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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  86-76   .531
Result:   2nd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Davey Johnson
General Manager:   Kevin Malone
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  2,880,242
Payroll:  $90,725,953
Playoffs:  -

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Orel Hershiser (41)
Youngest Player:  Adrian Beltre (21)
Longest Tenure:  Eric Karros (10)
Top Hitter:  Gary Sheffield (11)
Top Pitcher:  Kevin Brown (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Ben Diggins (#17)

Roster Continuity:  73.98%
Top Prospect:   Chin-Feng Chen
National League Standings
SF Giants9765.599--
LA Dodgers8676.53111.0
San Diego7686.46921.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-04-03@ MON1W  10-41-0151,249Kevin BrownDustin HermansonKevin BrownDustin HermansonTerry Adams1046
2000-04-04@ MON2W  10-42-0212,143Chan Ho ParkHideki IrabuChan Ho ParkHideki Irabu 20812
2000-04-05@ MON3L  5-62-128,867Orel HershiserJavier VazquezAnthony TelfordJeff Shaw 251411
2000-04-06@ MON4L  3-112-239,121Carlos PerezCarl PavanoCarl PavanoCarlos Perez 28253
2000-04-07@ NYN5L  1-22-3427,791Darren DreifortRick ReedRick ReedDarren DreifortArmando Benitez29272
2000-04-08@ NYN6W  6-53-3337,814Kevin BrownPat MahomesMike FettersArmando BenitezJeff Shaw35323
2000-04-11@ SFN7W  6-54-3240,930Chan Ho ParkKirk RueterChan Ho ParkKirk RueterJeff Shaw41374
2000-04-12@ SFN8W  6-55-3240,390Darren DreifortJoe NathanTerry AdamsBen WeberJeff Shaw47425
2000-04-13@ SFN9W  11-76-3240,930Carlos PerezMark GardnerCarlos PerezMark GardnerJeff Shaw58499
2000-04-14vs CIN10W  8-17-3253,223 Orel HershiserRob BellOrel HershiserRob Bell 665016
2000-04-15vs CIN11L  4-57-4251,179 Eric GagneDenny NeagleScott WilliamsonAlan MillsDanny Graves705515
2000-04-16vs CIN12L  3-57-5252,594 Chan Ho ParkSteve ParrisSteve ParrisChan Ho ParkDanny Graves736013
2000-04-18vs HOU13W  5-38-5226,298 Darren DreifortOctavio DotelDarren DreifortOctavio DotelJeff Shaw786315
2000-04-19vs HOU14L  3-108-6229,717 Orel HershiserShane ReynoldsShane ReynoldsOrel Hershiser 81738
2000-04-21@ CIN15W  9-29-6234,458Eric GagneSteve ParrisMatt HergesSteve ParrisTerry Adams907515
2000-04-22@ CIN16W  16-210-6235,557Chan Ho ParkPete HarnischChan Ho ParkPete HarnischAlan Mills1067729
2000-04-23@ CIN17W  11-311-6129,124Carlos PerezRon VilloneCarlos PerezRon Villone 1178037
2000-04-24@ NYN18L  0-111-7237,987Darren DreifortPat MahomesArmando BenitezTerry Adams 1178136
2000-04-25@ ATL19L  0-111-8235,046Kevin BrownTom GlavineTom GlavineKevin Brown 1178235
2000-04-26@ ATL20L  1-511-9231,734Eric GagneKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodEric Gagne 1188731
2000-04-27@ ATL21L  3-611-10237,750Chan Ho ParkTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandChan Ho ParkJohn Rocker1219328
