06-25Released by Royals (from Burlington - Rk)
    Manny BanuelosPMinors23.3235-10155L-LUDFA2015-01-01Traded from Yankees to Braves for David Carpenter and Chasen Shreve (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Travis BanwartPFree Agent28.3506-3200R-ROAK: 2007-4-1502014-07-05Released by Indians (from Columbus - AAA)
    John BarbatoPMinors22.2036-2185R-RSDN: 2010-6-1842014-12-30Traded from Padres to Yankees for Shawn Kelley (from San Antonio - AA)
    Brett BarberPFree Agent24.0906-1170R-RTOR: 2013-37-11052014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Lorenzo BarceloPInternational37.1736-4220R-RUDFA----
    Chris BarczykowskiP Free Agent22.3546-8250R-RATL: 2012-27-8392014-06-16Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Daniel BardRPMinors29.2196-4185R-RBOS: 2006-1-282014-06-19Released by Rangers (from Hickory - A)
    Crayton BarePRetired24.1345-11170L-LLAN: 2013-28-8442013-09-10Announced retirement (from Great Lakes - A)
    Trey BarhamPFree Agent29.0846-0215L-LOAK: 2008-25-7542014-03-30Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Jeff BarkleyPFree Agent24.2076-5210R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Matt BarnesPActive24.2276-3180R-RBOS: 2011-1-192014-09-08Contract purchased from minors (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Ronald BarnesPRetired24.2056-1180R-RTBA: 2010-48-14512013-09-30Announced retirement (from Greensboro - A)
    Scott BarnesRPActive27.1476-3175L-LSFN: 2008-8-2372014-11-27Traded from Indians to Orioles for cash considerations (from Columbus - AAA)
    Nick BarnesePFree Agent26.0196-2170R-RTBA: 2007-3-952013-03-27Released by Rays (from Montgomery - AA)
    Tony BarnettePInternational31.0826-2177R-RARI: 2006-10-297----
    Aaron BarrettPActive27.0286-4200R-RWAS: 2010-9-2662014-09-01Recalled from Syracuse (AAA) (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Tyler BarrettPFree Agent25.2216-2205R-LDET: 2011-20-6172012-08-01Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Joel BarrientosPFree Agent21.1676-2145L-LUDFA2014-03-23Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Marvin BarriosPFree Agent22.1296-3145R-RUDFA2014-02-04Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Jimmy BarthmaierPFree Agent31.0246-4200R-RHOU: 2003-13-3892012-11-18Declared free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Kyle BartschPMinors23.3265-10192L-LKCA: 2013-7-2042014-11-21Traded from Royals to Padres for Reymond Fuentes (from Wilmington - A+)
    Tim BascomPFree Agent30.0266-2200R-RBAL: 2007-4-1292013-11-05Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Charles BasfordPFree Agent24.1986-2210R-RNYA: 2012-37-11472013-09-30Released by Yankees (from Staten Island - A-)
    Matt BashorePFree Agent26.2996-3200L-LMIN: 2009-1-462012-09-30Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Anthony BasoraPFree Agent19.3476-4203L-LUDFA2014-10-27Released by Diamondbacks (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Anthony BassRPMinors27.0906-2190R-RSDN: 2008-5-1652014-11-26Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Brian BassPRetired33.0246-1195R-RKCA: 2000-6-1642013-07-06Announced retirement (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Chris BassittPActive25.3426-5195R-RCHA: 2011-16-5012014-08-30Contract purchased from Birmingham (AA) (from Birmingham - AA)
    Antonio BastardoRPActive29.1315-11160L-LUDFA----
    Luis BastardoPFree Agent24.2616-1185R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Red Sox (from Gulf Coast Red Sox - Rk)
    Lay BatistaPMinors25.1796-2180R-RUDFA2014-06-23Released by Braves (from Danville - Rk)
    Miguel BatistaPMinors43.3456-2195R-RUDFA2013-05-21Released by Blue Jays (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Ricardo BatistaPFree Agent23.1646-1170L-LUDFA2012-11-08Released by Astros (from Gulf Coast Astros - Rk)
    A.J. BattistoPFree Agent31.1225-9185R-RFLO: 2007-30-9162013-06-26Released by Marlins (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Trevor BauerSPActive24.0136-1175R-RARI: 2011-1-32014-05-20Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    James BaunePFree Agent23.1256-3190R-RLAN: 2013-21-6342014-07-17Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Jose BautistaPFree Agent22.3056-1175L-LUDFA2014-11-03Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Juan BautistaPMinors21.2285-11195R-RUDFA2014-04-01Assignment unknown (from State College - A-)
    Bear BayPFree Agent31.1766-2160R-RCHN: 2002-25-7532012-11-18Declared free agency (from Tucson - AAA)
    Jeremiah BayerPRetired29.0356-1200R-RBOS: 2009-30-9182013-03-13Announced retirement (from Salem - A+)
    Cameron BaynePFree Agent26.3516-3200R-RCHA: 2009-13-4032012-07-31Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Brandon BeachySPFree Agent28.1496-2215R-RUDFA2013-07-29Activated from DL (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Mitchell BeacomPFree Agent25.2106-8240L-LSFN: 2011-20-6272013-02-06Released by Giants (from Salem-Keizer - A-)
    Jesse BealPMinors24.2026-6210B-RBAL: 2008-14-4162014-11-08Granted free agency (from Frederick - A+)
    Hayden BeardPFree Agent30.0086-1175R-RUDFA2013-05-23Released by Padres (from San Antonio - AA)
    Pedro BeatoRPFree Agent28.0956-5210R-RBAL: 2006-1-322014-10-03Granted free agency (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Max BeattyPFree Agent23.3096-2225R-RSDN: 2013-32-9582015-01-26Released by Padres (from Eugene - A-)
    Eric BeaulacPMinors28.0786-5190R-RNYN: 2008-9-2842013-09-01Contract purchased from Bowie (AA) and placed on 60-day DL (from Bowie - AA)
    Blake BeavanRPMinors26.0136-7250R-RTEX: 2007-1-172014-08-02Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Casey BeckPFree Agent27.3086-1215R-RATL: 2006-8-2502013-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Chad BeckPFree Agent30.0136-4230R-RARI: 2006-14-4172013-11-10Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    John BeckPFree Agent22.3106-2175R-RCOL: 2013-15-4392013-09-30Released by Rockies (from Grand Junction - Rk)
    Ryan BeckPRetired246-3220R-LDET: 2013-30-9062013-09-30Announced retirement (from Connecticut - A-)
    Sander BeckPFree Agent24.1196-3195R-RBAL: 2011-33-9952013-09-30Released by Orioles (from Delmarva - A)
    Josh BeckettSPRetired34.2606-4190R-RFLO: 1999-1-2----
    Erik BedardSPMinors35.3306-1180L-LBAL: 1999-6-1872014-07-28Designated for Assignment (from Durham - AAA)
    Cam BedrosianPActive23.1206-0204R-RANA: 2010-1-292014-09-02Recalled from Salt Lake (AAA) (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Joe BeimelPFree Agent37.2866-2201L-LPIT: 1998-18-5382013-11-05Granted free agency (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Ronald BelisarioRPFree Agent32.0306-2148R-RUDFA----
    Matt BelisleRPActive34.2386-3195R-RATL: 1998-2-52----
    Jeff BeliveauPActive28.0136-1197L-LCHN: 2008-18-5512014-07-22Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Heath BellRPMinors37.1236-2244R-RTBA: 1997-69-15832014-06-24Released by Yankees (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Trevor BellPFree Agent28.1106-1190L-RANA: 2005-1-372013-11-05Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Kyle BellamyPFree Agent27.0976-4220R-RCHA: 2009-5-1632014-03-23Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Hector BelloPFree Agent23.2566-1175L-LUDFA2013-12-21Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Duane BelowRPFree Agent29.0766-2205L-LDET: 2006-19-5622014-11-08Granted free agency (from Toledo - AAA)
    Mike BenackaPFree Agent32.1816-2200R-RUDFA----
    Andrew BenakPFree Agent24.3646-5215R-RNYA: 2012-14-4572014-05-04Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Drew BenesPFree Agent26.0876-2190R-RSLN: 2010-35-10692012-12-17Released by Cardinals (from Palm Beach - A+)
    Ramon BenjaminPMinors27.2306-2180R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Tampa - A+)
    Daniel BennettPFree Agent26.0336-4220B-RDET: 2011-19-5872013-03-26Released by Tigers (from Lakeland - A+)
    Jeff BennettPFree Agent34.2346-3194R-RPIT: 1998-19-5682014-11-08Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Craig BennigsonPFree Agent27.3156-2215R-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Rockies (from Modesto - A+)
    Joaquin BenoitCLActive37.1886-3205R-RUDFA----
    Jeremy BergPFree Agent28.1976-1180R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Springfield - AA)
    Justin BergPFree Agent30.2376-3190R-RNYA: 2003-43-12902014-03-31Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Andrew BergerPFree Agent27.0676-3200R-RUDFA2013-02-06Released by Giants (from Augusta - A)
    Eric BergerPFree Agent28.2836-3210L-LCLE: 2008-8-2612014-06-04Released by Braves (from Mississippi - AA)
    Brad BergesenPInternational29.1276-2205L-RBAL: 2004-4-1092012-08-11Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Bryan BerglundPFree Agent24.0896-4180R-RFLO: 2009-2-662012-08-30Released by Marlins (from Jamestown - A-)
    Christian BergmanPActive26.2716-1180R-RCOL: 2010-24-7402014-08-24Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Jay BergmannPFree Agent33.1276-4185R-RMON: 2002-11-3172013-11-07Granted free agency (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Victor BeriguetePFree Agent26.0856-1185R-RUDFA2013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Jason BerkenPFree Agent31.0646-0175R-RBAL: 2006-6-1752014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Brandon BerlPFree Agent26.2966-1190R-RTOR: 2010-40-12062012-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Jhosue BermudezPFree Agent21.2846-0195L-LUDFA2014-03-19Released by Dodgers (from Arizona Dodgers - Rk)
    Ryan BerryPFree Agent26.1806-1195R-RBAL: 2009-9-2662013-04-18Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Carlos BestPFree Agent24.0176-2170R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Phillies (from Gulf Coast Phillies - Rk)
    Dellin BetancesRPActive26.3136-8215R-RNYA: 2006-8-2542013-09-01Recalled from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (AAA) (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Rafael BetancourtRPFree Agent39.2766-2170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Ricardo BetancourtPFree Agent22.1436-2175L-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Red Sox (from Gulf Coast Red Sox - Rk)
    Austin Bibens-DirkxPMinors29.2766-2190R-RSEA: 2006-16-4712014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Daniel BibonaPFree Agent26.2255-11160L-LSLN: 2010-8-2592012-06-29Released by Cardinals (from Batavia - A-)
    Jesse BiddlePActive23.1006-4225L-LPHI: 2010-1-272014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Reading - AA)
    Ricky BielskiP Free Agent20.0976-3190R-RPHI: 2012-14-4582014-12-29Released by Phillies (from Williamsport - A-)
    Adam BileckyjPFree Agent26.1056-3205L-LUDFA2012-06-29Released by Cardinals (from Batavia - A-)
    Bruce BillingsPMinors29.0736-0200R-RCOL: 2007-30-9122014-11-08Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Chad BillingsleySPFree Agent30.1856-2195R-RLAN: 2003-1-242014-04-30Transferred to 60-day DL (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Gregory BilloPFree Agent24.1996-4180R-RKCA: 2008-28-8352014-05-25Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Keith BilodeauPFree Agent25.1356-4175R-RSFN: 2011-24-7472012-09-30Released by Giants (from Salem-Keizer - A-)
    Joe BircherPFree Agent24.3096-4205L-LHOU: 2012-10-3092013-09-30Released by Astros (from Quad Cities - A)
    Peter BirdwellPRetired27.3616-3225R-RNYN: 2010-25-7522012-07-24Announced retirement (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Jim BirminghamPFree Agent26.1816-5210L-LSFN: 2010-33-10082013-10-13Released by Phillies (from Williamsport - A-)
    Matt BischoffPFree Agent27.2545-11190R-RSEA: 2010-20-6122014-11-08Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Joe BiseniusPFree Agent32.1346-5210R-RPHI: 2004-12-3622013-11-02Released by Braves (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Ray BlackPActive24.2186-4220R-RSFN: 2011-7-2372014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from San Jose - A+)
    Sean BlackPFree Agent26.2826-3185R-RNYA: 2009-7-2252014-05-28Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Victor BlackRPActive26.2526-3185R-RPIT: 2009-1-492014-08-28DL-15 Herniated disk (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Nick BlackburnSPFree Agent32.3406-4230R-RMIN: 2001-29-8572013-11-09Granted free agency (from Rochester - AAA)
    Travis BlackleySPMinors32.0876-3190L-LUDFA2013-08-20Contract purchased from Round Rock (AAA) (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Mark BlackmarPMinors22.2776-2205R-RBAL: 2011-16-4852014-08-30Traded from Orioles with Miguel Chalas to White Sox for Alejandro De Aza (from Frederick - A+)
    Shawn BlackwellPFree Agent24.0766-5195R-RTEX: 2009-24-7242013-03-28Released by Rangers (from Spokane - A-)
    Kyle BlairPFree Agent26.1256-3200R-RCLE: 2010-4-1202014-01-17Released by Indians (from Akron - AA)
    Brett BlaisePFree Agent24.2256-5180L-LUDFA2012-11-07Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Michael BlakePFree Agent24.1795-11190L-LARI: 2011-16-4842014-03-19Released by Diamondbacks (from Missoula - Rk)
    Tyler BlandfordPFree Agent27.0056-30R-RSEA: 2009-5-1432013-05-05Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Bradley BlanksPFree Agent29.3196-4185R-RUDFA----
    Joe BlantonRPRetired34.0506-2220R-ROAK: 2002-1-242014-04-13Announced retirement (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Austin BlaskiP Retired24.1816-3200R-RMIL: 2012-21-6652013-06-15Announced retirement (from Wisconsin - A)
    Jeremy BleichPMinors27.2266-2200L-LNYA: 2008-1-442014-11-08Granted free agency (from Trenton - AA)
    Richard BleierPMinors27.2896-3195L-LTEX: 2008-6-1832014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Jerry BlevinsRPActive31.1466-6185L-LCHN: 2004-17-516----
    Brett BochyPMinors27.1566-2190R-RSFN: 2010-20-6182014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Fresno - AAA)
    Edinson BockPFree Agent20.2906-2190R-RUDFA2014-07-22Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Mitchell BoggsRPMinors30.3506-3195R-RSLN: 2005-5-1702014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Fabian BohorquezPFree Agent24.0636-2198R-RUDFA2014-08-15Released by Rockies (from Grand Junction - Rk)
    Tom BoleskaPRetired28.1846-0190R-RPIT: 2007-35-10542013-06-05Announced retirement (from Bowie - AA)
    Ryan BollingerPFree Agent23.3606-6185L-LPHI: 2009-47-14272014-03-31Released by White Sox (from Kannapolis - A)
    Michael BolsingerPActive27.0016-2200R-RARI: 2010-15-4512014-11-23Traded from Diamondbacks to Dodgers for cash considerations (from Reno - AAA)
    Garrett BoltPFree Agent25.1296-4210R-RLAN: 2011-23-7042014-06-21Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Jeremy BondermanRPFree Agent32.0946-0210R-ROAK: 2001-1-262013-09-03Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    Lisalverto BonillaPActive24.2266-1164R-RUDFA2014-09-02Recalled from Round Rock (AAA) (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Eddie BoninePFree Agent33.2386-5205R-RSDN: 2003-23-6712013-11-09Granted free agency (from San Antonio - AA)
    Sully BonnellyPFree Agent22.1086-2215R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Red Sox (from Gulf Coast Red Sox - Rk)
    Boof BonserPFree Agent33.1086-4230R-RSFN: 2000-1-212013-08-02Released by Indians (from Columbus - AAA)
    Brent BonvillainPMinors24.1126-4172L-LUDFA2014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Randy BoonePFree Agent30.1776-3215R-RTOR: 2007-7-2352014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Chris BootcheckRPFree Agent36.0986-5205R-RANA: 2000-1-202014-11-08Granted free agency (from Reading - AA)
    Buddy BordenPMinors22.2766-3200R-RPIT: 2013-7-2092014-12-12Traded to Rays by Pirates to complete Sean Rodriguez trade (Dec 2) (from West Virginia - A)
    Mark BordonaroPRetired24.1666-0155L-RSEA: 2012-25-7612014-06-07Announced retirement (from Clinton - A)
    Chase BoruffPFree Agent26.1876-2195L-RUDFA2013-08-30Released by Royals (from Wilmington - A+)
    Wilfredo BoscanPMinors25.0966-2160R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Portland - AA)
    Buddy BoshersRPMinors26.2666-3205L-LANA: 2008-4-1392014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arkansas - AA)
    Akeem BostickPMinors19.2716-4180R-RTEX: 2013-2-622015-01-22Traded from Rangers to Astros for Carlos Corporan (from Hickory - A)
    Cory BostjancicP Free Agent22.2006-0180R-RSDN: 2012-15-4652015-01-26Released by Padres (from Eugene - A-)
    Mike BowdenRPMinors28.1436-3215R-RBOS: 2005-1-472013-10-04Elected Free Agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Drew BowenPFree Agent25.2246-3210R-RUDFA2014-06-14Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Ricky BowenPFree Agent27.1776-3178R-RCIN: 2009-43-12892012-12-17Released by Twins (from Fort Myers - A+)
    John BowkerPMinors31.2066-2190L-LSFN: 2004-3-100----
    Drew BowlinPFree Agent28.0336-3189R-RSFN: 2007-23-7042014-03-21Released by Giants (from Richmond - AA)
    Cal BowlingPFree Agent25.1006-2175R-RUDFA2014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Brad BoxbergerRPActive26.2486-2185R-RCIN: 2009-1-432014-05-06Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Tim BoycePFree Agent27.3586-1190R-RSEA: 2010-44-13322012-10-08Activated from DL (from High Desert - A+)
    Michael BoydenPFree Agent24.2266-1175R-RWAS: 2012-31-9542014-01-20Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Chris BoydstonPFree Agent26.1026-0175L-LUDFA2013-08-03Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Blaine BoyerPMinors33.2036-3190R-RATL: 2000-3-1002014-06-15Contract purchased from minors (from El Paso - AAA)
    Brad BrachRPActive28.2936-4210R-RSDN: 2008-42-12752014-06-21Recalled from Norfolk (AAA) (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Brett BrachPFree Agent26.3076-3185L-RCLE: 2009-10-3052014-07-18Released by Nationals (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Andrew BrackmanPFree Agent29.0576-11230R-RNYA: 2007-1-302013-08-07Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Zach BraddockPMinors27.1606-3220L-LMIL: 2005-18-535----
    Dallas BradenPRetired31.1706-1185L-LOAK: 2004-24-727----
    Kevin BradyPFree Agent24.1456-3195L-RPHI: 2012-10-3382013-09-30Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Kevin BrahneyPFree Agent26.1756-5220L-LBOS: 2011-11-3522013-03-28Released by Red Sox (from Greenville - A)
    Bobby BramhallPFree Agent29.2015-11185L-LMIL: 2007-18-5512013-11-09Granted free agency (from Reading - AA)
    Cole BrandPFree Agent22.2566-2225R-RSLN: 2010-42-12792012-10-09Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Kevin BrandtPFree Agent25.0676-1182R-LTBA: 2012-18-5722014-10-27Released by Rays (from Montgomery - AA)
    Stew BrasePMinors26.0106-3180R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by White Sox (from Kannapolis - A)
    Ryan BrasierRPFree Agent27.1576-0190R-RANA: 2007-6-2082013-09-01Recalled from Salt Lake (AAA) (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Bill BrayPFree Agent31.2396-3215L-LMON: 2004-1-132013-11-10Granted free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Matt BrazisPMinors25.1466-2194R-RSEA: 2012-28-8512014-12-18Traded from Mariners to Cubs for Justin Ruggiano (from Jackson - AA)
    Domingo BrazobanPFree Agent25.1756-3190R-RUDFA2013-03-27Released by Mariners (from Pulaski - Rk)
    Jose BrazobanPFree Agent21.2475-9165R-RUDFA2012-12-17Released by Royals (from Kane County - A)
    Daniel BreamPFree Agent26.1676-6185R-RTBA: 2011-33-10202012-11-07Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Zack BreaultPFree Agent26.0556-4220L-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    John BrebbiaPFree Agent24.2456-2175R-RNYA: 2011-30-9292013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Tim BrechbuehlerPFree Agent25.1016-8205R-RUDFA2013-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Lance BreedlovePFree Agent24.1516-1180R-RPIT: 2012-23-7062013-11-20Released by Pirates (from West Virginia - A)
    Thomas BrendelPFree Agent26.2566-1180R-RUDFA2014-03-19Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Craig BreslowRPFree Agent34.1756-1180L-LMIL: 2002-26-7692013-10-07Recalled from Portland (AA) (from Portland - AA)
    Caleb BrewerPRetired25.3626-3205R-RATL: 2007-14-4382013-07-24Announced retirement (from Cedar Rapids - A)
    Charles BrewerRPActive26.2986-4185R-RARI: 2009-12-3662014-11-24Traded from Diamondbacks to Indians for cash considerations (from Reno - AAA)
    Chase BrewerPFree Agent24.3636-4190R-RUDFA2012-10-11Released by Diamondbacks (from Yakima - A-)
    Russell BrewerPActive26.3406-0190R-RCOL: 2010-31-9502014-06-19DL-60 Injured (from Modesto - A+)
    Rafael BricenoPFree Agent24.0936-2175R-RUDFA2014-04-26Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Jake BrighamPMinors26.3556-3210R-RTEX: 2006-6-1782014-11-08Granted free agency (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Zach BrillP Free Agent20.3546-6215L-LTEX: 2012-31-9662013-08-21Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Drake BrittonRPActive25.2536-2200L-LBOS: 2007-23-7142014-09-05Recalled from Pawtucket (AAA) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Zach BrittonSPActive27.0396-3190L-LBAL: 2006-3-852013-09-23Recalled from Aberdeen (A-) (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Mike BroadwayPMinors27.3066-5190R-RATL: 2005-4-1372014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Dylan BrockPFree Agent21.2996-2225R-RMIA: 2013-34-10222013-09-30Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Brian BroderickPMinors28.1516-6205R-RSLN: 2007-21-6522013-11-10Granted free agency (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Eric BrooksPFree Agent24.1546-2183R-RTEX: 2012-11-3662014-11-08Granted free agency (from Hillsboro - A-)
    Bobby BrosnahanPRetired25.2426-1155L-LUDFA2014-03-01Announced retirement (from Vancouver - A-)
    Rex BrothersRPActive27.0436-1205L-LCOL: 2009-1-34----
