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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  77-85   .475
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Davey Johnson
General Manager:   Kevin Malone
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  3,098,042
Payroll:  $71,135,786
Playoffs:  -

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Maddux (37)
Youngest Player:  Adrian Beltre (20)
Longest Tenure:  Eric Karros (9)
Top Hitter:  Gary Sheffield (22)
Top Pitcher:  Kevin Brown (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Jason Repko (#37)

Roster Continuity:  54.34%
Top Prospect:   Angel Pena
National League Standings
SF Giants8676.53114.0
LA Dodgers7785.47523.0
San Diego7488.45726.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-04-05vs ARI1W  8-61-0153,109 Kevin BrownRandy JohnsonJeff ShawJohn Frascatore 862
1999-04-06vs ARI2W  3-22-0133,139 Chan Ho ParkTodd StottlemyreAlan MillsBrian Anderson 1183
1999-04-07vs ARI3W  6-43-0129,042 Ismael ValdezAndy BenesIsmael ValdezAndy BenesJeff Shaw17125
1999-04-08vs COL4L  2-43-1127,879 Carlos PerezBrian BohanonBrian BohanonCarlos PerezDave Veres19163
1999-04-09vs COL5W  9-64-1139,997 Darren DreifortJohn ThomsonDarren DreifortJohn ThomsonJeff Shaw28226
1999-04-10vs COL6W  2-05-1144,503 Kevin BrownDarryl KileKevin BrownDarryl KileJeff Shaw30228
1999-04-12@ ARI7L  6-126-1146,929Chan Ho ParkAndy BenesAndy BenesChan Ho Park 36342
1999-04-13@ ARI8L  6-76-2131,197Ismael ValdezArmando ReynosoBobby ChouinardDave Mlicki 42411
1999-04-14@ ARI9L  2-66-3130,561Carlos PerezOmar DaalOmar DaalCarlos Perez 4447-3
1999-04-15@ ARI10W  8-17-3136,105Darren DreifortRandy JohnsonDarren DreifortRandy Johnson 52484
1999-04-16@ SDN11L  0-37-4148,943Kevin BrownAndy AshbyAndy AshbyKevin Brown 52511
1999-04-17@ SDN12W  7-38-4156,568Chan Ho ParkSterling HitchcockChan Ho ParkCarlos Reyes 59545
1999-04-18@ SDN13L  3-48-5151,341Ismael ValdezWoody WilliamsDan MiceliOnan MasaokaTrevor Hoffman62584
1999-04-19vs ATL14L  3-119-5131,454 Carlos PerezJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzCarlos Perez 6569-4
1999-04-20vs ATL15W  5-410-5137,717 Darren DreifortKevin MillwoodDarren DreifortKevin MillwoodJeff Shaw7073-3
1999-04-21vs ATL16L  4-1111-5131,902 Kevin BrownOdalis PerezMike RemlingerJeff Kubenka 7484-10
1999-04-23vs SLN17L  5-1212-5146,687 Chan Ho ParkJose JimenezJose JimenezChan Ho Park 7996-17
1999-04-24vs SLN18W  6-113-5153,964 Ismael ValdezDonovan OsborneIsmael ValdezDonovan Osborne 8597-12
1999-04-25vs SLN19L  4-613-6153,857 Darren DreifortKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldDarren DreifortJuan Acevedo89103-14
1999-04-27@ MIL20W  3-214-6111,028Kevin BrownRafael RoqueKevin BrownRafael RoqueJeff Shaw92105-13
1999-04-28@ MIL21W  3-215-6110,669Chan Ho ParkSteve WoodardChan Ho ParkSteve WoodardJeff Shaw95107-12
1999-04-29@ MIL22W  10-415-7211,441Ismael ValdezCal EldredIsmael ValdezCal Eldred 105111-6
