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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  97-65   .599
Result:   1st in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Larry Dierker
General Manager:   Gerry Hunsicker
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  2,706,017
Payroll:  $55,289,000
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Braves)

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jack Howell (37)
Youngest Player:  Wade Miller (22)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Biggio (12)
Top Hitter:  Jeff Bagwell (1)
Top Pitcher:  Shane Reynolds (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Mike Rosamond (#42)

Roster Continuity:  69.58%
Top Prospect:   Lance Berkman
National League Standings
St. Louis7586.46621.5
Chi Cubs6795.41430.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-04-06vs CHN1W  4-2-51,668 Shane ReynoldsSteve TrachselShane ReynoldsSteve TrachselBilly Wagner422
1999-04-07vs CHN2L  2-9-23,381 Mike HamptonKevin TapaniKevin TapaniMike Hampton 611-5
1999-04-08vs CHN3L  1-2-23,815 Jose LimaJon LieberJon LieberJose LimaRod Beck713-6
1999-04-09vs MIL4W  3-2-29,063 Sean BergmanScott KarlScott ElartonBob WickmanBilly Wagner1015-5
1999-04-10vs MIL5L  2-8-24,049 Chris HoltBill PulsipherBill PulsipherChris HoltDavid Weathers1223-11
1999-04-11vs MIL6W  5-2-20,177 Shane ReynoldsRafael RoqueShane ReynoldsRafael RoqueBilly Wagner1725-8
1999-04-13@ SFN7W  7-3-9,425Mike HamptonRuss OrtizMike HamptonRuss OrtizJay Powell2428-4
1999-04-14@ SFN8W  6-3-11,274Jose LimaShawn EstesJose LimaShawn EstesBilly Wagner3031-1
1999-04-15@ SFN9L  2-5-10,819Sean BergmanChris BrockChris BrockSean BergmanRobb Nen3236-4
1999-04-16vs SLN10L  3-5-40,387 Shane ReynoldsDarren OliverDarren OliverShane ReynoldsRicky Bottalico3541-6
1999-04-17vs SLN11L  5-8-37,662 Chris HoltJose JimenezJose JimenezChris Holt 4049-9
1999-04-18vs SLN12W  8-4-34,265 Mike HamptonDonovan OsborneJay PowellLance Painter 4853-5
1999-04-20@ CHN13W  10-4-28,876Jose LimaJon LieberJose LimaJon LieberScott Elarton58571
1999-04-21@ CHN14W  10-3-17,999Shane ReynoldsScott SandersShane ReynoldsScott Sanders 68608
1999-04-23@ CIN15L  5-7-19,052Chris HoltJason BereScott SullivanChris HoltDanny Graves73676
1999-04-24@ CIN16W  4-3-21,651Mike HamptonSteve AveryScott ElartonDanny GravesBilly Wagner77707
1999-04-25@ CIN17L  6-7-20,406Sean BergmanPete HarnischPete HarnischDoug HenryScott Williamson83776
1999-04-26vs ARI18W  5-2-18,328 Jose LimaTodd StottlemyreJose LimaTodd StottlemyreBilly Wagner88799
1999-04-27vs ARI19W  11-0-19,396 Shane ReynoldsArmando ReynosoShane ReynoldsArmando Reynoso 997920
1999-04-28vs ARI20L  6-10-19,605 Chris HoltAndy BenesDarren HolmesBilly Wagner 1058916