    Austin BroughPFree Agent27.0526-4190R-LUDFA2012-09-28Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Colby BroussardPFree Agent25.2676-4220R-RTOR: 2011-44-13392013-01-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Geoff BroussardP Free Agent24.1316-0185R-RPHI: 2012-23-7282013-09-30Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Brooks BrownPActive29.2246-3205L-RARI: 2006-1-342014-08-16Recalled from Colorado Springs (AAA) (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Eric BrownPRetired25.3416-1185L-RTOR: 2011-50-15192013-09-30Announced retirement (from Lansing - A)
    Jake BrownPFree Agent28.0336-1215L-LOAK: 2010-26-7852013-07-21Released by Athletics (from Midland - AA)
    Rudy BrownPFree Agent26.2286-4225L-LUDFA2013-03-23Released by Royals (from Kane County - A)
    Barret BrowningPFree Agent30.0336-1170L-LANA: 2006-28-8522013-05-25Released by Cardinals (from Memphis - AAA)
    Jonathan BroxtonRPActive30.2286-4240R-RLAN: 2002-2-602013-08-08Activated from DL (from Louisville - AAA)
    Philip BruaPFree Agent25.3026-2185L-RUDFA2013-01-30Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Brian BruneyPFree Agent32.3476-3230R-RARI: 2000-12-3692012-10-29Declared free agency (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Tony BryantPFree Agent23.2876-7220R-RMIN: 2009-25-7622014-10-27Released by Rockies (from Grand Junction - Rk)
    Rob BrysonPFree Agent27.0506-1200R-RMIL: 2006-31-9322013-11-05Granted free agency (from Akron - AA)
    Jorge BucardoPFree Agent25.1046-1155R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from San Jose - A+)
    Nick BucciPFree Agent24.1986-2180R-RMIL: 2008-18-5482013-10-07Recalled from Arizona Brewers (Rk) (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Ryan BuchPFree Agent27.0836-3195R-RCHA: 2009-8-2532014-03-31Released by Rockies (from Modesto - A+)
    Chuck BuchananPFree Agent24.2006-5210L-LATL: 2013-18-5532014-12-29Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    David BuchananPActive25.2646-3190R-RPHI: 2010-7-2312014-08-06Recalled from Lehigh Valley (AAA) (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Jake BuchananPActive25.1286-1221R-RHOU: 2010-8-2432014-07-18Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Clay BuchholzSPActive30.1696-3190L-RBOS: 2005-1-422013-09-11Activated from DL (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Ryan BuchterPMinors27.3516-3200L-LWAS: 2005-33-9842014-11-08Granted free agency (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Tyler BuckleyPFree Agent24.0826-5225R-RPHI: 2013-27-8112014-06-24Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Billy BucknerRPFree Agent31.1566-2195R-RKCA: 2004-2-552014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Matthew BudgellPRetired22.1226-2150R-RNYN: 2011-10-3122012-08-30Announced retirement (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Mark BuehrleSPActive35.3136-2200L-LCHA: 1998-38-1139----
    Francisley BuenoRPMinors33.3315-11200L-LUDFA2014-06-01Activated from DL (from Omaha - AAA)
    Jason BulgerPFree Agent36.0556-4215R-RARI: 2001-1-222012-11-18Declared free agency (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Robbie BullerPFree Agent25.1016-6220R-RARI: 2012-35-10832013-10-13Released by Diamondbacks (from Missoula - Rk)
    Billy BullockPFree Agent26.3386-6225R-RMIN: 2009-2-702013-07-05Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Madison BumgarnerSPActive25.1826-4215R-LSFN: 2007-1-10----
    Dan BurawaPActive26.0316-3190R-RNYA: 2010-12-3852014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Trenton - AA)
    Chris BurgessPMinors24.1596-2195R-RPHI: 2013-26-7812014-05-03Assigned to extended spring training (from Clearwater - A+)
    Tyler BurgoonPRetired25.2805-10160R-RSEA: 2010-10-3122013-12-24Announced retirement (from Jackson - AA)
    Alexander BurgosPMinors24.0605-11170L-LDET: 2010-5-1632014-12-16Drafted from Tigers by Marlins in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Lakeland - A+)
    Cesar BurgosPFree Agent21.3356-2185R-RUDFA2015-01-26Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Enrique BurgosPActive24.0686-4200R-RUDFA2014-10-27Contract purchased from minors (from Visalia - A+)
    Hiram BurgosSPFree Agent27.1796-1210R-RMIL: 2009-6-1962014-09-02Released by Brewers (from Nashville - AAA)
    Alexander BurkardPFree Agent26.0266-8215L-LANA: 2010-49-14942013-06-09Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Greg BurkeRPMinors32.1316-4205R-RNYN: 2000-42-12622014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Kyler BurkePFree Agent26.2856-3205L-LSDN: 2006-1-352013-11-05Granted free agency (from Daytona - A+)
    A.J. BurnettSPActive38.0276-5205R-RNYN: 1995-8-217----
    Alex BurnettRPFree Agent27.1886-0190R-RMIN: 2005-12-3752013-11-05Granted free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Sean BurnettRPFree Agent32.1356-1176L-LPIT: 2000-1-192014-05-23Activated from DL (from Arkansas - AA)
    Cory BurnsRPMinors27.1136-1195R-RCLE: 2009-8-2452014-09-28Claimed off waivers from Rays by Blue Jays (from Durham - AAA)
    Joseph BurnsPFree Agent25.1806-0200L-LTEX: 2012-28-8762014-01-20Released by Rangers (from Hickory - A)
    Tommy BurnsP Free Agent21.1256-1180R-RSEA: 2013-22-6572014-12-29Released by Mariners (from Clinton - A)
    Brian BurresPFree Agent33.2976-1165L-LSFN: 2000-31-9312014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Joshua BurrisPFree Agent23.0635-11185R-RMIN: 2011-17-5382014-11-11Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Jared BurtonRPFree Agent33.2426-5220R-ROAK: 2002-8-248----
    Matt BuschmannPMinors30.3526-3195R-RSDN: 2006-15-4532014-11-08Granted free agency (from Sacramento - AAA)
    David BushPFree Agent35.0826-2210R-RTOR: 2002-2-552013-10-04Elected Free Agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Garrett BushPFree Agent24.1116-4190R-RANA: 2012-24-7472013-09-30Released by Angels (from Orem - Rk)
    Matt BushPRestricted28.3565-11170R-RSDN: 2004-1-1----
    Tanner BushuePRetired23.2246-4180R-RHOU: 2009-2-692013-09-30Announced retirement (from Tri City - A-)
    Eddie ButlerPActive23.3236-2165B-RCOL: 2012-1-462014-09-16Recalled from Tulsa (AA) (from Tulsa - AA)
    Josh ButlerPFree Agent30.0506-5195R-RTBA: 2006-2-472012-11-18Declared free agency (from Huntsville - AA)
    Saxon ButlerPFree Agent24.2646-3230R-RNYA: 2012-33-10272013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Tampa - A+)
    Zach ButlerPFree Agent25.1866-3210R-RTBA: 2011-34-10502012-11-07Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Alex ByoPFree Agent24.1506-2198R-RARI: 2013-33-9902014-10-27Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Darren ByrdPFree Agent28.0986-3170R-RPHI: 2005-18-5472013-11-09Granted free agency (from Stockton - A+)
    Tim ByrdakPFree Agent41.0915-11180L-LKCA: 1994-5-1352013-09-01Contract purchased from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Chas ByrnePRetired26.0046-2180R-RKCA: 2010-16-4792013-09-25Announced retirement (from Lexington - A)
    Matt BywaterPFree Agent25.2296-2180L-LBAL: 2010-7-2082013-03-21Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Cesar CabralPMinors25.3536-3175L-LUDFA2014-10-16Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Trenton - AA)
    Alberto CabreraRPMinors26.0976-4170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Daniel CabreraPFree Agent33.2476-7170R-RUDFA2012-11-06Elected free agency (from Reno - AAA)
    Erik CabreraPFree Agent24.1686-1180R-RUDFA2015-01-26Released by Padres (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Fernando CabreraPFree Agent33.0756-4175R-RCLE: 1999-10-3172013-11-07Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Luis CabreraPFree Agent24.1696-2185R-RUDFA2014-08-07Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Mauricio CabreraPActive21.1306-2180R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Martires CadetPFree Agent23.2666-2170L-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Trevor CahillSP-RPActive26.3356-3195R-ROAK: 2006-2-662014-07-14Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Matt CainSPActive30.1216-3180R-RSFN: 2002-1-25----
    David CalesPFree Agent27.1875-11200R-RCHN: 2008-24-7312014-11-08Granted free agency (from Birmingham - AA)
    Yoimer CamachoPFree Agent24.3406-1172R-RUDFA2014-02-10Released by Diamondbacks (from Hillsboro - A-)
    Marcos CamarenaPFree Agent24.1446-3202R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Mets (from Savannah - A)
    Jesus CamargoPMinors19.0685-10165R-RUDFA----
    Brett CammonsPFree Agent28.2816-2210R-RATL: 2007-19-5882013-11-05Granted free agency (from Mississippi - AA)
    Shawn CampRPFree Agent39.0736-1200R-RSDN: 1997-16-5002014-06-27Released by Phillies (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Matt CampbellPFree Agent27.1426-2195R-RPHI: 2011-24-7512012-08-25Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Albert CamposPMinors23.3606-4222R-RUDFA----
    Leonel CamposPActive27.1976-3185R-RUDFA2014-09-01Contract purchased from minors (from San Antonio - AA)
    Luis CamposPFree Agent24.1556-0188R-RUDFA2013-12-03Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Roberto CanachePFree Agent24.2636-5180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Erick CanelaPFree Agent24.1206-1155R-RUDFA2013-12-21Released by Yankees (from Tampa - A+)
    Joselito CanoPMinors22.1366-5190L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arizona Mariners - Rk)
    Alex CapaulPFree Agent26.0896-3205R-RARI: 2011-43-12942013-03-24Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Derek CapePFree Agent24.2536-3190R-RUDFA2014-10-27Released by Diamondbacks (from Missoula - Rk)
    Victor CapellanPFree Agent25.1906-2195R-RUDFA2012-08-30Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Chris CapperPFree Agent23.3596-0210R-RARI: 2012-26-8132014-12-29Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Carter CappsRPActive24.1766-5220R-RSEA: 2011-3-1212014-09-01Activated from DL (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Matt CappsPFree Agent31.1496-2220R-RPIT: 2002-7-1932014-11-08Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Anthony CapraPMinors27.3026-1200L-LOAK: 2008-4-1242012-06-27Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Chris CapuanoSPActive35.1646-3215L-LARI: 1999-8-2382011-10-30Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Esmailin CaridadPInternational31.0945-10180R-RUDFA2013-07-19Released by Cubs (from Iowa - AAA)
    Andrew CarignanPFree Agent28.1915-11225R-ROAK: 2007-5-1802014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Edwin CarlPFree Agent26.1526-1200R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by Dodgers (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Shane CarlePMinors23.1536-4185R-RPIT: 2013-10-2992014-11-11Traded from Pirates to Rockies for Rob Scahill (from Bradenton - A+)
    Kevin CarlowPFree Agent24.1626-2190L-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Jesse CarlsonPFree Agent34.0306-1160L-LDET: 2002-15-4402012-06-16Released by Red Sox (from Portland - AA)
    Kris CarlsonPFree Agent25.0926-3190R-RTBA: 2012-35-10822013-04-07Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Buddy CarlylePMinors37.0406-3175L-RCIN: 1996-2-382014-07-26Contract purchased from minors (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Nick CarmichaelPFree Agent24.2926-6220R-RDET: 2012-24-7542013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Ismael CarmonaPFree Agent29.3526-0165R-RUDFA2012-06-27Released by Angels (from Arkansas - AA)
    Julio CarmonaPFree Agent24.1126-1205R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Manuel CarmonaPFree Agent22.2236-0190R-RUDFA2014-03-18Released by Indians (from Mahoning Valley - A-)
    Hunter CarnevalePFree Agent26.1565-11185R-RNYN: 2010-33-9922014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Dunedin - A+)
    Chris CarpenterSPRetired39.2786-6225R-RTOR: 1993-1-152013-07-24Recalled from Memphis (AAA) rehab (from Memphis - AAA)
    Chris CarpenterRPInternational29.0356-4215R-RCHN: 2008-3-972013-12-18Signed with Yakult (Japan) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    David CarpenterPMinors27.1516-3185R-RANA: 2009-9-2912014-10-01Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    David CarpenterRPActive29.1996-2200R-RSLN: 2006-12-3762013-04-30Recalled from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Drew CarpenterPFree Agent29.2576-3230R-RPHI: 2006-2-652014-11-08Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Adam CarrPFree Agent30.3046-2210R-RWAS: 2006-18-5412012-11-18Declared free agency (from Potomac - A+)
    Josh CarrPFree Agent25.0656-4205R-RDET: 2012-28-8742013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Carlos CarrascoRPActive27.3156-3178R-RUDFA2013-09-03Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    D.J. CarrascoPFree Agent37.2936-1215R-RBAL: 1997-26-7952012-07-05Released by Braves (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Alexander CarrerasPFree Agent25.0216-1200L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Batavia - A-)
    Cesar CarrilloPMinors30.2766-3177R-RSDN: 2005-1-182013-08-02Released by Tigers (from Lakeland - A+)
    Scott CarrollPMinors30.1286-5210R-RCIN: 2007-3-1042014-09-02Recalled from Charlotte (AAA) (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Robert CarsonRPRestricted26.0076-3220L-LNYN: 2007-14-4532015-01-28Suspended 50 games for violating MLB drug program (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Anthony CarterPMinors28.3016-2170L-RCHA: 2005-26-7852013-11-05Granted free agency (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Bart CarterPFree Agent27.2066-1208L-LMIN: 2010-39-11852012-07-07Released by Twins (from Beloit - A)
    Yefri CarvajalPFree Agent26.0085-11190R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    J.C. CaseyPFree Agent26.0486-3174R-RCHN: 2007-35-10532012-10-17Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    Andrew CashnerSPActive28.1416-5185R-RCHN: 2008-1-192014-08-23Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from El Paso - AAA)
    Jose CasillaPFree Agent25.2546-1180R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Richmond - AA)
    Santiago CasillaRPActive31.3296-0160R-RUDFA2013-07-13Activated from DL (from San Jose - A+)
    Bobby CassevahPFree Agent29.1416-3195R-RANA: 2004-34-10132013-11-05Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Darwin CastilloPFree Agent22.0956-4180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Royals (from Arizona Royals - Rk)
    Eduardo CastilloPFree Agent24.1876-2170R-RUDFA2013-03-27Released by Braves (from Danville - Rk)
    Fabio CastilloPFree Agent25.3456-1190R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Jesus CastilloPMinors30.2446-1170R-RLAN: 2003-27-8112014-05-17Loaned to Reynosa (Mexico) (from Midland - AA)
    Jose CastilloPMinors19.0206-4200L-LUDFA2014-12-20Traded from Rays to Padres in 11-player trade involving Rays, Padres and Nationals (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Lendy CastilloRPFree Agent25.2976-1170B-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Tennessee - AA)
    Luis CastilloPMinors22.0496-2170R-RUDFA2014-12-21Traded from Giants with Kendry Flores to Marlins for Casey McGehee (from Augusta - A)
    Yeiper CastilloPFree Agent26.1446-3158R-RUDFA2014-07-25Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Fabio CastroPFree Agent30.0105-8157L-LUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Kyle CastroPMinors21.1656-4190R-RTEX: 2011-3-1132014-08-19Assignment unknown (from Spokane - A-)
    Simon CastroRPMinors26.2966-5203R-RUDFA2013-09-26Recalled from Charlotte (AAA) (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Brett CecilRPActive28.2126-3220R-LTOR: 2007-1-382012-09-04Recalled from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Jose CedaPFree Agent28.0026-4207R-RUDFA2013-10-07Activated from DL and outrighted to minors (from Jupiter - A+)
    Carlos CedenoPFree Agent24.1956-2180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Juan CedenoPFree Agent31.1646-1160L-LUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Xavier CedenoRPActive28.1576-1165L-LCOL: 2004-31-9202014-09-01Recalled from Syracuse (AAA) (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Eric CendejasPFree Agent27.0026-0175R-RANA: 2010-33-10142014-03-31Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Dan CevettePFree Agent31.1036-3180L-LCLE: 2002-3-942013-11-09Granted free agency (from Altoona - AA)
    Jhoulys ChacinSPActive27.0236-1168R-RUDFA2014-05-04Activated from DL (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Matt ChaffeePFree Agent26.0426-1185L-LATL: 2011-12-3862014-07-03Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Ryan ChaffeePMinors26.2576-2200R-RANA: 2008-3-1052014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arkansas - AA)
    Andrew ChafinPActive24.2276-2190L-LARI: 2011-1-432014-09-15Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Miguel ChalasPMinors22.2176-0170R-RUDFA2014-08-30Traded from Orioles with Mark Blackmar to White Sox for Alejandro de Aza (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Joba ChamberlainRPFree Agent29.1296-3225R-RNYA: 2006-1-412013-05-28Activated from DL (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Kramer ChamplinPRestricted24.3286-6180R-RTOR: 2011-33-10092014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Dunedin - A+)
    Aroldis ChapmanCLActive26.3376-4185L-LUDFA----
    Jaye ChapmanPMinors27.2536-0180R-RATL: 2005-16-4972013-11-05Granted free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Kevin ChapmanRPActive26.3466-3197L-LKCA: 2010-4-1192014-08-15Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Cody ChartrandPFree Agent23.1266-0200r-rTEX: 2014-36-10862014-07-12Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Tyler ChatwoodSPActive25.0455-11175R-RANA: 2008-2-742013-09-01Activated from DL (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Jesse ChavezRPActive31.1626-2153R-RTEX: 2002-42-12522013-05-10Recalled from Sacramento (AAA) (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Bruce ChenSPFree Agent37.2256-1180B-LUDFA----
    Min-Sih ChenPFree Agent25.0556-3205R-RUDFA2014-10-06Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Wei-Yin ChenSPActive29.1936-0195L-LUDFA2014-08-31Recalled from Gulf Coast Orioles (Rk) (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    T.J. ChismPFree Agent26.1745-11180L-LNYN: 2009-32-9742014-11-03Released by Mets (from St. Lucie - A+)
    Logan ChitwoodPFree Agent25.3086-1185R-ROAK: 2010-19-5752012-09-30Released by Athletics (from Burlington - A)
    Cristian ChivilliPFree Agent23.3456-2200R-RUDFA2014-03-24Released by Mets (from Brooklyn - A-)
    Justin ChoatePMinors24.0305-9180R-RUDFA2013-12-03Traded from Rays to Diamondbacks as part of a 3-team deal involving Heath Bell, David Holmberg, Todd Glaesman (PTBNL) and Ryan Hanigan (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Randy ChoateRPActive39.1476-3180L-LNYA: 1997-5-169----
    Eunchul ChoiPFree Agent31.0376-2190R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Jason ChowningPFree Agent27.1056-4180R-RHOU: 2010-28-8432012-06-28Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Pat ChristensenPMinors24.0346-4190R-RHOU: 2013-27-7972014-12-29Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Tyler ChristmanPFree Agent25.1576-2180R-RSFN: 2010-13-4082013-02-06Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Vinnie ChulkPFree Agent36.0426-2185R-RTOR: 2000-12-3582012-10-09Elected free agency (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Ricardo CiriacoPFree Agent22.1656-0220R-RUDFA2014-07-19Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Mike CiscoPFree Agent27.2525-11190R-RPHI: 2008-36-10962014-03-31Released by Angels (from Arkansas - AA)
    Steven CishekCLActive28.2266-6200R-RFLO: 2007-5-166----
    Jose CisneroPMinors25.2946-3185R-RUDFA2014-04-25Recalled from minors (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Preston ClaiborneRPActive27.0096-2215R-RNYA: 2010-17-5352014-09-02Recalled from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (AAA) (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Kirk ClarkPFree Agent26.1956-2202R-RUDFA2012-07-22Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Zach ClarkRPFree Agent31.2036-0195R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Frederick - A+)
    Mitchell ClarkePFree Agent24.1546-2220R-LCIN: 2009-19-5692012-08-17Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Alex ClaudioPActive22.3656-3160L-LTEX: 2010-27-8262014-08-13Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Ricky ClaudioPFree Agent24.0416-2195R-RSEA: 2013-27-8072013-09-30Released by Mariners (from Arizona Mariners - Rk)
    Caleb ClayPMinors26.3506-2180R-RBOS: 2006-1-442014-11-08Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Garett ClaypoolPMinors26.1626-2180R-RPHI: 2010-11-3512012-10-08Activated from DL (from Clearwater - A+)
    Michael ClemensPFree Agent21.1876-4215R-RPIT: 2014-17-5212015-01-26Released by Pirates (from Bristol - Rk)
    Paul ClemensSPMinors26.3516-4170R-RATL: 2008-7-2202014-09-02Designated for Assignment (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Jeffry CletoPFree Agent23.2306-3190R-RUDFA2013-07-15Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Maikel CletoRPActive25.2746-3218R-RUDFA2014-08-04Contract purchased from minors (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Will ClinardPMinors25.0886-3213R-RDET: 2012-19-6042014-03-31Assignment unknown (from Erie - AA)
    Tyler ClippardRPActive29.3506-3170R-RNYA: 2003-9-274----
    Tyler CloydSP-RPInternational27.2596-2190R-RPHI: 2008-18-5562015-01-07Released by Indians (from Columbus - AAA)
    Alex CobbSPActive27.1156-1180R-RTBA: 2006-4-1092014-05-22Activated from DL (from Charlotte - A+)
    Tom CochranPFree Agent32.1066-2215L-LUDFA2013-11-09Granted free agency (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Robert CoePFree Agent27.0266-4180R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Robert CoelloRPFree Agent30.0686-4215R-RCIN: 2004-20-5882014-11-08Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Cameron CoffeyPFree Agent24.1326-5215L-LBAL: 2009-22-6562013-03-21Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Todd CoffeyPFree Agent34.1436-5225R-RCIN: 1998-41-12202014-09-01Released by Mariners (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Kyle CofieldPFree Agent28.0076-5220R-RATL: 2005-8-2572013-11-07Granted free agency (from Chattanooga - AA)