1999-04-30@ PHI23W  4-316-7120,024Carlos PerezPaul ByrdCarlos PerezPaul ByrdJeff Shaw109114-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-05-01@ PHI24W  12-616-8122,053Darren DreifortPaul SpoljaricDarren DreifortPaul Spoljaric 1211201
1999-05-02@ PHI25L  3-1217-8134,608Kevin BrownCurt SchillingCurt SchillingKevin Brown 124132-8
1999-05-03@ MON26W  7-018-815,132Chan Ho ParkDustin HermansonChan Ho ParkDustin Hermanson 131132-1
1999-05-04@ MON27L  1-218-915,846Ismael ValdezCarl PavanoCarl PavanoIsmael ValdezUgueth Urbina132134-2
1999-05-05@ MON28W  8-219-915,518Jamie ArnoldJavier VazquezJamie ArnoldJavier Vazquez 1401364
1999-05-07vs FLO29L  3-619-10154,009 Darren DreifortDennis SpringerDennis SpringerDarren DreifortMatt Mantei1431421
1999-05-08vs FLO30W  8-120-10136,595 Kevin BrownLivan HernandezKevin BrownLivan Hernandez 1511438
1999-05-09vs FLO31L  4-620-11129,397 Chan Ho ParkJesus SanchezBrian EdmondsonPedro BorbonMatt Mantei1551496
1999-05-10vs CHN32W  4-321-11132,925 Ismael ValdezSteve TrachselIsmael ValdezSteve TrachselJeff Shaw1591527
1999-05-11vs CHN33L  5-1022-11130,470 Carlos PerezKyle FarnsworthKyle FarnsworthCarlos Perez 1641622
1999-05-12vs CHN34W  3-223-11140,007 Darren DreifortKevin TapaniJamie ArnoldRod Beck 1671643
1999-05-14@ SLN35W  7-324-11148,036Kevin BrownJose JimenezKevin BrownJose Jimenez 1741677
1999-05-15@ SLN36L  5-824-12148,308Chan Ho ParkKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldChan Ho Park 1791754
1999-05-16@ SLN37L  4-524-13146,097Ismael ValdezJuan AcevedoRicky BottalicoJeff Shaw 1831803
1999-05-18vs HOU38L  3-1125-13127,067 Carlos PerezJose LimaJose LimaCarlos Perez 186191-5
1999-05-19vs HOU39W  5-226-13126,360 Kevin BrownShane ReynoldsKevin BrownShane Reynolds 191193-2
1999-05-20vs HOU40L  3-426-14140,780 Chan Ho ParkMike HamptonBilly WagnerJeff Shaw 194197-3
1999-05-21vs SLN41L  6-1027-14153,683 Ismael ValdezJuan AcevedoJuan AcevedoIsmael ValdezManny Aybar200207-7
1999-05-22vs SLN42W  10-727-15154,179 Darren DreifortClint SodowskyDarren DreifortClint SodowskyJeff Shaw210214-4
1999-05-23vs SLN43L  3-827-16154,514 Carlos PerezDarren OliverDarren OliverCarlos Perez 213222-9
1999-05-25@ CIN44L  2-327-17118,203Kevin BrownSteve ParrisSteve ParrisKevin BrownDanny Graves215225-10
1999-05-26@ CIN45W  9-328-17119,273Chan Ho ParkBrett TomkoChan Ho ParkBrett Tomko 224228-4
1999-05-27@ CIN46W  4-329-17121,836Ismael ValdezPete HarnischIsmael ValdezPete HarnischJeff Shaw228231-3
1999-05-28@ ATL47L  2-429-18141,953Darren DreifortOdalis PerezOdalis PerezDarren DreifortJohn Rocker230235-5
1999-05-29@ ATL48W  2-130-18149,258Carlos PerezTom GlavineCarlos PerezTom GlavineJeff Shaw232236-4
1999-05-30@ ATL49W  5-431-18147,166Kevin BrownGreg MadduxPedro BorbonMike RemlingerJeff Shaw237240-3
1999-05-31@ PIT50L  4-531-19115,924Chan Ho ParkJose SilvaMarc WilkinsJamie ArnoldMike Williams241245-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-06-01@ PIT51L  2-431-20110,962Ismael ValdezJason SchmidtJason SchmidtIsmael ValdezMike Williams243249-6
