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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  102-60   .630
Result:   1st in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Larry Dierker
General Manager:   Gerry Hunsicker
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  2,458,451
Payroll:  $40,629,000
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Padres)

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jack Howell (36)
Youngest Player:  Scott Elarton (22)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Biggio (11)
Top Hitter:  Craig Biggio (4)
Top Pitcher:  Shane Reynolds (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Brad Lidge (#17)

Roster Continuity:  55.98%
National League Standings
Chi Cubs9073.55212.5
St. Louis8379.51219.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-03-31vs SFN1L  4-9-43,776 Shane ReynoldsShawn EstesJohn JohnstoneC.J. Nitkowski 49-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-04-01vs SFN2W  7-6-13,719 Mike HamptonOrel HershiserTrever MillerJulian TavarezBilly Wagner1115-4
1998-04-02vs SFN3L  2-9-15,040 John HalamaKirk RueterKirk RueterJohn Halama 1324-11
1998-04-03vs COL4W  15-2-26,026 Jose LimaJamey WrightJose LimaJamey Wright 28262
1998-04-04vs COL5L  3-5-21,325 Sean BergmanMark ThompsonMark ThompsonSean BergmanJerry DiPoto31310
1998-04-05vs COL6W  6-2-21,037 Shane ReynoldsDarryl KileShane ReynoldsDarryl Kile 37334
1998-04-06vs COL7W  13-4-13,553 Mike HamptonJohn ThomsonMike HamptonJohn Thomson 503713
1998-04-07@ SFN8L  4-5-55,370John HalamaOrel HershiserRobb NenBilly Wagner 544212
1998-04-08@ SFN9W  6-3-10,021Jose LimaKirk RueterJose LimaKirk RueterBilly Wagner604515
1998-04-09@ SFN10W  3-1-10,153Sean BergmanMark GardnerSean BergmanMark GardnerC.J. Nitkowski634617
1998-04-10@ LAN11L  2-7-34,994Shane ReynoldsRamon MartinezRamon MartinezShane Reynolds 655312
1998-04-11@ LAN12W  6-2-40,037Mike HamptonDarren DreifortMike HamptonDarren DreifortDoug Henry715516
1998-04-12@ LAN13L  6-7-33,429John HalamaChan Ho ParkAntonio OsunaBilly Wagner 776215
1998-04-13@ LAN14L  1-3-32,289Jose LimaHideo NomoHideo NomoJose LimaScott Radinsky786513
1998-04-15@ CIN15L  1-4-15,619Shane ReynoldsBrett TomkoBrett TomkoShane ReynoldsJeff Shaw796910
1998-04-16@ CIN16W  7-4-14,596Mike HamptonDavid WeathersMike HamptonDavid WeathersBilly Wagner867313
1998-04-17vs MON17W  5-3-26,485 John HalamaDustin HermansonJohn HalamaDustin HermansonBilly Wagner917615
1998-04-18vs MON18W  4-3-29,362 Jose LimaMarc ValdesDoug HenryMiguel Batista 957916
1998-04-19vs MON19L  4-5-18,484 Shane ReynoldsJavier VazquezAnthony TelfordMike MagnanteUgueth Urbina998415
1998-04-21@ NYN20W  6-0-14,774Mike HamptonRick ReedMike HamptonRick Reed 1058421
1998-04-22@ NYN21L  7-10-12,772John HalamaDave MlickiDennis CookDoug Henry 1129418