    Mark CohoonPFree Agent27.1376-2195L-LNYN: 2008-12-3742014-03-24Released by Mets (from Binghamton - AA)
    Phil CokeRPFree Agent32.1956-1210L-LNYA: 2002-26-7862013-08-31Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    A.J. ColePActive23.0256-4181R-RWAS: 2010-4-1162014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Ethan ColePFree Agent25.0956-0180L-RUDFA2013-01-30Released by Cardinals (from Quad Cities - A)
    Gerrit ColeSPActive24.1446-4215R-RPIT: 2011-1-12014-08-20Activated from DL (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Casey ColemanPMinors27.2116-0180L-RCHN: 2008-15-4612014-09-01Recalled from Omaha (AAA) (from Omaha - AAA)
    Louis ColemanRPActive28.3016-3190B-RKCA: 2009-5-1522014-08-29Recalled from Omaha (AAA) (from Omaha - AAA)
    Mike CollaPFree Agent28.0386-2220R-RPIT: 2008-14-4142014-11-08Granted free agency (from Montgomery - AA)
    Anthony CollazoPMinors29.0295-9208L-LUDFA----
    Willie CollazoPFree Agent35.0845-9170L-LATL: 2001-10-3152012-11-18Declared free agency (from Dunedin - A+)
    Matt CollinsP Free Agent26.0176-5208R-RANA: 2012-37-11372013-04-07Released by Angels (from Arizona Angels - Rk)
    Tim CollinsRPActive25.1625-7155L-LUDFA2014-09-19Recalled from Omaha (AAA) (from Omaha - AAA)
    Josh CollmenterRPActive28.3576-4235R-RARI: 2007-15-463----
    Justin CollopPFree Agent26.2456-1178R-RCHA: 2009-6-1932013-05-15Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Alex ColomeSPActive26.0306-2184R-RUDFA2014-09-15Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Bartolo ColonSPActive39.2516-0230R-RUDFA----
    Roman ColonPMinors35.1706-3170R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Edward ConcepcionPFree Agent26.1196-3190R-RUDFA2013-11-09Granted free agency (from Augusta - A)
    Derek ConePFree Agent24.2246-5210R-RLAN: 2010-31-9522013-01-13Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Adam ConleyPActive24.2516-3170L-LFLO: 2011-2-722014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Jordan ConleyPFree Agent28.1956-180R-RUDFA2013-07-19Released by Marlins (from Jacksonville - AA)
    James ConnellPFree Agent24.0116-1205R-RANA: 2014-26-7792014-07-05Released by Angels (from Orem - Rk)
    Ryan ConnollyPFree Agent24.0815-10180R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Astros (from Greeneville - Rk)
    Charlie CononiePFree Agent25.3396-7210R-RTBA: 2011-24-7502013-06-21Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Patrick ConroyP Free Agent23.0166-4218L-LKCA: 2012-32-9732013-09-30Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Carlos ContrerasPActive24.0226-0165R-RUDFA2014-09-02Recalled from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    Jose ContrerasRPFree Agent43.0556-4230R-RUDFA2013-12-05Signed to minor league contract (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Aaron CookPFree Agent35.3566-3175R-RCOL: 1997-2-702013-07-19Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Cole CookPRetired26.1046-6200R-RCLE: 2010-5-1502014-04-03Announced retirement (from Carolina - A+)
    Ryan CookRPActive27.2146-2210R-RARI: 2008-27-828----
    Jordan CooperPFree Agent24.3486-2195B-RPIT: 2011-23-6922013-03-27Released by Pirates (from State College - A-)
    Patrick CooperPFree Agent25.1586-3204R-RDET: 2010-14-4332014-04-06Released by Tigers (from Lakeland - A+)
    Ryan CopelandPFree Agent26.2345-10180R-LSLN: 2010-32-9792012-10-09Released by Cardinals (from Batavia - A-)
    Scott CopelandPMinors27.0466-4210R-RBAL: 2010-21-6282014-11-08Granted free agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Cameron CoppingPFree Agent24.2816-6200R-RUDFA2013-12-22Released by Mariners (from Everett - A-)
    Patrick CorbinSPActive25.1956-3165L-LANA: 2009-2-802012-08-01Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Daniel CorcinoPActive24.1575-11165R-RUDFA2014-09-02Recalled from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    Tim CorcoranPFree Agent36.2906-2200R-RNYN: 1996-44-12992013-06-08Released by Braves (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Chad CorderoPFree Agent32.3186-0195R-RMON: 2003-1-202013-11-07Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Francisco CorderoPFree Agent39.2646-2200R-RUDFA----
    Erik CordierPActive28.3396-3195R-RKCA: 2004-2-632014-09-02Recalled from Fresno (AAA) (from Fresno - AAA)
    Rafael CordovaPFree Agent20.0756-2175R-RUDFA2014-10-21Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Jean CorpasPFree Agent23.3276-2170R-RUDFA----
    Manuel CorpasRPFree Agent32.0586-3170R-RUDFA2014-07-13Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Josh CorralesPFree Agent24.2506-2205R-RSEA: 2011-44-13232013-03-27Released by Mariners (from Clinton - A)
    Hector CorreaPMinors26.3186-3165R-RFLO: 2006-4-1252012-11-18Declared free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Manuarys CorreaPFree Agent26.0256-3175R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Stockton - A+)
    Kevin CorreiaSPFree Agent34.1596-3180R-RSFN: 2002-4-127----
    Chris CorriganPRetired27.0376-2155R-RSLN: 2009-30-9092013-09-08Activated from DL (from Gulf Coast Cardinals - Rk)
    Dan CortesPFree Agent27.3326-5205R-RCHA: 2005-7-2152014-04-14Granted free agency (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Jarred CosartSPActive24.2506-3180R-RPHI: 2008-38-11562013-07-24Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Chris CostantinoPFree Agent23.1146-3225R-RSLN: 2011-43-13102014-05-02Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Neal CottsRPFree Agent34.3116-2200L-LOAK: 2001-2-692013-05-21Contract purchased from Round Rock (AAA) (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Daniel CoulombePActive25.0966-0185L-LLAN: 2012-25-7762014-09-16Contract purchased from minors (from Chattanooga - AA)
    Kevin CouturePFree Agent26.2856-0185R-RSFN: 2010-32-9782013-04-08Released by Giants (from Augusta - A)
    Rafael CovaPMinors32.3316-2174R-RUDFA----
    Vaughn CovingtonPFree Agent21.0766-5210L-RCIN: 2011-11-3552014-03-19Released by Reds (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Jake CowanPIndy League26.2146-3175L-RBAL: 2009-10-296----
    Coby CowgillPFree Agent23.3136-1194R-RTEX: 2012-23-7262015-01-26Released by Padres (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Chris CoxPMinors26.1195-11177R-RTOR: 2011-39-1189----
    Wes CoxPFree Agent22.2736-3190R-RUDFA2014-11-17Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Timothy CrabbePMinors26.3456-4195R-RCIN: 2009-14-4192014-12-16Drafted from Reds by Diamondbacks in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Louisville - AAA)
    Jesse CrainRPMinors33.2096-1200R-RMIN: 2002-2-61----
    Kevin CraveyPFree Agent27.1686-1185R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Marlins (from Jupiter - A+)
    Evan CrawfordPFree Agent28.1506-2190R-LTOR: 2008-8-2492014-07-02Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Jonathon CrawfordPMinors23.0906-2190R-RDET: 2013-1-202014-12-12Traded from Tigers with Eugenio Suarez to Red Sox for Alfredo Simon (from West Michigan - A)
    Shay CrawfordPFree Agent27.0496-2170L-LTBA: 2011-41-12602013-09-30Released by Rays (from Charlotte - A+)
    Brandon CreathPFree Agent25.3486-3200R-RSLN: 2011-44-13402013-05-23Released by Cardinals (from Palm Beach - A+)
    Kyle CrockettPActive23.0466-2170L-LCLE: 2013-4-1112014-06-13Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Daniel CropperPFree Agent27.0176-4200R-RWAS: 2009-42-12522013-03-20Released by Padres (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Casey CrosbyPMinors26.1356-5200R-LDET: 2007-5-1812014-08-11Released by Tigers (from Toledo - AAA)
    Michael CrottaPInternational30.1286-6210R-RPIT: 2006-17-5002013-11-10Granted free agency (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Aaron CrowRPActive28.0806-2205R-RKCA: 2009-1-122014-09-02Recalled from Northwest Arkansas (AA) (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Ryan CrowleyPFree Agent24.0766-2180L-LANA: 2011-19-5852014-05-21Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Clayton CrumPFree Agent23.0146-1190R-RCHN: 2012-37-11242014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Princeton - Rk)
    Antonio CruzPFree Agent23.1155-11200L-LUDFA2014-11-11Released by Royals (from Burlington - Rk)
    Dawerd CruzPFree Agent26.0546-1170R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Edward CruzPFree Agent24.1616-2175R-RMIA: 2013-34-10122014-03-23Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Fernando CruzPMinors24.3086-2185B-RKCA: 2007-6-1862012-10-08Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Joseph CruzPMinors26.1946-4190R-RTBA: 2007-30-9052012-10-08Activated from DL (from Montgomery - AA)
    Juan CruzRPFree Agent36.1076-2155R-RUDFA2012-08-12Activated from DL (from Altoona - AA)
    Rhiner CruzRPInternational28.0906-2165R-RUDFA2014-06-04Released by Astros (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Willengton CruzPFree Agent24.1756-2170R-LUDFA2012-12-27Released by Cubs (from Peoria - A)
    Fernando CruzadoPFree Agent25.0976-2210R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Vermont - A-)
    Angel CuanPFree Agent25.2465-11150L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from St. Lucie - A+)
    Joey CudaP Free Agent25.1395-9195R-RSLN: 2012-27-8402014-08-02Released by Cardinals (from Palm Beach - A+)
    Johnny CuetoSPActive28.3495-10185R-RUDFA2013-05-20Activated from DL (from Clinton - A)
    Brandon CulbrethPMinors22.1876-4200R-RHOU: 2011-8-2502014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Gulf Coast Astros - Rk)
    Brandon CumptonSPActive26.0756-2193R-RPIT: 2010-9-2672014-08-12Recalled from Indianapolis (AAA) (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Rocco CundariPFree Agent24.1026-1165R-RUDFA2014-07-01Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Brandon CunniffPActive26.1156-0185R-RFLO: 2010-27-8272014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Mississippi - AA)
    Justin D'AlessandroPFree Agent25.1256-4190R-RUDFA2013-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Alex Da SilvaPFree Agent21.2126-2195R-RUDFA2013-11-20Released by Angels (from Arizona Angels - Rk)
    Gary DaleyPFree Agent29.0906-3200R-RSLN: 2006-3-1062013-07-15Released by Athletics (from Midland - AA)
    Matt DaleyPFree Agent32.2216-2175R-RUDFA2014-09-02Released by Yankees (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Matt DalyPFree Agent28.1695-11185R-RTOR: 2008-13-3992013-03-17Released by Blue Jays (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Zachary DandoPFree Agent24.0266-3175R-RHOU: 2011-32-9702013-09-30Released by Astros (from Tri City - A-)
    John DanksPActive29.2906-2190L-LTEX: 2003-1-92013-05-24Activated from DL (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Logan DarnellPActive25.3626-2200L-LMIN: 2010-6-1952014-09-02Recalled from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Jesse DarrahPFree Agent24.3086-2190R-RARI: 2011-8-2442014-07-07Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Yu DarvishSPActive28.1676-5190R-RUDFA----
    Geoffrey DavenportPFree Agent24.3226-1160L-LCLE: 2011-43-12982013-09-30Released by Indians (from Lake County - A)
    Jake DaviesPFree Agent25.1376-1227L-LBOS: 2012-21-6612013-12-22Released by Red Sox (from Gulf Coast Red Sox - Rk)
    Kyle DaviesPFree Agent31.1436-2190R-RATL: 2001-4-1352014-11-08Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Doug DavisPFree Agent39.1316-3190R-LTEX: 1996-10-2932012-11-18Declared free agency (from Omaha - AAA)
    Erik DavisRPActive28.1146-4200R-RSDN: 2008-13-4052013-09-01Recalled from Syracuse (AAA) (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Josh DavisPFree Agent24.0886-2190L-RUDFA2015-01-26Released by (from Boise - A-)
    Paul DavisPFree Agent25.0016-2215R-RSFN: 2011-17-5372013-09-30Released by Giants (from Augusta - A)
    R.J. DavisPFree Agent25.1116-2215R-RTBA: 2012-20-6322013-04-07Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Shane DavisPFree Agent26.2866-0198R-LTOR: 2011-42-12792013-01-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Tony DavisPFree Agent27.0145-9185B-LMIN: 2009-12-3722014-11-08Granted free agency (from Dunedin - A+)
    Wade DavisSPActive29.1456-5220R-RTBA: 2004-3-752013-09-03Recalled from Wilmington (A+) (from Wilmington - A+)
    Lance DayPMinors25.1186-1200R-RUDFA2014-04-16Assignment unknown (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Carlos De AzaPFree Agent24.2716-3178R-RUDFA2012-09-04Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Justin De FratusRPActive27.1016-4215B-RPHI: 2007-11-3532014-05-25Recalled from Lehigh Valley (AAA) (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Enmanuel de JesusPFree Agent21.0246-0175L-LUDFA2013-08-05Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Jorge de JesusPFree Agent23.0136-0205R-RUDFA2013-03-28Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Yunior De JesusPFree Agent26.1306-2180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Mariners (from Everett - A-)
    Alex De La CruzPFree Agent23.1205-11200R-RUDFA2014-01-20Released by Rangers (from Spokane - A-)
    Frankie De la cruzPFree Agent30.3245-11160R-RUDFA2013-11-09Granted free agency (from Huntsville - AA)
    Geisel De La CruzPFree Agent21.2946-0139L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Kelvin De La CruzPFree Agent26.1826-5187L-LUDFA2014-10-21Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Melciades De La CruzPFree Agent21.2636-1190R-RUDFA2013-06-21Released by Twins (from Gulf Coast Twins - Rk)
    Vladimir De La CruzPFree Agent24.1296-3174R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Padres (from Eugene - A-)
    Dane De la RosaRPMinors31.3636-6220R-RNYA: 2002-24-7262014-10-01Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Eury De La RosaRPActive24.3405-9150L-LUDFA2014-07-05Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Jorge De La RosaSPActive33.3006-1190L-LUDFA----
    Rubby De La RosaRPActive25.3326-1170R-RUDFA2014-07-09Recalled from Pawtucket (AAA) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Wilkin De La RossaPFree Agent29.3436-0156L-LUDFA2013-07-15Released by Reds (from Pensacola - AA)
    Jose De La TorreRPMinors29.1055-11165R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Emmanuel De LeonPFree Agent24.0366-1175B-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Altoona - AA)
    Jorge De LeonRPMinors27.1686-0168R-RUDFA2014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Victor De LeonPFree Agent22.2866-2190R-RUDFA2014-06-30Released by Cardinals (from State College - A-)
    Abel De Los SantosPFree Agent22.2586-1215R-RUDFA2013-10-13Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    Abel De Los SantosPMinors22.0706-2180R-RUDFA2014-12-13Traded from Rangers with Chris Bostick to Nationals for Ross Detwiler (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Fautino De Los SantosPRestricted28.3496-0205R-RUDFA2013-08-05Suspended for 50 games for violating MLB drug program (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Frank De los SantosPFree Agent27.0746-0165L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Hansel De Los SantosPFree Agent23.1766-3160R-RUDFA2013-08-24Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Dylan De MeyerPRetired22.1366-4165R-RUDFA2014-07-02Announced retirement (from Clinton - A)
    Jose De PaulaPActive26.3326-1172L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Jose De SousaPFree Agent22.2606-0180L-LUDFA2014-11-24Released by Reds (from Arizona Reds - Rk)
    Derek De YoungP Minors23.0446-0165R-ROAK: 2012-18-5592014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Beloit - A)
    Levi DeanPFree Agent25.0466-4225R-RSEA: 2012-23-7012012-09-30Released by Mariners (from Pulaski - Rk)
    Travis DeanPFree Agent23.2726-5175R-RTEX: 2013-26-7902013-09-30Released by Rangers (from Spokane - A-)
    Samuel DedunoSPActive31.2126-1150R-RUDFA2013-05-24Contract purchased from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Ryan DeeterPFree Agent23.1876-0185R-RMIL: 2013-32-9622014-11-17Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Damian DefrankPFree Agent19.3636-3200R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Twins (from Gulf Coast Twins - Rk)
    Jacob DeGromPActive26.2256-4180L-RNYN: 2010-9-2722014-05-13Recalled from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Frank DeJiulioPFree Agent25.1616-3185R-RANA: 2011-38-11552012-09-30Released by Angels (from Cedar Rapids - A)
    Ramon Del OrbePMinors22.3485-11177R-RUDFA2014-12-16Drafted from Marlins by Giants in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Batavia - A-)
    Enerio Del RosarioPFree Agent29.1066-2165R-RUDFA2012-09-10Recalled from Oklahoma CIty (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Frank Del VallePFree Agent25.1365-11190L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Cubs (from Daytona - A+)
    Bob DelaneyPFree Agent--0-UDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Rob DelaneyPFree Agent30.1446-3225L-RUDFA2013-11-07Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Brad DelattePFree Agent25.0176-1170L-LTOR: 2012-5-1752013-06-26Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Dimasther DelgadoPFree Agent25.3336-2180L-LUDFA2013-03-28Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Ramon DelgadoPFree Agent28.1496-3195R-RSLN: 2007-41-12352013-11-09Granted free agency (from Springfield - AA)
    Randall DelgadoSPActive24.3556-3165R-RUDFA2013-06-18Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Nic DellatorreP Free Agent23.1555-11195R-LANA: 2012-30-9272013-11-20Released by Angels (from Arizona Angels - Rk)
    Evan DeLucaPFree Agent23.3276-1195L-LNYA: 2009-44-13352014-08-03Released by Rockies (from Tri-City - A-)
    Mike DemarkPFree Agent31.2556-0185R-RUDFA2013-11-09Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Sam DemelPFree Agent29.0996-0210R-ROAK: 2007-3-1202014-11-08Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Ryan DemminPRetired26.3006-1210L-LUDFA2014-07-04Announced retirement (from Reading - AA)
    Paul DemnyPMinors25.1806-3220R-RWAS: 2008-6-1812014-11-08Granted free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Clint DempsterPFree Agent25.1546-1185L-LMIN: 2010-16-4952012-12-17Released by Twins (from Fort Myers - A+)
    Ryan DempsterSPRetired37.2726-1201R-RTEX: 1995-3-66----
    Ryan DennickPActive28.0206-0195L-LKCA: 2009-22-6622014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Louisville - AAA)
    Chris DennisPFree Agent25.3056-0180R-RTEX: 2011-34-10442012-09-30Released by Rockies (from Tri-City - A-)
    Taylor DennisPFree Agent28.1435-7164R-RUDFA2014-01-20Released by Rangers (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Julio DePaulaPMinors32.0306-1160R-RUDFA2014-10-17Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Anthony DeSclafaniPActive24.2876-2180R-RTOR: 2011-6-1992014-09-02Recalled from New Orleans (AAA) (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Odrisamer DespaignePActive27.3016-0195R-RUDFA2014-06-23Contract purchased from El Paso (AAA) (from El Paso - AAA)
    Jared DettmanPFree Agent22.2576-3180L-LATL: 2013-17-5232014-12-29Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Ross DetwilerSPActive28.3306-5185R-LWAS: 2007-1-62013-06-13Activated from DL (from Potomac - A+)
    Joey DevinePFree Agent31.1336-0210R-RATL: 2005-1-27----
    Kyle DevorePFree Agent24.0386-4225R-RTEX: 2011-27-8342013-03-28Released by Rangers (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Cole DevriesPFree Agent29.3526-2185R-RUDFA2013-09-09Recalled from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Owen DewPFree Agent26.1266-2180R-RCLE: 2010-21-6302014-01-17Released by Indians (from Carolina - A+)
    Scott DiamondSPFree Agent28.1846-3190L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Alberto DiazPFree Agent23.2326-9157L-LUDFA2015-01-26Released by (from Boise - A-)
    Amalio DiazPFree Agent28.1426-2170R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Great Lakes - A)
    Axel DiazPFree Agent23.3226-2170R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Pirates (from Jamestown - A-)
    Carlos DiazPFree Agent22.3626-3190L-LUDFA2014-03-18Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Evandert DiazPFree Agent22.2556-3190R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Francisco DiazPFree Agent21.3376-5200R-RUDFA2014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Gulf Coast Blue Jays - Rk)
    Jairo DiazPActive23.2486-0195R-RUDFA2014-09-08Contract purchased from minors (from Arkansas - AA)
    Jorge DiazPFree Agent23.0106-6190R-RUDFA2013-07-05Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Jose DiazP Free Agent20.1516-1178R-LNYA: 2012-29-9072013-12-21Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Jose Agusto DiazPFree Agent24.0155-11185R-RUDFA2014-02-10Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Jumbo DiazPActive30.3386-0175R-RUDFA2014-06-20Contract purchased from minors (from Louisville - AAA)
    Nolan DiazPFree Agent23.3086-1175R-RUDFA2013-03-24Released by Mariners (from Pulaski - Rk)
    Joel DicentPFree Agent23.1796-3176R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Kevin DicharryPFree Agent25.0646-4195R-RWAS: 2012-24-7442013-07-02Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Dale DickersonPIndy League28.1416-1195R-RCLE: 2009-16-4852012-07-08Released by Indians (from Carolina - A+)
    R.A. DickeySPActive40.0936-3205R-RTEX: 1996-1-18----
    Brandon DicksonPInternational30.0886-5190R-RUDFA2012-12-12Signed with Orix (Japan) (from Memphis - AAA)
    Jake DiekmanRPActive28.0096-4190L-LPHI: 2007-30-9232013-06-13Recalled from Lehigh Valley (AAA) (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Brian DiemerPMinors26.3116-5240R-RANA: 2010-6-2042014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Jaden DillonPFree Agent25.0215-11160R-RATL: 2012-29-8992013-03-27Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Marcos DiplanPMinors18.1346-0160R-RUDFA----
    Rafael DiplanPFree Agent23.0956-1190R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Cubs (from Boise - A-)
    Kerry DoanePRetired24.1495-10165R-RCLE: 2013-24-7112014-06-10Announced retirement (from Lake County - A)
