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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  103-59   .636
Result:   1st in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Art Howe
General Manager:   Billy Beane
Stadium:  Network Associates Coliseum
Attendance:  2,169,811
Payroll:  $40,004,167
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Twins)

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Randy Velarde (39)
Youngest Player:  Esteban German (23)
Longest Tenure:  Miguel Tejada (6)
Top Hitter:  Miguel Tejada (9)
Top Pitcher:  Barry Zito (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Nick Swisher (#16)

Roster Continuity:  68.94%
Top Prospect:   Carlos Pena
American League Standings

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-04-01vs TEX1W  8-31-0143,908 Mark MulderChan Ho ParkMark MulderChan Ho Park 835
2002-04-02vs TEX2W  3-22-0110,267 Tim HudsonKenny RogersBilly KochDan Miceli 1156
2002-04-03vs TEX3W  9-63-0123,259 Barry ZitoDave BurbaJim MecirRich RodriguezBilly Koch20119
2002-04-04vs TEX4L  5-73-1115,081 Cory LidleDoug DavisDoug DavisCory Lidle 25187
2002-04-05@ SEA5L  1-73-2240,303Erik HiljusJames BaldwinJames BaldwinErik Hiljus 26251
2002-04-06@ SEA6W  8-34-2145,093Mark MulderFreddy GarciaMark MulderFreddy Garcia 34286
2002-04-07@ SEA7W  6-55-2139,870Tim HudsonJamie MoyerTim HudsonJamie MoyerBilly Koch40337
2002-04-09@ TEX8W  5-46-2120,158Barry ZitoKenny RogersBilly KochRudy Seanez 45378
2002-04-10@ TEX9L  2-46-3121,384Cory LidleDave BurbaDave BurbaCory LidleJohn Rocker47416
2002-04-11@ TEX10L  0-76-4221,903Mark MulderDoug DavisDoug DavisMark Mulder 4748-1
2002-04-12@ ANA11W  5-17-4231,815Tim HudsonRamon OrtizTim HudsonRamon Ortiz 52493
2002-04-13@ ANA12W  7-28-4233,554Erik HiljusJarrod WashburnErik HiljusJarrod Washburn 59518
2002-04-14@ ANA13L  1-48-5232,881Barry ZitoKevin AppierKevin AppierBarry ZitoAl Levine60555
2002-04-16vs SEA14L  2-68-6213,022 Cory LidleFreddy GarciaJoel PineiroCory Lidle 62611
2002-04-17vs SEA15L  4-78-7231,260 Tim HudsonJamie MoyerJamie MoyerTim HudsonKazuhiro Sasaki6668-2
2002-04-18vs ANA16W  4-29-729,145 Erik HiljusRamon OrtizErik HiljusRamon OrtizBilly Koch70700
2002-04-19vs ANA17L  7-99-8212,468 Mike FyhrieJarrod WashburnJarrod WashburnMike FyhrieTroy Percival7779-2
2002-04-20vs ANA18W  8-710-8220,253 Barry ZitoKevin AppierChad BradfordAl LevineBilly Koch8586-1
2002-04-21vs ANA19W  6-511-8220,088 Cory LidleAaron SeleMike VenafroTroy Percival 91910
2002-04-23vs NYA20L  1-211-9240,360 Tim HudsonOrlando HernandezOrlando HernandezTim HudsonMariano Rivera9293-1
2002-04-24vs NYA21L  5-811-10254,513 Erik HiljusDavid WellsMike StantonMike MagnanteMariano Rivera97101-4
2002-04-25vs NYA22W  6-212-10231,870 Barry ZitoMike MussinaBarry ZitoMike Mussina 1031030