2000-04-28vs FLO22W  5-312-10246,012 Carlos PerezBrad PennyTerry AdamsBrad PennyJeff Shaw1269630
2000-04-29vs FLO23W  13-1213-10235,583 Darren DreifortJesus SanchezJeff ShawAntonio Alfonseca 13910831
2000-04-30vs FLO24W  7-114-10231,940 Kevin BrownAlex FernandezKevin BrownAlex Fernandez 14610937
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-05-01vs ATL25L  1-214-11228,790 Eric GagneKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodEric GagneJohn Rocker14711136
2000-05-02vs ATL26L  3-514-12230,246 Chan Ho ParkTerry MulhollandBruce ChenTerry AdamsJohn Rocker15011634
2000-05-03vs ATL27W  6-415-12234,960 Carlos PerezGreg MadduxCarlos PerezGreg MadduxJeff Shaw15612036
2000-05-05vs HOU28W  3-216-12245,428 Kevin BrownShane ReynoldsJeff ShawDoug Henry 15912237
2000-05-06vs HOU29W  9-617-12244,345 Darren DreifortOctavio DotelDarren DreifortOctavio Dotel 16812840
2000-05-07vs HOU30L  8-1417-13252,806 Eric GagneJose LimaBilly WagnerJeff Shaw 17614234
2000-05-08@ ARI31L  7-1517-14333,338Chan Ho ParkOmar DaalOmar DaalChan Ho Park 18315726
2000-05-09@ ARI32L  7-1117-15332,326Carlos PerezArmando ReynosoVicente PadillaOrel Hershiser 19016822
2000-05-10@ ARI33L  1-217-16343,345Kevin BrownRandy JohnsonByung-Hyun KimTerry Adams 19117021
2000-05-12@ SLN34W  13-018-16344,975Darren DreifortDarryl KileDarren DreifortDarryl Kile 20417034
2000-05-13@ SLN35W  3-119-16248,372Chan Ho ParkRick AnkielChan Ho ParkDave VeresJeff Shaw20717136
2000-05-14@ SLN36L  10-1219-17245,151Carlos PerezPat HentgenHeathcliff SlocumbCarlos PerezDave Veres21718334
2000-05-16@ CHN37W  6-520-17238,860Kevin BrownKevin TapaniAlan MillsKevin TapaniJeff Shaw22318835
2000-05-17@ CHN38W  8-621-17230,235Darren DreifortScott DownsAlan MillsFelix HerediaJeff Shaw23119437
2000-05-19@ FLO39W  5-322-17216,467Chan Ho ParkVladimir NunezMatt HergesBraden LooperJeff Shaw23619739
2000-05-20@ FLO40W  12-623-17221,142Carlos PerezBrad PennyCarlos PerezBrad Penny 24820345
2000-05-21@ FLO41W  12-324-17215,538Kevin BrownJesus SanchezKevin BrownJesus Sanchez 26020654
2000-05-22vs CIN42W  4-325-17231,000 Darren DreifortDenny NeagleMatt HergesManny Aybar 26420955
2000-05-23vs CIN43L  1-325-18239,411 Eric GagneOsvaldo FernandezOsvaldo FernandezEric GagneDanny Graves26521253
2000-05-24vs CIN44L  3-1025-19231,740 Chan Ho ParkSteve ParrisScott SullivanChan Ho Park 26822246
2000-05-26vs PHI45W  11-426-19237,048 Kevin BrownPaul ByrdKevin BrownPaul Byrd 27922653
2000-05-27vs PHI46L  6-726-20233,967 Darren DreifortRobert PersonRobert PersonDarren DreifortJeff Brantley28523352
2000-05-28vs PHI47L  2-426-21228,603 Carlos PerezRandy WolfRandy WolfAntonio Osuna 28723750
2000-05-29vs NYN48W  4-127-21243,084 Chan Ho ParkAl LeiterChan Ho ParkAl Leiter 29123853
2000-05-30vs NYN49L  5-1027-22326,102 Eric GagneRobert Joseph JonesJohn FrancoJeff Shaw 29624848
2000-05-31vs NYN50W  4-328-22331,323 Kevin BrownMike HamptonMike FettersTurk Wendell 30025149
