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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Kansas City,MO
Team Record:  69-93   .426
Result:   5th in American League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Buddy Bell
General Manager:   Dayton Moore
Stadium:  Kauffman Stadium
Attendance:  1,616,867
Payroll:  $67,116,500
Playoffs:  -

Kansas City Royals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Reggie Sanders (39)
Youngest Player:  Billy Butler (21)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Sweeney (13)
Top Hitter:  David DeJesus (22)
Top Pitcher:  Gil Meche (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Mike Moustakas (#2)

Roster Continuity:  56.77%
Top Prospect:   Alex Gordon
American League Standings
Chi White Sox7290.44424.0
KC Royals6993.42627.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-04-02vs BOS1W  7-11-0241,257 Gil MecheCurt SchillingGil MecheCurt Schilling 716
2007-04-04vs BOS2L  1-71-1422,348 Odalis PerezJosh BeckettJosh BeckettOdalis Perez 880
2007-04-05vs BOS3L  1-41-2523,170 Zack GreinkeDaisuke MatsuzakaDaisuke MatsuzakaZack GreinkeJonathan Papelbon912-3
2007-04-06vs DET4W  3-12-2313,330 Jorge de la RosaJustin VerlanderJorge de la RosaJose MesaDavid Riske1213-1
2007-04-07vs DET5L  5-62-3513,899 Gil MecheMike MarothMike MarothGil MecheTodd Jones1719-2
2007-04-08vs DET6L  2-32-4513,109 Brandon DuckworthJeremy BondermanFernando RodneyDavid RiskeTodd Jones1922-3
2007-04-09@ TOR7L  1-92-5550,125Odalis PerezA.J. BurnettA.J. BurnettOdalis Perez 2031-11
2007-04-10@ TOR8W  6-33-5522,106Zack GreinkeJosh TowersZack GreinkeJosh TowersJoakim Soria2634-8
2007-04-11@ TOR9L  4-73-6515,218Jorge de la RosaGustavo ChacinGustavo ChacinJorge de la RosaB.J. Ryan3041-11
2007-04-12@ BAL10L  1-23-7513,229Gil MecheSteve TrachselChris RayJason Standridge 3143-12
2007-04-13@ BAL11L  1-83-8520,922Brandon DuckworthErik BedardErik BedardBrandon Duckworth 3251-19
2007-04-14@ BAL12L  4-63-9515,244Odalis PerezDaniel CabreraScott WilliamsonJoel PeraltaChris Ray3657-21
2007-04-16@ DET13L  5-123-10521,832Zack GreinkeJustin VerlanderJustin VerlanderZack Greinke 4169-28
2007-04-17@ DET14L  6-73-11521,263Jorge de la RosaMike MarothWil LedezmaDavid RiskeTodd Jones4776-29
2007-04-18@ DET15W  4-34-11527,945Gil MecheJeremy BondermanJoakim SoriaFernando Rodney 5179-28
2007-04-20vs MIN16W  11-75-11531,813 Odalis PerezSidney PonsonOdalis PerezSidney PonsonDavid Riske6286-24
2007-04-21vs MIN17L  5-75-12520,566 Zack GreinkeBoof BonserPat NeshekJoel PeraltaJoe Nathan6793-26
2007-04-22vs MIN18W  3-16-12514,801 Jorge de la RosaRamon OrtizJorge de la RosaRamon OrtizJoakim Soria7094-24
2007-04-23vs CHA19L  4-76-13512,265 Gil MecheMark BuehrleMark BuehrleJimmy GobbleBobby Jenks74101-27
2007-04-24vs CHA20L  7-96-14514,907 Brian BannisterJavier VazquezBoone LoganJoakim SoriaBobby Jenks81110-29
2007-04-25@ MIN21W  4-37-14521,496Odalis PerezSidney PonsonOdalis PerezSidney PonsonJoakim Soria85113-28