1999-06-02@ PIT52L  4-831-21120,807Darren DreifortTodd RitchieTodd RitchieDarren Dreifort 247257-10
1999-06-04vs ANA53W  5-432-21149,213 Kevin BrownOmar OlivaresKevin BrownOmar OlivaresJeff Shaw252261-9
1999-06-05vs ANA54W  7-433-21144,779 Chan Ho ParkTim BelcherOnan MasaokaTim BelcherJeff Shaw259265-6
1999-06-06vs ANA55L  5-733-22153,778 Carlos PerezKen HillKen HillCarlos PerezTroy Percival264272-8
1999-06-07vs TEX56L  2-333-23126,462 Ismael ValdezAaron SeleAaron SeleIsmael ValdezJohn Wetteland266275-9
1999-06-08vs TEX57L  6-733-24126,255 Darren DreifortMike MorganJeff ZimmermanAlan MillsMike Munoz272282-10
1999-06-09vs TEX58W  7-234-24146,539 Kevin BrownMark ClarkKevin BrownMark Clark 279284-5
1999-06-11@ OAK59L  6-1235-24124,261Carlos PerezMike OquistMike OquistCarlos PerezT.J. Mathews285296-11
1999-06-12@ OAK60L  3-435-25131,391Ismael ValdezKenny RogersKenny RogersIsmael ValdezBilly Taylor288300-12
1999-06-13@ OAK61L  3-935-26127,973Darren DreifortTim HudsonTim HudsonDarren Dreifort 291309-18
1999-06-15vs PIT62L  1-1135-27226,284 Kevin BrownTodd RitchieTodd RitchieKevin Brown 292320-28
1999-06-16vs PIT63W  6-536-27125,384 Carlos PerezFrancisco CordovaPedro BorbonBrad ClontzJeff Shaw298325-27
1999-06-17vs PIT64L  3-836-28230,888 Chan Ho ParkKris BensonKris BensonChan Ho Park 301333-32
1999-06-18vs PHI65L  1-236-29241,590 Ismael ValdezCurt SchillingCurt SchillingIsmael ValdezWayne Gomes302335-33
1999-06-19vs PHI66W  8-137-29232,315 Darren DreifortRobert PersonDarren DreifortRobert Person 310336-26
1999-06-20vs PHI67W  3-238-29246,347 Kevin BrownChad OgeaKevin BrownChad OgeaJeff Shaw313338-25
1999-06-22vs SDN68L  1-438-30137,366 Chan Ho ParkSterling HitchcockSterling HitchcockChan Ho ParkTrevor Hoffman314342-28
1999-06-23vs SDN69L  2-638-31131,152 Ismael ValdezWoody WilliamsWoody WilliamsIsmael ValdezTrevor Hoffman316348-32
1999-06-24vs SDN70L  1-238-32231,028 Darren DreifortAndy AshbyAndy AshbyDarren DreifortDan Miceli317350-33
1999-06-25@ SFN71W  4-239-32136,849Kevin BrownShawn EstesKevin BrownShawn EstesJeff Shaw321352-31
1999-06-26@ SFN72W  7-640-32144,766Carlos PerezChris BrockAlan MillsRobb NenJeff Shaw328358-30
1999-06-27@ SFN73L  7-840-33142,530Chan Ho ParkMark GardnerMark GardnerChan Ho ParkRobb Nen335366-31
1999-06-29@ SDN74L  3-440-34236,398Ismael ValdezAndy AshbyDonne WallMike Maddux 338370-32
1999-06-30@ SDN75L  2-1141-34244,965Kevin BrownBrian BoehringerBrian BoehringerKevin Brown 340381-41
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-07-01@ SDN76L  3-641-35238,080Darren DreifortMatt ClementMatt ClementDarren DreifortTrevor Hoffman343387-44
1999-07-02vs SFN77L  3-641-36253,869 Carlos PerezChris BrockChris BrockCarlos PerezRobb Nen346393-47
1999-07-03vs SFN78L  1-941-37241,770 Chan Ho ParkMark GardnerMark GardnerChan Ho Park 347402-55