1998-04-24@ MON22W  8-4-8,713Jose LimaMarc ValdesJose LimaMarc Valdes 1209822
1998-04-25@ MON23W  4-3-8,489Shane ReynoldsJavier VazquezMike MagnanteUgueth UrbinaBilly Wagner12410123
1998-04-26@ MON24W  15-0-9,889Sean BergmanTrey MooreSean BergmanTrey MooreTrever Miller13910138
1998-04-27@ NYN25W  4-3-17,656Mike HamptonRick ReedC.J. NitkowskiJohn FrancoBilly Wagner14310439
1998-04-28vs NYN26W  4-3-14,943 John HalamaAl LeiterMike MagnanteJohn Hudek 14710740
1998-04-29vs NYN27W  6-1-14,448 Jose LimaDave MlickiJose LimaDave Mlicki 15310845
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-05-01@ PHI28W  12-5-11,410Shane ReynoldsMatt BeechShane ReynoldsMatt Beech 16511352
1998-05-02@ PHI29W  4-1-18,766Mike HamptonCurt SchillingMike HamptonCurt SchillingBilly Wagner16911455
1998-05-03@ PHI30L  3-5-21,288Sean BergmanTyler GreenWayne GomesSean BergmanMark Leiter17211953
1998-05-05@ CHN31W  10-5-21,431Jose LimaMark ClarkJose LimaMark ClarkC.J. Nitkowski18212458
1998-05-06@ CHN32L  0-2-15,758Shane ReynoldsKerry WoodKerry WoodShane Reynolds 18212656
1998-05-08@ MIL33L  1-4-14,711Mike HamptonJeff JudenJeff JudenMike HamptonDoug Jones18313053
1998-05-09@ MIL34W  11-6-20,145Pete SchourekCal EldredPete SchourekCal Eldred 19413658
1998-05-10@ MIL35W  7-1-19,023Jose LimaSteve WoodardJose LimaSteve Woodard 20113764
1998-05-11vs FLO36W  5-2-14,110 Shane ReynoldsLivan HernandezShane ReynoldsLivan HernandezBilly Wagner20613967
1998-05-12vs FLO37W  4-2-14,919 Sean BergmanChris HammondSean BergmanChris HammondBilly Wagner21014169
1998-05-13vs PIT38W  1-0-14,239 Mike HamptonJon LieberMike HamptonJon LieberBilly Wagner21114170
1998-05-14vs PIT39L  2-7-16,123 Pete SchourekJose SilvaJose SilvaPete Schourek 21314865
1998-05-15vs ATL40L  2-3-38,941 Jose LimaDenny NeagleDenny NeagleJose LimaDennis Martinez21515164
1998-05-16vs ATL41W  3-2-51,526 Shane ReynoldsGreg MadduxDoug HenryKerry Ligtenberg 21815365
1998-05-17vs ATL42W  8-1-35,250 Sean BergmanJohn SmoltzSean BergmanJohn Smoltz 22615472
1998-05-18vs ATL43L  0-4-22,119 Mike HamptonTom GlavineTom GlavineMike Hampton 22615868
1998-05-19@ MON44L  2-4-9,126Pete SchourekCarlos PerezCarlos PerezPete SchourekUgueth Urbina22816266
1998-05-20@ MON45W  4-3-8,372Jose LimaTrey MooreDoug HenryAnthony TelfordBilly Wagner23216567
1998-05-21@ MON46W  6-0-7,601Shane ReynoldsMiguel BatistaShane ReynoldsShayne Bennett 23816573
1998-05-22vs SDN47L  6-9-28,550 Sean BergmanPete SmithDan MiceliC.J. NitkowskiTrevor Hoffman24417470
1998-05-23vs SDN48W  4-3-36,281 Mike HamptonMark LangstonTrever MillerDan MiceliBilly Wagner24817771
1998-05-24vs SDN49W  5-2-25,701 Pete SchourekJoey HamiltonPete SchourekJoey HamiltonBilly Wagner25317974
1998-05-25vs LAN50L  3-4-34,079 Jose LimaHideo NomoJim BruskeBob ScanlanScott Radinsky25618373