1999-04-29vs ARI21W  5-2-21,506 Mike HamptonOmar DaalMike HamptonOmar DaalBilly Wagner1109119
1999-04-30@ FLO22W  8-1-19,116Sean BergmanBrian MeadowsSean BergmanBrian Meadows 1189226
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-05-01@ FLO23W  6-4-17,604Jose LimaDennis SpringerJose LimaDennis SpringerBilly Wagner1249628
1999-05-02@ FLO24W  3-2-16,575Shane ReynoldsAlex FernandezShane ReynoldsAlex FernandezBilly Wagner1279829
1999-05-03@ NYN25L  3-5-14,878Chris HoltRick ReedRick ReedChris HoltJohn Franco13010327
1999-05-04@ NYN26W  6-1-27,192Mike HamptonAl LeiterMike HamptonAl Leiter 13610432
1999-05-05@ NYN27W  5-4-25,026Sean BergmanBobby JonesJay PowellArmando BenitezBilly Wagner14110833
1999-05-07vs MON28W  5-2-31,302 Jose LimaMiguel BatistaJose LimaMiguel Batista 14611036
1999-05-08vs MON29L  5-6-33,216 Shane ReynoldsDustin HermansonDustin HermansonShane ReynoldsUgueth Urbina15111635
1999-05-09vs MON30L  2-4-24,804 Chris HoltCarl PavanoCarl PavanoChris HoltUgueth Urbina15312033
1999-05-10vs PIT31W  6-0-17,064 Mike HamptonPete SchourekMike HamptonPete Schourek 15912039
1999-05-11vs PIT32W  19-8-18,450 Sean BergmanTodd RitchieSean BergmanTodd Ritchie 17812850
1999-05-12vs PIT33W  6-2-19,792 Jose LimaJason SchmidtJose LimaJason Schmidt 18413054
1999-05-14vs SFN34W  7-4-34,177 Shane ReynoldsKirk RueterShane ReynoldsKirk RueterBilly Wagner19113457
1999-05-15vs SFN35W  10-5-40,871 Mike HamptonMark GardnerMike HamptonMark Gardner 20113962
1999-05-16vs SFN36L  4-5-29,671 Sean BergmanRuss OrtizRobb NenScott ElartonJoe Nathan20514461
1999-05-18@ LAN37W  11-3-27,067Jose LimaCarlos PerezJose LimaCarlos Perez 21614769
1999-05-19@ LAN38L  2-5-26,360Shane ReynoldsKevin BrownKevin BrownShane Reynolds 21815266
1999-05-20@ LAN39W  4-3-40,780Mike HamptonChan Ho ParkBilly WagnerJeff Shaw 22215567
1999-05-21@ SFN40L  3-4-25,172Sean BergmanMark GardnerJohn JohnstoneJay PowellRobb Nen22515966
1999-05-22@ SFN41L  1-3-21,942Chris HoltRuss OrtizRuss OrtizChris HoltRobb Nen22616264
1999-05-23@ SFN42W  4-1-40,101Jose LimaShawn EstesJose LimaJoe NathanBilly Wagner23016367
1999-05-24vs COL43W  5-2-20,772 Shane ReynoldsBrian BohanonShane ReynoldsBrian Bohanon 23516570
1999-05-25vs COL44W  2-1-21,720 Mike HamptonDarryl KileScott ElartonMike DeJean 23716671
1999-05-26vs COL45W  3-2-24,476 Sean BergmanPedro AstacioJay PowellPedro Astacio 24016872
1999-05-27vs COL46L  3-4-25,146 Chris HoltBobby JonesJerry DiPotoTrever MillerDave Veres24317271
1999-05-28@ PIT47L  5-6-17,309Jose LimaTodd RitchieTodd RitchieJose LimaMike Williams24817870
1999-05-29@ PIT48L  1-5-32,426Shane ReynoldsFrancisco CordovaFrancisco CordovaShane Reynolds 24918366
1999-05-30@ PIT49L  3-7-28,905Mike HamptonKris BensonKris BensonMike Hampton 25219062
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-06-01@ MIL50W  3-0-15,266Sean BergmanScott KarlSean BergmanScott Karl 25519065