    Jeremy DobbsPFree Agent25.1126-2171L-LSEA: 2011-33-9932013-09-30Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Stephen DodsonPFree Agent29.1546-5210R-RCOL: 2008-10-3172013-04-07Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Rafael DolisRPMinors27.0206-3180R-RUDFA2014-05-19Assignment unknown (from Fresno - AAA)
    Dioni DominguezPFree Agent24.1026-1175B-RUDFA2014-06-30Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Tucker DonahuePFree Agent24.1566-1195R-RTOR: 2012-4-1452013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Joey DoninoPMinors--0-UDFA----
    Jonathan DooleyPFree Agent26.1616-0205R-RKCA: 2010-26-7792012-07-25Released by Royals (from Kane County - A)
    Sean DoolittleRPActive28.1266-3190L-LOAK: 2007-1-41----
    Nathan DorrisPFree Agent24.0526-3185L-LCHN: 2012-17-5242015-01-26Released by (from Daytona - A+)
    Octavio DotelRPRetired39.0666-0175R-RUDFA2013-09-04Recalled from Toledo (AAA) rehab (from Toledo - AAA)
    Zachary DotsonPFree Agent24.0926-1180L-LNYN: 2009-13-4042013-11-02Released by Mets (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Felix DoubrontSPActive27.0996-2166L-LUDFA2014-08-30Activated from DL (from Iowa - AAA)
    Gregory DowningPMinors24.0835-10175L-LLAN: 2011-47-14242013-04-22Released by Dodgers (from Great Lakes - A)
    Brodie DownsPFree Agent35.1956-4240R-RSEA: 2007-23-7052014-07-27Released by Rangers (from Frisco - AA)
    Darin DownsRPMinors30.0356-3176R-LCHN: 2003-5-1332014-05-04Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Scott DownsRPMinors38.3196-2190L-LCHN: 1997-3-94----
    Pat DoylePFree Agent26.2636-2210R-RCIN: 2010-24-7272014-03-31Released by Reds (from Pensacola - AA)
    Terry DoylePMinors29.0896-4225R-RCHA: 2008-37-11102014-11-08Granted free agency (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Donovan DrakePFree Agent26.1236-0200R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Oliver DrakePActive28.0176-4210R-RBAL: 2008-43-12862014-11-08Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Mike DrownePFree Agent26.1865-10175R-LLAN: 2010-28-8622013-01-13Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Hugo DuartePFree Agent25.0236-1169R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Marco DuartePFree Agent28.1646-2185R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Salem - A+)
    Michael DubeePFree Agent29.0186-2177R-RPHI: 2006-18-5472012-11-18Declared free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Brandon DuckworthPFree Agent39.0076-2185B-RUDFA2012-07-25Released by Red Sox (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Brian DuensingRPActive31.3425-11195L-LMIN: 2005-3-84----
    Jonas DufekPMinors26.2146-5210R-RHOU: 2011-9-2802014-04-21Assignment unknown (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Jack DuffeyPFree Agent22.2876-2190L-LDET: 2010-28-8532012-09-30Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Danny DuffySPActive26.0406-2185L-LKCA: 2007-3-962013-08-28Recalled from Omaha (AAA) (from Omaha - AAA)
    Ryan DukePMinors26.1256-0160R-RPHI: 2011-25-7812012-10-08Activated from DL (from Reading - AA)
    Zach DukeRPActive31.2866-2210L-LPIT: 2001-20-5942013-08-30Contract purchased from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    Michael DunnRPActive29.2526-1185L-LNYA: 2004-33-9992014-01-17Signed to 1-year contract for 2014-2014 ($1.4m) Avoiding arbitration (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Jacob DunningtonPMinors23.3626-2160L-RUDFA2014-04-19Assignment unknown (from Augusta - A)
    Omar DuranPMinors24.3386-3209L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Chad DurbinRPRetired37.0586-1175R-RKCA: 1996-3-79----
    Andrew DurdenPFree Agent26.0645-11200R-RKCA: 2011-38-11462013-10-08Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Myles DuvallPFree Agent25.2826-5220R-RUDFA2013-07-06Released by Blue Jays (from Gulf Coast Blue Jays - Rk)
    Joe DvorskyPFree Agent26.1336-2195R-RCHA: 2011-35-10712013-11-24Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Chris DwyerPMinors26.2956-3210R-LKCA: 2009-4-1222014-09-01Designated for Assignment (from Omaha - AAA)
    Brad DydalewiczPFree Agent24.3126-1180L-LHOU: 2008-8-2422012-11-08Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Shane DyerPFree Agent26.3276-3185R-RTBA: 2008-6-1732013-03-28Released by Tigers (from Pensacola - AA)
    Sam DysonPActive26.2686-2195R-RTOR: 2010-4-1262014-06-28Recalled from New Orleans (AAA) (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Josh EasleyPFree Agent24.0526-3170R-RMIA: 2013-23-6822014-06-22Released by Marlins (from Greensboro - A)
    Brian EdelenPMinors26.3296-1194R-RUDFA2012-07-17Released by Royals (from Burlington - Rk)
    Josh EdginRPActive28.0446-1225L-LNYN: 2010-30-9022014-05-15Recalled from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Zak EdgingtonPFree Agent25.0406-1185R-LSFN: 2012-34-10482012-09-30Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Steve EdlefsenPRetired29.2176-2195R-RSFN: 2007-16-4942014-04-22Announced retirement (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    C.J. EdwardsPActive23.1496-2155R-RTEX: 2011-48-14642014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Tennessee - AA)
    Jonathan EdwardsPActive27.0226-5230R-RSLN: 2006-14-4362014-08-15Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Brandon EffersonPFree Agent26.0665-11170R-RANA: 2011-37-11252013-09-30Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Zach EflinPMinors20.2976-4200R-RSDN: 2012-1-332014-12-19Traded from Padres with Yasmani Grandal and Joe Wieland to Dodgers for Matt Kemp and Tim Federowicz (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Pat EganPMinors30.0976-8225R-RBAL: 2006-36-10752013-11-05Granted free agency (from Mississippi - AA)
    Jack EgbertPFree Agent31.2636-3205L-RCHA: 2004-13-3892012-10-08Elected free agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Kevin EichhornPFree Agent24.3586-0170R-RARI: 2008-3-1042014-11-08Granted free agency (from Lakeland - A+)
    Jerad EickhoffPActive24.2126-4200R-RTEX: 2011-15-4742014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Frisco - AA)
    R.L EisenbachPFree Agent26.3006-0180L-LSDN: 2011-23-7132012-07-27Released by Padres (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Mike EkstromPFree Agent31.1536-0185R-RSDN: 2004-12-3422013-08-06Released by Angels (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Scott ElartonPIndy League38.3426-7240R-RHOU: 1994-1-252012-11-18Declared free agency (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Scott ElbertPMinors29.1706-2190L-LLAN: 2004-1-172014-09-12Contract purchased from minors (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Ethan EliasPFree Agent21.2786-3180R-RCHN: 2011-22-6692013-11-02Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Roenis EliasPActive26.1826-2178L-LUDFA2014-08-18Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Jordan ElliottPFree Agent25.0526-3180R-RUDFA2013-08-30Released by Phillies (from Gulf Coast Phillies - Rk)
    Shaun EllisPFree Agent28.0596-3225R-RPHI: 2008-32-9762014-03-23Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    John ElyPMinors28.2586-1190R-RCHA: 2007-3-1192014-11-08Granted free agency (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Estevenson EncarnacionPFree Agent24.2406-4186R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Isaias EncarnacionPFree Agent23.2046-4200L-LUDFA2012-07-26Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Jose EncarnacionPFree Agent24.1116-4190R-RUDFA2014-09-29Released by Mets (from Gulf Coast Mets - Rk)
    Luis EncarnacionPFree Agent23.0976-3170R-RUDFA2013-05-20Released by Indians (from Mahoning Valley - A-)
    Pedro EncarnacionPFree Agent23.2186-4175R-RUDFA2015-01-26Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    Evan EnglebrookPFree Agent32.2776-8225R-RHOU: 2004-8-2442012-10-08Activated from DL (from Dunedin - A+)
    Justin EnnisPFree Agent26.2856-1210L-LPIT: 2010-33-9872012-11-29Released by Pirates (from West Virginia - A)
    Nathan EovaldiSPActive24.3516-3195R-RLAN: 2008-11-3372013-06-18Activated from DL (from Jacksonville - AA)
    Cody EppleyRPFree Agent29.1146-5205R-RTEX: 2008-43-12932014-06-18Released by Pirates (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Nate EppleyPFree Agent26.0946-6205R-ROAK: 2011-29-8862012-09-30Released by Athletics (from Burlington - A)
    Justin ErasmusPFree Agent25.0085-10175R-RUDFA2012-08-08Released by Red Sox (from Greenville - A)
    Jeremy ErbenPFree Agent27.1375-10190R-RARI: 2010-22-6612014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Eric EricksonPFree Agent26.3485-10174R-LNYA: 2012-34-10572013-09-19Released by Yankees (from Staten Island - A-)
    Robbie ErlinSPActive24.1146-0175L-LTEX: 2009-3-932014-09-01Recalled from El Paso (AAA) (from El Paso - AAA)
    Alesone EscalantePFree Agent26.1546-4180B-RUDFA2013-02-16Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Sergio EscalonaPFree Agent30.1806-0170L-LUDFA2013-11-07Released by Astros (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Edwin EscobarPActive22.2836-1185L-LUDFA2014-09-17Recalled from Pawtucket (AAA) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Kelvim EscobarPFree Agent38.2946-1195R-RUDFA----
    Yoel EspinalPMinors22.0846-2200R-RUDFA2013-05-02Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Roberto EspinosaPInternational22.2686-1189R-RUDFA2014-10-13Traded to Veracruz (Mexican) for cash (from Lansing - A)
    Jaime EsquivelPFree Agent22.2506-2185R-RBAL: 2010-28-8382013-03-28Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Ramon EstevezPFree Agent24.0956-0165R-RUDFA2014-11-03Released by Mets (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Deivy EstradaPFree Agent22.1615-11178R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Marco EstradaSPActive31.2096-0180R-RWAS: 2005-6-1742013-08-07Activated from DL (from Nashville - AAA)
    Roberto EstrellaPFree Agent22.1696-2175R-RUDFA2013-06-26Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Wilson EusebioPFree Agent26.1636-0170R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Hagerstown - A)
    Bryan EvansPFree Agent27.3396-3205R-RFLO: 2008-14-4182014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Cody EvansPFree Agent31.1496-5190R-RARI: 2005-10-2912012-11-18Declared free agency (from Dunedin - A+)
    Steven EvansPFree Agent25.1746-4190L-LMIN: 2011-13-4182013-06-27Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Dana EvelandPMinors31.0936-1220L-LMIL: 2002-16-4692014-06-01Contract purchased from minors (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Clint EvertsPFree Agent30.1736-2170R-RMON: 2002-1-52013-05-19Released by Blue Jays (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Steven EwingPFree Agent23.1756-1223L-LSEA: 2012-20-6112013-09-30Released by Mariners (from Clinton - A)
    Willie EyrePFree Agent36.1936-1200R-RMIN: 1999-23-6892012-11-18Declared free agency (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Juan FalconPFree Agent22.3296-3200R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Jeurys FamiliaRPActive25.1126-3186R-RUDFA2013-09-14Activated from DL (from Brooklyn - A-)
    Alan FarinaPFree Agent28.1745-11195R-RTOR: 2007-3-1152013-11-10Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Buck FarmerPActive23.3446-3227L-RDET: 2013-5-1562014-09-02Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    Kyle FarnsworthRPMinors38.2916-4215R-RCHN: 1994-47-12902014-05-17Cleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Danny FarquharCLActive27.3475-10170R-RTOR: 2008-10-3092013-05-17Contract purchased from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    John FarrellPFree Agent23.3466-2210R-RTBA: 2013-21-6382013-09-30Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Ryan FasanoPFree Agent25.0816-1195R-RUDFA2013-11-10Released by Brewers (from Wisconsin - A)
    Cody FassoldPFree Agent26.1206-2230R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Eric FedericoPFree Agent27.1485-11175R-RCOL: 2009-39-11712012-09-30Released by Rockies (from Tri-City - A-)
    Ryan FeierabendPFree Agent29.1616-4200L-LSEA: 2003-3-862014-10-01Granted free agency (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Scott FeldmanSPActive31.3576-4210R-RTEX: 2003-30-886----
    Pedro FelicianoRPFree Agent38.1585-11165L-LLAN: 1995-31-8632014-08-08Released by Cardinals (from Memphis - AAA)
    Keurin FelizPMinors24.1666-0180R-LUDFA2014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Michael FelizPActive21.2166-4210R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Quad Cities - A)
    Neftali FelizPActive26.2736-3180R-RUDFA2014-07-04Recalled from Round Rock (AAA) (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Ryan FennellPFree Agent24.2826-2175R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Kevin FergusonPFree Agent23.2106-1175L-LUDFA2014-11-11Released by Astros (from Tri City - A-)
    Miguel FerminPFree Agent29.3536-0165R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Jupiter - A+)
    Yeraldo FerminPFree Agent23.1205-11136R-RUDFA2014-07-02Released by Orioles (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    Chris FernP Free Agent23.1616-4215L-LSFN: 2012-27-8382013-08-05Released by Giants (from Salem-Keizer - A-)
    Jesse FernandezPFree Agent25.0066-2225R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Jose FernandezSPActive22.1836-3215R-RFLO: 2011-1-142013-03-31Contract purchased from minors (from Jupiter - A+)
    Anthony FerraraPFree Agent25.1506-1175R-LSLN: 2008-7-2152014-06-06Released by Cardinals (from Springfield - AA)
    Andrew FerreiraPMinors24.1006-3210R-LMIN: 2012-32-9702014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Miguel FerrerPFree Agent24.1766-3168R-RUDFA2014-02-04Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Chris FetterPFree Agent29.0386-8230R-RSDN: 2009-9-2642013-12-03Released by Padres (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Chuck FickPFree Agent29.0806-5187R-RSLN: 2007-15-4722013-06-29Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Joshua FieldsRPActive29.1646-0180R-RSEA: 2008-1-202014-05-14Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Casey FienRPActive31.1016-2195R-RDET: 2006-20-5922012-07-04Contract purchased from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Mike FiersSPActive29.2296-3205R-RMIL: 2009-22-6762014-08-09Recalled from Nashville (AAA) (from Nashville - AAA)
    Stephen FifeSPFree Agent28.1186-3210R-RBOS: 2008-3-852014-09-16Recalled from Albuquerque (AAA) (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Alfredo FigaroRPFree Agent30.2076-0173R-RUDFA2014-08-30Recalled from Nashville (AAA) (from Nashville - AAA)
    Jose FiguereoPFree Agent22.3136-1190R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Eduardo FigueroaPFree Agent26.0616-1185R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Daytona - A+)
    Nelson FigueroaPFree Agent40.2576-1155B-RNYN: 1995-30-8332013-04-27Released by Diamondbacks (from Reno - AAA)
    Pedro FigueroaRPFree Agent29.0686-1164L-LUDFA2012-04-21Recalled from Sacramento (AAA) (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Dave FilakPFree Agent25.0676-4220R-RATL: 2010-4-1342012-09-30Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Brandon FinneganPActive21.2915-11180L-LKCA: 2014-1-172014-09-01Contract purchased from minors (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Rob FinneranPFree Agent25.1346-3215L-RTBA: 2012-37-11422013-04-07Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    David FischerPFree Agent24.2956-5175R-RWAS: 2012-18-5642014-07-08Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Robert FishPMinors27.0116-2215L-LANA: 2006-6-1922013-11-10Re-signed to minor league contract (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Jake FisherPFree Agent24.1365-10163L-LLAN: 2013-22-6642014-02-10Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Doug FisterSPActive30.3616-8185L-RSEA: 2006-7-201----
    Jeremy FitzgeraldPMinors23.3606-0175R-RATL: 2012-21-6592014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Rome - A)
    Justin FitzgeraldPFree Agent28.3336-5225R-RSFN: 2008-11-3272014-08-04Released by Diamondbacks (from Mobile - AA)
    Jon FitzsimmonsPFree Agent23.0626-2202R-RUDFA2014-11-11Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Yohan FlandePActive29.0036-2170L-LUDFA2014-09-01Recalled from Colorado Springs (AAA) (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Ryan FlanneryPFree Agent29.0246-3245R-RNYA: 2008-47-14212012-12-27Released by Yankees (from Trenton - AA)
    Joe FlatteryPFree Agent24.1226-3205L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Nick FleecePFree Agent26.0986-2200R-RCIN: 2011-13-4152013-09-30Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    Marquis FlemingPFree Agent28.1416-1181R-RTBA: 2008-24-7132014-03-22Released by Rays (from Montgomery - AA)
    Tim FlightPFree Agent24.0346-4190R-RNYA: 2012-17-5472013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Jake FloethePFree Agent25.2466-3195R-RTBA: 2011-6-2102014-06-23Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Adalberto FloresPFree Agent28.0876-7227R-RFLO: 2005-32-9662012-11-18Declared free agency (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Fidencio FloresPFree Agent23.1426-0160R-RUDFA2014-07-09Released by Cardinals (from Gulf Coast Cardinals - Rk)
    Jose FloresPMinors25.2406-3185R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Kendry FloresPMinors23.0676-2175R-RUDFA2014-12-21Traded from Giants with Luis Castillo to Marlins for Casey McGehee (from San Jose - A+)
    Manuel FloresPFree Agent27.2436-2170L-LUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Gavin FloydSPActive32.0036-5210R-RPHI: 2001-1-42014-05-04Activated from DL (from Mississippi - AA)
    Brian FlynnPActive24.2866-8230L-LDET: 2011-7-2272014-11-29Traded from Marilns with Reid Redman to Royals for Aaron Crow (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Conrad FlynnPFree Agent26.0736-3190R-RSEA: 2007-25-7652014-03-01Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Mike FoltynewiczPActive23.1156-4200R-RHOU: 2010-1-192014-08-01Contract purchased from minors (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Wilmer FontRPMinors24.2516-4237R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Frisco - AA)
    Randy FontanezPMinors25.2576-1193R-RNYN: 2011-27-8222014-12-16Drafted from Mets by Dodgers in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Binghamton - AA)
    Max FoodyP Free Agent21.2336-3220L-LSLN: 2012-12-3902012-09-30Released by Cardinals (from Gulf Coast Cardinals - Rk)
    Blake FordPFree Agent26.2596-5215R-RHOU: 2011-44-13302012-11-08Released by Astros (from Tri City - A-)
    Matt FordPMinors33.2976-1175B-LTOR: 1999-3-103----
    Eric FornataroPMinors27.0286-1217R-RSLN: 2008-6-1852014-11-04Claimed off waivers from Cardinals by Nationals (from Memphis - AAA)
    Blake ForslundPFree Agent24.3486-3205R-RARI: 2012-15-4832013-10-13Released by Diamondbacks (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Zachary FosterPFree Agent27.2516-4220R-RPIT: 2008-49-14522013-03-27Released by Pirates (from Bradenton - A+)
    Zach FowlerPFree Agent25.3376-3195L-LBAL: 2011-34-10252014-03-26Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Hayden FoxPFree Agent23.3356-3175R-LMIA: 2012-21-6472015-01-26Released by Marlins (from Batavia - A-)
    Matt FoxPFree Agent32.0576-3192R-RMIN: 2004-1-352013-11-09Granted free agency (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Jeff FrancisRPMinors34.0226-5200L-LCOL: 2002-1-92014-07-11Traded from Athletics with cash to Yankees for PTBNL (from Louisville - AAA)
    Delvi FranciscoPMinors22.1596-1190R-RUDFA2014-12-16Drafted from Phillies by Indians in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Lakewood - A)
    Frank FranciscoRPFree Agent34.2336-2179R-RUDFA2014-05-10Contract purchased from minors (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Juan FranciscoPFree Agent24.1906-1180R-RUDFA2013-11-10Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Juan FranciscoPFree Agent24.0466-5180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Mike FranciscoPFree Agent26.1796-4204L-LMIL: 2011-48-14512012-12-27Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Chris FranklinPFree Agent27.0816-1202R-RSDN: 2010-12-3642013-02-06Released by Padres (from Tucson - AAA)
    Jason FrasorRPActive37.1745-10170R-RDET: 1999-33-987----
    Parker FrazierPFree Agent26.0806-5159R-RCOL: 2007-8-2522014-11-08Granted free agency (from Birmingham - AA)
    Eric FredrickPFree Agent25.1786-3208L-LUDFA2013-11-10Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Benjamin FreemanPFree Agent22.3596-2150L-LSLN: 2010-11-3492014-03-19Released by Cardinals (from Batavia - A-)
    Justin FreemanPFree Agent28.1006-1170R-RCIN: 2008-32-9592014-11-08Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Sam FreemanRPActive27.2205-11170R-LSLN: 2008-32-9652014-05-24Recalled from Memphis (AAA) (from Memphis - AAA)
    Renzo FreitePFree Agent22.0276-1170R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Giants (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Justice FrenchPFree Agent25.1816-4190R-RCIN: 2011-25-7752012-09-30Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Luke FrenchPFree Agent29.1396-4220L-LDET: 2004-8-2232012-11-18Declared free agency (from New Britain - AA)
    Carlos FriasPActive25.0786-4170R-RUDFA2014-08-04Contract purchased from minors (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Marcos FriasPFree Agent26.0426-2190R-RUDFA2013-07-25Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    Max FriedP Minors21.0126-4170L-LSDN: 2012-1-72014-12-20Traded from Padres with Jace Peterson, Dustin Peterson and Mallex Smith to Braves for Justin Upton and Aaron Northcraft (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Christian FriedrichPActive27.2066-3210R-LCOL: 2008-1-252014-08-27Recalled from Colorado Springs (AAA) (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Dalton FriendP Free Agent24.2106-3230L-LPIT: 2012-12-3762012-09-30Released by Pirates (from State College - A-)
    Justin FriendPFree Agent28.2236-1205R-ROAK: 2007-13-4202014-04-15Released by Phillies (from Reading - AA)