1998-05-26vs LAN51W  13-2-16,251 Shane ReynoldsIsmael ValdezShane ReynoldsIsmael Valdez 26918584
1998-05-27vs LAN52L  1-3-17,190 Sean BergmanDarren DreifortDarren DreifortSean BergmanScott Radinsky27018882
1998-05-29@ COL53W  7-6-48,325Mike HamptonPedro AstacioMike HamptonPedro AstacioBilly Wagner27719483
1998-05-30@ COL54L  3-6-48,036Pete SchourekJohn ThomsonJohn ThomsonPete SchourekJerry DiPoto28020080
1998-05-31@ COL55L  5-7-48,097Jose LimaBobby JonesChuck McElroyDoug Henry 28520778
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-06-02@ SDN56W  4-3-15,735Shane ReynoldsMark LangstonShane ReynoldsCarlos ReyesBilly Wagner28921079
1998-06-03@ SDN57W  8-2-13,229Sean BergmanJoey HamiltonSean BergmanJoey Hamilton 29721285
1998-06-04@ SDN58L  1-5-21,027Mike HamptonAndy AshbyAndy AshbyMike Hampton 29821781
1998-06-05vs KCA59L  0-3-27,895 Pete SchourekTim BelcherTim BelcherPete SchourekJeff Montgomery29822078
1998-06-06vs KCA60W  6-0-25,516 Jose LimaJose RosadoJose LimaJose Rosado 30422084
1998-06-07vs KCA61W  7-1-23,228 Shane ReynoldsJim PittsleyShane ReynoldsJim Pittsley 31122190
1998-06-08@ DET62W  9-5-11,767Sean BergmanSeth GreisingerDoug HenryTodd Jones 32022694
1998-06-09@ DET63W  5-3-10,871Mike HamptonBrian MoehlerMike HamptonTodd JonesBilly Wagner32522996
1998-06-10@ DET64W  10-3-11,471Pete SchourekFrank CastilloPete SchourekFrank Castillo 335232103
1998-06-12@ CIN65L  1-8-21,310Jose LimaMike RemlingerMike RemlingerJose Lima 33624096
1998-06-13@ CIN66L  4-7-28,055Shane ReynoldsScott KlingenbeckScott KlingenbeckShane ReynoldsJeff Shaw34024793
1998-06-14@ CIN67W  6-3-22,008Sean BergmanScott WinchesterBilly WagnerJeff Shaw 34625096
1998-06-15@ CIN68W  13-2-14,556Mike HamptonBrett TomkoMike MagnanteBrett Tomko 359252107
1998-06-16vs SLN69L  4-9-34,822 Pete SchourekJuan AcevedoJuan AcevedoPete Schourek 363261102
1998-06-17vs SLN70W  6-5-37,147 Jose LimaTodd StottlemyreC.J. NitkowskiJeff Brantley 369266103
1998-06-18vs SLN71L  6-7-43,806 Shane ReynoldsKent BottenfieldKent BottenfieldShane ReynoldsRich Croushore375273102
1998-06-19vs CIN72W  4-2-29,251 Sean BergmanScott WinchesterSean BergmanScott WinchesterBilly Wagner379275104
1998-06-20vs CIN73W  9-8-24,301 Scott ElartonBrett TomkoC.J. NitkowskiRick KrivdaBilly Wagner388283105
1998-06-21vs CIN74W  3-1-42,281 Pete SchourekPete HarnischPete SchourekPete HarnischMike Magnante391284107
1998-06-22vs MIN75L  3-5-23,168 Jose LimaEric MiltonEric MiltonJose LimaRick Aguilera394289105
1998-06-23vs MIN76W  9-0-27,157 Shane ReynoldsBob TewksburyShane ReynoldsBob Tewksbury 403289114
1998-06-24@ COL77L  6-8-48,150Sean BergmanPedro AstacioPedro AstacioSean BergmanDave Veres409297112
1998-06-25@ COL78L  5-6-48,046Scott ElartonMike SaipeCurt LeskanicMike Magnante 414303111