1999-07-04vs SFN79W  7-142-37254,731 Ismael ValdezKirk RueterIsmael ValdezKirk Rueter 354403-49
1999-07-05@ COL80L  4-842-38240,063Kevin BrownDarryl KileDarryl KileKevin Brown 358411-53
1999-07-06@ COL81L  2-542-39239,979Darren DreifortPedro AstacioPedro AstacioDarren Dreifort 360416-56
1999-07-07@ COL82L  5-742-40240,221Carlos PerezBobby JonesMike DeJeanJamie ArnoldDave Veres365423-58
1999-07-08@ COL83W  11-842-41342,024Chan Ho ParkBrian BohanonChan Ho ParkBrian BohanonJeff Shaw376431-55
1999-07-09vs SEA84W  5-043-41244,653 Ismael ValdezFreddy GarciaIsmael ValdezFreddy Garcia 381431-50
1999-07-10vs SEA85W  2-144-41250,813 Kevin BrownJohn HalamaJeff ShawJose Paniagua 383432-49
1999-07-11vs SEA86W  14-344-42243,211 Darren DreifortJeff FasseroDarren DreifortJeff FasseroOnan Masaoka397435-38
1999-07-15@ ANA87L  6-744-43343,911Kevin BrownChuck FinleyMark PetkovsekAlan Mills 403442-39
1999-07-16@ ANA88W  3-145-43343,727Ismael ValdezOmar OlivaresIsmael ValdezOmar OlivaresJeff Shaw406443-37
1999-07-17@ ANA89W  13-345-44339,808Chan Ho ParkSteve SparksChan Ho ParkSteve Sparks 419446-27
1999-07-18@ PIT90L  5-645-45323,855Carlos PerezTodd RitchieScott SauerbeckAlan Mills 424452-28
1999-07-19@ PIT91W  12-745-46414,805Darren DreifortJose SilvaDarren DreifortJose Silva 436459-23
1999-07-20@ PIT92W  8-446-46416,921Kevin BrownJason SchmidtKevin BrownBrad Clontz 444463-19
1999-07-21vs COL93L  4-546-47434,271 Ismael ValdezPedro AstacioPedro AstacioIsmael ValdezDave Veres448468-20
1999-07-22vs COL94L  1-446-49634,231 Chan Ho ParkBobby JonesBobby JonesChan Ho ParkDave Veres449472-23
1999-07-22vs COL95L  11-1246-49630,907 Jamie ArnoldBrian BohanonDavid LeeOnan MasaokaDave Veres460484-24
1999-07-23@ ARI96L  1-1046-50443,031Carlos PerezOmar DaalOmar DaalCarlos Perez 461494-33
1999-07-24@ ARI97L  0-346-51442,824Darren DreifortBrian AndersonBrian AndersonDarren DreifortMatt Mantei461497-36
1999-07-25@ ARI98W  2-147-51447,238Kevin BrownRandy JohnsonKevin BrownRandy JohnsonJeff Shaw463498-35
1999-07-26vs CIN99L  3-547-52428,477 Ismael ValdezRon VilloneStan BelindaJeff Shaw 466503-37
1999-07-27vs CIN100L  3-547-53436,619 Chan Ho ParkBrett TomkoDanny GravesAlan MillsScott Williamson469508-39
1999-07-28vs CIN101W  9-148-53432,127 Robinson ChecoDennys ReyesRobinson ChecoDennys ReyesJamie Arnold478509-31
1999-07-29vs CIN102L  5-748-54432,758 Darren DreifortPete HarnischPete HarnischDarren DreifortScott Williamson483516-33
1999-07-30vs ARI103L  5-648-55445,839 Kevin BrownBrian AndersonBobby ChouinardJeff ShawMatt Mantei488522-34
1999-07-31vs ARI104L  2-448-56437,114 Ismael ValdezRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonIsmael Valdez 490526-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-08-01vs ARI105W  4-249-56446,991 Chan Ho ParkAndy BenesOnan MasaokaAndy BenesJeff Shaw494528-34
1999-08-03@ HOU106L  2-749-57334,874Darren DreifortMike HamptonMike HamptonDarren Dreifort 496535-39