1999-06-02@ MIL51W  9-1-13,876Jose LimaCal EldredJose LimaCal Eldred 26419173
1999-06-03@ MIL52L  1-4-11,620Shane ReynoldsSteve WoodardSteve WoodardShane ReynoldsBob Wickman26519570
1999-06-04@ MIN53W  7-6-13,152Mike HamptonEric MiltonMike HamptonMike TrombleyBilly Wagner27220171
1999-06-05@ MIN54W  6-5-17,150Chris HoltDan PerkinsScott ElartonJoe MaysBilly Wagner27820672
1999-06-06@ MIN55L  6-13-13,720Sean BergmanLaTroy HawkinsBenj SampsonSean Bergman 28421965
1999-06-07@ CHA56W  8-2-16,881Jose LimaJohn SnyderJose LimaJohn Snyder 29222171
1999-06-08@ CHA57L  3-4-11,836Shane ReynoldsJaime NavarroJaime NavarroShane ReynoldsBob Howry29522570
1999-06-09@ CHA58W  13-4-12,138Mike HamptonJames BaldwinMike HamptonJames Baldwin 30822979
1999-06-11vs SDN59W  2-1-38,425 Sean BergmanWoody WilliamsSean BergmanWoody WilliamsBilly Wagner31023080
1999-06-12vs SDN60W  3-2-39,893 Jose LimaBrian BoehringerJose LimaDonne WallBilly Wagner31323281
1999-06-13vs SDN61W  4-3-39,773 Shane ReynoldsHeath MurrayShane ReynoldsHeath MurrayBilly Wagner31723582
1999-06-14vs ATL62W  10-4-28,243 Mike HamptonOdalis PerezMike HamptonOdalis PerezTrever Miller32723988
1999-06-15vs ATL63L  3-4-27,941 Chris HoltTom GlavineTom GlavineScott ElartonJohn Rocker33024387
1999-06-16vs ATL64L  1-3-27,756 Sean BergmanGreg MadduxGreg MadduxSean BergmanJohn Rocker33124685
1999-06-17vs ATL65L  5-8-39,477 Jose LimaKevin MillwoodKevin MillwoodJose LimaRudy Seanez33625482
1999-06-18vs MON66W  5-0-32,526 Shane ReynoldsDustin HermansonShane ReynoldsDustin Hermanson 34125487
1999-06-19vs MON67W  5-2-27,259 Mike HamptonCarl PavanoMike HamptonCarl PavanoBilly Wagner34625690
1999-06-20vs MON68W  11-3-33,882 Chris HoltDan SmithChris HoltDan Smith 35725998
1999-06-21@ SLN69L  3-5-41,506Sean BergmanKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldSean BergmanRicky Bottalico36026496
1999-06-22@ SLN70L  3-4-36,481Jose LimaKent MerckerMike MohlerJeff McCurry 36326895
1999-06-23@ SLN71W  8-4-36,402Shane ReynoldsJuan AcevedoShane ReynoldsJuan Acevedo 37127299
1999-06-24vs CIN72L  0-3-25,543 Mike HamptonRon VilloneRon VilloneMike HamptonDanny Graves37127596
1999-06-25vs CIN73L  7-10-33,661 Chris HoltBrett TomkoBrett TomkoChris HoltScott Williamson37828593
1999-06-26vs CIN74L  1-8-31,792 Sean BergmanSteve ParrisSteve ParrisSean Bergman 37929386
1999-06-27vs CIN75L  2-5-32,981 Jose LimaPete HarnischPete HarnischJose Lima 38129883
1999-06-29vs SLN76W  5-4-34,797 Shane ReynoldsJuan AcevedoScott ElartonManny AybarBilly Wagner38630284
1999-06-30vs SLN77W  11-3-42,475 Mike HamptonJose JimenezMike HamptonJose Jimenez 39730592
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-07-01vs SLN78L  4-10-43,727 Chris HoltKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldChris Holt 40131586
