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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  80-82   .494
Result:   3rd in American League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Phil Garner
General Manager:   Sal Bando
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,327,155
Payroll:  $20,482,000
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Doug Jones (39)
Youngest Player:  Jeff D'Amico (20)
Longest Tenure:  Greg Vaughn (8)
Top Hitter:  Kevin Seitzer (27)
Top Pitcher:  Ben McDonald (16)
Top Draft Pick:  Chad Green (#8)

Roster Continuity:  71.39%
Top Prospect:   Jeff D'Amico
American League Standings
Chi White Sox8577.52514.5
KC Royals7586.46624.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-04-02@ CAL1W  15-9-27,836Ricky BonesChuck FinleyKevin WickanderChuck Finley 1596
1996-04-03@ CAL2L  2-3-15,024Ben McDonaldMark LangstonMike JamesGraeme Lloyd 17125
1996-04-05@ SEA3W  10-6-27,768Scott KarlEdwin HurtadoScott KarlEdwin Hurtado 27189
1996-04-06@ SEA4L  5-8-56,892Steve SparksRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonSteve Sparks 32266
1996-04-07@ SEA5L  1-3-21,004Ricky BonesSterling HitchcockSterling HitchcockRicky BonesMichael Jackson33294
1996-04-09vs OAK6W  10-4-42,090 Ben McDonaldTodd Van PoppelBen McDonaldTodd Van Poppel 433310
1996-04-11vs OAK7L  0-11-12,236 Scott KarlDoug JohnsDoug JohnsScott Karl 4344-1
1996-04-12vs KCA8L  1-4-7,113 Ricky BonesKevin AppierKevin AppierRicky BonesJeff Montgomery4448-4
1996-04-13vs KCA9L  2-3-9,224 Steve SparksMark GubiczaMark GubiczaSteve SparksJeff Montgomery4651-5
1996-04-14vs KCA10W  5-2-19,131 Ben McDonaldChris HaneyBen McDonaldChris HaneyAngel Miranda5153-2
1996-04-16vs NYA11W  6-3-7,059 Scott KarlJimmy KeyScott KarlJimmy Key 57561
1996-04-17vs NYA12W  8-4-7,124 Ricky BonesDavid ConeRicky BonesDavid Cone 65605
1996-04-18@ KCA13W  8-2-13,153Steve SparksMark GubiczaSteve SparksMark Gubicza 736211
1996-04-19@ KCA14W  8-2-15,321Ben McDonaldChris HaneyBen McDonaldChris Haney 816417
1996-04-20@ KCA15W  12-4-17,220Angel MirandaJason JacomeAngel MirandaJason Jacome 936825
1996-04-21@ KCA16W  5-4-14,666Scott KarlTim BelcherKevin WickanderHipolito PichardoMike Fetters987226
1996-04-22@ OAK17L  2-6-6,021Ricky BonesCarlos ReyesCarlos ReyesRicky BonesJohn Briscoe1007822
1996-04-23@ OAK18L  6-9-7,026Steve SparksSteve WojciechowskiSteve WojciechowskiSteve SparksMike Mohler1068719
1996-04-24vs CAL19L  3-4-7,051 Ben McDonaldScott SandersonShawn BoskieBen McDonaldTroy Percival1099118
1996-04-25vs CAL20W  6-5-6,707 Angel MirandaMark LangstonMike FettersMike James 1159619
1996-04-26vs SEA21L  5-6-13,072 Scott KarlRandy JohnsonRafael CarmonaMike PottsNorm Charlton12010218
1996-04-27vs SEA22L  5-6-17,270 Ricky BonesSterling HitchcockBob WellsRicky BonesNorm Charlton12510817
1996-04-28vs SEA23W  16-9-19,717 Steve SparksPaul MenhartMike PottsTim Davis 14111724
1996-04-30@ TOR24L  8-9-25,467Ben McDonaldPat HentgenTim CrabtreeMarshall Boze 14912623
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-05-01@ TOR25L  3-9-25,684Angel MirandaJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanAngel Miranda 15213517
1996-05-02@ TOR26L  5-7-31,299Scott KarlErik HansonErik HansonScott KarlMike Timlin15714215
1996-05-03@ BAL27L  2-8-41,037Ricky BonesScott EricksonScott EricksonRicky Bones 1591509
1996-05-04@ BAL28L  5-10-44,175Steve SparksMike MussinaMike MussinaSteve Sparks 1641604
1996-05-05@ BAL29W  13-1-46,027Ben McDonaldJimmy HaynesBen McDonaldJimmy Haynes 17716116
1996-05-07vs BOS30L  2-4-7,039 Angel MirandaRoger ClemensRoger ClemensAngel MirandaHeathcliff Slocumb17916514
1996-05-09vs BOS31W  17-2-7,379 Ricky BonesAaron SeleRicky BonesAaron Sele 19616729
