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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   2nd in American League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Jerry Manuel
General Manager:   Ken Williams
Stadium:  Comiskey Park II
Attendance:  1,676,911
Payroll:  $57,052,833
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Sandy Alomar (36)
Youngest Player:  Jon Garland (22)
Longest Tenure:  Frank Thomas (13)
Top Hitter:  Magglio Ordonez (7)
Top Pitcher:  Mark Buehrle (11)
Top Draft Pick:  Royce Ring (#18)

Roster Continuity:  71.40%
Top Prospect:   Joe Borchard
American League Standings
Chi White Sox8181.50013.5
KC Royals62100.38332.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-04-01@ SEA1W  6-51-0146,036Mark BuehrleFreddy GarciaMark BuehrleFreddy GarciaKeith Foulke651
2002-04-02@ SEA2L  4-71-1240,805Todd RitchieJamie MoyerArthur RhodesLorenzo BarceloKazuhiro Sasaki1012-2
2002-04-03@ SEA3L  6-71-2331,082Dan WrightPaul AbbottRyan FranklinKeith Foulke 1619-3
2002-04-05@ KCA4L  2-51-3415,975Jon GarlandPaul ByrdPaul ByrdJon GarlandBlake Stein1824-6
2002-04-06@ KCA5W  14-02-3315,178Mark BuehrleChad DurbinMark BuehrleChad Durbin 32248
2002-04-07@ KCA6L  2-92-4410,788Todd RitchieJeff SuppanJeff SuppanTodd Ritchie 34331
2002-04-09@ DET7W  8-23-4311,833Dan WrightSteve SparksDan WrightSteve Sparks 42357
2002-04-10@ DET8W  7-54-4314,155Jon GarlandJose LimaAntonio OsunaJose LimaKeith Foulke49409
2002-04-12vs BAL9W  5-25-4241,128 Mark BuehrleJosh TowersMark BuehrleJosh TowersKeith Foulke544212
2002-04-13vs BAL10W  4-36-4219,201 Todd RitchieScott EricksonAntonio OsunaWillis RobertsKeith Foulke584513
2002-04-14vs BAL11L  4-96-5323,951 Dan WrightCalvin MaduroCalvin MaduroDan Wright 62548
2002-04-15vs BAL12W  13-47-5315,794 Jon GarlandJason JohnsonJon GarlandJason Johnson 755817
2002-04-16vs CLE13W  10-58-5323,502 Jon RauchChuck FinleyDamaso MarteChuck Finley 856322
2002-04-17vs CLE14W  7-29-5215,561 Mark BuehrleDanys BaezMark BuehrleDanys Baez 926527
2002-04-18vs CLE15W  7-110-5213,880 Todd RitchieBartolo ColonTodd RitchieBartolo Colon 996633
2002-04-19vs DET16L  2-810-6313,917 Dan WrightSteve SparksSteve SparksDan Wright 1017427
2002-04-20vs DET17W  12-511-6215,737 Jon GarlandNate CornejoJon GarlandNate Cornejo 1137934
2002-04-21vs DET18W  11-812-6213,619 Jon RauchJose LimaAntonio OsunaJose PaniaguaKeith Foulke1248737
2002-04-22@ CLE19L  2-412-7224,519Mark BuehrleDanys BaezDanys BaezMark BuehrleBob Wickman1269135
2002-04-23@ CLE20W  5-113-7125,284Todd RitchieBartolo ColonTodd RitchieBartolo Colon 1319239
2002-04-24@ CLE21W  9-214-7125,935Dan WrightCC SabathiaDan WrightCC Sabathia 1409446
2002-04-25@ CLE22W  6-315-7129,046Jon GarlandRyan DreseJon GarlandRyan DreseKeith Foulke1469749