1998-06-26@ CLE79L  2-4-43,222Pete SchourekBartolo ColonBartolo ColonMike MagnanteMichael Jackson416307109
1998-06-27@ CLE80W  9-5-43,132Jose LimaDwight GoodenBilly WagnerJose Mesa 425312113
1998-06-28@ CLE81W  12-3-43,047Shane ReynoldsCharles NagyShane ReynoldsCharles NagyC.J. Nitkowski437315122
1998-06-30vs CHA82W  17-2-26,400 Sean BergmanJaime NavarroSean BergmanJaime Navarro 454317137
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-07-01vs CHA83W  10-4-29,050 Pete SchourekJim ParquePete SchourekJim Parque 464321143
1998-07-02vs CHA84L  3-4-25,344 Jose LimaJames BaldwinJames BaldwinJose LimaBill Simas467325142
1998-07-03vs ARI85W  6-5-34,382 Shane ReynoldsAndy BenesShane ReynoldsAndy BenesBilly Wagner473330143
1998-07-04vs ARI86L  4-7-31,477 Mike HamptonBrian AndersonBrian AndersonMike Hampton 477337140
1998-07-05vs ARI87W  5-2-23,607 Sean BergmanWillie BlairSean BergmanWillie BlairBilly Wagner482339143
1998-07-09@ SLN88W  5-4-34,398Shane ReynoldsTodd StottlemyreShane ReynoldsTodd StottlemyreBilly Wagner487343144
1998-07-10@ SLN89L  3-6-44,655Mike HamptonMatt MorrisCurtis KingC.J. NitkowskiJeff Brantley490349141
1998-07-11@ SLN90L  3-4-45,760Jose LimaKent MerckerLance PainterBilly Wagner 493353140
1998-07-12@ SLN91L  4-6-45,485Sean BergmanJuan AcevedoJuan AcevedoSean BergmanRich Croushore497359138
1998-07-13@ ARI92L  3-5-40,007Pete SchourekAmaury TelemacoAmaury TelemacoPete SchourekGregg Olson500364136
1998-07-14@ ARI93W  4-2-40,419Shane ReynoldsOmar DaalShane ReynoldsOmar DaalBilly Wagner504366138
1998-07-15@ ARI94L  8-9-42,229Mike HamptonAndy BenesAlan EmbreeMike Magnante 512375137
1998-07-17vs SFN95W  10-7-40,709 Jose LimaKirk RueterJose LimaKirk Rueter 522382140
1998-07-18vs SFN96W  7-2-35,257 Sean BergmanDanny DarwinSean BergmanDanny Darwin 529384145
1998-07-19vs SFN97W  4-3-32,900 Pete SchourekMark GardnerDoug HenryRobb Nen 533387146
1998-07-20vs COL98W  10-9-25,491 Shane ReynoldsJamey WrightDoug HenryDave Veres 543396147
1998-07-21vs COL99L  0-5-28,718 Mike HamptonMark BrownsonMark BrownsonMike Hampton 543401142
1998-07-22@ LAN100L  4-6-31,365Jose LimaBrian BohanonBrian BohanonJose LimaJeff Shaw547407140
1998-07-23@ LAN101W  8-6-40,205Sean BergmanDave MlickiDoug HenryDarren HallJay Powell555413142
1998-07-24@ SDN102W  2-1-31,047Pete SchourekSterling HitchcockPete SchourekSterling HitchcockMike Magnante557414143
1998-07-25@ SDN103L  5-6-54,176Shane ReynoldsMark LangstonMark LangstonShane ReynoldsTrevor Hoffman562420142
1998-07-26@ SDN104L  4-5-41,034Mike HamptonKevin BrownDonne WallMike Magnante 566425141
1998-07-27vs FLO105W  9-1-20,888 Jose LimaBrian MeadowsJose LimaBrian Meadows 575426149
1998-07-28vs FLO106W  7-3-26,220 Sean BergmanKirt OjalaSean BergmanKirt Ojala 582429153