2002-04-26vs CHA23W  6-413-10210,129 Cory LidleJon RauchCory LidleJim ParqueBilly Koch1091072
2002-04-27vs CHA24W  16-114-10226,111 Mike FyhrieMark BuehrleMike FyhrieMark Buehrle 12510817
2002-04-28vs CHA25W  10-015-10220,365 Tim HudsonTodd RitchieTim HudsonTodd Ritchie 13510827
2002-04-30@ NYA26L  2-815-11232,888Barry ZitoDavid WellsDavid WellsBarry Zito 13711621
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-05-01@ NYA27W  4-116-11231,006Erik HiljusMike MussinaErik HiljusMike MussinaBilly Koch14111724
2002-05-02@ NYA28L  2-916-12230,463Cory LidleRoger ClemensRoger ClemensCory Lidle 14312617
2002-05-03@ CHA29L  1-616-13215,746Mike FyhrieMark BuehrleMark BuehrleMike Fyhrie 14413212
2002-05-04@ CHA30L  2-1016-14227,511Tim HudsonTodd RitchieTodd RitchieTim Hudson 1461424
2002-05-05@ CHA31W  3-217-14227,275Barry ZitoDan WrightBarry ZitoDan WrightBilly Koch1491445
2002-05-07vs BOS32L  7-917-15219,715 Cory LidlePedro MartinezRolando ArrojoJim MecirUgueth Urbina1561533
2002-05-08vs BOS33L  6-1217-16240,155 Erik HiljusJohn BurkettJohn BurkettErik Hiljus 162165-3
2002-05-09vs BOS34L  1-517-17318,477 Tim HudsonDerek LoweDerek LoweTim Hudson 163170-7
2002-05-10vs TOR35L  2-617-18310,824 Mark MulderLuke ProkopecLuke ProkopecMark Mulder 165176-11
2002-05-11vs TOR36W  7-418-18321,115 Barry ZitoJustin MillerBarry ZitoJustin Miller 172180-8
2002-05-12vs TOR37L  4-1118-19319,519 Cory LidleRoy HalladayRoy HalladayCory LidlePete Walker176191-15
2002-05-14@ BOS38L  2-618-20331,404Tim HudsonJohn BurkettJohn BurkettTim Hudson 178197-19
2002-05-15@ BOS39L  2-818-21432,346Erik HiljusDerek LoweDerek LoweErik Hiljus 180205-25
2002-05-16@ BOS40W  5-019-21333,057Barry ZitoFrank CastilloBarry ZitoFrank Castillo 185205-20
2002-05-17@ TOR41L  1-719-22314,061Mark MulderRoy HalladayRoy HalladayMark Mulder 186212-26
2002-05-18@ TOR42L  3-619-23317,846Mike FyhrieJustin MillerJustin MillerMike FyhrieKelvim Escobar189218-29
2002-05-19@ TOR43L  0-1119-24323,408Tim HudsonEsteban LoaizaEsteban LoaizaTim Hudson 189229-40
2002-05-21vs BAL44L  4-619-25310,245 Barry ZitoRodrigo LopezTravis DriskillMike VenafroJorge Julio193235-42
2002-05-22vs BAL45W  7-620-25320,444 Erik HiljusCalvin MaduroMike FyhrieCalvin MaduroBilly Koch200241-41
2002-05-23vs BAL46L  3-1120-26411,737 Mark MulderSidney PonsonSidney PonsonMark Mulder 203252-49
2002-05-24vs TBA47W  9-821-26325,458 Tim HudsonPaul WilsonJim MecirVictor ZambranoBilly Koch212260-48
2002-05-25vs TBA48W  6-022-26331,697 Aaron HarangTravis HarperAaron HarangTravis HarperChad Bradford218260-42
2002-05-26vs TBA49W  7-023-26315,943 Barry ZitoJoe KennedyBarry ZitoJoe Kennedy 225260-35
2002-05-28@ BAL50W  5-224-26324,825Mark MulderCalvin MaduroMark MulderCalvin MaduroBilly Koch230262-32