1999-07-02@ CIN79W  7-5-35,591Jose LimaSteve ParrisJay PowellStan BelindaBilly Wagner40832088
1999-07-03@ CIN80L  0-10-34,168Scott ElartonPete HarnischPete HarnischScott ElartonDennys Reyes40833078
1999-07-04@ CIN81W  5-3-22,023Shane ReynoldsSteve AveryShane ReynoldsSteve AveryBilly Wagner41333380
1999-07-05@ CIN82L  2-5-23,958Chris HoltRon VilloneRon VilloneChris HoltDanny Graves41533877
1999-07-06@ ARI83W  3-1-31,672Jose LimaOmar DaalJose LimaOmar DaalBilly Wagner41833979
1999-07-07@ ARI84L  7-13-31,004Wade MillerBrian AndersonBobby ChouinardWade Miller 42535273
1999-07-08@ ARI85L  7-8-38,224Scott ElartonArmando ReynosoGregg OlsonBrian Williams 43236072
1999-07-09@ KCA86W  6-5-22,652Shane ReynoldsJay WitasickJose CabreraJeff MontgomeryChris Holt43836573
1999-07-10@ KCA87W  3-2-30,033Mike HamptonKevin AppierMike HamptonKevin AppierBilly Wagner44136774
1999-07-11@ KCA88W  7-3-19,506Jose LimaJeff SuppanJose LimaJeff SuppanJay Powell44837078
1999-07-15vs DET89W  8-6-32,573 Shane ReynoldsDave MlickiTrever MillerWillie BlairBilly Wagner45637680
1999-07-16vs DET90W  2-1-36,541 Scott ElartonJustin ThompsonJose CabreraDoug Brocail 45837781
1999-07-17vs DET91W  3-2-41,177 Jose LimaDave BorkowskiBilly WagnerTodd Jones 46137982
1999-07-18vs CLE92W  2-0-50,299 Mike HamptonJaret WrightMike HamptonJaret Wright 46337984
1999-07-19vs CLE93W  3-2-34,276 Chris HoltMark LangstonJose CabreraTom Candiotti 46638185
1999-07-20vs CLE94L  1-7-41,133 Shane ReynoldsBartolo ColonBartolo ColonShane Reynolds 46738879
1999-07-21vs ARI95L  4-7-23,985 Scott ElartonArmando ReynosoBobby ChouinardJay PowellMatt Mantei47139576
1999-07-22vs ARI96L  1-2-31,861 Jose LimaAndy BenesAndy BenesJose LimaMatt Mantei47239775
1999-07-23vs SDN97W  7-4-37,482 Mike HamptonBrian BoehringerMike HamptonDonne Wall 47940178
1999-07-24vs SDN98W  5-2-36,115 Chris HoltMatt ClementChris HoltMatt ClementBilly Wagner48440381
1999-07-25vs SDN99W  5-2-34,613 Shane ReynoldsAndy AshbyShane ReynoldsAndy Ashby 48940584
1999-07-26@ COL100W  8-5-42,740Scott ElartonBobby JonesBrian WilliamsDave VeresBilly Wagner49741087
1999-07-27@ COL101W  6-3-41,952Jose LimaBrian BohanonJose LimaBrian BohanonBilly Wagner50341390
1999-07-28@ COL102W  16-8-43,201Mike HamptonRoberto RamirezMike HamptonRoberto Ramirez 51942198
1999-07-29@ COL103L  2-4-43,415Chris HoltDarryl KileDarryl KileChris HoltDave Veres52142596
1999-07-30@ SDN104W  5-1-39,619Shane ReynoldsMatt ClementShane ReynoldsMatt Clement 526426100
1999-07-31@ SDN105W  8-5-60,516Scott ElartonAndy AshbyDoug HenryDan Miceli 534431103
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-08-01@ SDN106L  3-10-32,294Jose LimaSterling HitchcockSterling HitchcockJose Lima 53744196