2007-04-26@ MIN22L  0-17-15518,520Zack GreinkeBoof BonserJuan RinconTodd Wellemeyer 85114-29
2007-04-27@ SEA23L  4-77-16537,281Jorge de la RosaHoracio RamirezHoracio RamirezJorge de la RosaJ.J. Putz89121-32
2007-04-28@ SEA24W  8-38-16532,441Gil MecheJeff WeaverGil MecheJeff WeaverBrandon Duckworth97124-27
2007-04-29@ SEA25L  1-58-17526,019Brian BannisterCha-Seung BaekBrandon MorrowBrian Bannister 98129-31
2007-04-30vs ANA26L  1-38-18510,866 Odalis PerezJohn LackeyJohn LackeyOdalis PerezFrancisco Rodriguez99132-33
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-05-01vs ANA27L  5-78-19511,225 Zack GreinkeBartolo ColonBartolo ColonZack GreinkeFrancisco Rodriguez104139-35
2007-05-02vs ANA28W  3-19-1959,697 Jorge de la RosaErvin SantanaJorge de la RosaErvin SantanaJoakim Soria107140-33
2007-05-03vs ANA29W  5-210-19512,683 Gil MecheJered WeaverGil MecheJered WeaverJoakim Soria112142-30
2007-05-04vs DET30L  3-610-20517,614 Brian BannisterJustin VerlanderJustin VerlanderBrian BannisterTodd Jones115148-33
2007-05-05vs DET31L  5-710-21526,070 Odalis PerezMike MarothJose MesaBrandon DuckworthTodd Jones120155-35
2007-05-06vs DET32L  4-1310-22517,034 Zack GreinkeChad DurbinChad DurbinZack Greinke 124168-44
2007-05-08vs OAK33L  1-610-23510,989 Jorge de la RosaChad GaudinChad GaudinJorge de la Rosa 125174-49
2007-05-09vs OAK34W  3-211-23510,974 Gil MecheDan HarenJimmy GobbleJustin DuchschererJoakim Soria128176-48
2007-05-10vs OAK35L  3-1711-24531,006 Luke HudsonJoe KennedyJoe KennedyLuke Hudson 131193-62
2007-05-11@ CHA36L  1-211-25534,522Odalis PerezJon GarlandJon GarlandOdalis PerezBobby Jenks132195-63
2007-05-12@ CHA37L  4-511-26536,702Scott ElartonMark BuehrleMike MacDougalBrandon Duckworth 136200-64
2007-05-13@ CHA38W  11-112-26534,468Jorge de la RosaJavier VazquezJorge de la RosaJavier Vazquez 147201-54
2007-05-14@ OAK39W  2-113-26512,477Gil MecheDan HarenJimmy GobbleJustin DuchschererJoakim Soria149202-53
2007-05-15@ OAK40L  4-513-27514,966Brian BannisterJoe KennedyLenny DiNardoJoakim Soria 153207-54
2007-05-16@ OAK41W  4-314-27516,242Odalis PerezJoe BlantonJimmy GobbleKiko CaleroDavid Riske157210-53
2007-05-17@ OAK42W  7-415-27521,037Scott ElartonDallas BradenScott ElartonDallas BradenJoakim Soria164214-50
2007-05-18@ COL43W  5-216-27522,399Jorge de la RosaJeff FrancisBrandon DuckworthManuel CorpasJoakim Soria169216-47
2007-05-19@ COL44L  4-616-28524,017Gil MecheTaylor BuchholzTaylor BuchholzGil MecheBrian Fuentes173222-49
2007-05-20@ COL45W  10-517-28525,829Brian BannisterJason HirshJoel PeraltaRamon Ramirez 183227-44
2007-05-22vs CLE46W  4-318-28519,776 Odalis PerezFausto CarmonaZack GreinkeTom MastnyJoakim Soria187230-43
2007-05-23vs CLE47W  11-719-28511,506 Scott ElartonCliff LeeBrandon DuckworthCliff Lee 198237-39
2007-05-24vs CLE48L  3-1019-29511,681 Jorge de la RosaJeremy SowersJeremy SowersJorge de la Rosa 201247-46
2007-05-25vs SEA49L  2-1019-30528,651 Gil MecheFelix HernandezFelix HernandezGil Meche 203257-54