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-06-02@ ANA51L  5-1228-23343,619Darren DreifortKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldDarren Dreifort 30526342
2000-06-03@ ANA52W  8-329-23334,580Chan Ho ParkBrian CooperChan Ho ParkBrian Cooper 31326647
2000-06-04@ ANA53L  7-829-24340,489Carlos PerezJarrod WashburnTroy PercivalAntonio Osuna 32027446
2000-06-05@ TEX54L  0-229-25334,709Kevin BrownRyan GlynnRyan GlynnKevin BrownJohn Wetteland32027644
2000-06-06@ TEX55W  7-130-25335,847Eric GagneMark ClarkEric GagneMark Clark 32727750
2000-06-07@ TEX56W  11-631-25335,860Darren DreifortRick HellingDarren DreifortRick Helling 33828355
2000-06-08vs HOU57W  5-232-25223,648 Chan Ho ParkChris HoltChan Ho ParkChris HoltMike Fetters34328558
2000-06-09vs OAK58L  1-332-26331,038 Carlos PerezTim HudsonJeff TamAntonio OsunaJason Isringhausen34428856
2000-06-10vs OAK59W  7-233-26338,621 Kevin BrownOmar OlivaresKevin BrownOmar Olivares 35129061
2000-06-11vs OAK60L  0-633-27338,733 Eric GagneKevin AppierKevin AppierEric Gagne 35129655
2000-06-12vs ARI61L  2-433-28325,552 Darren DreifortBrian AndersonBrian AndersonDarren DreifortByung-Hyun Kim35330053
2000-06-13vs ARI62W  6-134-28334,067 Chan Ho ParkMike MorganChan Ho ParkMike Morgan 35930158
2000-06-14vs ARI63L  1-534-29327,332 Carlos PerezRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonCarlos Perez 36030654
2000-06-15vs ARI64W  4-035-29330,103 Kevin BrownTodd StottlemyreKevin BrownTodd Stottlemyre 36430658
2000-06-16vs SLN65L  3-635-30343,971 Orel HershiserPat HentgenPat HentgenOrel HershiserDave Veres36731255
2000-06-17vs SLN66L  3-435-31346,048 Darren DreifortAndy BenesAndy BenesDarren DreifortDave Veres37031654
2000-06-18vs SLN67W  6-336-31350,713 Chan Ho ParkDarryl KileChan Ho ParkDarryl KileJeff Shaw37631957
2000-06-20@ HOU68W  9-637-31336,354Kevin BrownChris HoltMatt HergesJoe Slusarski 38532560
2000-06-21@ HOU69W  7-638-31335,356Carlos PerezOctavio DotelMatt HergesJose Cabrera 39233161
2000-06-22@ HOU70L  3-638-32337,150Darren DreifortScott ElartonScott ElartonDarren DreifortMarc Valdes39533758
2000-06-23@ SLN71L  6-938-33348,395Chan Ho ParkAndy BenesGene StechschulteJeff Shaw 40134655
2000-06-24@ SLN72L  1-638-34347,071Orel HershiserDarryl KileAlan BenesOrel Hershiser 40235250
2000-06-25@ SLN73L  1-238-35447,062Kevin BrownRick AnkielHeathcliff SlocumbAntonio Osuna 40335449
2000-06-26vs SDN74L  5-938-36426,417 Orel HershiserBrian MeadowsBrian MeadowsOrel Hershiser 40836345
2000-06-27vs SDN75W  5-439-36441,897 Eric GagneWill CunnaneMike FettersMatt Whiteside 41336746
2000-06-28vs SDN76W  5-440-36332,351 Chan Ho ParkAdam EatonTerry AdamsSteve Montgomery 41837147
2000-06-29vs SDN77L  4-540-37350,171 Darren DreifortMatt ClementMatt ClementDarren DreifortTrevor Hoffman42237646
2000-06-30@ SFN78W  9-241-37340,930Kevin BrownRuss OrtizKevin BrownRuss Ortiz 43137853
