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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  65-97   .401
Result:   4th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Art Howe
General Manager:   Sandy Alderson
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  1,264,218
Payroll:  $21,911,000
Playoffs:  -

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Billy Taylor (35)
Youngest Player:  Ben Grieve (21)
Longest Tenure:  Mark McGwire (12)
Top Hitter:  Geronimo Berroa (62)
Top Pitcher:  Billy Taylor (36)
Top Draft Pick:  Chris Enochs (#11)

Roster Continuity:  63.35%
Top Prospect:   Miguel Tejada
American League Standings

Jose Canseco1997-04-081997L  13-7 vs OAK5242013000000001347138833010401564 hits
Scott Spiezio1997-04-091997W  4-3 vs OAK51310001000000017163911st career stolen base
Jose Canseco1997-04-111997W  3-1 @ NYA6000000000400001349138833010401564 strikeouts
Geronimo Berroa1997-04-131997W  7-4 @ NYA51400010000000051648977275164 hits
Mark McGwire1997-04-261997W  7-6 vs OAK2121011005000001247107733888285 walks
Scott Brosius1997-04-291997L  10-4 @ CLE4110011000100005004126621429500th career game
Mark McGwire1997-04-301997W  11-9 @ CLE6330023000100001250108134088582 home runs
Jose Canseco1997-05-141997W  7-4 vs OAK3320022101100001378141633610591602 home runs
Matt Stairs1997-05-141997W  7-4 vs OAK42200230001000114581165812 home runs
Scott Sheldon1997-05-181997L  10-4 vs OAK300000000010000100001st career game
Scott Sheldon1997-05-211997W  7-3 @ TEX301000000010000310001st career hit
Mark McGwire1997-05-231997W  8-4 @ MIN3110002000100201271109534389582 sacrifice flies
Willie Adams1997-05-261997W  2-1 @ KCA000000000000000100001st career game
Mark McGwire1997-05-281997L  14-10 vs OAK5241023000100001275110534890482 home runs, 4 hits
Scott Sheldon1997-05-281997L  14-10 vs OAK311001200000000841201st career home run, 1st career RBI
Scott Brosius1997-06-031997W  9-8 vs OAK42310230000000053343569225312 home runs
Jason McDonald1997-06-051997W  4-3 @ TOR511100000010000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Mark Bellhorn1997-06-101997L  6-4 @ DET401000000000000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Mark Bellhorn1997-06-131997L  6-4 vs OAK411000200010000420201st career RBI
Mark Bellhorn1997-06-151997W  5-2 vs OAK312000010010100650211st career stolen base
Jason McDonald1997-06-151997W  5-2 vs OAK421000020100000960021st career stolen base
Matt Stairs1997-06-151997W  5-2 vs OAK41210150000000017199217315 RBis
Jason McDonald1997-06-171997W  10-3 @ SDN5220001000101001080121st career RBI
Jose Canseco1997-06-181997W  11-9 @ SDN3220023001100001407144234310821622 home runs
Jason McDonald1997-06-181997W  11-9 @ SDN4210012001100001191321st career home run
Mark Bellhorn1997-06-231997L  6-5 @ SEA41100110001000013131321st career home run
Mark Bellhorn1997-06-241997W  4-1 @ SEA40000000004000014131324 strikeouts
Rafael Bournigal1997-06-251997L  9-4 @ SEA41410130000000019813714554 hits, 1st career home run
Mike Oquist1997-07-021997W  8-1 @ SFN1010000000000005110001st career hit
Brad Rigby1997-07-031997L  6-4 @ SFN100000000010000100001st career game
Matt Stairs1997-07-141997L  6-2 vs OAK323002200100000193120258412 home runs
Jose Canseco1997-07-161997W  11-3 vs OAK5000000000500001429145934610921625 strikeouts
Gary Haught1997-07-161997W  11-3 vs OAK000000000000000100001st career game
Tim Kubinski1997-07-161997W  11-3 vs OAK000000000000000100001st career game
Mark McGwire1997-07-161997W  11-3 vs OAK3220024002000001317114636393982 home runs
Pat Lennon1997-07-171997W  11-3 vs OAK111001100000000593011401st career home run
Brent Mayne1997-07-171997W  11-3 vs OAK423100000000000500322111336500th career game
Mark McGwire1997-07-291997L  7-4 @ NYA5010000000400001328115736394184 strikeouts
Mark Bellhorn1997-07-301997L  7-0 @ NYA40000000004000033262734 strikeouts
Steve Karsay1997-08-011997W  2-1 vs OAK010000000000000100001st career game
Brian Lesher1997-08-101997W  4-3 vs OAK311001210100000342461811st career stolen base
Scott Spiezio1997-08-131997W  4-2 @ BAL400000000040000115100114974 strikeouts
Dave Magadan1997-08-161997L  6-5 @ MIL511000000000000121610003540791000th career hit
Mark Bellhorn1997-08-211997W  13-6 vs OAK424001200100000463951764 hits
Tony Batista1997-08-231997L  7-4 vs OAK404100100000000137107104294 hits
Dave Magadan1997-08-271997W  8-7 vs OAK525001200000000122210103641095 hits
Miguel Tejada1997-08-271997W  8-7 vs OAK500000000010000100001st career game
Miguel Tejada1997-08-281997L  7-1 @ LAN301010000000000210001st career hit
Miguel Tejada1997-08-291997L  5-4 @ LAN412001200001000331201st career home run, 1st career RBI
Matt Stairs1997-08-311997L  10-4 @ COL4220023000000002291583611432 home runs
Ben Grieve1997-09-031997W  12-3 vs OAK423300500100000130505 RBis, 3 Doubles, 1st career game, 1st career hit, 1st career RBI
Izzy Molina1997-09-051997W  9-6 @ KCA51300120001000051221401st career home run
Miguel Tejada1997-09-091997W  5-1 @ MIN41100001000000013141511st career stolen base
Ben Grieve1997-09-131997W  4-2 vs OAK411001200010000111511201st career home run
Jason Giambi1997-09-201997W  4-3 vs OAK4230023001100003293424517622 home runs

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