2007-05-26vs SEA50L  1-919-31521,138 Brian BannisterCha-Seung BaekCha-Seung BaekBrian Bannister 204266-62
2007-05-27vs SEA51L  4-719-32516,091 Odalis PerezJarrod WashburnJarrod WashburnOdalis PerezJ.J. Putz208273-65
2007-05-28vs BAL52L  1-919-33514,758 Scott ElartonSteve TrachselSteve TrachselScott Elarton 209282-73
2007-05-29vs BAL53L  2-619-34513,556 Jorge de la RosaJeremy GuthrieJeremy GuthrieJorge de la Rosa 211288-77
2007-05-30vs BAL54L  0-319-35510,513 Gil MecheErik BedardErik BedardGil MecheChris Ray211291-80
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-06-01@ TBA55W  4-120-35512,032Brian BannisterScott KazmirBrian BannisterScott KazmirOctavio Dotel215292-77
2007-06-02@ TBA56W  9-421-35514,403Odalis PerezEdwin JacksonOdalis PerezEdwin Jackson 224296-72
2007-06-03@ TBA57L  1-521-36512,220Scott ElartonJ.P. HowellJ.P. HowellScott Elarton 225301-76
2007-06-04@ TBA58L  2-421-3759,435Gil MecheJames ShieldsJames ShieldsGil MecheAlberto Reyes227305-78
2007-06-05@ CLE59L  0-121-38514,036Jorge de la RosaCC SabathiaCC SabathiaJorge de la Rosa 227306-79
2007-06-06@ CLE60W  4-322-38517,632Brian BannisterPaul ByrdBrian BannisterPaul ByrdOctavio Dotel231309-78
2007-06-07@ CLE61L  3-822-39519,315Odalis PerezFausto CarmonaFausto CarmonaOdalis Perez 234317-83
2007-06-08vs PHI62W  8-423-39519,121 Scott ElartonFreddy GarciaScott ElartonFreddy GarciaOctavio Dotel242321-79
2007-06-09vs PHI63L  0-423-40523,734 Gil MecheJon LieberJon LieberGil Meche 242325-83
2007-06-10vs PHI64W  17-524-40516,034 Jorge de la RosaJamie MoyerZack GreinkeJamie Moyer 259330-71
2007-06-12vs SLN65W  8-125-40529,354 Brian BannisterBrad ThompsonBrian BannisterBrad Thompson 267331-64
2007-06-13vs SLN66L  3-725-41525,555 Odalis PerezAdam WainwrightAdam WainwrightOdalis Perez 270338-68
2007-06-14vs SLN67W  17-826-41528,837 Scott ElartonKip WellsZack GreinkeKip Wells 287346-59
2007-06-15vs FLO68W  6-227-41528,015 Gil MecheSergio MitreGil MecheSergio MitreOctavio Dotel293348-55
2007-06-16vs FLO69L  8-927-42524,323 Jorge de la RosaRick Vanden HurkRick Vanden HurkJorge de la RosaKevin Gregg301357-56
2007-06-17vs FLO70W  5-428-42519,433 Brian BannisterScott OlsenBrian BannisterScott OlsenOctavio Dotel306361-55
2007-06-18@ SLN71W  5-329-42543,524Odalis PerezAdam WainwrightOdalis PerezAdam WainwrightOctavio Dotel311364-53
2007-06-19@ SLN72L  1-529-43542,712Scott ElartonBrad ThompsonBrad ThompsonScott Elarton 312369-57
2007-06-20@ SLN73L  6-729-44542,623Gil MecheTodd WellemeyerKip WellsJorge de la Rosa 318376-58
2007-06-22@ MIL74L  6-1129-45536,328Jorge de la RosaJeff SuppanJeff SuppanJorge de la Rosa 324387-63
2007-06-23@ MIL75L  1-729-46541,721Brian BannisterDavid BushDavid BushBrian Bannister 325394-69
2007-06-24@ MIL76W  4-330-46544,064Odalis PerezYovani GallardoDavid RiskeJose CapellanJimmy Gobble329397-68
2007-06-25@ ANA77W  5-331-46543,895John ThomsonJohn LackeyJohn ThomsonJohn LackeyOctavio Dotel334400-66