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-07-01@ SFN79L  1-441-38340,930Carlos PerezKirk RueterKirk RueterCarlos PerezRobb Nen43238250
2000-07-02@ SFN80L  5-641-39440,930Eric GagneShawn EstesRobb NenMike Fetters 43738849
2000-07-04@ SDN81L  2-741-40451,285Chan Ho ParkMatt ClementMatt ClementChan Ho Park 43939544
2000-07-05@ SDN82W  7-542-40427,002Darren DreifortBrian TollbergAntonio OsunaMatt WhitesideMike Fetters44640046
2000-07-06@ SDN83W  9-343-40430,902Kevin BrownBrian MeadowsKevin BrownBrian Meadows 45540352
2000-07-07@ SEA84W  3-244-40445,206Carlos PerezFreddy GarciaMatt HergesArthur RhodesMike Fetters45840553
2000-07-08@ SEA85L  0-1144-41445,248Eric GagneAaron SeleAaron SeleEric Gagne 45841642
2000-07-09@ SEA86L  0-244-42445,251Chan Ho ParkJamie MoyerJamie MoyerChan Ho ParkKazuhiro Sasaki45841840
2000-07-13vs ANA87W  4-345-42435,456 Carlos PerezKen HillAntonio OsunaAl Levine 46242141
2000-07-14vs ANA88L  3-545-43453,115 Kevin BrownKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldKevin BrownTroy Percival46542639
2000-07-15vs ANA89L  2-645-44442,726 Chan Ho ParkSeth EthertonSeth EthertonChan Ho Park 46743235
2000-07-16vs PIT90W  7-346-44434,116 Eric GagneJimmy AndersonTerry AdamsMike Williams 47443539
2000-07-17vs PIT91W  9-647-44325,261 Darren DreifortBronson ArroyoDarren DreifortBronson ArroyoJeff Shaw48344142
2000-07-18vs PIT92L  6-847-45434,872 Mike JuddTodd RitchieJosias ManzanilloMike JuddMike Williams48944940
2000-07-19vs COL93W  9-148-45326,889 Kevin BrownRolando ArrojoKevin BrownRolando Arrojo 49845048
2000-07-20vs COL94W  6-349-45333,619 Chan Ho ParkMasato YoshiiChan Ho ParkMasato YoshiiMike Fetters50445351
2000-07-21vs SFN95W  6-550-45353,563 Carlos PerezShawn EstesMatt HergesFelix RodriguezJeff Shaw51045852
2000-07-22vs SFN96L  2-550-46345,705 Eric GagneLivan HernandezLivan HernandezEric GagneRobb Nen51246349
2000-07-23vs SFN97W  5-051-46347,969 Darren DreifortRuss OrtizDarren DreifortRuss Ortiz 51746354
2000-07-24@ COL98W  4-152-46339,425Kevin BrownRolando ArrojoKevin BrownRolando ArrojoMike Fetters52146457
2000-07-25@ COL99W  6-453-46341,220Chan Ho ParkMasato YoshiiChan Ho ParkBobby ChouinardJeff Shaw52746859
2000-07-26@ COL100L  4-1153-47340,301Carlos PerezBrian BohanonBrian BohanonCarlos Perez 53147952
2000-07-27@ COL101W  16-1154-47340,724Eric GagneKevin JarvisOnan MasaokaGiovanni Carrara 54749057
2000-07-28@ PHI102W  2-055-47320,110Darren DreifortOmar DaalDarren DreifortOmar DaalJeff Shaw54949059
2000-07-29@ PHI103L  0-355-48335,189Kevin BrownCliff PolitteCliff PolitteKevin BrownJeff Brantley54949356
2000-07-30@ PHI104L  2-355-49323,301Chan Ho ParkRandy WolfRandy WolfChan Ho ParkJeff Brantley55149655
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-08-01@ PIT105L  0-656-5030Carlos PerezJimmy AndersonJimmy AndersonCarlos Perez 55150249
2000-08-01@ PIT106W  5-356-50321,028Ismael ValdezBronson ArroyoMatt HergesMarc WilkinsJeff Shaw55650551