1999-08-03vs LAN107W  7-2-34,874 Mike HamptonDarren DreifortMike HamptonDarren Dreifort 544443101
1999-08-04vs LAN108L  1-2-31,771 Chris HoltKevin BrownKevin BrownChris Holt 545445100
1999-08-05vs LAN109W  7-0-38,018 Shane ReynoldsIsmael ValdezShane ReynoldsIsmael Valdez 552445107
1999-08-06@ CHN110W  6-1-0Jose LimaKyle FarnsworthJose LimaKyle FarnsworthJay Powell558446112
1999-08-06@ CHN111L  0-6-39,109Sean BergmanAndrew LorraineAndrew LorraineSean Bergman 558452106
1999-08-07@ CHN112W  10-4-38,413Scott ElartonKevin TapaniScott ElartonKevin Tapani 568456112
1999-08-08@ CHN113W  6-2-38,296Mike HamptonMicah BowieMike HamptonMicah Bowie 574458116
1999-08-09@ ATL114L  3-5-40,072Chris HoltJohn SmoltzRudy SeanezDoug HenryJohn Rocker577463114
1999-08-10@ ATL115L  4-6-38,303Shane ReynoldsTom GlavineTom GlavineShane ReynoldsJohn Rocker581469112
1999-08-11@ ATL116L  5-8-39,578Jose LimaGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJose LimaJohn Rocker586477109
1999-08-13vs PIT117L  5-6-39,829 Mike HamptonFrancisco CordovaBrad ClontzTrever MillerMike Williams591483108
1999-08-14vs PIT118W  7-1-44,868 Chris HoltKris BensonChris HoltKris Benson 598484114
1999-08-15vs PIT119L  0-2-36,231 Shane ReynoldsTodd RitchieTodd RitchieShane ReynoldsMike Williams598486112
1999-08-16vs MIL120W  2-0-20,100 Jose LimaKyle PetersonJose LimaKyle PetersonBilly Wagner600486114
1999-08-17vs MIL121W  8-6-20,558 Scott ElartonCal EldredScott ElartonCal EldredBilly Wagner608492116
1999-08-18vs MIL122W  6-4-23,540 Mike HamptonHideo NomoBrian WilliamsEric PlunkBilly Wagner614496118
1999-08-19vs MIL123L  5-6-22,934 Chris HoltScott KarlRocky CoppingerJay PowellBob Wickman619502117
1999-08-20@ FLO124W  6-4-19,845Shane ReynoldsRyan DempsterTrever MillerJesus SanchezBilly Wagner625506119
1999-08-21@ FLO125W  5-4-25,947Jose LimaDennis SpringerDoug HenryBrian EdmondsonBilly Wagner630510120
1999-08-23@ NYN126L  2-3-39,292Scott ElartonAl LeiterArmando BenitezJay Powell 632513119
1999-08-24@ NYN127W  5-1-35,673Mike HamptonMasato YoshiiBilly WagnerDennis Cook 637514123
1999-08-25@ NYN128L  0-4-44,640Shane ReynoldsKenny RogersKenny RogersShane ReynoldsDennis Cook637518119
1999-08-27vs FLO129W  3-2-0 Jose LimaDennis SpringerJose LimaDennis SpringerBilly Wagner640520120
1999-08-27vs FLO130L  1-3-39,885 Chris HoltRyan DempsterRyan DempsterChris HoltAntonio Alfonseca641523118
1999-08-28vs FLO131L  2-5-42,968 Scott ElartonA.J. BurnettA.J. BurnettScott ElartonAntonio Alfonseca643528115
1999-08-29vs FLO132W  10-4-33,666 Mike HamptonAlex FernandezMike HamptonAlex Fernandez 653532121
1999-08-30vs NYN133L  1-17-28,032 Shane ReynoldsMasato YoshiiMasato YoshiiShane Reynolds 654549105
1999-08-31vs NYN134W  6-2-24,982 Jose LimaKenny RogersJose LimaTurk Wendell 660551109