2007-06-26@ ANA78W  12-432-46544,002Gil MecheErvin SantanaGil MecheErvin Santana 346404-58
2007-06-27@ ANA79W  1-033-46541,269Jorge de la RosaJered WeaverJorge de la RosaJered WeaverOctavio Dotel347404-57
2007-06-29vs CHA80W  8-134-46520,525 Brian BannisterJose ContrerasBrian BannisterJose ContrerasZack Greinke355405-50
2007-06-30vs CHA81L  1-334-47525,119 Odalis PerezJohn DanksRyan BukvichOctavio DotelBobby Jenks356408-52
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-07-01vs CHA82L  1-334-48523,004 John ThomsonJon GarlandJon GarlandJohn ThomsonBobby Jenks357411-54
2007-07-02vs SEA83W  3-235-48513,257 Gil MecheFelix HernandezOctavio DotelBrandon Morrow 360413-53
2007-07-03vs SEA84W  17-336-48528,140 Jorge de la RosaRyan FeierabendJorge de la RosaRyan Feierabend 377416-39
2007-07-04vs SEA85L  0-436-49527,497 Brian BannisterJarrod WashburnJarrod WashburnBrian BannisterJ.J. Putz377420-43
2007-07-06vs TBA86L  5-636-50518,753 Odalis PerezJames ShieldsJames ShieldsOdalis PerezGary Glover382426-44
2007-07-07vs TBA87W  8-737-50520,458 Gil MecheAndy SonnanstineOctavio DotelShawn Camp 390433-43
2007-07-08vs TBA88W  12-438-50514,726 Jorge de la RosaScott KazmirJorge de la RosaScott Kazmir 402437-35
2007-07-13@ CLE89L  4-538-51532,624Odalis PerezJake WestbrookJoe BorowskiZack Greinke 406442-36
2007-07-14@ CLE90W  6-539-51531,599Gil MecheCC SabathiaGil MecheCC SabathiaOctavio Dotel412447-35
2007-07-15@ CLE91L  3-539-52529,657Jorge de la RosaFausto CarmonaFausto CarmonaJorge de la RosaJoe Borowski415452-37
2007-07-16@ BOS92L  0-439-53537,099Brian BannisterKason GabbardKason GabbardBrian Bannister 415456-41
2007-07-17@ BOS93W  9-340-53537,001Leo NunezTim WakefieldJimmy GobbleTim Wakefield 424459-35
2007-07-18@ BOS94W  6-541-53536,681Odalis PerezJulian TavarezOdalis PerezJulian TavarezOctavio Dotel430464-34
2007-07-20@ DET95W  10-242-53543,200Gil MecheKenny RogersGil MecheKenny Rogers 440466-26
2007-07-21@ DET96L  8-1042-54543,408Jorge de la RosaJustin VerlanderChad DurbinJoakim Soria 448476-28
2007-07-22@ DET97W  5-243-54542,201Brian BannisterNate RobertsonBrian BannisterNate Robertson 453478-25
2007-07-23vs NYA98L  2-943-55530,476 Odalis PerezRoger ClemensRoger ClemensOdalis Perez 455487-32
2007-07-24vs NYA99L  4-943-56538,212 Scott ElartonChien-Ming WangChien-Ming WangScott Elarton 459496-37
2007-07-25vs NYA100L  1-743-57528,460 Gil MecheMike MussinaMike MussinaGil Meche 460503-43
2007-07-26vs NYA101W  7-044-57537,036 Jorge de la RosaKei IgawaJorge de la RosaKei Igawa 467503-36
2007-07-27vs TEX102W  6-145-57521,730 Brian BannisterJamey WrightBrian BannisterJamey Wright 473504-31
2007-07-28vs TEX103W  6-546-57527,700 Odalis PerezKevin MillwoodOdalis PerezKevin MillwoodOctavio Dotel479509-30
2007-07-29vs TEX104W  10-047-57515,638 Leo NunezKameron LoeLeo NunezKameron LoeJoel Peralta489509-20
2007-07-30@ MIN105L  1-347-58523,628Gil MecheScott BakerScott BakerGil MecheJoe Nathan490512-22