1998-07-29vs FLO107W  10-6-21,870 Pete SchourekAndy LarkinPete SchourekAndy LarkinScott Elarton592435157
1998-07-30vs FLO108L  3-4-33,303 Shane ReynoldsLivan HernandezLivan HernandezShane Reynolds 595439156
1998-07-31@ PIT109W  7-4-32,476Mike HamptonFrancisco CordovaMike HamptonFrancisco CordovaDoug Henry602443159
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-08-01@ PIT110W  2-1-19,783Jose LimaJason SchmidtJose LimaMike Williams 604444160
1998-08-02@ PIT111W  6-2-21,201Randy JohnsonTodd Van PoppelRandy JohnsonJason ChristiansenScott Elarton610446164
1998-08-03@ FLO112L  3-11-14,484Sean BergmanAndy LarkinAndy LarkinSean BergmanMatt Mantei613457156
1998-08-04@ FLO113W  9-5-14,586Shane ReynoldsLivan HernandezShane ReynoldsLivan Hernandez 622462160
1998-08-05@ FLO114L  3-5-19,038Mike HamptonJesus SanchezJesus SanchezMike HamptonMatt Mantei625467158
1998-08-07vs PHI115W  9-0-52,071 Randy JohnsonMike WelchRandy JohnsonMike Welch 634467167
1998-08-08vs PHI116W  7-6-42,523 Jose LimaCarlton LoewerDoug HenryMark Leiter 641473168
1998-08-09vs PHI117W  11-2-28,651 Shane ReynoldsMatt BeechShane ReynoldsMatt Beech 652475177
1998-08-10vs MIL118W  5-2-18,995 Mike HamptonBill PulsipherScott ElartonChad FoxBilly Wagner657477180
1998-08-11vs MIL119W  6-5-20,553 Sean BergmanBronswell PatrickMike MagnanteEric Plunk 663482181
1998-08-12vs MIL120W  3-0-40,217 Randy JohnsonBrad WoodallRandy JohnsonBrad Woodall 666482184
1998-08-13vs MIL121W  6-2-21,218 Jose LimaSteve WoodardJose LimaSteve Woodard 672484188
1998-08-14vs CHN122L  4-6-45,040 Shane ReynoldsMark ClarkMark ClarkShane ReynoldsRod Beck676490186
1998-08-15vs CHN123W  5-4-52,003 Mike HamptonKevin TapaniBilly WagnerTerry Mulholland 681494187
1998-08-16vs CHN124L  1-2-52,199 Sean BergmanKerry WoodMatt KarchnerJay PowellRod Beck682496186
1998-08-17@ PHI125L  0-4-18,975Randy JohnsonPaul ByrdPaul ByrdRandy Johnson 682500182
1998-08-18@ PHI126W  8-2-17,541Jose LimaMike GraceJose LimaMike Grace 690502188
1998-08-19@ PHI127W  4-3-21,341Shane ReynoldsCarlton LoewerShane ReynoldsMark LeiterBilly Wagner694505189
1998-08-20@ MIL128L  5-6-17,589Mike HamptonScott KarlBob WickmanMike Magnante 699511188
1998-08-21@ MIL129W  5-2-26,820Sean BergmanBill PulsipherSean BergmanBill PulsipherJay Powell704513191
1998-08-22@ CHN130W  8-3-39,886Randy JohnsonDon WengertRandy JohnsonDon Wengert 712516196
1998-08-23@ CHN131W  13-3-38,714Jose LimaSteve TrachselJose LimaSteve Trachsel 725519206
1998-08-24@ CHN132W  12-3-34,711Shane ReynoldsMark ClarkShane ReynoldsMark Clark 737522215
1998-08-25vs ATL133W  3-2-32,157 Mike HamptonKevin MillwoodMike HamptonKevin MillwoodBilly Wagner740524216
1998-08-26vs ATL134L  2-6-32,651 Sean BergmanJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzSean Bergman 742530212