2002-05-29@ BAL51L  5-1024-27324,913Erik HiljusSidney PonsonRick BauerMike Fyhrie 235272-37
2002-05-30@ TBA52L  3-424-28310,130Tim HudsonPaul WilsonTravis HarperChad Bradford 238276-38
2002-05-31@ TBA53W  13-925-28310,227Cory LidleWilson AlvarezMike VenafroEsteban Yan 251285-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-06-01@ TBA54W  8-326-28314,073Barry ZitoJoe KennedyBarry ZitoJoe Kennedy 259288-29
2002-06-02@ TBA55W  4-227-28310,563Mark MulderRyan RupeMark MulderRyan RupeBilly Koch263290-27
2002-06-03vs SEA56L  1-427-29314,188 Aaron HarangFreddy GarciaFreddy GarciaAaron HarangKazuhiro Sasaki264294-30
2002-06-04vs SEA57W  3-228-29313,528 Tim HudsonRafael SorianoBilly KochShigetoshi Hasegawa 267296-29
2002-06-05vs SEA58L  0-528-30335,647 Cory LidleJamie MoyerJamie MoyerCory Lidle 267301-34
2002-06-06vs SEA59W  10-429-30327,344 Barry ZitoJames BaldwinBarry ZitoJames Baldwin 277305-28
2002-06-07vs HOU60W  5-330-30317,453 Mark MulderRoy OswaltMark MulderRoy OswaltBilly Koch282308-26
2002-06-08vs HOU61W  5-131-30327,115 Aaron HarangShane ReynoldsAaron HarangShane Reynolds 287309-22
2002-06-09vs HOU62W  7-632-30335,065 Tim HudsonTim ReddingBilly KochOctavio Dotel 294315-21
2002-06-10vs MIL63W  8-633-30310,584 Cory LidleRuben QuevedoChad BradfordValerio de los SantosBilly Koch302321-19
2002-06-11vs MIL64W  11-234-30311,223 Barry ZitoNelson FigueroaBarry ZitoNelson Figueroa 313323-10
2002-06-12vs MIL65W  8-035-30320,847 Mark MulderBen SheetsMark MulderBen Sheets 321323-2
2002-06-14@ SFN66W  3-236-30341,457Tim HudsonJason SchmidtTim HudsonJason SchmidtBilly Koch324325-1
2002-06-15@ SFN67L  2-636-31341,298Aaron HarangRuss OrtizChad ZerbeAaron Harang 326331-5
2002-06-16@ SFN68W  2-137-31341,550Barry ZitoKirk RueterBarry ZitoKirk RueterBilly Koch328332-4
2002-06-18@ PIT69W  4-238-31321,943Mark MulderJosh FoggMark MulderJosh FoggBilly Koch332334-2
2002-06-19@ PIT70W  3-239-31330,562Cory LidleJoe BeimelChad BradfordMike WilliamsBilly Koch335336-1
2002-06-20@ PIT71W  5-340-31322,464Tim HudsonKris BensonTim HudsonKris BensonBilly Koch3403391
2002-06-21@ CIN72W  5-341-31326,101Aaron HarangJimmy HaynesAaron HarangScott WilliamsonBilly Koch3453423
2002-06-22@ CIN73W  10-342-31327,243Barry ZitoBruce ChenBarry ZitoBruce Chen 35534510
2002-06-23@ CIN74W  5-143-31323,961Mark MulderChris ReitsmaMark MulderChris Reitsma 36034614
2002-06-24@ SEA75W  13-244-31245,602Cory LidleFreddy GarciaCory LidleFreddy Garcia 37334825
2002-06-25@ SEA76L  1-744-32243,985Tim HudsonJames BaldwinJames BaldwinTim Hudson 37435519
2002-06-26@ SEA77L  0-144-33342,120Aaron HarangJamie MoyerShigetoshi HasegawaChad BradfordKazuhiro Sasaki37435618
2002-06-27@ SEA78L  4-744-34342,159Barry ZitoRafael SorianoJohn HalamaBarry ZitoArthur Rhodes37836315
2002-06-28vs SFN79W  10-645-34346,345 Mark MulderLivan HernandezMark MulderLivan Hernandez 38836919