    Ernesto FrieriRPActive29.1956-2168R-RUDFA2014-09-08Released by Pirates (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Isaiah FronebergerPFree Agent25.2215-8200L-LCOL: 2007-4-1322013-11-05Granted free agency (from Tulsa - AA)
    Brian FuentesPRetired39.1746-4220L-LSEA: 1995-25-6782012-07-25Contract purchased from Springfield (AA) (from Springfield - AA)
    Nelvin FuentesPFree Agent25.2986-0196L-LMIN: 2007-16-5122014-11-08Granted free agency (from Birmingham - AA)
    Zachary FuesserPFree Agent24.1976-2190L-LPIT: 2009-34-10152013-09-30Released by Pirates (from Bradenton - A+)
    Kyuji FujikawaRPActive34.1936-1169L-RUDFA2014-08-06Activated from DL (from Iowa - AAA)
    Jim FullerPMinors27.2435-10175L-LNYN: 2008-21-6442014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Britain - AA)
    Charlie FurbushRPActive28.2946-5215L-LDET: 2007-4-1512012-08-17Activated from DL (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Drew GagnierPFree Agent26.1316-4215R-RDET: 2010-17-5232012-12-27Released by Athletics (from Vermont - A-)
    Frank GaileyPMinors29.0735-11185L-LTOR: 2007-23-7152014-11-08Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Armando GalarragaPFree Agent33.0156-3170R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Sean GallagherPFree Agent29.0316-1210R-RCHN: 2004-12-3662013-11-05Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Yovani GallardoSPActive28.3376-2190R-RMIL: 2004-2-46----
    Eddie GamboaPActive30.0406-2195R-RBAL: 2008-21-6262014-11-08Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Victor GaratePMinors30.1276-1160L-LUDFA2013-01-30Signed to minor league contract (from Nashville - AAA)
    Alan GarciaPMinors24.0366-4223R-RLAN: 2012-22-6862014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Great Lakes - A)
    Bryam GarciaPFree Agent26.0755-10188R-RUDFA2013-07-05Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Christian GarciaPFree Agent23.1286-2175R-RHOU: 2012-29-8792014-01-17Released by Astros (from Greeneville - Rk)
    Christian GarciaRPFree Agent29.1596-4175R-RNYA: 2004-3-992014-06-25Released by Nationals (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Edgar GarciaPMinors27.1326-2190R-RUDFA----
    Elvin GarciaPFree Agent24.2615-11175L-LUDFA2012-11-23Released by Braves (from Gulf Coast Braves - Rk)
    Freddy GarciaSPInternational38.1166-4235R-RUDFA2013-09-01Contract purchased from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Gabriel GarciaPFree Agent25.2645-11142L-LUDFA2012-11-08Released by Astros (from Lexington - A)
    Henry GarciaPFree Agent24.2296-0175L-LUDFA2014-12-29Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Jaime GarciaSPActive28.2066-2200L-LSLN: 2005-22-6802014-05-18Activated from DL (from Memphis - AAA)
    Jason GarciaPActive22.0706-0185R-RBOS: 2010-17-5332014-12-12Drafted from Red Sox by Astros in Rule 5 Draft (from Greenville - A)
    Luis GarciaRPActive28.0006-2175R-RUDFA2014-09-02Recalled from Lehigh Valley (AAA) (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Nate GarciaPFree Agent26.2666-1210R-RTBA: 2010-16-4912013-09-30Released by Rays (from Charlotte - A+)
    Onelki GarciaPActive25.1816-3220L-LLAN: 2012-3-1132014-11-05Activated from DL (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Ramon GarciaPFree Agent30.0926-2165L-LUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Erie - AA)
    Ramon GarciaPFree Agent23.1816-2170R-RUDFA2012-07-06Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Samuel GarciaPFree Agent21.3326-0180R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Yimi GarciaPActive24.1656-1175R-RUDFA2014-09-01Recalled from Albuquerque (AAA) (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Jon GarlandSPFree Agent35.1256-6205R-RCHN: 1997-1-10----
    Brian GarmanPFree Agent26.1955-9188L-LMIL: 2010-17-5192013-11-10Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Amir GarrettPActive22.2726-6195R-LCIN: 2011-22-6852014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Dayton - A)
    Santiago GarridoPFree Agent25.1186-0180R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Montgomery - AA)
    Steve GarrisonPMinors28.1406-1185B-LMIL: 2005-10-2952013-11-05Granted free agency (from Mobile - AA)
    Grayson GarvinPActive25.0956-5217L-LTBA: 2011-1-592014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Montgomery - AA)
    Matt GarzaSPActive31.0806-3205R-RMIN: 2005-1-252013-05-21Activated from DL (from Iowa - AAA)
    Aaron GatesPFree Agent24.2936-1185L-LCOL: 2008-33-10072013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    David GatesPFree Agent22.1376-3215R-RTEX: 2013-18-5502014-03-19Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    John GaubPRetired29.2776-2200R-LCLE: 2006-21-6412013-03-13Announced retirement (from Memphis - AAA)
    Chad GaudinSPFree Agent31.3125-11165R-RTBA: 2001-34-1009----
    Kevin GausmanRPActive24.0246-4170L-RBAL: 2012-1-42014-09-01Recalled from Gulf Coast Orioles (Rk) (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    Tyler GauthierPFree Agent22.2416-5245L-RUDFA2014-07-10Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Sam GaviglioPMinors24.2536-2180R-RSLN: 2011-5-1702014-11-24Traded from Cardinals to Mariners for Ty Kelly (from Springfield - AA)
    Jared GayhartPMinors28.0936-3195L-RDET: 2008-13-4032014-04-21Assignment unknown (from Erie - AA)
    Cory GearrinRPMinors28.2916-3200R-RATL: 2007-4-1382013-10-07Recalled from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Dillon GeeSPActive28.2776-1195R-RNYN: 2007-21-6632015-01-17Signed to 1-year contract for 2015-2015 ($5.3m) Avoids arbitration (from Brooklyn - A-)
    Josh GeerPFree Agent31.2426-2180R-RSDN: 2005-3-982014-11-08Granted free agency (from San Antonio - AA)
    Kyle GehrsPFree Agent23.2345-9175L-LUDFA2014-12-29Released by Astros (from Gulf Coast Astros - Rk)
    T.J. GeithPFree Agent25.2176-4170L-LTBA: 2011-39-12002014-04-18Released by Astros (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Kevin GelinasPMinors25.2446-5235L-LNYN: 2010-44-1322----
    Steve GeltzPActive27.0905-10170R-RUDFA2014-09-01Contract purchased from minors (from Durham - AAA)
    Bryant GeorgePFree Agent26.1975-11170R-RANA: 2010-13-4142012-09-30Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Ross GerdemanPRetired25.0846-3195R-RARI: 2011-35-10542013-09-30Announced retirement (from Hillsboro - A-)
    Domingo GermanPActive22.1796-2175R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Greensboro - A)
    Justin GermanoPMinors32.1776-2190R-RSDN: 2000-13-3792014-10-11Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Gonzalez GermenRPActive27.1296-1170R-RUDFA2014-09-08Recalled from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Stalin GersonPFree Agent26.1576-4175R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Drew GhelfiPFree Agent24.1426-3190R-RMIL: 2013-25-7522014-08-15Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Chuck GhyselsPFree Agent25.0635-11200R-RCIN: 2010-36-10872013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Ryan GibbardP Free Agent25.0636-3220R-RMIL: 2012-14-4552014-05-28Released by Rockies (from Modesto - A+)
    Jeffrey GibbsPFree Agent23.2826-4185R-RARI: 2012-9-3032013-08-16Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Kyle GibsonSPActive27.0996-5210R-RMIN: 2009-1-222013-09-24Recalled from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Jeremy GigliottiPFree Agent27.0146-1185L-LSDN: 2011-19-5932013-03-20Released by Padres (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Jerry GilPFree Agent32.1086-3183R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Yean Carlos GilPActive24.1106-2160R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Rome - A)
    Kenneth GilesPActive24.1326-2188R-RPHI: 2011-7-2412014-06-08Contract purchased from minors (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Alex GillinghamPFree Agent25.1056-3195R-RCOL: 2011-11-3482014-03-18Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Nick GillungPFree Agent25.3396-1180R-LSLN: 2011-19-5902012-10-09Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Sean GilmartinPActive24.2676-2190L-LATL: 2011-1-282014-12-12Drafted from Twins by Mets in Rule 5 Draft (from Rochester - AAA)
    Mike GiovencoPFree Agent27.0266-6235R-RKCA: 2010-14-4192013-03-31Released by Royals (from Kane County - A)
    Michael GleasonPFree Agent26.3246-1195R-RBOS: 2010-34-10432012-11-23Released by Red Sox (from Salem - A+)
    Sean GleasonPInternational29.1626-0190L-RBAL: 2007-20-6092013-04-18Loaned to Puebla (Mexico) (from Bowie - AA)
    Chris GloorPMinors27.3296-6265L-LSFN: 2009-17-5072014-04-20Assignment unknown (from Richmond - AA)
    Gary GloverPFree Agent38.0586-5205R-RTOR: 1994-15-4262012-11-18Declared free agency (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Elliot GlynnPFree Agent26.0176-1165L-LMIL: 2011-39-11812012-12-27Released by Brewers (from Helena - Rk)
    Graham GodfreyPFree Agent30.1746-2195R-RTOR: 2006-34-10202014-11-08Granted free agency (from Mobile - AA)
    Zach GodleyPMinors24.2846-3245R-RCHN: 2013-10-2882014-12-10Traded from Cubs with Jeferson Mejia to Diamondbacks for Miguel Montero (from Daytona - A+)
    Erik GoeddelPActive26.0416-3180R-RNYN: 2010-24-7222014-09-01Recalled from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    David GoforthPActive26.1115-11184R-RMIL: 2011-7-2212014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Huntsville - AA)
    Stephen GoldenPFree Agent565-11180R-RNYN: 1977-12-3022013-09-30Released by Phillies (from Gulf Coast Phillies - Rk)
    Brandon GomesRPMinors30.1995-11175R-RSDN: 2007-17-5372014-09-01Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Carlos GomezPMinors22.3066-1160R-RUDFA2014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Elisaul GomezPFree Agent22.3106-1165L-LUDFA2015-01-26Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Jeanmar GomezRPMinors26.1206-3168R-RUDFA2013-06-26Activated from DL (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Kennil GomezPFree Agent26.2976-3170R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Modesto - A+)
    Leuris GomezPMinors28.1026-0170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Luis GomezPFree Agent27.0466-5185R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Roberto GomezPFree Agent25.1806-5178R-RUDFA2014-10-13Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Marco GonzalesPActive22.3496-0185L-LSLN: 2013-1-192014-09-02Recalled from Springfield (AA) (from Springfield - AA)
    Tyler GonzalesP Minors22.0086-2175R-RTOR: 2012-1-602014-07-25Released by Blue Jays (from Gulf Coast Blue Jays - Rk)
    Andres GonzalezPFree Agent20.3446-3205R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Edgar GonzalezRPFree Agent31.3416-2213R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Erick GonzalezP Free Agent23.0206-1175R-RHOU: 2012-15-4592013-09-30Released by Astros (from Gulf Coast Astros - Rk)
    Gio GonzalezSPActive29.1335-11185R-LCHA: 2004-1-382014-06-18Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Potomac - A+)
    Greg GonzalezPFree Agent26.1335-11190R-RSDN: 2011-15-4732014-02-04Released by Padres (from Tucson - AAA)
    Isliexel GonzalezPFree Agent23.2656-3185R-RUDFA2013-12-22Released by Mariners (from Pulaski - Rk)
    Jose GonzalezPFree Agent22.0446-2195R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Diamondbacks (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Jose GonzalezPMinors24.3615-9166L-LUDFA2013-12-22Released by Twins (from New Britain - AA)
    Miguel GonzalezRPActive30.2486-0165R-RUDFA2014-08-24Recalled from Bowie (AA) (from Bowie - AA)
    Miguel GonzalezPActive28.1296-3200R-RUDFA2014-09-01Recalled from Lehigh Valley (AAA) (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Mike GonzalezRPFree Agent36.2526-2213R-LPIT: 1997-30-9022014-07-05Released by Nationals (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Pablo GonzalezPFree Agent23.3356-4195R-RUDFA2014-03-19Released by Dodgers (from Arizona Dodgers - Rk)
    Sawil GonzalezPFree Agent24.3126-2170R-RUDFA2014-03-23Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Yeuri GonzalezPMinors22.0396-2170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arizona Dodgers - Rk)
    Zach GoodPFree Agent22.2366-3185L-LBOS: 2011-20-6222013-07-30Released by Red Sox (from Gulf Coast Red Sox - Rk)
    Luke GoodgionP Free Agent25.2066-4220L-LTBA: 2012-33-10222012-09-30Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Michael GoodnightPFree Agent25.2346-4205R-RCLE: 2010-13-3902014-01-17Released by Indians (from Mahoning Valley - A-)
    Brian GordonPFree Agent35.1676-0193L-RARI: 1997-7-2332014-06-16Released by Yankees (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Matt GorgenPFree Agent28.0036-0205R-RTBA: 2008-16-4732013-10-13Released by Diamondbacks (from Mobile - AA)
    Scott GorgenPFree Agent28.0035-10190R-RSLN: 2008-4-1252013-06-02Released by Cardinals (from Springfield - AA)
    Corey GormanPFree Agent24.1656-0185R-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Gulf Coast Blue Jays - Rk)
    Tom GorzelannySPActive32.2026-3200B-LPIT: 2003-2-452014-06-14Activated from DL (from Nashville - AAA)
    Jeremy GouldPFree Agent26.2386-3200R-LNYN: 2010-28-8422012-11-28Signed to minor league contract (from Savannah - A)
    Murilo GouveaPMinors26.1376-2155R-RUDFA2013-11-07Granted free agency (from Lexington - A)
    Matt GracePActive26.0476-4205L-LWAS: 2010-8-2362014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Scott GraceyPFree Agent28.1076-2190R-RTOR: 2008-15-4592014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Nick GraffeoPFree Agent27.0476-2195R-RKCA: 2010-38-11392012-09-30Released by Royals (from Wilmington - A+)
    Caleb GrahamPFree Agent28.0126-2201R-RUDFA2013-11-20Released by Angels (from Arkansas - AA)
    J.R. GrahamPActive25.0166-0170R-RATL: 2011-4-1462014-12-12Drafted from Braves by Twins in Rule 5 Draft (from Mississippi - AA)
    Matthew GrahamPFree Agent24.2746-4225R-RSFN: 2009-6-1772012-09-30Released by Giants (from Salem-Keizer - A-)
    Kendall GravemanPActive24.0406-1189R-RTOR: 2013-8-2352014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Jeff GrayPFree Agent33.0726-3205R-ROAK: 2004-32-9672013-07-19Released by White Sox (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Sonny GraySPActive25.0846-0185R-ROAK: 2011-1-182013-08-10Recalled from Sacramento (AAA) (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Cole GreenPFree Agent25.2716-1210R-RCIN: 2011-9-2952013-03-20Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    Eric GreenPFree Agent24.2876-1200L-LBAL: 2013-36-10892014-06-30Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Sean GreenPFree Agent35.2856-6230R-RCOL: 2000-12-347----
    Tyler GreenPFree Agent23.0676-1175R-RARI: 2010-8-2412014-03-19Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Shane GreenePActive26.0746-4210R-RNYA: 2009-15-4652014-07-07Recalled from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (AAA) (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Nick GreenwoodPActive27.1246-1175L-LSDN: 2009-14-4142014-09-02Recalled from Springfield (AA) (from Springfield - AA)
    Luke GregersonRPActive30.2616-3200R-RSLN: 2006-28-856----
    Kevin GreggRPFree Agent36.2246-6200R-ROAK: 1996-15-4352014-06-19Contract purchased from minors (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Joan GregorioPActive23.0186-7180R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Augusta - A)
    Zack GreinkeSPActive31.1016-2190R-RKCA: 2002-1-62013-05-16Activated from DL (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Marco GrifantiniPFree Agent29.1356-3185R-RUDFA2013-07-26Released by Blue Jays (from Dunedin - A+)
    A.J. GriffinSPActive27.0026-5215R-ROAK: 2010-13-3952012-09-01Activated from DL (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Aaron GriffinPFree Agent23.2276-4190R-RTBA: 2013-10-3082014-06-20Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Cameron GriffinPFree Agent23.0846-1185L-LPIT: 2013-23-6892014-06-09Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Michael GriffinPFree Agent31.1215-9200R-RCIN: 2005-14-4222012-11-18Declared free agency (from Pensacola - AA)
    Tim GriffinPFree Agent26.3356-1200B-RSEA: 2010-28-8522013-03-24Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Nevin GriffithPFree Agent25.3136-2165R-RCHA: 2007-2-892012-08-13Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Shawn GriffithPFree Agent27.2515-11170R-RSLN: 2009-37-11202013-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Dunedin - A+)
    Scott GriggsPMinors23.2626-3185R-RLAN: 2012-8-2662014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Great Lakes - A)
    Jason GrilliRPActive38.0806-4185R-RSFN: 1997-1-42013-09-03Activated from DL (from Altoona - AA)
    Nick GrimPFree Agent24.0146-3190R-RBAL: 2012-17-5222014-06-30Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Justin GrimmSPActive26.1676-4170R-RTEX: 2010-5-1662013-09-03Recalled from Iowa (AAA) (from Iowa - AAA)
    Zach GrimmettPFree Agent24.3596-3185R-RHOU: 2008-28-8422013-06-27Released by Phillies (from Clearwater - A+)
    Ben GrisetPFree Agent22.3246-1175L-LTBA: 2013-13-3982014-10-27Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Ben GriszPFree Agent25.0046-1220R-RUDFA2014-01-20Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Jarrett GrubePFree Agent33.0866-4220R-RCOL: 2004-10-2902014-11-08Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Mayckol GuaipePActive24.1726-3175R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Jackson - AA)
    Deolis GuerraPMinors25.2886-5200R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Rochester - AAA)
    Javy GuerraRPActive29.0916-1185R-RLAN: 2004-4-1182014-05-20Contract purchased from minors (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Pedro GuerraPFree Agent25.0216-0180R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Yankees (from Charleston (sc) - A)
    Harold GuerreroPFree Agent24.2546-3215L-LUDFA2014-03-18Released by Indians (from Mahoning Valley - A-)
    Joan GuerreroPFree Agent24.0086-2170L-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Tayron GuerreroPActive24.0216-7189R-RUDFA2014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Matt GuerrierRPFree Agent36.1816-3185R-RCHA: 1999-10-3092014-05-08Contract purchased from minors (from Rochester - AAA)
    Preston GuilmetRPActive27.1876-2200R-RCLE: 2009-9-2752014-10-04Traded from Orioles to Pirates for cash considerations (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Michael GunterPFree Agent24.2096-2200R-RUDFA2013-04-26Released by White Sox (from Kannapolis - A)
    Ryan GuntherPFree Agent24.0746-1167R-RATL: 2013-12-3732014-12-29Released by Braves (from Danville - Rk)
    Jason GurkaPMinors27.0206-0170L-LBAL: 2008-15-4462014-11-08Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Tim GustafsonPMinors30.0326-3185R-RATL: 2006-9-2802013-11-05Granted free agency (from Tulsa - AA)
    Jandel GustavePActive22.1106-2160R-RUDFA2014-12-12Drafted from Astros by Red Sox in Rule 5 Draft (from Quad Cities - A)
    Jeremy GuthrieSPActive35.2976-1200B-RCLE: 2002-1-22----
    Alexander GutierrezPFree Agent21.3116-3213L-LUDFA2014-06-26Released by Pirates (from Bristol - Rk)
    Carlos GutierrezPFree Agent28.1306-1185R-RMIN: 2008-1-272014-03-20Released by Cubs (from Tennessee - AA)
    Juan GutierrezRPMinors31.2006-3200R-RUDFA2012-11-20Contract purchased from Minors (from Omaha - AAA)
    Angel GuzmanPFree Agent33.0476-2180R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Francisco GuzmanPFree Agent25.2126-5190L-LUDFA2013-07-09Released by Diamondbacks (from Missoula - Rk)
    Jose GuzmanPFree Agent23.1446-3178R-RUDFA2014-08-15Released by Reds (from Billings - Rk)
    Jose GuzmanPFree Agent27.0865-11185R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Juan GuzmanPMinors23.3396-0160R-RUDFA2014-03-24Released by Orioles (from Delmarva - A)
    Michaelangelo GuzmanPFree Agent23.3376-0215L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Mariners (from Arizona Mariners - Rk)
    Eric HackerPInternational31.3106-1210B-RNYA: 2002-23-6962012-09-10Released by Giants (from Fresno - AAA)
    Charlie HaegerPFree Agent31.1336-1200R-RCHA: 2001-25-7632013-11-05Granted free agency (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Nick HagadoneRPActive29.0296-5230L-LBOS: 2007-1-552014-07-08Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Jesse HahnPActive25.1846-5182R-RTBA: 2010-6-1912014-08-30Recalled from San Antonio (AA) (from San Antonio - AA)
    David HalePActive27.1256-2195R-RATL: 2009-3-872013-09-05Recalled from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Tyler HalePFree Agent24.2025-10168R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Padres (from Eugene - A-)
    Cody HallPActive27.0246-4230R-RSFN: 2011-19-5972014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Richmond - AA)
    Cory HallPFree Agent26.2636-2230R-RUDFA2013-10-08Released by Royals (from Wilmington - A+)
    Shaeffer HallPFree Agent27.1206-2195R-LNYA: 2009-25-7652013-11-09Granted free agency (from Stockton - A+)
    Roy HalladaySPRetired37.2616-6225R-RTOR: 1995-1-172013-08-25Activated from DL (from Lakewood - A)
    Shane HalleyPFree Agent25.1246-1185B-RKCA: 2012-20-6132014-11-11Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Kyle HallockPFree Agent26.1776-1175L-LHOU: 2011-10-3102014-03-18Released by Astros (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Michael HamannPMinors24.0296-4160R-RCHN: 2012-16-4942014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Kane County - A)
    Cole HamelsSPActive31.0346-3170L-LPHI: 2002-1-172014-04-23Activated from DL (from Clearwater - A+)
    Tanner HamiltonPFree Agent26.0626-3210R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Jason HammelSPActive32.1506-6200R-RTBA: 2002-10-2842013-09-05Activated from DL (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Justin HampsonPFree Agent34.2516-1180L-LCOL: 1999-28-8502013-11-09Granted free agency (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Erik HamrenPFree Agent28.1626-1195R-RCHN: 2008-37-11212014-11-08Granted free agency (from Frisco - AA)