2007-07-31@ MIN106L  3-547-59522,890Jorge de la RosaCarlos SilvaCarlos SilvaJorge de la RosaJoe Nathan493517-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-08-01@ MIN107W  5-348-59524,880Brian BannisterBoof BonserZack GreinkeJuan RinconJoakim Soria498520-22
2007-08-03@ NYA108L  1-748-60554,246Odalis PerezChien-Ming WangChien-Ming WangOdalis Perez 499527-28
2007-08-04@ NYA109L  8-1648-61554,056Kyle DaviesPhil HughesMike MyersJohn Bale 507543-36
2007-08-05@ NYA110L  5-848-62554,525Gil MecheMike MussinaMike MussinaGil MecheMariano Rivera512551-39
2007-08-07vs MIN111W  5-149-62515,648 Brian BannisterBoof BonserBrian BannisterBoof Bonser 517552-35
2007-08-08vs MIN112L  4-1149-63521,503 Odalis PerezJohan SantanaJohan SantanaOdalis Perez 521563-42
2007-08-09vs MIN113W  1-050-63514,569 Kyle DaviesMatt GarzaKyle DaviesMatt GarzaJoakim Soria522563-41
2007-08-10vs TOR114L  1-250-64521,276 Gil MecheShaun MarcumShaun MarcumGil MecheJeremy Accardo523565-42
2007-08-11vs TOR115W  4-151-64525,934 Leo NunezDustin McGowanLeo NunezDustin McGowanJoakim Soria527566-39
2007-08-12vs TOR116L  1-451-65518,381 Brian BannisterA.J. BurnettA.J. BurnettBrian BannisterJeremy Accardo528570-42
2007-08-13vs TOR117W  6-252-65514,845 Odalis PerezJesse LitschOdalis PerezJesse Litsch 534572-38
2007-08-14@ TEX118L  3-552-66523,906Kyle DaviesKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodKyle DaviesC.J. Wilson537577-40
2007-08-15@ TEX119L  3-452-67524,529Gil MecheVicente PadillaMike WoodGil MecheC.J. Wilson540581-41
2007-08-16@ TEX120W  6-253-67522,674Leo NunezJohn RheineckerRyan BraunWillie Eyre 546583-37
2007-08-17@ OAK121W  9-254-67518,185Brian BannisterDan MeyerBrian BannisterDan Meyer 555585-30
2007-08-18@ OAK122W  7-355-67424,638Odalis PerezChad GaudinOdalis PerezChad Gaudin 562588-26
2007-08-19@ OAK123L  1-655-68426,445Kyle DaviesLenny DiNardoLenny DiNardoKyle Davies 563594-31
2007-08-20@ CHA124L  3-455-69535,391Gil MecheMark BuehrleMatt ThorntonDavid RiskeBobby Jenks566598-32
2007-08-21@ CHA125L  2-555-70535,309Leo NunezJavier VazquezJavier VazquezLeo NunezBobby Jenks568603-35
2007-08-22@ CHA126W  7-656-70531,739Brian BannisterJose ContrerasBrian BannisterJose Contreras 575609-34
2007-08-24vs CLE127W  2-157-70425,640 Zack GreinkeCC SabathiaJohn BaleCC SabathiaJoakim Soria577610-33
2007-08-25vs CLE128L  4-957-71423,167 Kyle DaviesAaron LaffeyAaron LaffeyKyle Davies 581619-38
2007-08-26vs CLE129L  3-557-72418,268 Gil MecheFausto CarmonaRafael BetancourtJoel PeraltaJoe Borowski584624-40
2007-08-28vs DET130W  6-358-72416,193 Brian BannisterNate RobertsonBrian BannisterNate Robertson 590627-37
2007-08-29vs DET131W  5-059-72411,628 Zack GreinkeAndrew MillerRyan BraunAndrew MillerDavid Riske595627-32
2007-08-30vs DET132L  1-659-73411,196 Leo NunezJeremy BondermanJeremy BondermanLeo Nunez 596633-37
2007-08-31@ MIN133W  9-459-74415,736Kyle DaviesMatt GarzaKyle DaviesMatt Garza 605637-32
2007-08-31@ MIN134L  0-559-74424,986Gil MecheScott BakerScott BakerGil Meche 605642-37