2002-06-29vs SFN80L  3-545-35353,501 Cory LidleJason SchmidtJason SchmidtCory LidleRobb Nen39137417
2002-06-30vs SFN81W  7-046-35354,123 Tim HudsonRuss OrtizTim HudsonRuss Ortiz 39837424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-07-01vs MIN82L  4-546-36313,503 Aaron HarangKyle LohseJ.C. RomeroMike VenafroEddie Guardado40237923
2002-07-02vs MIN83W  4-347-36315,317 Barry ZitoRick ReedChad BradfordEddie Guardado 40638224
2002-07-03vs MIN84L  1-247-37330,213 Mark MulderJohan SantanaJohan SantanaMark MulderEddie Guardado40738423
2002-07-04vs KCA85W  3-248-37328,315 Cory LidleShawn SedlacekBilly KochRoberto Hernandez 41038624
2002-07-05vs KCA86W  4-349-37353,802 Tim HudsonJeff SuppanJim MecirRoberto Hernandez 41438925
2002-07-06vs KCA87L  3-449-38318,259 Aaron HarangDarrell MayScott MullenBilly KochBrad Voyles41739324
2002-07-07vs KCA88W  3-250-38331,676 Barry ZitoPaul ByrdBarry ZitoPaul ByrdBilly Koch42039525
2002-07-11@ BAL89W  4-151-38332,507Mark MulderScott EricksonMark MulderScott EricksonBilly Koch42439628
2002-07-12@ BAL90W  1-052-38333,366Tim HudsonJason JohnsonTim HudsonJason JohnsonBilly Koch42539629
2002-07-13@ BAL91W  6-053-38336,100Barry ZitoTravis DriskillBarry ZitoTravis Driskill 43139635
2002-07-14@ BAL92L  3-653-39332,853Cory LidleRodrigo LopezRodrigo LopezCory LidleJorge Julio43440232
2002-07-15@ TBA93W  4-054-39310,116Ted LillyRyan RupeTed LillyRyan Rupe 43840236
2002-07-16@ TBA94W  2-155-39310,592Mark MulderJorge SosaMark MulderJorge SosaBilly Koch44040337
2002-07-17vs ANA95L  4-1055-40338,547 Tim HudsonKevin AppierKevin AppierTim Hudson 44441331
2002-07-18vs ANA96W  2-056-40315,733 Barry ZitoAaron SeleBarry ZitoAaron SeleBilly Koch44641333
2002-07-19vs TEX97W  10-057-40321,445 Cory LidleAaron MyetteCory LidleAaron Myette 45641343
2002-07-20vs TEX98W  6-558-40331,129 Ted LillyRob BellBilly KochDave Burba 46241844
2002-07-21vs TEX99L  3-758-41327,567 Mark MulderChan Ho ParkJay PowellJim Mecir 46542540
2002-07-23@ ANA100W  2-159-41325,370Barry ZitoKevin AppierBarry ZitoKevin AppierBilly Koch46742641
2002-07-24@ ANA101L  1-559-42325,240Tim HudsonAaron SeleAaron SeleTim Hudson 46843137
2002-07-25@ ANA102L  4-559-43331,653Cory LidleRamon OrtizScot ShieldsJim MecirBen Weber47243636
2002-07-26@ TEX103L  4-1259-44334,585Mark MulderRob BellRich RodriguezMark Mulder 47644828
2002-07-27@ TEX104L  6-1059-45335,359Aaron HarangChan Ho ParkDanny KolbBilly Koch 48245824
2002-07-28@ TEX105W  12-260-45324,022Barry ZitoIsmael ValdezBarry ZitoJuan Alvarez 49446034
2002-07-29vs CLE106L  6-860-46318,297 Tim HudsonJaret WrightTerry MulhollandMike MagnanteMark Wohlers50046832
2002-07-30vs CLE107L  4-560-47314,737 Cory LidleRyan DreseRyan DreseCory LidleMark Wohlers50447331