    Brad HandPActive24.3166-2185L-LFLO: 2008-2-522013-09-03Recalled from New Orleans (AAA) (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Donovan HandRPMinors28.2856-4205R-RMIL: 2007-14-4312014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Chris HaneyPFree Agent25.3515-11186R-RSDN: 2011-20-6232013-03-31Released by Padres (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Derek HankinsPFree Agent31.2136-4190R-RPIT: 2004-10-2922014-11-08Granted free agency (from Toledo - AAA)
    Christopher HannaPFree Agent22.3296-1180R-LTEX: 2010-11-3462012-09-30Released by Rangers (from Hickory - A)
    Joel HanrahanRPMinors33.1166-2191R-RLAN: 2000-2-572013-04-30Activated from DL (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Andrew HansePFree Agent23.2626-6205R-RTBA: 2013-22-6682014-10-27Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Bobby HansenPFree Agent25.0446-5220L-LWAS: 2008-18-5412012-10-08Activated from DL (from Hagerstown - A)
    Craig HansenPFree Agent31.0766-6210R-RBOS: 2005-1-262013-03-05Released by Mets (from Savannah - A)
    Derek HansenP Retired24.1626-1215R-ROAK: 2012-25-7692013-07-31Announced retirement (from Vermont - A-)
    Ray HansonPFree Agent24.3376-7235R-RSFN: 2010-47-14282015-01-26Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Tommy HansonSPFree Agent28.1556-6210R-RATL: 2005-22-6772014-11-08Granted free agency (from Charlotte - AAA)
    J.A. HappSPActive32.1036-5205L-LPHI: 2004-3-922013-08-06Activated from DL (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Aaron HarangSPActive36.2666-7240R-RTEX: 1999-6-1952013-09-09Contract purchased from Las Vegas (AAA) (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Rich HardenPFree Agent33.0616-1180L-ROAK: 2000-17-510----
    Brandon HardinP Free Agent24.3476-0200R-RCHA: 2012-10-3212014-11-03Released by White Sox (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Zack HardoinPFree Agent26.2035-10201L-LHOU: 2011-47-14202012-08-22Released by Astros (from Greeneville - Rk)
    Blaine HardyPActive27.3226-2195L-LKCA: 2008-22-6552014-06-15Contract purchased from minors (from Toledo - AAA)
    Mark HardyPFree Agent26.2726-4200L-LSDN: 2010-43-12942013-03-31Released by Padres (from San Antonio - AA)
    Dan HarenSPActive34.1356-5220R-RSLN: 2001-2-722012-07-22Activated from DL (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Casey HarmanPFree Agent25.3196-2185L-LCHN: 2010-29-8802013-04-01Released by Cubs (from Tennessee - AA)
    Lucas HarrellRPInternational29.2416-2200B-RCHA: 2004-4-1192014-08-25Released by Diamondbacks (from Reno - AAA)
    Drew HarrelsonP Free Agent20.2386-6185L-LSDN: 2012-12-3752014-02-04Released by Padres (from Arizona Padres - Rk)
    Greg HarrisPMinors20.1666-2175R-RLAN: 2013-17-5142014-11-22Traded from Dodgers with Jose Dominguez to Rays for Joel Peralta and Adam Liberatore (from Great Lakes - A)
    Ty'relle HarrisPFree Agent28.0496-5240R-RATL: 2009-19-5682013-04-01Released by Cubs (from Iowa - AAA)
    Will HarrisRPActive30.1556-3230R-RCOL: 2006-9-2582014-08-18Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Drew HarrisonPFree Agent24.0086-4238R-RDET: 2012-23-7242013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Matt HarrisonSPActive29.1676-3190L-LATL: 2003-3-972014-04-27Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Frisco - AA)
    Stephen HarroldPFree Agent25.3246-1208R-RSFN: 2010-12-3782013-09-30Released by Giants (from San Jose - A+)
    Brook HartPFree Agent25.2956-5220L-LCOL: 2011-23-7082014-06-09Released by Rockies (from Asheville - A)
    Ryan HartmanPFree Agent22.2656-3180R-RCHN: 2010-16-4902013-04-01Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Kris HarveyPFree Agent31.0256-2195R-RFLO: 2005-2-642012-10-08Activated from DL (from Altoona - AA)
    Matt HarveySPActive25.3096-4210R-RNYN: 2010-1-72012-07-24Contract purchased from Buffalo (AAA) (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Ryan HarveyPFree Agent23.3646-1220L-RTEX: 2012-18-5762014-05-28Released by Rangers (from Hickory - A)
    David HaseldenPFree Agent25.0916-3230R-RUDFA2014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    Michael HashemPFree Agent26.1096-1220L-LATL: 2011-35-10762012-11-23Released by Braves (from Danville - Rk)
    Naoki HashimotoPFree Agent24.2375-11180R-RUDFA2014-06-30Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Charlie HaslupPFree Agent23.1606-4200R-RNYA: 2012-26-8172013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Staten Island - A-)
    Chris HatcherRPActive30.0186-2180B-RFLO: 2006-5-1552014-05-22Contract purchased from minors (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Marcus HatleyPMinors26.3106-4190R-RCHN: 2006-39-11692014-11-08Granted free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Matt HauserPFree Agent26.3066-2190R-RMIN: 2010-7-2252014-06-20Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Shawn HavilandPMinors29.0816-2200L-ROAK: 2008-33-9942014-11-08Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Stepan HavlicekPFree Agent21.3396-1160R-LUDFA2013-11-10Released by Rays (from Princeton - Rk)
    Ben HawkinsPFree Agent25.0876-2175L-LWAS: 2011-36-10872013-06-08Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    LaTroy HawkinsRPActive42.0406-5204R-RMIN: 1991-7-181----
    Blake HawksworthPRetired31.3356-3190R-RSLN: 2001-28-8542014-02-12Announced retirement (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Hunter HaynesP Free Agent20.3525-9175L-LKCA: 2012-13-4032012-09-30Released by Royals (from Arizona Royals - Rk)
    Andrew HeaneyPActive23.2396-2164L-LMIA: 2012-1-92014-09-02Recalled from New Orleans (AAA) (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Deunte HeathRPFree Agent29.1556-4205R-RATL: 2006-19-5802014-07-17Released by White Sox (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Eric HeckamanPFree Agent26.2616-2215R-RDET: 2011-35-10672013-03-26Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Kyle HeckathornPFree Agent26.2276-6240R-RMIL: 2009-1-472014-12-29Released by Brewers (from Nashville - AAA)
    Jeremy HefnerSPFree Agent28.3256-4215R-RSDN: 2007-5-1772014-11-08Granted free agency (from St. Lucie - A+)
    Matthew HeidenreichPMinors24.0136-5185L-RCHA: 2009-4-1332014-11-11Released by Astros (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Aaron HeilmanPFree Agent36.0796-5220R-RNYN: 2001-1-182012-11-18Declared free agency (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Jeremy HellicksonSPActive27.2976-1185R-RTBA: 2005-4-1182014-07-26Recalled from Charlotte (A+) (from Charlotte - A+)
    Heath HembreePActive26.0176-4205R-RSFN: 2010-5-1682014-09-17Recalled from Pawtucket (AAA) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Brandon HendersonPFree Agent22.2866-3175L-LTBA: 2010-15-4612014-10-27Released by Rays (from Bowling Green - A)
    Jim HendersonRPActive32.1016-4190R-RMON: 2003-26-7772014-07-31Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Nashville - AAA)
    Kyle HendricksPActive25.0546-2175R-RTEX: 2011-8-2642014-07-22Recalled from Iowa (AAA) (from Iowa - AAA)
    Mark HendricksonPFree Agent40.2216-9230L-LTOR: 1997-20-5992013-11-05Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Liam HendriksSPActive25.3546-1197R-RUDFA2014-09-02Recalled from Northwest Arkansas (AA) (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Travis HenkePFree Agent26.2056-6241R-RWAS: 2011-22-6672015-01-12Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    Sean HennPFree Agent33.2826-5200R-LNYA: 2000-26-7882001-11-24Signed to minor league contract (from Tacoma - AAA)
    David HenriePFree Agent24.0126-5190R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Ben HenryPFree Agent25.2966-4195R-RTEX: 2007-30-9202013-03-28Released by Rangers (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Bryan HenryPFree Agent29.3496-3215R-RARI: 2007-12-3732013-07-09Released by Diamondbacks (from Reno - AAA)
    Clay HensleyPFree Agent35.1525-11175R-RSFN: 2002-8-2472013-06-11Released by Brewers (from Nashville - AAA)
    Steven HensleyPMinors28.0346-3180R-RWAS: 2005-44-13092014-11-08Granted free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Chase HentgesPFree Agent24.2606-5180R-RKCA: 2008-14-4152012-07-25Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Justin HepnerPFree Agent22.3616-3190R-RMIA: 2014-36-10672015-01-26Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Inocencio HerediaPFree Agent23.0505-11172R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Jairo HerediaPMinors25.1146-1190R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Trenton - AA)
    Zak HermansPFree Agent23.2236-2185R-RCHN: 2013-30-8882015-01-26Released by Cubs (from Kane County - A)
    B.J. HermsenPMinors25.0606-6230R-RMIN: 2008-6-1862014-11-08Granted free agency (from Fort Myers - A+)
    Ariel HernandezPMinors22.3346-3180R-RUDFA2014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Daniel HernandezPFree Agent25.2916-1180R-RKCA: 2010-12-3592014-03-31Released by Royals (from Wilmington - A+)
    David HernandezRPActive29.2626-3215R-RBAL: 2005-16-4832013-09-01Recalled from Reno (AAA) (from Reno - AAA)
    Felix HernandezSPActive28.2976-3170R-RUDFA----
    Fernando HernandezPFree Agent30.1835-11190R-RCHA: 2002-49-14482013-05-22Released by Blue Jays (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Gaby HernandezPFree Agent28.2546-3215R-RNYN: 2004-3-742012-08-11Released by Diamondbacks (from Mobile - AA)
    Jefri HernandezPFree Agent23.2786-1170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Asheville - A)
    Jesse HernandezPFree Agent26.1606-1200R-RUDFA2014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Dunedin - A+)
    Jimy HernandezPFree Agent22.2536-2290R-RUDFA2013-12-03Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Livan HernandezPRetired39.3446-2225R-RUDFA----
    Luis HernandezPMinors22.2226-2187R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Diamondbacks (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Matt HernandezPFree Agent23.2306-2190L-LANA: 2013-23-6972014-07-07Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Moises HernandezPFree Agent30.3186-1170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Jackson - AA)
    Nicholas HernandezPFree Agent26.1846-3172L-LPHI: 2009-12-3772013-08-01Released by Phillies (from Clearwater - A+)
    Pedro HernandezSPFree Agent25.2935-10200L-LUDFA2014-10-16Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Raymond HernandezPFree Agent26.1516-0185R-RARI: 2011-48-14442013-09-19Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Roberto HernandezSPFree Agent34.1536-4180R-RUDFA2012-08-14Activated from restricted list (from Columbus - AAA)
    David HerndonPFree Agent29.1486-5200R-RANA: 2006-5-1622014-11-08Granted free agency (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Tyler HerrPFree Agent24.1146-8220R-RMIN: 2009-44-13322013-03-27Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Yhonatan HerrandPFree Agent23.1416-5230R-RUDFA2013-07-03Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Kelvin HerreraRPActive25.0305-10155R-RUDFA2013-07-19Recalled from Northwest Arkansas (AA) (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Yoslan HerreraPInternational33.2776-2200R-RUDFA2014-08-26Contract purchased from minors (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Frank HerrmannRPMinors30.2456-4220L-RUDFA2014-08-10Released by Indians (from Columbus - AAA)
    Tyler HerronPFree Agent28.1786-3190R-RSLN: 2005-1-462014-11-08Granted free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Justin HessPMinors24.1676-2200R-RUDFA2014-08-18Assignment unknown (from Tri City - A-)
    Tyler HessPFree Agent26.1546-5235R-RATL: 2010-19-5842012-09-30Released by Giants (from Augusta - A)
    Chris HestonPActive26.2956-4185R-RSFN: 2009-12-3572014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Fresno - AAA)
    Craig HeyerPFree Agent29.0766-3195R-RNYA: 2007-22-6942013-04-17Released by Yankees (from Trenton - AA)
    Chris HicksPFree Agent27.3476-4210R-RHOU: 2008-14-4222012-09-30Released by Astros (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Graham HicksPFree Agent24.3556-5170L-LWAS: 2008-4-1212013-05-03Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Ambioris HidalgoPFree Agent23.3606-2196R-RUDFA2013-03-24Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Luis HidalgoPFree Agent24.0126-1170R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Trent HigginbothamPFree Agent22.2596-2185R-RMIN: 2011-26-8082013-06-26Released by Twins (from Gulf Coast Twins - Rk)
    Nick HillPFree Agent30.0006-0190L-LSEA: 2007-7-2252014-11-08Granted free agency (from Jackson - AA)
    Rich HillRPFree Agent34.3256-4180L-LCHN: 2002-4-1122014-08-05Contract purchased from minors (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Shawn HillPFree Agent33.2776-2185R-RMON: 2000-6-1652014-11-08Granted free agency (from Toledo - AAA)
    Bobby HillierPFree Agent25.0716-2205R-RUDFA2013-10-13Released by Diamondbacks (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Andy HillisPFree Agent24.0856-6218R-RMIL: 2013-11-3322014-11-17Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Alex HinshawPFree Agent32.0916-3170L-LSFN: 2005-15-4622013-05-11Released by Blue Jays (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Ryan HinsonPFree Agent27.2636-3220L-LSDN: 2009-10-2942013-09-30Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Robert HintonPFree Agent30.1706-2180R-RMIL: 2003-40-11792012-11-06Elected free agency (from Bowie - AA)
    Steven HirschfeldPFree Agent29.1446-5220R-RMIN: 2007-9-3022012-12-17Released by Twins (from New Britain - AA)
    Luke HochevarRPActive31.1376-5205R-RKCA: 2006-1-1----
    Connor HoehnPFree Agent25.2096-2200R-ROAK: 2009-12-3632012-12-27Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Jim HoeyPFree Agent32.0316-6200R-RBAL: 2003-13-3742013-04-20Released by Brewers (from Nashville - AAA)
    Matt HoffmanPMinors26.0736-2195L-LDET: 2007-26-8112014-11-08Granted free agency (from Reading - AA)
    Kable HogbenPFree Agent24.2086-2176R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Diamondbacks (from South Bend - A)
    Trevor HolderPFree Agent28.0226-2185R-RWAS: 2009-3-812013-11-09Granted free agency (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    John HoldzkomPActive27.1036-10288R-RNYN: 2006-4-1242014-08-31Contract purchased from minors (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    A.J. HollandPFree Agent25.0466-4210R-RATL: 2011-16-5062014-07-03Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Derek HollandSPActive28.1136-2185B-LTEX: 2006-25-7482014-08-30Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Greg HollandRPActive29.0715-11180R-RKCA: 2007-10-306----
    Mario HollandsPActive26.1576-5205L-LPHI: 2010-10-3212014-09-05DL-60 Flexor strain in left elbow (from Reading - AA)
    Ethan HollingsworthPFree Agent27.2716-2200R-RCOL: 2008-4-1372014-03-23Released by Pirates (from Altoona - AA)
    Clinton HollonPMinors20.0376-1191R-RTOR: 2013-2-472014-08-20Assignment unknown (from Bluefield - Rk)
    David HolmbergPActive23.1956-4220R-LCHA: 2009-2-712014-09-02Recalled from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    Clay HolmesPMinors21.3096-5230R-RPIT: 2011-9-2722014-03-21DL-60 Tommy John Surgery (from West Virginia - A)
    Colby HolmesPFree Agent24.0985-11200R-RATL: 2009-47-14082014-12-29Released by Braves (from Danville - Rk)
    Brad HoltPFree Agent28.1096-4194R-RNYN: 2008-1-332013-03-05Released by Mets (from Binghamton - AA)
    Greg HoltPFree Agent25.2256-2201R-RWAS: 2011-8-2472013-09-30Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    Rafael HomblertPFree Agent23.1486-5178R-RUDFA2014-01-17Released by Indians (from Mahoning Valley - A-)
    Deryk HookerPFree Agent25.2236-4195R-RSLN: 2007-7-2322014-11-08Granted free agency (from Midland - AA)
    J.J. HooverRPActive27.1706-3215R-RATL: 2008-10-3102014-09-02Recalled from Louisville (AAA) (from Louisville - AAA)
    Mason HopePFree Agent22.2176-3190R-RFLO: 2011-5-1632014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Greensboro - A)
    Jeremy HorstRPMinors29.1216-4225L-LCIN: 2007-21-6492014-10-01Granted free agency (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Tommy HottovyPFree Agent33.2056-1195L-LBOS: 2004-4-1252013-10-04Elected Free Agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Austin HousePMinors24.0066-4178R-ROAK: 2012-14-4392014-12-12Traded from Athletics to Rockies for Mark Canha (from Stockton - A+)
    T.J. HousePActive25.1236-2215R-LCLE: 2008-16-5012014-08-02Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    James HouserPFree Agent30.0466-5185L-LTBA: 2003-2-382014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Joe HouseyPFree Agent55.2176-2170R-RCHN: 1980-2-372014-03-23Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    Joey HouseyPFree Agent25.1076-2181R-RCIN: 2012-27-8322014-03-23Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Dan HoustonPFree Agent28.0986-3205R-RCOL: 2008-7-2272014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Dillon HowardPFree Agent22.2136-4210R-RCLE: 2011-2-672013-09-30Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Trent HowardPFree Agent25.1066-2198L-LBAL: 2011-7-2152014-03-28Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Blaine HowellPMinors26.1205-11210L-LCIN: 2008-13-3892014-03-31Assignment unknown (from Bakersfield - A+)
    J.P. HowellRPActive31.2806-0180L-LKCA: 2004-1-31----
    Antwonie HubbardPFree Agent26.1846-3200R-RCLE: 2009-26-7852013-03-31Released by Indians (from Carolina - A+)
    Austin HubbardPFree Agent26.2306-2200R-RTBA: 2010-14-4312013-11-10Released by Rays (from Montgomery - AA)
    Brett HuberPMinors24.3136-2210R-RDET: 2013-31-9362014-04-25Assignment unknown (from Lakeland - A+)
    Travis HuberPFree Agent24.2316-3226R-RMIN: 2012-23-7002013-06-21Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    James HudelsonP Free Agent24.2596-4215R-RCHA: 2012-28-8612014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    Will HudginsPRetired24.3526-3180R-RWAS: 2012-22-6842013-07-13Announced retirement (from Auburn - A-)
    Austin HudsonPFree Agent27.0246-4185R-RSEA: 2009-27-8032012-07-06Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Daniel HudsonPActive27.3276-4215R-RCHA: 2008-5-1502014-09-01Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Reno - AAA)
    Tim HudsonSPActive39.2006-0160R-ROAK: 1997-6-185----
    David HuffRPMinors30.1616-2185B-LCLE: 2006-1-392014-05-12Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Fresno - AAA)
    Benjamin HughesPFree Agent25.0626-5215R-RCOL: 2011-10-3182014-03-31Released by Rockies (from Asheville - A)
    Dusty HughesPFree Agent32.2155-9195L-LKCA: 2003-11-3122013-05-10Released by Braves (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Jared HughesRPActive29.2106-7220R-RPIT: 2006-4-1102014-05-03Recalled from Indianapolis (AAA) (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Philip HughesSPActive28.2206-5220R-RNYA: 2004-1-232013-04-07Activated from DL (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Lars HuijerPMinors21.1306-4183R-RUDFA2015-01-15Traded from Mariners to Cubs for Mike Kickham (from High Desert - A+)
    Jon HuizingaPFree Agent35.1066-3220R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Brevard County - A+)
    Danny HultzenPMinors25.0636-2195L-LSEA: 2011-1-22013-10-08Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Philip HumberRPInternational32.0406-4210R-RNYN: 2004-1-32014-11-08Granted free agency (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Josh HungermanPFree Agent28.1446-2195L-LCOL: 2009-17-5112012-07-15Released by Rockies (from Tri-City - A-)
    Leroy HuntPFree Agent27.0636-6240R-RCHA: 2007-4-1492013-01-24Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Brett HunterPFree Agent27.2176-4215R-ROAK: 2008-7-2142014-03-18Released by Athletics (from Midland - AA)
    Kyle HunterPRetired23.1345-11180R-LUDFA2013-09-30Announced retirement (from Orem - Rk)
    Tommy HunterRPActive28.2116-3255R-RTEX: 2007-1-542012-09-04Recalled from Norfolk (AAA) (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Brock HuntzingerPFree Agent26.2126-3200R-RBOS: 2007-3-1142014-11-08Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Eric HurleyPFree Agent29.1356-4195R-RTEX: 2004-1-302012-08-17Released by Twins (from Rochester - AAA)
    Trevor HurleyPFree Agent27.1866-3221R-RTEX: 2008-22-663----
    Kyle HurstPFree Agent29.1606-4230R-RANA: 2008-36-10992012-07-31Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Jhefferson HurtadoPFree Agent23.0426-0181R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Drew HutchisonPActive24.1616-2165L-RTOR: 2009-15-4602013-10-08Recalled from Buffalo (AAA) (from Buffalo - AAA)
    A.J. HuttenlockerPFree Agent28.1786-3190L-LOAK: 2009-44-13232013-03-24Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Austin HyattPFree Agent28.2526-2205R-RPHI: 2009-15-4672013-03-21Released by Phillies (from Reading - AA)
    Lee HydePFree Agent29.3506-2185R-LATL: 2006-4-1302014-06-29Released by Reds (from Pensacola - AA)
    Brandon HynickPFree Agent29.3296-3205R-RCOL: 2006-8-2282012-04-17Signed to minor league contract (from Arkansas - AA)
    Matt IannazzoPFree Agent25.0295-8145L-LUDFA2014-02-10Released by Cubs (from Kane County - A)
    Edgar IbarraPMinors25.2446-+0170L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Britain - AA)
    Ryota IgarashiPInternational35.2475-11163R-RUDFA2012-10-08Elected free agency (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Raisel IglesiasPMinors25.0265-11163R-RUDFA----
    Steven InchPMinors23.3636-4190R-RPHI: 2009-6-1972014-05-21Assigned to extended spring training (from Clearwater - A+)
    Will InmanPFree Agent27.3586-1220R-RMIL: 2005-3-852013-07-02Released by Rays (from Durham - AAA)
    Phillip IrwinPInternational27.3396-3220R-RPIT: 2009-21-6252014-08-29Released by Rangers (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Jason IsringhausenPFree Agent42.1456-3210R-RNYN: 1991-44-1157----
    Hisashi IwakumaSPActive33.2936-3163R-RUDFA2014-05-03Activated from DL (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Jakub IzoldPFree Agent21.1986-4205R-LUDFA2014-10-27Released by Reds (from Arizona Reds - Rk)
    Edwin JacksonSPActive31.1436-3190R-RLAN: 2001-6-190----
    Jay JacksonPFree Agent27.0956-1195R-RCHN: 2008-9-2812014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Justin JacksonPFree Agent26.0476-4185R-RMIA: 2012-27-8272013-09-30Released by Marlins (from Greensboro - A)