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2007-09-01@ MIN135L  4-660-74421,738Brandon DuckworthCarlos SilvaCarlos SilvaBrandon DuckworthJoe Nathan609648-39
2007-09-02@ MIN136W  8-161-74426,454Brian BannisterBoof BonserBrian BannisterBoof Bonser 617649-32
2007-09-03@ TEX137W  8-162-74419,214Zack GreinkeKameron LoeZack GreinkeKameron Loe 625650-25
2007-09-04@ TEX138L  8-962-75418,892Billy BucknerKevin MillwoodJohn RheineckerLeo NunezC.J. Wilson633659-26
2007-09-05@ TEX139L  2-362-76417,232Kyle DaviesVicente PadillaVicente PadillaKyle DaviesJoaquin Benoit635662-27
2007-09-07vs NYA140L  2-362-77427,462 Gil MecheIan KennedyKyle FarnsworthNeal MusserMariano Rivera637665-28
2007-09-08vs NYA141L  5-1162-78435,518 Brian BannisterAndy PettitteAndy PettitteBrian Bannister 642676-34
2007-09-09vs NYA142L  3-662-79424,910 Zack GreinkeChien-Ming WangChien-Ming WangBrandon DuckworthMariano Rivera645682-37
2007-09-10vs MIN143L  2-462-80410,525 Billy BucknerBoof BonserBoof BonserBilly BucknerJoe Nathan647686-39
2007-09-11vs MIN144L  3-662-81412,891 Kyle DaviesScott BakerScott BakerKyle DaviesJoe Nathan650692-42
2007-09-12vs MIN145W  6-363-81410,102 Gil MecheCarlos SilvaGil MecheCarlos Silva 656695-39
2007-09-14@ CLE146L  4-563-82435,230Brian BannisterCC SabathiaJoe BorowskiDavid Riske 660700-40
2007-09-15@ CLE147L  0-663-83432,113Zack GreinkeFausto CarmonaFausto CarmonaZack Greinke 660706-46
2007-09-16@ CLE148W  4-364-83430,112Billy BucknerAaron LaffeyBilly BucknerAaron LaffeyJoakim Soria664709-45
2007-09-17vs CHA149L  3-1164-84514,421 Kyle DaviesJavier VazquezJavier VazquezKyle Davies 667720-53
2007-09-18vs CHA150W  3-265-84415,015 Gil MecheGavin FloydGil MecheGavin FloydJoakim Soria670722-52
2007-09-19vs CHA151L  0-765-85511,857 Brian BannisterJose ContrerasJose ContrerasBrian Bannister 670729-59
2007-09-20vs CHA152W  3-066-85410,264 Zack GreinkeJon GarlandZack GreinkeJon GarlandJoakim Soria673729-56
2007-09-21@ DET153L  4-566-86540,117Billy BucknerJair JurrjensTim ByrdakLeo NunezTodd Jones677734-57
2007-09-22@ DET154W  7-467-86541,792Kyle DaviesKenny RogersKyle DaviesKenny Rogers 684738-54
2007-09-23@ DET155L  2-767-87540,068Jorge de la RosaJustin VerlanderJustin VerlanderJorge de la Rosa 686745-59
2007-09-24@ BAL156L  2-367-88515,769Gil MecheDaniel CabreraJamie WalkerGil MecheChad Bradford688748-60
2007-09-25@ CHA157W  9-568-88531,607Brian BannisterJose ContrerasBrandon DuckworthEhren Wassermann 697753-56
2007-09-26@ CHA158L  0-368-89532,091Zack GreinkeJon GarlandJon GarlandZack Greinke 697756-59
2007-09-27@ CHA159L  0-1068-90534,477Billy BucknerLance BroadwayLance BroadwayBilly Buckner 697766-69
2007-09-28vs CLE160L  3-568-91529,846 Kyle DaviesCC SabathiaCC SabathiaKyle DaviesJoe Borowski700771-71
2007-09-29vs CLE161W  4-369-91524,274 Gil MecheJake WestbrookJoakim SoriaRafael Perez 704774-70
2007-09-30vs CLE162L  2-469-92519,104 Luke HochevarAaron LaffeyAaron LaffeyLuke HochevarJoe Borowski706778-72

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