2000-08-02@ PIT107W  11-557-50319,537Darren DreifortJose SilvaDarren DreifortJose Silva 56751057
2000-08-04vs MIL108W  2-158-50336,074 Kevin BrownPaul RigdonMike FettersJuan Acevedo 56951158
2000-08-05vs MIL109L  2-458-51342,580 Chan Ho ParkJeff D'AmicoJuan AcevedoMike FettersCurt Leskanic57151556
2000-08-06vs MIL110L  6-958-52340,275 Ismael ValdezJimmy HaynesJimmy HaynesIsmael ValdezCurt Leskanic57752453
2000-08-07vs CHN111L  3-758-53331,697 Matt HergesRuben QuevedoRuben QuevedoMatt Herges 58053149
2000-08-08vs CHN112W  7-559-53346,373 Darren DreifortPhil NortonDarren DreifortPhil NortonJeff Shaw58753651
2000-08-09vs CHN113L  4-559-54339,753 Kevin BrownJon LieberTim WorrellAntonio OsunaRick Aguilera59154150
2000-08-11@ ATL114L  2-759-55348,824Chan Ho ParkKevin MillwoodMike RemlingerTerry Adams 59354845
2000-08-12@ ATL115L  1-459-56347,806Ismael ValdezGreg MadduxGreg MadduxIsmael ValdezKerry Ligtenberg59455242
2000-08-13@ ATL116W  7-260-56340,443Darren DreifortAndy AshbyDarren DreifortAndy Ashby 60155447
2000-08-14@ FLO117L  2-1160-5738,345Kevin BrownJesus SanchezJesus SanchezKevin Brown 60356538
2000-08-15@ FLO118L  3-760-5839,380Matt HergesRyan DempsterRyan DempsterMatt Herges 60657234
2000-08-16@ FLO119W  10-461-58311,855Ismael ValdezA.J. BurnettTerry AdamsDan Miceli 61657640
2000-08-18vs NYN120L  3-561-59347,486 Kevin BrownAl LeiterRick WhiteTerry AdamsArmando Benitez61958138
2000-08-19vs NYN121W  4-162-59353,051 Chan Ho ParkRick ReedChan Ho ParkRick Reed 62358241
2000-08-20vs NYN122L  6-962-60346,122 Darren DreifortRobert Joseph JonesTurk WendellTerry AdamsArmando Benitez62959138
2000-08-21vs MON123L  1-462-61332,053 Matt HergesDustin HermansonDustin HermansonMatt HergesScott Strickland63059535
2000-08-22vs MON124W  14-663-61329,804 Ismael ValdezTrey MooreTerry AdamsJulio Santana 64460143
2000-08-23vs MON125W  5-164-61331,337 Kevin BrownMike ThurmanKevin BrownMike Thurman 64960247
2000-08-24vs MON126W  7-065-61328,896 Chan Ho ParkJavier VazquezChan Ho ParkJavier Vazquez 65660254
2000-08-25@ CHN127W  5-367-6130Darren DreifortJon LieberAntonio OsunaJon LieberJeff Shaw66160556
2000-08-25@ CHN128W  3-167-61338,854Carlos PerezDaniel GaribayCarlos PerezDaniel GaribayJeff Shaw66460658
2000-08-26@ CHN129L  4-667-62338,710Matt HergesKevin TapaniTim WorrellGregg OlsonRick Aguilera66861256
2000-08-27@ CHN130W  7-668-62337,557Ismael ValdezKerry WoodMike FettersTodd Van PoppelJeff Shaw67561857
2000-08-28@ MIL131W  5-369-62317,167Kevin BrownJeff D'AmicoKevin BrownJeff D'AmicoJeff Shaw68062159
2000-08-29@ MIL132W  7-270-62314,179Chan Ho ParkJimmy HaynesChan Ho ParkJimmy Haynes 68762364
2000-08-30@ MIL133L  2-370-63315,940Darren DreifortJamey WrightRay KingTerry Adams 68962663
2000-08-31@ MIL134L  2-870-64315,483Carlos PerezPaul RigdonPaul RigdonCarlos Perez 69163457