1999-08-04@ HOU107W  2-150-57331,771Kevin BrownChris HoltKevin BrownChris Holt 498536-38
1999-08-05@ HOU108L  0-750-58338,018Ismael ValdezShane ReynoldsShane ReynoldsIsmael Valdez 498543-45
1999-08-06@ NYN109L  1-250-59343,825Chan Ho ParkOctavio DotelOctavio DotelChan Ho ParkArmando Benitez499545-46
1999-08-07@ NYN110W  7-651-59353,656Jamie ArnoldAl LeiterPedro BorbonBilly TaylorJeff Shaw506551-45
1999-08-08@ NYN111W  14-351-60339,803Darren DreifortRick ReedDarren DreifortRick Reed 520554-34
1999-08-09@ NYN112W  9-252-60336,345Kevin BrownOrel HershiserKevin BrownOrel Hershiser 529556-27
1999-08-10@ MON113L  4-652-6137,645Ismael ValdezMike ThurmanMike ThurmanIsmael ValdezUgueth Urbina533562-29
1999-08-11@ MON114W  9-753-6138,756Chan Ho ParkDan SmithMike MadduxBobby AyalaJeff Shaw542569-27
1999-08-12@ MON115W  10-553-62310,649Mike JuddDustin HermansonMike JuddDustin Hermanson 552574-22
1999-08-13vs ATL116L  3-753-63540,363 Darren DreifortKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodDarren Dreifort 555581-26
1999-08-14vs ATL117W  8-154-63353,533 Kevin BrownJohn SmoltzKevin BrownJohn Smoltz 563582-19
1999-08-15vs ATL118L  4-554-64541,606 Ismael ValdezTom GlavineMike RemlingerJamie ArnoldJohn Rocker567587-20
1999-08-16vs FLO119L  5-754-65426,754 Chan Ho ParkVladimir NunezVladimir NunezChan Ho Park 572594-22
1999-08-17vs FLO120L  1-654-66430,354 Mike JuddA.J. BurnettA.J. BurnettMike JuddDennis Springer573600-27
1999-08-18vs FLO121W  7-055-66436,463 Darren DreifortBrian MeadowsDarren DreifortBrian Meadows 580600-20
1999-08-20@ PHI122W  8-556-66417,444Kevin BrownRobert PersonAlan MillsWayne Gomes 588605-17
1999-08-21@ PHI123L  5-656-67422,078Ismael ValdezRandy WolfWayne GomesOnan Masaoka 593611-18
1999-08-22@ PHI124W  9-757-67422,510Chan Ho ParkAnthony ShumakerChan Ho ParkAnthony ShumakerJeff Shaw602618-16
1999-08-23@ MIL125W  8-458-67418,632Darren DreifortHideo NomoDarren DreifortHideo NomoJeff Shaw610622-12
1999-08-24@ MIL126W  5-259-67421,828Mike JuddScott KarlMike JuddScott KarlJeff Shaw615624-9
1999-08-25@ MIL127L  7-959-68514,956Kevin BrownBill PulsipherEric PlunkPedro BorbonBob Wickman622633-11
1999-08-27vs CHN128W  9-060-68444,230 Ismael ValdezSteve TrachselIsmael ValdezSteve Trachsel 631633-2
1999-08-28vs CHN129W  4-361-68546,129 Chan Ho ParkAndrew LorraineChan Ho ParkAndrew LorraineJeff Shaw635636-1
1999-08-29vs CHN130L  0-661-69447,411 Darren DreifortKyle FarnsworthKyle FarnsworthDarren Dreifort 635642-7
1999-08-30vs MIL131W  6-162-69428,520 Kevin BrownBill PulsipherKevin BrownBill Pulsipher 641643-2
1999-08-31vs MIL132W  5-363-69432,771 Mike JuddKyle PetersonMike JuddKyle PetersonJeff Shaw6466460
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-09-01vs MIL133L  4-563-70423,616 Ismael ValdezCal EldredCal EldredIsmael ValdezBob Wickman650651-1
1999-09-03@ CHN134W  8-664-70328,435Chan Ho ParkAndrew LorraineChan Ho ParkScott SandersJeff Shaw6586571