2002-04-26@ OAK23L  4-615-8110,129Jon RauchCory LidleCory LidleJim ParqueBilly Koch15010347
2002-04-27@ OAK24L  1-1615-9126,111Mark BuehrleMike FyhrieMike FyhrieMark Buehrle 15111932
2002-04-28@ OAK25L  0-1015-10120,365Todd RitchieTim HudsonTim HudsonTodd Ritchie 15112922
2002-04-30vs SEA26W  8-416-10116,253 Dan WrightJoel PineiroDan WrightPaul Abbott 15913326
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-05-01vs SEA27W  9-217-10112,735 Jon GarlandRyan FranklinJon GarlandRyan FranklinGary Glover16813533
2002-05-02vs SEA28L  4-1517-11212,891 Jon RauchJames BaldwinJames BaldwinJon Rauch 17215022
2002-05-03vs OAK29W  6-118-11215,746 Mark BuehrleMike FyhrieMark BuehrleMike Fyhrie 17815127
2002-05-04vs OAK30W  10-219-11227,511 Todd RitchieTim HudsonTodd RitchieTim Hudson 18815335
2002-05-05vs OAK31L  2-319-12227,275 Dan WrightBarry ZitoBarry ZitoDan WrightBilly Koch19015634
2002-05-06@ TEX32L  5-619-13224,609Jon GarlandDave BurbaHideki IrabuAntonio Osuna 19516233
2002-05-07@ TEX33W  11-620-13220,108Gary GloverRob BellMike PorzioRob BellMatt Ginter20616838
2002-05-08@ TEX34W  5-321-13221,305Mark BuehrleDoug DavisMark BuehrleDoug Davis 21117140
2002-05-09@ TEX35L  1-421-14232,962Todd RitchieJoaquin BenoitJoaquin BenoitTodd RitchieHideki Irabu21217537
2002-05-10@ ANA36L  0-1921-15236,715Dan WrightScott SchoeneweisScott SchoeneweisDan Wright 21219418
2002-05-11@ ANA37L  3-621-16240,535Jon GarlandRamon OrtizRamon OrtizJon GarlandTroy Percival21520015
2002-05-12@ ANA38L  4-521-17219,251Gary GloverJarrod WashburnTroy PercivalKeith Foulke 21920514
2002-05-14vs TEX39W  15-422-17217,503 Mark BuehrleDoug DavisMark BuehrleDoug Davis 23420925
2002-05-15vs TEX40L  2-522-18213,980 Todd RitchieIsmael ValdezIsmael ValdezTodd RitchieHideki Irabu23621422
2002-05-16vs TEX41W  4-023-18213,119 Dan WrightKenny RogersDan WrightKenny Rogers 24021426
2002-05-17vs ANA42L  4-823-19212,736 Jon GarlandScott SchoeneweisScott SchoeneweisJon GarlandAl Levine24422222
2002-05-18vs ANA43W  10-424-19221,122 Gary GloverRamon OrtizGary GloverRamon Ortiz 25422628
2002-05-19vs ANA44L  1-624-20219,869 Mark BuehrleJarrod WashburnJarrod WashburnMark Buehrle 25523223
2002-05-20@ BOS45L  0-924-21232,461Todd RitchieDerek LoweDerek LoweTodd Ritchie 25524114
2002-05-21@ BOS46W  8-325-21231,772Dan WrightDarren OliverDan WrightDarren Oliver 26324419
2002-05-22@ BOS47W  2-026-21133,157Jon GarlandFrank CastilloJon GarlandFrank CastilloKeith Foulke26524421
2002-05-24vs DET48W  12-127-21114,597 Mark BuehrleSteve SparksMark BuehrleSteve Sparks 27724532
2002-05-25vs DET49W  6-428-21121,543 Gary GloverSeth GreisingerKelly WunschSeth GreisingerKeith Foulke28324934
2002-05-26vs DET50L  2-928-22123,353 Todd RitchieAdam BerneroAdam BerneroTodd Ritchie 28525827
2002-05-27vs NYA51L  6-1028-23243,781 Dan WrightMike ThurmanMike ThurmanDan Wright 29126823