1998-08-28vs PIT135W  2-0-40,709 Randy JohnsonFrancisco CordovaRandy JohnsonFrancisco Cordova 744530214
1998-08-29vs PIT136W  6-3-41,762 Jose LimaJason SchmidtJose LimaJason SchmidtJay Powell750533217
1998-08-30vs PIT137W  11-4-25,342 Shane ReynoldsSean LawrenceShane ReynoldsJeff McCurry 761537224
1998-08-31@ ATL138W  4-3-33,883Mike HamptonJohn SmoltzJay PowellJohn SmoltzBilly Wagner765540225
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1998-09-01@ ATL139L  4-6-31,168Sean BergmanDenny NeagleDenny NeagleScott ElartonKerry Ligtenberg769546223
1998-09-02@ ATL140W  4-2-46,238Randy JohnsonGreg MadduxRandy JohnsonGreg MadduxBilly Wagner773548225
1998-09-04@ ARI141L  1-3-41,396Jose LimaAmaury TelemacoAmaury TelemacoJose LimaGregg Olson774551223
1998-09-05@ ARI142W  6-5-43,638Shane ReynoldsClint SodowskyBilly WagnerAlan Embree 780556224
1998-09-06@ ARI143W  10-1-44,076Mike HamptonOmar DaalMike HamptonOmar Daal 790557233
1998-09-07vs CIN144W  1-0-42,787 Randy JohnsonSteve ParrisRandy JohnsonSteve Parris 791557234
1998-09-08vs CIN145W  13-7-16,574 Sean BergmanJason BereSean BergmanJason Bere 804564240
1998-09-09vs MIL146W  6-2-24,462 Jose LimaSteve WoodardJose LimaSteve WoodardBilly Wagner810566244
1998-09-10vs MIL147W  7-1-20,813 Shane ReynoldsScott KarlShane ReynoldsScott Karl 817567250
1998-09-11vs SLN148W  8-2-52,186 Mike HamptonMatt MorrisJay PowellMatt Morris 825569256
1998-09-12vs SLN149W  3-2-52,493 Randy JohnsonDarren OliverRandy JohnsonDarren OliverBilly Wagner828571257
1998-09-13vs SLN150L  2-3-52,338 Sean BergmanKent MerckerKent MerckerSean BergmanJuan Acevedo830574256
1998-09-14vs NYN151L  4-7-24,241 Jose LimaMasato YoshiiGreg McMichaelMike MagnanteJohn Franco834581253
1998-09-15vs NYN152W  6-5-0 Shane ReynoldsArmando ReynosoJay PowellJeff Tam 840586254
1998-09-15vs NYN153L  4-8-40,835 Trever MillerAl LeiterAl LeiterJay PowellTurk Wendell844594250
1998-09-16vs NYN154L  3-4-24,269 Mike HamptonBobby JonesGreg McMichaelSean BergmanTurk Wendell847598249
1998-09-18@ PIT155W  5-2-16,937Randy JohnsonElmer DessensRandy JohnsonElmer DessensJay Powell852600252
1998-09-19@ PIT156L  1-7-20,670Jose LimaFrancisco CordovaFrancisco CordovaJose Lima 853607246
1998-09-20@ PIT157W  2-0-23,657Shane ReynoldsJason SchmidtShane ReynoldsJason SchmidtBilly Wagner855607248
1998-09-22@ SLN158L  0-4-40,739Mike HamptonMatt MorrisMatt MorrisMike Hampton 855611244
1998-09-23@ SLN159W  7-1-38,997Randy JohnsonDarren OliverRandy JohnsonDarren Oliver 862612250
1998-09-25vs CHN160W  6-2-51,831 Jose LimaKevin TapaniJose LimaKevin Tapani 868614254
1998-09-26vs CHN161L  2-3-51,950 Shane ReynoldsMark ClarkMark ClarkJay PowellRod Beck870617253
1998-09-27vs CHN162W  4-3-51,916 Mike HamptonTerry MulhollandScott ElartonRod Beck 874620254

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