    Luke JacksonPActive23.1596-2180R-RTEX: 2010-1-452014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Matt JacksonPFree Agent27.0436-2165R-RSDN: 2009-31-9242013-07-25Released by Padres (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Kevin JacobPFree Agent25.3106-6230R-RSLN: 2011-31-9502012-09-30Released by Orioles (from Batavia - A-)
    Brett JacobsonPFree Agent28.0826-6205R-RDET: 2008-4-1332013-06-23Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Ricky JacquezPFree Agent21.2695-9160R-RNYN: 2013-25-7462013-09-30Released by Mets (from Kingsport - Rk)
    Zach JadofskyPFree Agent24.2276-3210R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Eric JaffePFree Agent23.2286-3220R-RCHA: 2012-11-3512014-03-31Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    David JagoditshPFree Agent24.1486-7230B-RPIT: 2011-32-9622013-07-24Released by Pirates (from Jamestown - A-)
    Juan JaimePActive27.1816-1180R-RUDFA2014-09-01Recalled from Gwinnett (AAA) (from Gwinnett - AAA)
    Chris JakubauskasPRetired36.0396-2210R-RUDFA2013-07-05Released by Indians (from Columbus - AAA)
    Chad JamesPRestricted24.0076-3190L-LFLO: 2009-1-182014-11-08Granted free agency (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Chuck JamesPFree Agent33.0826-0170L-LATL: 2002-20-6052012-07-05Released by Mets (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Justin JamesPFree Agent24.3196-1195R-RUDFA2013-11-02Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Kevin JamesPMinors24.1216-4190L-LTBA: 2009-9-2892014-02-18Signed to Minor League Contract (from Princeton - Rk)
    Preston JamisonP Free Agent21.3346-6225L-LDET: 2012-30-9342013-09-30Released by Tigers (from Gulf Coast Tigers - Rk)
    Kenley JansenPActive27.1226-2178B-RUDFA----
    Casey JanssenRPFree Agent33.1356-3190R-RTOR: 2004-4-1172014-04-16Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Dunedin - A+)
    D.J. JarradPFree Agent25.3496-1170R-RUDFA2012-10-17Released by White Sox (from Kannapolis - A)
    Omar JavierPFree Agent27.1186-3165R-RUDFA2013-08-13Released by Giants (from Richmond - AA)
    Mike JeffersonPFree Agent25.1836-4180L-LPIT: 2011-22-6622012-09-30Released by Pirates (from West Virginia - A)
    Jeremy JeffressPActive27.1316-0175R-RMIL: 2006-1-162014-07-21Contract purchased from minors (from Nashville - AAA)
    Chad JenkinsRPActive27.0396-4235R-RTOR: 2009-1-202014-08-27Recalled from Buffalo (AAA) (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Tyrell JenkinsPActive22.1946-4180R-RSLN: 2010-1-502014-11-17Traded from Cardinals with Shelby Miller to Braves for Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden (from Palm Beach - A+)
    Bobby JenksPMinors33.3226-3225R-RANA: 2000-5-140----
    Dan JenningsRPActive27.2886-3190L-LFLO: 2008-9-2682014-09-01Activated from DL (from Jupiter - A+)
    Dan JensenPFree Agent25.1896-7208R-RCIN: 2011-20-6252012-11-08Released by Reds (from Clinton - A)
    George JensenPFree Agent24.2936-4215R-RTBA: 2010-46-13912012-11-07Released by Rays (from Charlotte - A+)
    Marcus JensenPFree Agent23.1626-3170R-RUDFA2014-10-27Released by Rays (from Charlotte - A+)
    Tucker JensenPFree Agent25.1806-2205R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Kevin JepsenRPActive30.1886-3200R-RANA: 2002-2-532013-05-26Activated from DL (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Garrett JewellPFree Agent24.2276-1187R-RMIN: 2011-31-958----
    Alvido JimenezPFree Agent23.0696-1160R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Cesar JimenezRPActive30.0795-11180L-LUDFA2014-08-01Contract purchased from minors (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Danny JimenezPFree Agent25.1296-2205L-LCLE: 2009-23-6952013-03-23Released by Indians (from Lake County - A)
    Deyvi JimenezPFree Agent25.0316-3205R-RUDFA2014-06-13Released by Athletics (from Beloit - A)
    Enrico JimenezPFree Agent25.3576-3195L-LUDFA2012-07-27Released by Orioles (from Aberdeen - A-)
    Eswarlin JimenezPFree Agent23.0646-1187L-LUDFA2014-05-09Released by Angels (from Burlington - A)
    Francisco JimenezPFree Agent26.1205-11164L-LUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Akron - AA)
    Jose JimenezPFree Agent27.3136-0180L-LUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Jackson - AA)
    Ubaldo JimenezSPActive31.0086-2160R-RUDFA----
    Jordan JohnPRetired24.2096-3200L-LDET: 2012-6-2142014-04-19Announced retirement (from Lakeland - A+)
    Blake JohnsonPFree Agent29.2306-3185R-RLAN: 2004-2-582013-11-07Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Chase JohnsonPFree Agent26.2766-5245R-RPHI: 2009-21-647----
    D.J. JohnsonPFree Agent26.2595-7160B-RUDFA2013-11-02Released by Diamondbacks (from Visalia - A+)
    Graham JohnsonPFree Agent25.1096-6215R-RFLO: 2008-6-1782012-09-30Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Jay JohnsonPFree Agent25.0406-2210R-LTOR: 2010-26-7862014-06-07Released by Phillies (from Reading - AA)
    Jeff JohnsonPMinors24.3556-0187R-RCLE: 2011-10-3082014-04-21Assignment unknown (from Akron - AA)
    Jim JohnsonRPActive31.2176-5210R-RBAL: 2001-5-1432014-08-05Signed to minor league contract (from Toledo - AAA)
    Josh JohnsonSPActive30.3656-7220L-RFLO: 2002-4-1132013-06-04Activated from DL (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Kris JohnsonRPInternational30.1086-4170L-LBOS: 2006-1-402014-10-24Signed with Hiroshima (Japan) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Michael JohnsonPFree Agent23.3596-2175L-LANA: 2011-46-13952013-08-04Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Patrick JohnsonPFree Agent26.1695-10170R-RCOL: 2011-25-7682014-03-31Released by Rockies (from Modesto - A+)
    Rob JohnsonPFree Agent32.1926-0195R-RSEA: 2004-4-1232013-07-10Contract purchased from Memphis (AAA) (from Memphis - AAA)
    Steve JohnsonRPFree Agent27.1526-3190R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Tyler JohnsonPFree Agent33.2376-2180B-LSLN: 2000-34-10132012-06-23Released by Rockies (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Tyler JohnsonPMinors24.1966-0180R-ROAK: 2012-33-10092014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Vermont - A-)
    Eric JokischPActive25.1856-2175R-LCHN: 2010-11-3402014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Iowa - AAA)
    Andrew JonesPRetired25.2746-3172R-RBOS: 2011-18-5622013-03-13Announced retirement (from Salem - A+)
    Beau JonesPFree Agent28.1586-1195L-LATL: 2005-1-412012-11-18Declared free agency (from Midland - AA)
    Christopher JonesPMinors26.1336-2165L-LCLE: 2007-15-4672014-11-08Granted free agency (from Norfolk - AAA)
    James JonesPFree Agent26.0456-3210R-RSDN: 2011-33-10132013-03-20Released by Padres (from Fort Wayne - A)
    Nathan JonesRPActive29.0026-5190R-RCHA: 2007-5-179----
    Owen JonesPFree Agent25.2326-1180R-RLAN: 2012-19-5962014-06-22Released by Dodgers (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Cory JordanPFree Agent24.0136-5215R-RTBA: 2013-35-10582013-09-30Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Taylor JordanSPActive26.0136-3190R-RWAS: 2009-9-2622014-08-05Recalled from Syracuse (AAA) (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Adam JorgensonPFree Agent29.1426-0185R-RCOL: 2008-26-7972013-04-07Released by Rockies (from Modesto - A+)
    Jose JosePMinors24.1936-2175L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from South Bend - A)
    Jonathan JosephPMinors26.2586-1180R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Stockton - A+)
    Michael JosephPFree Agent24.1406--7215R-RUDFA2014-12-29Released by Orioles (from Delmarva - A)
    Chris JoycePFree Agent25.0366-1190L-LCIN: 2011-19-5952012-11-08Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Jake JoycePFree Agent23.1645-11188R-RWAS: 2013-9-2862014-07-08Released by Nationals (from Auburn - A-)
    Josh JudyPFree Agent28.3556-4195R-RCLE: 2007-34-10342014-11-08Granted free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Su-Min JungPFree Agent24.3046-2190R-RUDFA2013-04-01Released by Cubs (from Boise - A-)
    Eric JungePFree Agent38.0256-5215R-RLAN: 1999-11-3442012-11-18Declared free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Taylor JungmannPActive25.0436-6195R-RMIL: 2011-1-122014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Nashville - AAA)
    Jair JurrjensRPMinors29.0016-1160R-RUDFA2014-10-03Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Charles KaalekahiPFree Agent22.2626-2175B-RSEA: 2010-15-4622013-09-30Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Ian KadishPFree Agent26.1546-1195L-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Tom KahnlePActive25.1766-1220R-RNYA: 2010-5-1752013-12-12Drafted from Yankees by Rockies in Rule 5 draft (from Trenton - AA)
    Scott KalamarRPMinors23.3125-10180L-LUDFA----
    Kyle KaminskaPRetired26.1176-4180L-RFLO: 2007-25-7662013-05-10Announced retirement (from Salem - A+)
    Jeff KaplanPIndy League29.2056-0195R-RNYN: 2008-11-3442013-04-10Signed by Quebec (CanAm) (from Binghamton - AA)
    Braden KapteynPFree Agent25.1246-4220R-RBOS: 2011-15-4722012-09-30Released by Red Sox (from Lowell - A-)
    Joe KarlikPFree Agent25.2926-3190R-RUDFA2013-03-23Released by Royals (from Burlington - Rk)
    Nate KarnsSPActive27.0666-5230R-RWAS: 2009-12-3522014-09-12Recalled from Durham (AAA) (from Durham - AAA)
    Jeff KarstensPFree Agent32.1286-3170R-RNYA: 2003-19-5742013-10-31Declared free agency (from Altoona - AA)
    Kenn KasparekPMinors29.1296-8200R-RSEA: 2008-12-3722014-11-08Granted free agency (from Altoona - AA)
    Brandon KayePFree Agent26.1676-4200R-RTOR: 2009-45-13602013-01-30Released by Blue Jays (from Bluefield - Rk)
    Scott KazmirSPActive31.0066-1170L-LNYN: 2002-1-152013-04-20Activated from DL (from Columbus - AAA)
    Patrick KeatingPFree Agent27.2356-2215R-RKCA: 2009-20-6022013-03-31Released by Royals (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Thomas KeelingPFree Agent26.3066-2183B-LMIL: 2010-18-5492014-03-21Released by Braves (from Mississippi - AA)
    Tyler KehrerPFree Agent26.3136-3210L-LANA: 2009-1-482012-12-07Selected from Angels by Marlins in AAA Rule 5 Draft (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Danny KellerPFree Agent22.2146-5190R-RMIL: 2011-6-1912014-11-08Granted free agency (from Ogden - Rk)
    Shawn KelleyRPActive30.2796-2215R-RSEA: 2007-13-4052012-09-05Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Tim KelleyPFree Agent27.1116-6195R-RUDFA2013-03-26Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Ty KelleyPFree Agent26.1656-4196R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Adaric KellyPFree Agent22.0605-10180R-RTOR: 2010-28-8462014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Casey KellySPActive25.1186-3194R-RBOS: 2008-1-302014-05-20Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from San Antonio - AA)
    Joe KellySPActive26.2356-1165R-RSLN: 2009-3-982014-07-11Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Memphis - AAA)
    Merrill KellyPInternational26.1086-2190R-RTBA: 2010-8-2512014-12-29Released by Rays (from Durham - AAA)
    Kyle KendrickSPFree Agent30.1576-3185R-RPHI: 2003-7-205----
    Ian KennedySPActive30.0425-11185R-RNYA: 2006-1-21----
    Logan KensingRPMinors32.2116-1185R-RFLO: 2003-2-532014-11-08Granted free agency (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Bobby KeppelPMinors32.2336-5200R-RNYN: 2000-1-36----
    Clayton KershawSPActive26.3176-3220L-LLAN: 2006-1-72014-05-06Activated from DL (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Willy KeslerPFree Agent27.1726-0215R-RSEA: 2010-18-5522012-07-27Released by Mariners (from High Desert - A+)
    Dallas KeuchelSPActive27.0296-3200L-LHOU: 2009-7-2212013-05-02Recalled from Oklahoma City (AAA) (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Alex KeudellPFree Agent24.3396-3190R-RTBA: 2012-27-8422014-05-17Released by Angels (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Todd KibbyPFree Agent23.1526-4240L-LCHA: 2011-37-11312014-01-17Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    Mike KickhamRPActive26.0496-4205R-RDET: 2011-33-10072014-09-01Recalled from Fresno (AAA) (from Fresno - AAA)
    Nathan KilcreasePFree Agent25.1665-6160R-ROAK: 2011-30-9162013-03-27Released by Pirates (from West Virginia - A)
    Robert KilcreasePFree Agent25.3226-0185L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Pirates (from Bradenton - A+)
    John KillenPFree Agent24.1636-7185L-LBOS: 2008-43-13122012-09-30Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Jin-Young KimPFree Agent22.2896-1190R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Cole KimballPFree Agent29.1826-3240R-RWAS: 2006-12-3612014-06-08Released by Yankees (from Trenton - AA)
    Craig KimbrelRPActive26.2475-11205R-RATL: 2008-3-96----
    Corey KimesPFree Agent24.2736-5235L-LMIN: 2011-18-5682012-12-17Released by Twins (from Beloit - A)
    Andre KinderPFree Agent26.0656-1195L-LPHI: 2011-42-12912013-05-20Released by Phillies (from Williamsport - A-)
    Aaron KingPFree Agent25.2786-4205L-LSFN: 2008-7-2072014-04-25Released by Red Sox (from Salem - A+)
    Nick KinghamPActive23.0836-5215R-RPIT: 2010-4-1172014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Josh KinneyPFree Agent35.3056-1195R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Brandon KintzlerRPActive30.1826-1180R-RSDN: 2004-40-11822012-09-04Contract purchased from Nashville (AAA) (from Nashville - AAA)
    Michael KirkmanRPMinors28.1346-3185L-LTEX: 2005-5-1592014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Chris KissockPFree Agent29.2736-4195R-RPHI: 2007-9-2932012-08-03Released by Phillies (from Clearwater - A+)
    Phil KleinPActive25.2756-7210R-RTEX: 2011-30-9242014-08-01Contract purchased from minors (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Kevin KleisPFree Agent23.1526-8225R-RPIT: 2010-27-8072013-09-30Released by Pirates (from Jamestown - A-)
    Corey KluberSPActive28.2956-4215R-RSDN: 2007-4-1342013-04-17Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Corey KnebelPMinors23.0656-3195R-RDET: 2013-1-392015-01-20Traded from Rangers with Marcos Diplan and Luis Sardinas to Brewers for Yovanny Galardo (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Kota KobayashiPFree Agent23.1516-1175R-RUDFA2013-07-12Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Tom KoehlerSPActive28.2156-4247R-RFLO: 2008-18-5382013-07-13Recalled from New Orleans (AAA) (from New Orleans - AAA)
    Michael KohnRPMinors28.2186-2205R-RANA: 2008-13-4092014-09-02Designated for Assignment (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Nate KoneskiPFree Agent24.3256-0175R-LSEA: 2012-19-5812013-12-22Released by Mariners (from Everett - A-)
    George KontosRPActive29.2326-3215R-RNYA: 2006-5-1642014-08-25Recalled from Fresno (AAA) (from Fresno - AAA)
    David KoppPFree Agent29.1006-3190R-RSLN: 2007-2-712013-11-05Granted free agency (from Erie - AA)
    Bobby KoreckyPMinors35.1366-0180R-RPHI: 2002-19-5692014-10-01Granted free agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Alex KoronisPFree Agent27.0266-2187R-RTBA: 2009-11-3492012-11-07Released by Rays (from Charlotte - A+)
    Kurtis KostukPFree Agent19.1446-2200L-RARI: 2013-38-11402014-07-24Released by Cubs (from Arizona Diamondbacks - Rk)
    Jonathan KountisPFree Agent26.3216-3225R-RNYN: 2010-19-5722013-07-15Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Andrew KownPFree Agent32.1156-6210R-RDET: 2004-5-1332013-04-16Released by Giants (from Fresno - AAA)
    Alex KreisPFree Agent25.2456-1210R-RWAS: 2011-35-10572012-09-30Released by Nationals (from Hagerstown - A)
    Zach KroenkePFree Agent30.2846-3210R-LNYA: 2005-5-1692014-11-08Granted free agency (from Harrisburg - AA)
    John KukurudaPFree Agent22.2356-4180R-RTEX: 2010-28-8562014-01-20Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    Ryan KulikPFree Agent29.0585-11205L-LSLN: 2008-8-2452014-07-21Released by Rockies (from Tulsa - AA)
    Eddie KunzPFree Agent28.2976-5250R-RNYN: 2007-1-422013-03-20Released by Padres (from Tucson - AAA)
    Hong-chih KuoPFree Agent33.1916-0200L-LUDFA----
    Aaron KurczPMinors24.1756-0175R-RCHN: 2010-10-3102014-12-18Traded from Red Sox with cash to Braves for Anthony Varvaro (from Portland - AA)
    Hiroki KurodaSPInternational39.3546-2174R-RUDFA----
    Brandon KuterPFree Agent24.1096-7210R-RTEX: 2012-29-9062013-03-28Released by Rangers (from Arizona Rangers - Rk)
    John LackeySPActive36.0996-6205R-RANA: 1999-2-682013-04-28Activated from DL (from Portland - AA)
    Brendan LaffertyPFree Agent28.2486-4195L-LKCA: 2009-18-5422012-12-07Selected from Royals by Phillies in AAA Rule 5 Draft (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Aaron LaffeyRP-SPMinors29.2906-1178L-LCLE: 2003-16-4682014-11-08Granted free agency (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Francois LafrenierePRetired24.2426-5185R-RATL: 2010-47-14242014-04-24Announced retirement (from Rome - A)
    Bobby LaFromboiseRPActive28.2196-4190L-LSEA: 2008-8-2522014-09-02Recalled from Indianapolis (AAA) (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Cameron LambPFree Agent25.2556-3211R-RUDFA2013-11-07Granted free agency (from Corpus Christi - AA)
    Andre LamontagnePFree Agent28.3126-4180B-RMIL: 2009-11-3462014-03-21Released by Brewers (from Brevard County - A+)
    Kyle LandisPFree Agent28.2456-1185R-RCLE: 2007-18-5572013-07-01Released by Indians (from Akron - AA)
    Jason LanePMinors38.0396-2215R-LHOU: 1999-6-2032014-11-08Granted free agency (from El Paso - AAA)
    Matt LaneyPFree Agent26.1506-3179L-LPHI: 2009-42-12772013-01-13Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Matt LangwellRPFree Agent28.2696-3215R-RCLE: 2008-11-3512013-09-01Traded from Indians to Diamondbacks to complete Jason Kubel deal of 8/30 (from Columbus - AAA)
    Bobby LaniganPFree Agent27.2706-4220R-RMIN: 2008-3-922013-11-05Granted free agency (from Portland - AA)
    John LannanSPMinors30.1256-5200L-LWAS: 2005-11-3242014-10-03Granted free agency (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Alexis LaraPFree Agent27.3136-0150R-RUDFA2013-06-27Released by Diamondbacks (from Mobile - AA)
    Bobby LaraPFree Agent--0-UDFA2013-06-07Released by Padres (from San Antonio - AA)
    Braulio LaraPMinors26.0416-1180L-LUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Montgomery - AA)
    Robert LaraPFree Agent28.0666-2190R-RSDN: 2008-19-5852013-06-05Released by Padres (from Lake Elsinore - A+)
    Victor LarezPFree Agent27.2476-3160R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Erie - AA)
    Greg LarsonPRetired25.1276-8215R-RBOS: 2012-20-6312013-09-30Announced retirement (from Lowell - A-)
    Maverick LaskerPFree Agent24.3476-2190R-RMIL: 2008-5-1582012-09-30Released by Brewers (from Wisconsin - A)
    Will LatimerPFree Agent29.0576-3200L-LBOS: 2007-22-6842013-11-05Granted free agency (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Mat LatosSPActive27.0526-5210R-RSDN: 2006-11-3332014-06-14Activated from DL (from Louisville - AAA)
    Alejandro LavanderoP Free Agent21.0706-3180L-RMIL: 2012-9-3052014-08-09Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Derek LawPActive24.1386-3218R-RSFN: 2011-9-2972014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Richmond - AA)
    Brian LawrencePMinors38.2616-2195R-RSDN: 1998-17-502----
    Tommy LawrencePFree Agent24.0665-10222R-RUDFA2014-10-27Released by Rays (from Gulf Coast Rays - Rk)
    Tom LayneRPActive30.0896-3185L-LARI: 2007-26-7932014-08-01Recalled from Pawtucket (AAA) (from Pawtucket - AAA)
    Brent LeachPMinors32.0736-5205L-LLAN: 2005-6-1962014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Mike LeakeSPActive27.0795-11160R-RCIN: 2009-1-8----
    Jack LeathersichPActive24.2005-11205R-LNYN: 2011-5-1622014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Zachary LeBarronPFree Agent24.2266-3200L-LUDFA2013-06-21Released by Angels (from Arizona Angels - Rk)
    Wade LeBlancRPInternational30.1766-2180L-LSDN: 2006-2-612014-09-02Contract purchased from minors (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Ramon LebronPFree Agent26.0286-1180R-RUDFA2013-03-26Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Sam LeCureRPActive30.2716-1190R-RCIN: 2005-4-122----
    Wil LedezmaPMinors34.0096-3152L-LUDFA2012-07-24Released by Dodgers (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    C.C. LeeRPActive28.1015-11170R-RUDFA2014-08-07Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Cliff LeeSPActive36.1536-4190L-LMON: 2000-4-1052014-07-11Transferred to 60-day DL (from Clearwater - A+)
    Michael LeePMinors28.0736-7220R-RBOS: 2008-8-2622014-11-08Granted free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Wilson LeePFree Agent23.0496-1180R-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Zach LeePActive23.1396-3195R-RLAN: 2010-1-282014-11-21Contract purchased from minors (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Charles LeesmanSPMinors27.3266-4210L-LCHA: 2008-11-3302014-08-16Designated for Assignment (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Arcenio LeonPMinors28.1306-1162R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Nashville - AAA)
    Dominic LeonePActive23.0965-10175R-RSEA: 2012-16-4912014-04-04Contract purchased from minors (from Jackson - AA)
    Anthony LerewPFree Agent32.0946-3210L-RATL: 2001-11-3452014-11-08Granted free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Chris LerouxRPMinors30.2916-6210L-RFLO: 2005-7-2162014-10-07Granted free agency (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Jon LesterSPActive31.0236-3200L-LBOS: 2002-2-57----
    James LevertonPMinors28.2626-1190R-LCHN: 2008-8-2512014-11-08Granted free agency (from Jacksonville - AA)
    Pete LevittPFree Agent25.2816-5235R-RCHN: 2011-32-9692012-12-27Released by Cubs (from Peoria - A)
    Colby LewisPActive35.1816-4215R-RTEX: 1999-1-382014-10-31Granted free agency (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Jensen LewisPFree Agent30.2596-3185R-RCLE: 2005-3-1022013-04-19Released by Cubs (from Iowa - AAA)
    Rommie LewisPFree Agent32.1506-6203L-LBAL: 2001-4-113----
    Robert Lewis-WalkerPFree Agent21.2986-3195R-RUDFA2013-10-08Released by Reds (from Billings - Rk)
    Euclides LeyerPMinors22.0336-2172R-RUDFA2014-12-16Drafted from White Sox by Reds in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Winston-Salem - A+)