2002-05-28vs NYA52L  2-428-24227,859 Jon GarlandTed LillyTed LillyJon GarlandMariano Rivera29327221
2002-05-29vs NYA53L  3-628-25227,572 Mark BuehrleRoger ClemensSteve KarsayKeith FoulkeMariano Rivera29627818
2002-05-31@ CLE54L  0-728-26233,756Gary GloverBartolo ColonBartolo ColonGary Glover 29628511
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-06-01@ CLE55L  4-828-27237,707Todd RitchieDanys BaezDanys BaezTodd Ritchie 3002937
2002-06-02@ CLE56L  3-428-28337,760Dan WrightChuck FinleyChuck FinleyDan WrightBob Wickman3032976
2002-06-03vs KCA57W  4-029-28315,168 Jon GarlandJeremy AffeldtJon GarlandJeremy Affeldt 30729710
2002-06-04vs KCA58L  2-329-29313,063 Mark BuehrleMiguel AsencioMiguel AsencioMark BuehrleRoberto Hernandez3093009
2002-06-05vs KCA59W  6-130-29312,167 Gary GloverJeff SuppanGary GloverJeff Suppan 31530114
2002-06-06vs KCA60L  3-430-30314,311 Todd RitchieDarrell MayDarrell MayTodd RitchieRoberto Hernandez31830513
2002-06-07vs MON61L  3-430-31322,481 Dan WrightTony ArmasTony ArmasDan WrightT.J. Tucker32130912
2002-06-08vs MON62L  1-230-32324,783 Jon GarlandTomo OhkaScott StewartKeith FoulkeT.J. Tucker32231111
2002-06-09vs MON63W  13-231-32321,870 Mark BuehrleCarl PavanoMark BuehrleCarl Pavano 33531322
2002-06-10vs NYN64L  1-331-33327,679 Gary GloverPedro AstacioPedro AstacioGary GloverArmando Benitez33631620
2002-06-11vs NYN65W  10-832-33320,156 Todd RitchieJeff D'AmicoTodd RitchieJeff D'AmicoAntonio Osuna34632422
2002-06-12vs NYN66W  2-133-33216,314 Dan WrightAl LeiterRocky BiddleAl LeiterAntonio Osuna34832523
2002-06-14@ CHN67L  4-833-34338,051Jon GarlandMatt ClementMatt ClementJon Garland 35233319
2002-06-15@ CHN68L  3-733-35338,860Mark BuehrleJon LieberJon LieberMark Buehrle 35534015
2002-06-16@ CHN69W  10-734-35338,742Todd RitchieKerry WoodKeith FoulkeKerry WoodAntonio Osuna36534718
2002-06-18@ PHI70W  6-335-35217,424Dan WrightRandy WolfAntonio OsunaDave CogginRocky Biddle37135021
2002-06-19@ PHI71L  3-435-36221,905Jon GarlandVicente PadillaDan PlesacRocky Biddle 37435420
2002-06-20@ PHI72W  6-136-36222,132Mark BuehrleRobert PersonMark BuehrleRobert Person 38035525
2002-06-21@ ATL73L  2-336-37235,102Todd RitchieTom GlavineKevin GryboskiTodd RitchieJohn Smoltz38235824
2002-06-22@ ATL74L  2-1536-38247,276Gary GloverDamian MossDamian MossGary Glover 38437311
2002-06-23@ ATL75L  1-936-39230,883Dan WrightJason MarquisJason MarquisDan Wright 3853823
2002-06-24@ MIN76L  4-536-40324,102Jon GarlandMatt KinneyLaTroy HawkinsBob HowryEddie Guardado3893872
2002-06-25@ MIN77W  15-737-40324,662Mark BuehrleEric MiltonMark BuehrleEric Milton 40439410
2002-06-26@ MIN78L  5-637-41328,340Todd RitchieKyle LohseKyle LohseTodd RitchieEddie Guardado4094009