1999-09-04@ CHN135W  6-065-70339,048Kevin BrownKyle FarnsworthKevin BrownKyle Farnsworth 6646577
1999-09-05@ CHN136W  4-166-70239,921Darren DreifortJon LieberDarren DreifortJon LieberJeff Shaw66865810
1999-09-06@ FLO137L  6-866-71312,089Ismael ValdezBrian MeadowsBrian MeadowsIsmael ValdezAntonio Alfonseca6746668
1999-09-07@ FLO138L  1-266-72413,644Eric GagneRyan DempsterJesus SanchezMatt HergesAntonio Alfonseca6756687
1999-09-08@ FLO139L  4-566-7349,615Chan Ho ParkMichael TejeraRafael MedinaOnan Masaoka 6796736
1999-09-09vs NYN140L  1-366-74433,954 Kevin BrownOrel HershiserOrel HershiserKevin BrownArmando Benitez6806764
1999-09-10vs NYN141W  3-167-74434,414 Darren DreifortAl LeiterDarren DreifortAl LeiterJeff Shaw6836776
1999-09-11vs NYN142L  2-667-75447,747 Ismael ValdezMasato YoshiiMasato YoshiiIsmael Valdez 6856832
1999-09-12vs NYN143L  3-1068-75434,685 Eric GagneKenny RogersKenny RogersEric Gagne 688693-5
1999-09-13vs MON144W  12-468-76429,475 Chan Ho ParkDan SmithChan Ho ParkDan Smith 7006973
1999-09-14vs MON145L  0-368-77424,900 Kevin BrownJavier VazquezJavier VazquezKevin Brown 7007000
1999-09-15vs MON146L  7-1069-77425,084 Darren DreifortJeremy PowellJeremy PowellJamie ArnoldUgueth Urbina707710-3
1999-09-17@ COL147L  10-1869-78444,170Ismael ValdezDarryl KileLuther HackmanRobinson Checo 717728-11
1999-09-18@ COL148W  5-470-78444,945Chan Ho ParkPedro AstacioChan Ho ParkPedro AstacioJeff Shaw722732-10
1999-09-19@ COL149W  5-271-78441,952Kevin BrownJohn ThomsonKevin BrownJohn ThomsonPedro Borbon727734-7
1999-09-20vs SFN150W  6-572-78433,280 Eric GagneRuss OrtizPedro BorbonAlan Embree 733739-6
1999-09-21vs SFN151W  9-473-78331,881 Jeff WilliamsKirk RueterJeff WilliamsKirk Rueter 742743-1
1999-09-22vs SFN152L  4-573-79432,624 Ismael ValdezJoe NathanMark GardnerPedro BorbonRobb Nen746748-2
1999-09-23vs SFN153W  5-374-79334,589 Chan Ho ParkLivan HernandezChan Ho ParkLivan HernandezJeff Shaw7517510
1999-09-24vs SDN154W  5-175-79436,366 Kevin BrownSterling HitchcockKevin BrownSterling Hitchcock 7567524
1999-09-25vs SDN155L  2-375-80441,067 Eric GagneWoody WilliamsWoody WilliamsMatt HergesTrevor Hoffman7587553
1999-09-26vs SDN156W  10-775-81446,177 Jeff WilliamsBuddy CarlyleRobinson ChecoDan Miceli 7687626
1999-09-28@ SFN157W  6-376-81434,786Chan Ho ParkJoe NathanChan Ho ParkJoe Nathan 7747659
1999-09-29@ SFN158L  1-576-82447,343Kevin BrownLivan HernandezLivan HernandezKevin BrownBronswell Patrick7757705
1999-09-30@ SFN159W  9-477-82461,389Jeff WilliamsShawn EstesJeff WilliamsShawn Estes 78477410
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-10-01@ HOU160W  5-178-82450,791Eric GagneShane ReynoldsEric GagneShane Reynolds 78977514
1999-10-02@ HOU161L  0-378-83452,062Chan Ho ParkJose LimaJose LimaChan Ho ParkBilly Wagner78977811
1999-10-03@ HOU162L  4-978-84452,033Robinson ChecoMike HamptonMike HamptonRobinson Checo 7937876

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