2002-07-31vs CLE108W  6-461-47347,574 Mark MulderCharles NagyMark MulderJake WestbrookBilly Koch51047733
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-08-01vs DET109W  5-362-47313,861 Aaron HarangSteve SparksMicah BowieSteve SparksBilly Koch51548035
2002-08-02vs DET110L  1-362-48317,197 Barry ZitoMark RedmanMark RedmanBarry ZitoJuan Acevedo51648333
2002-08-03vs DET111W  8-463-48329,648 Tim HudsonJose LimaTim HudsonJose Lima 52448737
2002-08-04vs DET112W  4-064-48324,546 Cory LidleMike MarothCory LidleMike Maroth 52848741
2002-08-06@ BOS113W  9-165-48334,059Mark MulderTim WakefieldMark MulderTim Wakefield 53748849
2002-08-07@ BOS114W  3-266-48333,325Aaron HarangJohn BurkettAaron HarangJohn BurkettBilly Koch54049050
2002-08-08@ BOS115L  2-466-49333,855Barry ZitoDerek LoweDerek LoweBarry ZitoUgueth Urbina54249448
2002-08-09@ NYA116W  3-267-49354,316Tim HudsonOrlando HernandezMicah BowieSterling Hitchcock 54549649
2002-08-10@ NYA117W  8-068-49354,439Cory LidleDavid WellsCory LidleDavid Wells 55349657
2002-08-11@ NYA118L  5-868-50354,703Mark MulderMike MussinaMike MussinaMark Mulder 55850454
2002-08-12vs TOR119L  1-268-51314,178 Aaron HarangEsteban LoaizaEsteban LoaizaAaron HarangKelvim Escobar55950653
2002-08-13vs TOR120W  5-469-51317,466 Barry ZitoChris CarpenterBarry ZitoChris CarpenterBilly Koch56451054
2002-08-14vs TOR121W  4-270-51340,528 Tim HudsonPete WalkerTim HudsonPete WalkerBilly Koch56851256
2002-08-16vs CHA122W  1-071-51322,622 Cory LidleMark BuehrleCory LidleMark BuehrleBilly Koch56951257
2002-08-17vs CHA123W  9-272-51340,658 Mark MulderJon GarlandMark MulderJon Garland 57851464
2002-08-18vs CHA124W  7-473-51331,489 Barry ZitoDan WrightBarry ZitoDan Wright 58551867
2002-08-19@ CLE125W  8-174-51327,696Tim HudsonDanys BaezTim HudsonDanys Baez 59351974
2002-08-20@ CLE126W  6-375-51227,527Aaron HarangJake WestbrookAaron HarangJake WestbrookBilly Koch59952277
2002-08-21@ CLE127W  6-076-51226,916Cory LidleRicardo RodriguezCory LidleRicardo Rodriguez 60552283
2002-08-22@ CLE128W  9-377-51127,759Mark MulderJason PhillipsMark MulderJason PhillipsChad Bradford61452589
2002-08-23@ DET129W  9-178-51121,807Barry ZitoBrian PowellBarry ZitoBrian Powell 62352697
2002-08-24@ DET130W  12-379-51119,045Tim HudsonJose LimaTim HudsonJose Lima 635529106
2002-08-25@ DET131W  10-780-51124,346Aaron HarangMike MarothJim MecirJamie WalkerBilly Koch645536109
2002-08-26@ KCA132W  6-381-51111,096Cory LidleDarrell MayCory LidleDarrell MayBilly Koch651539112
2002-08-27@ KCA133W  6-482-51113,077Mark MulderRunelvys HernandezMark MulderRunelvys HernandezBilly Koch657543114
2002-08-28@ KCA134W  7-183-51115,952Barry ZitoShawn SedlacekBarry ZitoShawn Sedlacek 664544120
2002-08-30vs MIN135W  4-284-51125,221 Tim HudsonBrad RadkeTim HudsonBrad RadkeBilly Koch668546122