    Angel LezamaPFree Agent20.3356-0164R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Rockies (from Grand Junction - Rk)
    Adam LiberatorePActive27.2636-3195L-LTBA: 2010-21-6412014-11-22Traded from Rays with Joel Peralta to Dodgers for Jose Dominguez and Greg Harris (from Durham - AAA)
    Brad LidgePRetired38.0386-5200R-RHOU: 1998-1-17----
    Ted LillySPRetired39.0266-0185L-LLAN: 1996-23-6882013-07-24Activated from DL (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Chang-Yong LimPInternational38.2405-11165R-RUDFA2013-09-04Contract purchased from Iowa (AAA) (from Iowa - AAA)
    Joel LimaPFree Agent25.1766-0165R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by Dodgers (from Rancho Cucamonga - A+)
    Tim LincecumSPActive30.2295-11170L-RSFN: 2006-1-10----
    Brad LincolnRPMinors29.2505-11180L-RPIT: 2006-1-42014-11-08Granted free agency (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Josh LindblomSPFree Agent27.2296-5240R-RLAN: 2008-2-612014-12-09Claimed off waivers from Athletics by Pirates (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Shane LindsayPFree Agent30.0056-1205R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Matt LindstromRPFree Agent34.3546-5210R-RNYN: 2002-10-2972014-08-12Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Charlotte - AAA)
    Scott LinebrinkPFree Agent38.1796-3185R-RSFN: 1997-2-56----
    Seth LintzPFree Agent24.3576-1170R-RMIL: 2008-2-53----
    Keegan LinzaPFree Agent26.0816-6225R-RCHA: 2011-38-11612013-03-25Released by White Sox (from Great Falls - Rk)
    Luis LiriaPFree Agent25.0156-2170B-RUDFA2013-07-14Released by Cubs (from Daytona - A+)
    Francisco LirianoSPActive31.0966-2185L-LUDFA2013-05-11Activated from DL (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Jesse LitschPFree Agent29.3276-1175R-RTOR: 2004-24-717----
    Matt LittlePFree Agent24.1056-2180L-LDET: 2010-31-9432013-03-31Released by Tigers (from Lakeland - A+)
    Ben LivelyPMinors22.3316-4205R-RCIN: 2013-4-1352015-01-01Traded from Reds to Phillies for Marlon Byrd (from Pensacola - AA)
    Mitch LivelyPMinors29.1456-5230R-RCOL: 2007-16-4922014-11-08Granted free agency (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Radhames LizPActive31.2346-2170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Buffalo - AAA)
    Carlos LlanoPFree Agent22.3376-0185R-RUDFA2014-08-15Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    Chia-Jen LoRPFree Agent28.2985-11181R-RUDFA2014-05-27Released by Astros (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Hua-Wei LoPFree Agent24.0605-11165L-LUDFA2013-06-08Released by Tigers (from Connecticut - A-)
    Kyle LobsteinPActive25.1716-3200L-LTBA: 2008-2-472014-09-02Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    Will LocantePActive24.3626-0190L-LARI: 2011-11-3342014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from South Bend - A)
    Jeff LockeSPActive27.0716-2180L-LATL: 2006-2-512014-06-08Recalled from Indianapolis (AAA) (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Tyler LockwoodPFree Agent27.0526-1170R-RBOS: 2010-25-7732013-03-28Released by Red Sox (from Greenville - A)
    Brandon LodgePFree Agent26.1806-2165R-RANA: 2011-47-14252012-09-30Released by Angels (from Cedar Rapids - A)
    Jackson LodgePRetired21.1106-1160L-LUDFA2013-09-30Announced retirement (from Jamestown - A-)
    Kameron LoeRPRestricted33.1426-8220R-RTEX: 2002-20-5922014-11-08Granted free agency (from Reno - AAA)
    Derek LoeraPFree Agent23.3555-11180L-LTBA: 2013-28-8482013-09-30Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Boone LoganRPActive30.1706-5200R-LCHA: 2002-20-6002014-07-05Recalled from minor league rehab assignment (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Kyle LohseSPActive36.1186-2190R-RCHN: 1996-29-862----
    Kenny LongPFree Agent26.0026-0150L-LHOU: 2012-22-6692014-03-21Released by Astros (from Lancaster - A+)
    Bryan LongprePRetired27.2016-2190R-RUDFA2012-10-31Announced retirement (from Vancouver - A-)
    Derrick LoopPFree Agent31.0506-3220R-LCLE: 2006-23-7012012-11-18Declared free agency (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    Arturo LopezPFree Agent31.3425-10160L-LUDFA2013-12-22Released by Padres (from Tucson - AAA)
    Baudilio LopezPFree Agent24.0716-1185R-RUDFA2012-12-22Released by Angels (from Orem - Rk)
    Cesar LopezPFree Agent24.0586-3210R-RUDFA2014-07-03Released by Braves (from Rome - A)
    Daniel LopezPFree Agent27.2596-1170R-RUDFA2012-04-20Signed to minor league contract (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Javier LopezRPActive37.2036-4225L-LARI: 1998-4-133----
    Jovany LopezPInternational23.3255-10155L-LUDFA2014-04-01Signed with Veracruz (Mexican) (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Porfirio LopezPFree Agent24.3125-10160L-LUDFA2012-08-30Released by Pirates (from West Virginia - A)
    Robinson LopezPFree Agent23.3346-2188R-RUDFA----
    Rodrigo LopezPFree Agent39.0476-1180R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Stalyn LopezPFree Agent23.0335-9160L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Cardinals (from Gulf Coast Cardinals - Rk)
    Wilton LopezRPMinors31.1956-0189R-RUDFA2014-09-29Refused minor league assignment, declared free agent (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Yorfrank LopezPFree Agent24.0606-3170R-RUDFA2015-01-26Released by Tigers (from Lakeland - A+)
    Leonard LorenzoPMinors23.1986-0190R-RUDFA2014-04-01Assignment unknown (from Wisconsin - A)
    Brett LorinPFree Agent27.3056-7245R-RSEA: 2008-5-1622014-03-19Released by Diamondbacks (from Reno - AAA)
    Kyle LotzkarPMinors25.0986-4200L-RCIN: 2007-1-532014-11-08Granted free agency (from Frisco - AA)
    Aaron LoupRPActive27.0426-0175L-LTOR: 2009-9-2802012-07-12Contract purchased from New Hampshire (AA) (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Barret LouxPMinors25.2996-5205R-RARI: 2010-1-62014-04-16In organization but inactive (from Iowa - AAA)
    Shane LouxPFree Agent35.1706-2205R-RDET: 1997-2-532014-11-08Granted free agency (from Arizona Giants - Rk)
    Brandon LovePFree Agent24.3306-2190L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Angels (from Burlington - A)
    Joe LovecchioPFree Agent24.1466-2200R-RUDFA2014-10-13Released by Blue Jays (from Lansing - A)
    Yeiker LoveraPFree Agent22.0076-0175R-RUDFA2012-07-26Released by Indians (from Arizona Indians - Rk)
    Derek LoweRPFree Agent41.2436-6230R-RSEA: 1991-8-215----
    Johnnie LowePFree Agent29.3156-5220R-RCHA: 2007-6-2092014-11-08Granted free agency (from Helena - Rk)
    Mark LoweRPMinors31.2376-4180R-RSEA: 2004-5-1532014-10-09Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Charlie LowellPFree Agent24.0976-4225L-LFLO: 2011-6-1932015-01-26Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Devon LoweryPFree Agent31.3126-1190L-RKCA: 2001-14-415----
    Pat LoweryPFree Agent24.3036-5195R-RANA: 2012-21-6572014-03-31Released by Angels (from Burlington - A)
    Jason  LoweyPMinors30.0355-10180R-RUDFA----
    Javier LozanoPFree Agent21.2816-2190R-RUDFA2014-01-17Released by Astros (from Gulf Coast Astros - Rk)
    Aidan LucasPFree Agent26.2846-2225R-RSLN: 2010-27-8292014-06-08Released by Cardinals (from Palm Beach - A+)
    Bobby LucasPFree Agent27.1716-4195L-LWAS: 2011-27-8172012-09-30Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Jon LucasPFree Agent27.0495-9185L-RUDFA2013-03-17Released by Blue Jays (from Vancouver - A-)
    Cory LuebkePActive29.3326-4200R-LSDN: 2007-1-63----
    Josh LuekeRPFree Agent30.0566-5220R-RTEX: 2007-16-5002014-06-09Outrighted to minors (from Durham - AAA)
    Lucas LuetgeRPActive27.3406-3198L-LMIL: 2008-21-6382014-09-01Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Jose LugoPFree Agent30.2956-1159L-LUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Aliaksei LukashevichPFree Agent20.2436-4160R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Pirates (from Gulf Coast Pirates - Rk)
    Stephen LumpkinsPRetired24.2896-8220L-LKCA: 2011-13-3962012-08-02Announced retirement (from Arizona Royals - Rk)
    Jordan LylesRPActive24.1036-4185R-RHOU: 2008-1-382014-08-06Activated from DL (from Modesto - A+)
    Lance LynnSPActive27.2636-5250R-RSLN: 2008-1-39----
    Brandon LyonRPFree Agent35.1736-1170R-RTOR: 1999-14-4332014-05-22Opted out of contract, declared free agency (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Tyler LyonsSPActive26.3446-2195B-LSLN: 2010-9-2892014-09-02Recalled from Springfield (AA) (from Springfield - AA)
    Henry MabeePFree Agent29.2046-4230R-RCHA: 2007-19-5992014-03-31Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Corey MacdonaldPFree Agent23.2566-6190R-RUDFA2013-11-10Released by Rays (from Hudson Valley - A-)
    Mike MacDonaldPFree Agent33.0936-1185R-RTOR: 2004-15-4472012-11-06Elected free agency (from Portland - AA)
    Mike MacDougalPFree Agent37.3316-4195R-RKCA: 1999-1-252014-06-11Released by Mariners (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Jean MachiRPActive31.3636-0160R-RUDFA2013-08-20Recalled from Fresno (AAA) (from Fresno - AAA)
    Javier MachucaP Free Agent22.0706-3200L-LSLN: 2012-38-11702013-06-30Released by Cardinals (from Gulf Coast Cardinals - Rk)
    Jose MaciasPFree Agent25.1966-2180R-ROAK: 2010-18-5452013-06-10Released by Athletics (from Stockton - A+)
    Tyler MackPFree Agent24.1496-4200R-RUDFA2013-09-30Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Daryl MadayPMinors29.1716-2225R-RSFN: 2006-30-8962013-11-09Granted free agency (from Fresno - AAA)
    Corey MaddenPFree Agent30.3066-1195R-RFLO: 2006-21-6352012-09-30Released by Marlins (from Gulf Coast Marlins - Rk)
    Warner MadrigalPFree Agent30.3156-0190R-RUDFA2014-08-08Released by Nationals (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Ryan MadsonPMinors34.1556-6180L-RPHI: 1998-9-2542013-08-06Activated from DL (from Inland Empire - A+)
    Matt MagillSPMinors25.0816-3175R-RLAN: 2008-31-9372014-12-03Traded from Dodgers to Reds for Chris Heisey (from Albuquerque - AAA)
    John MagliozziPMinors23.1935-11185R-RNYN: 2013-17-5062014-08-18Assignment unknown (from Brooklyn - A-)
    Trystan MagnusonPFree Agent29.2386-7210L-RTOR: 2007-1-562013-05-07Released by Blue Jays (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Ron MahayPRetired43.2166-2190L-LBOS: 1991-18-487----
    Sean MahleyPFree Agent25.2606-0170L-LUDFA----
    Paul MaholmSPFree Agent32.2196-2215L-LPIT: 2003-1-82013-08-23Activated from DL (from Rome - A)
    Logan MahonPMinors26.1376-2180L-LCOL: 2011-22-678----
    Daniel MahoneyPFree Agent26.3486-4195R-RFLO: 2009-4-1282013-06-10Released by Yankees (from Tampa - A+)
    Michael MainPFree Agent26.0476-2170R-RTEX: 2007-1-242013-11-07Granted free agency (from Jacksonville - AA)
    John MaineRPFree Agent33.2676-4180R-RBAL: 2002-6-1662012-11-18Declared free agency (from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AAA)
    Scott MainePFree Agent29.3626-3195L-LARI: 2007-6-1932014-08-09Released by Reds (from Pensacola - AA)
    Austin MalinowskiPFree Agent22.0616-4210R-LMIN: 2011-16-5082013-09-30Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Matt MaloneyPFree Agent31.0146-4220L-LPHI: 2005-3-972014-06-03Released by Reds (from Louisville - AAA)
    Arturo Maltos-GarciaPFree Agent23.1816-1190R-RCHN: 2011-30-9092013-08-05Released by Giants (from Salem-Keizer - A-)
    Jeff MandelPFree Agent29.2756-3200B-RWAS: 2007-19-5802013-11-10Granted free agency (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Seth ManessRPActive26.1085-11168R-RSLN: 2011-11-3502013-04-29Contract purchased from minors (from Memphis - AAA)
    Taylor MangumPFree Agent25.3326-1190R-RUDFA2014-03-31Released by Brewers (from Brevard County - A+)
    Brandon MannPFree Agent30.2596-2160L-LTBA: 2002-27-7942014-05-31Released by Pirates (from Altoona - AA)
    Christopher MannoPFree Agent26.0876-2170L-LWAS: 2010-26-7762014-07-28Released by Nationals (from Harrisburg - AA)
    Jeff ManshipSPMinors30.0146-0165R-RMIN: 2006-14-4262014-10-03Granted free agency (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Ervis ManzanilloPFree Agent23.1586-2160L-LUDFA2014-11-24Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Santo ManzanilloPFree Agent26.0416-0190R-RUDFA2013-10-07Recalled from Brevard County (A+) (from Brevard County - A+)
    Jheyson ManzuetaPMinors25.0566-2162R-RUDFA2014-12-16Drafted from Marlins by Tigers in Minor League Rule 5 Draft (from Jacksonville - AA)
    Jorge MarbanPMinors26.0566-1215R-RUDFA----
    Mike MarbryPFree Agent30.1496-2175R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Tulsa - AA)
    Ivan MarcanoPFree Agent23.2436-3220R-RUDFA2014-01-20Released by Padres (from Arizona Padres - Rk)
    Juan MarcanoPFree Agent24.1596-1165L-LUDFA2013-01-13Released by Padres (from Eugene - A-)
    Anthony MarcelinoPFree Agent22.0096-3175R-RUDFA2012-07-10Released by Nationals (from Gulf Coast Nationals - Rk)
    Rob MarcelloPFree Agent24.1066-3210L-LPHI: 2013-17-5112014-03-19Released by Phillies (from Williamsport - A-)
    Shaun MarcumSPMinors33.0476-0180R-RTOR: 2003-3-802014-11-08Granted free agency (from Columbus - AAA)
    Steve MarekPFree Agent31.1496-2200R-RANA: 2004-40-11932012-11-18Declared free agency (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Sugar Ray MarimonPFree Agent26.1226-3150R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Northwest Arkansas - AA)
    Leandro MarinPFree Agent26.0825-11165R-RUDFA2012-07-19Released by Red Sox (from Lowell - A-)
    Terance MarinPMinors25.1626-1170R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Birmingham - AA)
    Jhan MarinezRPMinors26.1716-1165R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Chattanooga - AA)
    Harry MarinoPFree Agent24.2006-0180R-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Orioles (from Delmarva - A)
    Michael MariotPActive26.1026-0180R-RKCA: 2010-8-2392014-08-28Recalled from Omaha (AAA) (from Omaha - AAA)
    Justin MarksPMinors27.0186-3180L-LOAK: 2009-3-922014-07-25Released by Rangers (from Round Rock - AAA)
    Troy MarksPMinors25.0306-5205R-RUDFA----
    Christopher MarlowePMinors25.0966-0175R-RSFN: 2011-5-1772014-04-01Assignment unknown (from San Jose - A+)
    Carlos MarmolRPFree Agent32.1086-2190R-RUDFA2014-11-17Released by Reds (from Louisville - AAA)
    Jeff MarquezPMinors30.1736-2175R-RNYA: 2004-1-412013-01-03Signed to minor league contract (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Jason MarquisSPMinors36.1626-1185L-RATL: 1996-1-352014-08-31Released by Phillies (from Lehigh Valley - AAA)
    Brett MarshallRPMinors24.3146-0195R-RNYA: 2008-6-2002014-11-08Granted free agency (from Louisville - AAA)
    Evan MarshallPActive24.2876-1195R-RARI: 2011-4-1242014-05-06Contract purchased from minors (from Reno - AAA)
    Ian MarshallPFree Agent27.3336-3172R-RATL: 2010-40-12142013-03-27Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Sean MarshallRPActive32.1536-6195L-LCHN: 2003-6-1632013-04-26Activated from DL (from Louisville - AAA)
    Juan MartePFree Agent24.1546-3208R-RUDFA2014-11-03Released by Mets (from Gulf Coast Mets - Rk)
    Luis MarteRPFree Agent28.1575-11170R-RUDFA2013-07-31Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    Victor MarteRPFree Agent34.0836-2190R-RUDFA2013-10-10Refused Minor League Assignment - Declared free agency (from Memphis - AAA)
    Wander MartePFree Agent22.2146-2180L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Mariners (from Pulaski - Rk)
    Blake MartinPFree Agent28.2256-2193L-LMIN: 2008-17-5162013-08-25Released by Twins (from New Britain - AA)
    Chad MartinPFree Agent24.2586-7240R-RCHN: 2012-10-3142013-06-21Released by Cubs (from Arizona Cubs - Rk)
    J.D. MartinPMinors32.0286-5175R-RCLE: 2001-1-352013-10-10Refused Minor League Assignment - Declared free agency (from Durham - AAA)
    Jarret MartinPMinors25.1696-3200L-LBAL: 2009-18-5362014-12-29Traded from Dodgers with Matt Long to Brewers for Shawn Zarraga (from Chattanooga - AA)
    Shane MartinPFree Agent23.2786-4215R-RPHI: 2013-9-2712014-07-16Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Andre MartinezP Free Agent21.2226-0185L-LMIN: 2012-6-1902014-06-30Released by White Sox (from Arizona White Sox - Rk)
    Bryan MartinezPFree Agent23.3356-3172R-RUDFA2012-07-15Released by Cardinals (from Johnson City - Rk)
    Carlos MartinezRPActive23.1316-0165R-RUDFA2014-08-17Recalled from Memphis (AAA) (from Memphis - AAA)
    Carlos MartinezPFree Agent26.1305-11182R-RUDFA2012-11-18Declared free agency (from Tri-City - A-)
    Cristhian MartinezRPFree Agent32.3306-1160R-RUDFA2013-12-03Non-tendered, declared free agency (from Mississippi - AA)
    David MartinezPMinors27.1796-2180B-RUDFA2014-09-02Designated for Assignment (from Oklahoma City - AAA)
    Joe MartinezRPRetired31.3386-3185L-RSFN: 2005-12-3722014-04-22Announced retirement (from Salt Lake - AAA)
    Jossiel MartinezPFree Agent23.0825-10160L-LUDFA2013-09-30Released by Royals (from Idaho Falls - Rk)
    Joucer MartinezPMinors28.3616-2160R-RUDFA----
    Nick MartinezPActive24.1786-0178R-RTEX: 2011-18-5642014-04-22Recalled from Frisco (AA) (from Frisco - AA)
    Porfirio MartinezPFree Agent25.0625-10175R-RUDFA2012-09-30Released by Reds (from Bakersfield - A+)
    Ricky MartinezPMinors26.2856-1195R-RUDFA2012-12-17Traded from Cardinals to Astros for cash considerations (from Quad Cities - A)
    Carlos Martinez-PuminaroPFree Agent23.3036-4230R-RUDFA2014-02-10Released by Cubs (from Boise - A-)
    Shairon MartisPFree Agent27.3066-1175R-RUDFA2013-10-08Refused Minor League Assignment - Declared free agency (from Rochester - AAA)
    Dayton MarzePRetired26.0296-2185R-RTOR: 2010-14-4262014-01-23Announced retirement (from New Hampshire - AA)
    Blake MascarelloPFree Agent25.2196-1200L-LUDFA2012-09-30Released by Phillies (from Lakewood - A)
    Richie MascheriPFree Agent25.1765-10185L-LUDFA2013-12-22Released by Yankees (from Gulf Coast Yankees - Rk)
    Nick MassetPMinors32.2586-4190R-RTEX: 2000-8-2442014-05-05Contract purchased from minors (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Taylor MasseyPRetired26.0166-1170L-LOAK: 2012-29-8892013-09-30Announced retirement (from Vermont - A-)
    Chris MastersPFree Agent27.1216-0230L-LATL: 2009-11-3282012-08-02Released by Braves (from Lynchburg - A+)
    Justin MastersonSPActive29.3146-6235R-RBOS: 2006-2-712014-07-30Activated from DL (from Columbus - AAA)
    Angel MataPFree Agent22.0586-2190R-RUDFA2013-06-26Released by Twins (from Elizabethton - Rk)
    Daniel MataPMinors21.2116-2180R-RUDFA2013-04-01Assigned to VSL Mariners (Rk) (from Arizona Mariners - Rk)
    Jackson MateoPFree Agent22.1616-0193R-RUDFA2014-02-10Released by Dodgers (from Ogden - Rk)
    Marcos MateoPMinors30.2876-1160R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Victor MateoPMinors25.1876-5175R-RUDFA2014-11-08Granted free agency (from Montgomery - AA)
    Doug MathisPFree Agent31.2376-2218R-RTEX: 2005-13-3992014-11-08Granted free agency (from Durham - AAA)
    Darwin MatosPFree Agent24.1796-0170R-RUDFA2012-10-17Released by White Sox (from Bristol - Rk)
    Daisuke MatsuzakaSPFree Agent34.1396-0185R-RUDFA2014-04-16Contract purchased from minors (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Ryan MattesPFree Agent24.1456-6170R-RUDFA2013-10-08Released by Royals (from Burlington - Rk)
    Ryan MattheusRPMinors31.0816-3215R-RCOL: 2003-19-5572014-09-06Recalled from Syracuse (AAA) (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Chris MatulisPFree Agent24.2966-6217L-LSLN: 2011-29-8902013-11-10Released by Brewers (from Arizona Brewers - Rk)
    Brian MatuszRPActive27.3536-4200L-LBAL: 2008-1-42012-08-24Recalled from Norfolk (AAA) (from Norfolk - AAA)
    Tyler MatzekPActive24.1036-3210L-LCOL: 2009-1-112014-06-11Recalled from Colorado Springs (AAA) (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Brandon MaurerRPActive24.2116-5200R-RSEA: 2008-23-7022014-06-25Recalled from Tacoma (AAA) (from Tacoma - AAA)
    Trevor MayPActive25.1296-5215R-RPHI: 2008-4-1362014-08-09Recalled from Rochester (AAA) (from Rochester - AAA)
    Yunesky MayaRPFree Agent33.1555-11170R-RUDFA2014-07-11Released by Braves (from Mississippi - AA)
    Jacob MayersPMinors24.1756-1195R-RARI: 2013-19-5702014-10-27Released by Diamondbacks (from Hillsboro - A-)
    Vianney MayoPFree Agent24.2996-2200R-RUDFA2013-11-05Granted free agency (from Asheville - A)
    Vincent MazzaroRPMinors28.1256-2190R-ROAK: 2005-3-1012014-10-06Granted free agency (from Indianapolis - AAA)
    Cory MazzoniPActive25.1036-1189R-RNYN: 2011-2-712014-11-24Contract purchased from minors (from Las Vegas - AAA)
    Sean McAdamsP Free Agent21.0746-6210R-RBAL: 2012-14-4322014-07-05Released by Orioles (from Gulf Coast Orioles - Rk)
    Zach McAllisterSPActive27.0536-5230R-RNYA: 2006-3-1042014-08-31Recalled from Columbus (AAA) (from Columbus - AAA)
    Nick McBridePMinors23.2626-4180R-RTEX: 2009-5-1542014-04-17DL-60 Tommy John Surgery (from Myrtle Beach - A+)
    Jeremy McBrydePFree Agent27.2746-3220L-RSDN: 2006-26-7832014-11-08Granted free agency (from Sacramento - AAA)
    Richard McCaffreyP Free Agent24.0306-1205L-LCIN: 2012-34-10422013-06-26Released by Reds (from Billings - Rk)
    Brandon McCarthySPActive31.2076-7180R-RCHA: 2002-17-5102013-08-04Activated from DL (from Reno - AAA)
    Shane McCattyPFree Agent27.2576-2190R-RWAS: 2009-34-10122013-06-26Released by Nationals (from Potomac - A+)
    Kyle McClellanRPFree Agent30.2326-2180R-RSLN: 2002-25-7622013-10-04Elected Free Agency (from Frisco - AA)
    Michael McClendonPFree Agent29.3026-5215R-RMIL: 2006-10-3022014-11-08Granted free agency (from Colorado Springs - AAA)
    Seth McClungPMinors33.3576-6230R-RTBA: 1999-5-1452012-11-18Declared free agency (from Iowa - AAA)
    Kevin McCoyPFree Agent23.2026-4215L-RSEA: 2013-24-7172014-11-11Released by Mariners (from Clinton - A)
    Pat McCoyPFree Agent65.1636-5185R-RPHI: 1972-23-5272013-11-10Granted free agency (from Syracuse - AAA)
    Patrick McCoyPMinors26.1806-4200L-LWAS: 2007-10-3102014-08-23Recalled from Toledo (AAA) (from Toledo - AAA)
    Jason McCrackenPFree Agent23.1486-4225R-RBAL: 2011-42-12652014-12-29Released by Orioles (from Frederick - A+)
    Nick McCullyPFree Agent26.1475-11195R-RSLN: 2009-9-2792014-08-01Released by White Sox (from Birmingham - AA)
    Cole McCurryPFree Agent<