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-09-01vs PHI135W  2-171-64328,383 Ismael ValdezRandy WolfMike FettersChris BrockJeff Shaw69363558
2000-09-02vs PHI136W  1-072-64337,244 Kevin BrownBruce ChenMatt HergesVicente Padilla 69463559
2000-09-03vs PHI137W  6-173-64338,150 Chan Ho ParkRobert PersonChan Ho ParkRobert PersonJeff Shaw70063664
2000-09-04vs PIT138L  1-1273-65331,418 Darren DreifortJimmy AndersonJimmy AndersonDarren Dreifort 70164853
2000-09-05vs PIT139L  0-873-66322,780 Carlos PerezJose SilvaJose SilvaCarlos Perez 70165645
2000-09-06vs PIT140L  3-873-67328,462 Ismael ValdezDan SerafiniDan SerafiniIsmael Valdez 70466440
2000-09-08@ COL141L  5-873-68337,647Kevin BrownBrian BohanonBrian BohanonKevin Brown 70967237
2000-09-09@ COL142L  6-773-69437,241Chan Ho ParkBrian RoseGabe WhiteChan Ho ParkJose Jimenez71567936
2000-09-10@ COL143W  12-174-69336,273Darren DreifortPedro AstacioDarren DreifortPedro AstacioMatt Herges72768047
2000-09-11@ ARI144W  6-375-69337,589Eric GagneArmando ReynosoEric GagneArmando Reynoso 73368350
2000-09-12@ ARI145L  4-575-70332,102Luke ProkopecCurt SchillingByung-Hyun KimOnan MasaokaMatt Mantei73768849
2000-09-13@ ARI146L  2-375-71434,526Kevin BrownBrian AndersonDan PlesacTerry Adams 73969148
2000-09-14vs COL147L  4-575-72424,368 Chan Ho ParkBrian RoseBrian RoseChan Ho ParkJose Jimenez74369647
2000-09-15vs COL148W  4-376-72433,009 Darren DreifortPedro AstacioMatt HergesMike DeJean 74769948
2000-09-16vs COL149W  5-477-72336,464 Eric GagneJulian TavarezEric GagneJulian TavarezJeff Shaw75270349
2000-09-17vs COL150W  12-678-72336,498 Luke ProkopecMasato YoshiiLuke ProkopecMasato Yoshii 76470955
2000-09-18vs ARI151W  2-179-72331,345 Kevin BrownArmando ReynosoJeff ShawGreg Swindell 76671056
2000-09-19vs ARI152W  1-080-72329,753 Chan Ho ParkBrian AndersonChan Ho ParkBrian AndersonJeff Shaw76771057
2000-09-20vs ARI153W  1-081-72231,630 Darren DreifortRandy JohnsonMatt HergesByung-Hyun Kim 76871058
2000-09-22vs SDN154L  2-381-73337,512 Eric GagneJay WitasickDave MaurerAntonio OsunaTrevor Hoffman77071357
2000-09-23vs SDN155W  2-182-73240,623 Kevin BrownWoody WilliamsKevin BrownWoody Williams 77271458
2000-09-24vs SDN156W  1-083-73246,393 Chan Ho ParkMatt ClementChan Ho ParkMatt ClementJeff Shaw77371459
2000-09-26vs SFN157W  9-084-73243,909 Darren DreifortRuss OrtizDarren DreifortRuss Ortiz 78271468
2000-09-27vs SFN158L  0-484-74244,232 Luke ProkopecKirk RueterKirk RueterLuke Prokopec 78271864
2000-09-28vs SFN159L  3-584-75344,513 Kevin BrownShawn EstesAaron FultzTerry AdamsRobb Nen78572362
2000-09-29@ SDN160W  3-085-75240,382Chan Ho ParkWoody WilliamsChan Ho ParkWoody Williams 78872365
2000-09-30@ SDN161W  10-286-75250,267Eric GagneMatt ClementEric GagneMatt Clement 79872573
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
2000-10-01@ SDN162L  0-486-76243,691Darren DreifortAdam EatonAdam EatonDarren DreifortTrevor Hoffman79872969

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