2002-08-31vs MIN136W  6-385-51142,841 Cory LidleKyle LohseJim MecirJ.C. RomeroBilly Koch674549125
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2002-09-01vs MIN137W  7-586-51137,676 Mark MulderJoe MaysBilly KochEddie Guardado 681554127
2002-09-02vs KCA138W  7-687-51126,325 Barry ZitoRunelvys HernandezBilly KochJason Grimsley 688560128
2002-09-04vs KCA139W  12-1188-51155,528 Tim HudsonPaul ByrdBilly KochJason Grimsley 700571129
2002-09-06@ MIN140L  0-688-52127,409Cory LidleBrad RadkeBrad RadkeCory Lidle 700577123
2002-09-07@ MIN141W  2-089-52143,628Mark MulderJoe MaysMark MulderJoe MaysBilly Koch702577125
2002-09-08@ MIN142W  6-090-52120,102Barry ZitoEric MiltonBarry ZitoEric Milton 708577131
2002-09-09@ ANA143W  2-191-52128,145Tim HudsonKevin AppierTim HudsonKevin AppierBilly Koch710578132
2002-09-10@ ANA144L  2-591-53135,323Ted LillyRamon OrtizRamon OrtizTed LillyTroy Percival712583129
2002-09-11@ ANA145L  5-691-54134,302Cory LidleJohn LackeyScot ShieldsJeff TamTroy Percival717589128
2002-09-12@ ANA146L  6-791-55231,304Mark MulderMickey CallawayBrendan DonnellyBilly Koch 723596127
2002-09-13vs SEA147W  5-092-55238,210 Barry ZitoIsmael ValdezBarry ZitoIsmael Valdez 728596132
2002-09-14vs SEA148W  1-093-55240,309 Tim HudsonJamie MoyerTim HudsonJamie Moyer 729596133
2002-09-15vs SEA149L  3-693-56238,783 Ted LillyJoel PineiroJoel PineiroAaron HarangKazuhiro Sasaki732602130
2002-09-16vs ANA150W  4-394-56222,326 Cory LidleJohn LackeyBilly KochAl Levine 736605131
2002-09-17vs ANA151L  0-194-57225,894 Mark MulderJarrod WashburnBen WeberBilly KochTroy Percival736606130
2002-09-18vs ANA152W  7-495-57250,730 Barry ZitoMickey CallawayBarry ZitoMickey CallawayBilly Koch743610133
2002-09-19vs ANA153W  5-396-57127,435 Tim HudsonKevin AppierTim HudsonKevin AppierBilly Koch748613135
2002-09-20vs TEX154W  4-297-57125,281 Ted LillyKenny RogersJim MecirDanny KolbRicardo Rincon752615137
2002-09-21vs TEX155W  6-398-57124,862 Cory LidleColby LewisJeff TamC.J. NitkowskiBilly Koch758618140
2002-09-22vs TEX156W  7-599-57135,697 Mark MulderChan Ho ParkMark MulderChan Ho ParkBilly Koch765623142
2002-09-24@ SEA157L  7-899-58139,037Barry ZitoIsmael ValdezShigetoshi HasegawaJeff TamArthur Rhodes772631141
2002-09-25@ SEA158L  2-399-59139,776Tim HudsonJamie MoyerArthur RhodesJim MecirKazuhiro Sasaki774634140
2002-09-26@ SEA159W  5-3100-59145,822Cory LidleJoel PineiroBilly KochShigetoshi Hasegawa 779637142
2002-09-27@ TEX160W  3-2101-59131,521Mark MulderChan Ho ParkMark MulderChan Ho ParkBilly Koch782639143
2002-09-28@ TEX161W  10-8102-59144,442Aaron HarangBen KozlowskiTed LillyDanny KolbJim Mecir792647145
2002-09-29@ TEX162W  8-7103-59134,529Barry ZitoJoaquin BenoitBarry ZitoJoaquin Benoit 800654146

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