2002-06-27@ MIN79W  7-438-41229,532Gary GloverRick ReedGary GloverRick ReedKeith Foulke41640412
2002-06-28vs CHN80W  13-939-41246,027 Dan WrightKerry WoodMatt GinterJoe Borowski 42941316
2002-06-29vs CHN81W  5-440-41245,942 Jon GarlandMark PriorJon GarlandJuan CruzAntonio Osuna43441717
2002-06-30vs CHN82L  2-940-42245,351 Mark BuehrleMatt ClementMatt ClementMark Buehrle 43642610
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-07-02vs DET83W  17-941-42219,331 Todd RitchieAdam BerneroTodd RitchieAdam Bernero 45343518
2002-07-03vs DET84L  4-541-43215,064 Gary GloverBrian MoehlerBrian MoehlerGary GloverJose Paniagua45744017
2002-07-04vs DET85L  5-641-44222,916 Dan WrightSteve SparksSteve SparksKelly WunschJuan Acevedo46244616
2002-07-05vs CLE86L  2-441-45229,085 Jon GarlandDanys BaezDanys BaezJon GarlandBob Wickman46445014
2002-07-06vs CLE87W  7-342-45225,016 Mark BuehrleJason PhillipsMark BuehrleJason PhillipsDamaso Marte47145318
2002-07-07vs CLE88L  3-942-46222,104 Todd RitchieRyan DreseRyan DreseTodd Ritchie 47446212
2002-07-11@ DET89W  9-243-46216,791Dan WrightSteve SparksDan WrightSteve Sparks 48346419
2002-07-12@ DET90L  1-243-47226,121Todd RitchieMark RedmanMark RedmanTodd RitchieJuan Acevedo48446618
2002-07-13@ DET91L  3-543-49213,189Mark BuehrleBrian MoehlerFernando RodneyMark BuehrleJuan Acevedo48747116
2002-07-13@ DET92L  1-343-49220,058Rocky BiddleMike MarothMike MarothRocky BiddleOscar Henriquez48847414
2002-07-14@ DET93W  6-444-49222,098Jon GarlandAdam BerneroJon GarlandAdam BerneroAntonio Osuna49447816
2002-07-15@ CLE94L  1-744-50330,025Gary GloverJason PhillipsJason PhillipsGary Glover 49548510
2002-07-16@ CLE95W  5-445-50230,754Dan WrightCC SabathiaAntonio OsunaBob WickmanDamaso Marte50048911
2002-07-17@ KCA96L  6-845-51213,823Todd RitchieJeff SuppanJeff SuppanTodd RitchieRoberto Hernandez5064979
2002-07-18@ KCA97L  3-545-52215,522Mark BuehrlePaul ByrdPaul ByrdDamaso Marte 5095027
2002-07-19@ BAL98L  4-1045-53236,949Jon GarlandRodrigo LopezRodrigo LopezJon Garland 5135121
2002-07-20@ BAL99L  3-445-54239,257Gary GloverSidney PonsonRick BauerBob Howry 5165160
2002-07-21@ BAL100W  8-746-54235,337Dan WrightScott EricksonBob HowryWillis RobertsAntonio Osuna5245231
2002-07-22vs MIN101L  6-1146-55232,352 Todd RitchieRick ReedRick ReedTodd Ritchie 530534-4
2002-07-23vs MIN102W  8-747-55222,665 Mark BuehrleJohan SantanaMark BuehrleJohan SantanaAntonio Osuna538541-3
2002-07-24vs MIN103L  1-847-56223,535 Jon GarlandKyle LohseKyle LohseJon Garland 539549-10
2002-07-26vs KCA104W  10-248-56220,803 Dan WrightShawn SedlacekDan WrightShawn Sedlacek 549551-2
2002-07-27vs KCA105W  9-149-56228,931 Gary GloverDarrell MayGary GloverDarrell May 5585526
2002-07-28vs KCA106W  4-250-56229,534 Rocky BiddleJeff SuppanBob HowryJeff SuppanDamaso Marte5625548