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-09-01vs NYN135L  5-9-24,112 Chris HoltOctavio DotelOctavio DotelChris Holt 665560105
1999-09-03@ MON136W  8-1-8,417Mike HamptonDan SmithMike HamptonDan Smith 673561112
1999-09-04@ MON137W  5-2-8,471Shane ReynoldsJavier VazquezJose CabreraUgueth Urbina 678563115
1999-09-05@ MON138W  6-2-8,302Scott ElartonJeremy PowellScott ElartonAnthony Telford 684565119
1999-09-06@ PHI139W  6-5-12,223Jose LimaRandy WolfJose LimaRandy WolfBilly Wagner690570120
1999-09-07@ PHI140W  8-6-12,934Chris HoltMike GraceJay PowellWayne GomesDoug Henry698576122
1999-09-08@ PHI141W  10-2-14,050Mike HamptonCurt SchillingMike HamptonCurt Schilling 708578130
1999-09-09@ PHI142W  3-1-11,133Shane ReynoldsPaul ByrdShane ReynoldsSteve MontgomeryBilly Wagner711579132
1999-09-10vs CHN143W  6-4-48,879 Scott ElartonJon LieberBilly WagnerBobby Ayala 717583134
1999-09-11vs CHN144W  5-3-52,010 Jose LimaMicah BowieJose LimaMicah BowieBilly Wagner722586136
1999-09-12vs CHN145W  7-1-51,877 Chris HoltSteve TrachselChris HoltSteve Trachsel 729587142
1999-09-13vs PHI146W  13-2-44,399 Mike HamptonJoe GraheMike HamptonJoe Grahe 742589153
1999-09-14vs PHI147W  12-2-25,164 Shane ReynoldsPaul ByrdShane ReynoldsPaul Byrd 754591163
1999-09-15vs PHI148L  6-8-31,186 Scott ElartonRobert PersonWayne GomesDoug HenryBilly Brewer760599161
1999-09-17@ SLN149L  8-11-37,027Jose LimaGarrett StephensonGarrett StephensonJose LimaRicky Bottalico768610158
1999-09-18@ SLN150L  6-13-45,536Mike HamptonDarren OliverDarren OliverMike Hampton 774623151
1999-09-19@ SLN151W  4-3-41,233Chris HoltJose JimenezChris HoltRich CroushoreBilly Wagner778626152
1999-09-20@ PIT152L  5-11-10,256Shane ReynoldsFrancisco CordovaPete SchourekShane Reynolds 783637146
1999-09-21@ PIT153W  6-3-12,745Scott ElartonKris BensonScott ElartonKris BensonDoug Henry789640149
1999-09-22@ PIT154L  2-3-16,647Jose LimaTodd RitchieTodd RitchieJose Lima 791643148
1999-09-24@ MIL155W  9-4-14,093Mike HamptonHideo NomoTrever MillerEric PlunkJay Powell800647153
1999-09-25@ MIL156L  2-3-24,093Shane ReynoldsScott KarlScott KarlShane ReynoldsBob Wickman802650152
1999-09-26@ MIL157L  3-11-27,748Scott ElartonKyle PetersonKyle PetersonScott Elarton 805661144
1999-09-28vs CIN158L  1-4-54,037 Jose LimaPete HarnischPete HarnischJose LimaScott Williamson806665141
1999-09-29vs CIN159W  4-1-52,242 Mike HamptonSteve ParrisMike HamptonSteve ParrisBilly Wagner810666144
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1999-10-01vs LAN160L  1-5-50,791 Shane ReynoldsEric GagneEric GagneShane Reynolds 811671140
1999-10-02vs LAN161W  3-0-52,062 Jose LimaChan Ho ParkJose LimaChan Ho ParkBilly Wagner814671143
1999-10-03vs LAN162W  9-4-52,033 Mike HamptonRobinson ChecoMike HamptonRobinson Checo 823675148

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