2002-07-30@ MIN107W  3-051-56227,391Mark BuehrleKyle LohseMark BuehrleKyle Lohse 56555411
2002-07-31@ MIN108L  1-251-57229,478Jon GarlandJoe MaysJ.C. RomeroAntonio Osuna 56655610
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-08-01@ MIN109L  0-651-58226,270Dan WrightEric MiltonEric MiltonDan Wright 5665624
2002-08-02@ TBA110W  8-552-58210,823Gary GloverTanyon SturtzeKelly WunschJesus ColomeAntonio Osuna5745677
2002-08-03@ TBA111L  2-652-59211,963Todd RitchiePaul WilsonPaul WilsonTodd Ritchie 5765733
2002-08-04@ TBA112L  3-1052-60211,809Mark BuehrleJoe KennedyJoe KennedyMark Buehrle 579583-4
2002-08-05@ TBA113W  4-353-60210,769Jon GarlandVictor ZambranoKeith FoulkeEsteban YanDamaso Marte583586-3
2002-08-06vs ANA114L  2-1153-61217,706 Dan WrightJarrod WashburnJarrod WashburnDan WrightAl Levine585597-12
2002-08-07vs ANA115W  7-654-61214,253 Gary GloverKevin AppierAntonio OsunaBrendan Donnelly 592603-11
2002-08-08vs ANA116W  3-255-61218,165 Jim ParqueAaron SeleJim ParqueAaron SeleDamaso Marte595605-10
2002-08-09vs SEA117W  10-256-61228,229 Mark BuehrleFreddy GarciaMark BuehrleFreddy Garcia 605607-2
2002-08-10vs SEA118L  3-756-62229,766 Jon GarlandJohn HalamaJeff NelsonRocky Biddle 608614-6
2002-08-11vs SEA119W  6-557-62228,282 Dan WrightJames BaldwinDan WrightJames BaldwinAntonio Osuna614619-5
2002-08-13@ TEX120W  12-358-62225,657Gary GloverJoaquin BenoitGary GloverJoaquin Benoit 6266224
2002-08-14@ TEX121L  6-1158-63221,450Jim ParqueIsmael ValdezIsmael ValdezJim Parque 632633-1
2002-08-16@ OAK122L  0-158-64222,622Mark BuehrleCory LidleCory LidleMark BuehrleBilly Koch632634-2
2002-08-17@ OAK123L  2-958-65240,658Jon GarlandMark MulderMark MulderJon Garland 634643-9
2002-08-18@ OAK124L  4-758-66231,489Dan WrightBarry ZitoBarry ZitoDan Wright 638650-12
2002-08-19vs MIN125L  3-758-67224,016 Gary GloverBrad RadkeBrad RadkeGary Glover 641657-16
2002-08-20vs MIN126L  0-558-68216,192 Jim ParqueKyle LohseKyle LohseJim Parque 641662-21
2002-08-21vs MIN127W  10-159-68217,225 Mark BuehrleJoe MaysMark BuehrleJoe Mays 651663-12
2002-08-23vs TBA128L  2-859-69227,988 Jon GarlandTanyon SturtzeTanyon SturtzeJon Garland 653671-18
2002-08-24vs TBA129W  5-260-69224,580 Dan WrightPaul WilsonDan WrightPaul WilsonDamaso Marte658673-15
2002-08-25vs TBA130W  8-361-69220,340 Gary GloverJoe KennedyGary GloverJoe Kennedy 666676-10
2002-08-26vs TOR131L  4-861-70215,760 Jim ParqueMichael SmithCorey ThurmanJim Parque 670684-14
2002-08-27vs TOR132W  8-462-70212,185 Mark BuehrleRoy HalladayAntonio OsunaScott Cassidy 678688-10
2002-08-28vs TOR133W  8-063-70212,972 Jon GarlandSteve ParrisJon GarlandSteve Parris 686688-2
2002-08-30@ DET134W  4-364-70216,857Dan WrightMike MarothDan WrightMike MarothDamaso Marte690691-1
2002-08-31@ DET135W  9-465-70215,726Gary GloverSteve SparksGary GloverSteve Sparks 6996954
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-09-01@ DET136W  7-066-70214,856Mark BuehrleMark RedmanMark BuehrleMark Redman 70669511
2002-09-02@ TOR137W  5-367-70218,373Jon GarlandCorey ThurmanJon GarlandCorey ThurmanDamaso Marte71169813
2002-09-03@ TOR138W  5-468-70214,427Rocky BiddleEsteban LoaizaJon RauchEsteban LoaizaDamaso Marte71670214
2002-09-04@ TOR139L  2-668-71221,122Dan WrightPete WalkerPete WalkerDan Wright 71870810
2002-09-05vs CLE140L  6-1168-72212,667 Gary GloverRicardo RodriguezRicardo RodriguezGary Glover 7247195
2002-09-06vs CLE141L  7-968-73217,131 Mark BuehrleDave BurbaDave BurbaMark BuehrleDanys Baez7317283
2002-09-07vs CLE142L  2-468-74216,622 Jon GarlandCC SabathiaCC SabathiaJon GarlandMark Wohlers7337321
2002-09-08vs CLE143W  7-669-74215,067 Rocky BiddleTerry MulhollandAntonio OsunaDanys Baez 7407382
2002-09-09@ KCA144W  10-670-7429,555Dan WrightPaul ByrdDan WrightPaul Byrd 7507446
2002-09-10@ KCA145W  12-471-74210,106Gary GloverRunelvys HernandezMike PorzioRunelvys HernandezAntonio Osuna76274814
2002-09-11@ KCA146L  6-971-75212,104Mark BuehrleDarrell MayDarrell MayMark Buehrle 76875711
2002-09-12@ KCA147W  5-172-75210,427Jon GarlandMiguel AsencioJon GarlandMiguel Asencio 77375815
2002-09-13@ NYA148W  13-273-75245,935Rocky BiddleMike MussinaRocky BiddleMike MussinaAntonio Osuna78676026
2002-09-14@ NYA149W  8-174-75244,795Dan WrightRoger ClemensDan WrightRoger Clemens 79476133
2002-09-15@ NYA150L  4-874-76239,587Gary GloverAndy PettitteAndy PettitteMike Porzio 79876929
2002-09-17vs KCA151W  6-175-76212,003 Mark BuehrleMiguel AsencioMark BuehrleMiguel AsencioKeith Foulke80477034
2002-09-18vs KCA152W  3-176-76210,246 Jon GarlandJeff SuppanJon GarlandJeff SuppanDamaso Marte80777136
2002-09-19vs KCA153L  1-276-77210,354 Rocky BiddlePaul ByrdPaul ByrdRocky BiddleRoberto Hernandez80877335
2002-09-20vs MIN154W  10-277-77216,128 Dan WrightRick ReedDan WrightJuan Rincon 81877543
2002-09-21vs MIN155W  14-478-77220,645 Jon RauchBrad RadkeJon RauchBrad Radke 83277953
2002-09-22vs MIN156W  8-279-77215,112 Mark BuehrleJoe MaysMark BuehrleJoe Mays 84078159
2002-09-24vs BOS157L  2-479-78214,168 Jon GarlandCasey FossumCasey FossumJon GarlandUgueth Urbina84278557
2002-09-25vs BOS158W  7-280-78213,102 Rocky BiddleDerek LoweRocky BiddleDerek Lowe 84978762
2002-09-26vs BOS159W  3-281-78212,304 Dan WrightJosh HancockDan WrightJosh HancockKeith Foulke85278963
2002-09-27@ MIN160L  1-381-79221,905Jon RauchJoe MaysTony FioreGary GloverEddie Guardado85379261
2002-09-28@ MIN161L  2-381-80232,072Mark BuehrleKyle LohseLaTroy HawkinsMark BuehrleEddie Guardado85579560
2002-09-29@ MIN162L  1-381-81231,270Jon GarlandEric MiltonBob WellsMike PorzioJ.C. Romero85679858

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