1996-05-10vs BAL32L  7-10-9,520 Ben McDonaldJimmy HaynesJesse OroscoRamon GarciaRoger McDowell20317726
1996-05-11vs BAL33L  3-5-21,081 Scott KarlKent MerckerArthur RhodesMike PottsRandy Myers20618224
1996-05-12vs BAL34W  6-4-14,333 Angel MirandaScott EricksonAngel MirandaScott EricksonMike Fetters21218626
1996-05-13vs CHA35W  6-2-9,544 Steve SparksJames BaldwinSteve SparksJames BaldwinMarshall Boze21818830
1996-05-15vs CHA36L  8-20-8,733 Ricky BonesWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezRicky BonesBrian Keyser22620818
1996-05-16vs CHA37W  3-2-13,849 Ben McDonaldKevin TapaniGraeme LloydKevin TapaniMike Fetters22921019
1996-05-17@ MIN38W  12-1-26,733Scott KarlJose ParraScott KarlJose Parra 24121130
1996-05-18@ MIN39W  7-3-30,593Angel MirandaPat MahomesAngel MirandaPat MahomesMike Fetters24821434
1996-05-19@ MIN40W  4-2-24,411Steve SparksRich RobertsonSteve SparksRich RobertsonMike Fetters25221636
1996-05-20@ MIN41W  3-2-13,376Ricky BonesFrankie RodriguezRicky BonesFrankie RodriguezMike Fetters25521837
1996-05-21@ CLE42L  5-6-39,974Ben McDonaldDennis MartinezJulian TavarezMarshall Boze 26022436
1996-05-22@ CLE43W  10-8-41,027Scott KarlJack McDowellScott KarlJack McDowellMike Fetters27023238
1996-05-23@ CLE44L  1-5-42,395Angel MirandaOrel HershiserOrel HershiserAngel Miranda 27123734
1996-05-24@ CHA45L  3-4-18,346Steve SparksJoe MagraneLarry ThomasSteve SparksRoberto Hernandez27424133
1996-05-25@ CHA46L  7-9-20,585Ricky BonesWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezRicky BonesRoberto Hernandez28125031
1996-05-26@ CHA47L  1-12-21,151Ben McDonaldKevin TapaniKevin TapaniBen McDonald 28226220
1996-05-28vs MIN48W  7-3-10,117 Scott KarlPat MahomesScott KarlPat MahomesRamon Garcia28926524
1996-05-29vs MIN49L  7-8-14,324 Steve SparksRich RobertsonGreg HansellGraeme Lloyd 29627323
1996-05-30vs CLE50L  0-2-11,543 Ricky BonesCharles NagyCharles NagyRicky BonesJose Mesa29627521
1996-05-31vs CLE51L  4-10-24,050 Ben McDonaldDennis MartinezDennis MartinezBen McDonald 30028515
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-06-01vs CLE52W  2-1-22,004 Angel MirandaJack McDowellRamon GarciaJack McDowellMike Fetters30228616
1996-06-02vs CLE53L  6-11-21,150 Scott KarlOrel HershiserJim PooleScott Karl 30829711
1996-06-03vs TEX54L  6-9-9,748 Steve SparksBobby WittBobby WittSteve SparksMike Henneman3143068
1996-06-04vs TEX55W  6-2-10,685 Ricky BonesKevin GrossRicky BonesKevin Gross 32030812
1996-06-05vs TEX56W  6-4-11,276 Ben McDonaldKen HillBen McDonaldKen HillMike Fetters32631214
1996-06-07@ BOS57L  7-10-26,861Angel MirandaTim WakefieldRich GarcesRamon GarciaHeathcliff Slocumb33332211
1996-06-08@ BOS58W  3-2-30,399Scott KarlRoger ClemensGraeme LloydJoe HudsonMike Fetters33632412
1996-06-09@ BOS59W  11-8-28,120Ricky BonesTom GordonTerry BurrowsHeathcliff SlocumbMike Fetters34733215
1996-06-10@ TEX60L  3-8-43,275Brian GivensKevin GrossKevin GrossBrian Givens 35034010
1996-06-11@ TEX61W  14-4-33,519Ben McDonaldKen HillBen McDonaldKen HillRamon Garcia36434420
1996-06-12@ TEX62L  6-13-34,842Angel MirandaRoger PavlikRoger PavlikAngel Miranda 37035713
1996-06-13vs OAK63W  16-3-12,439 Scott KarlSteve WojciechowskiScott KarlSteve Wojciechowski 38636026
1996-06-14vs OAK64W  6-2-14,404 Ricky BonesJohn WasdinRicky BonesJohn Wasdin 39236230
1996-06-15vs OAK65W  12-9-21,064 Brian GivensDon WengertBrian GivensDon WengertRamon Garcia40437133
1996-06-16vs OAK66L  9-10-26,744 Ben McDonaldDoug JohnsBilly TaylorMike FettersMike Mohler41338132
1996-06-17vs KCA67W  9-4-9,315 Angel MirandaKevin AppierTerry BurrowsKevin Appier 42238537
1996-06-18vs KCA68W  9-1-9,116 Scott KarlDoug LintonScott KarlDoug LintonMike Potts43138645
1996-06-19vs KCA69L  4-8-13,431 Ricky BonesMark GubiczaHipolito PichardoJose Mercedes 43539441
1996-06-20vs CAL70L  3-10-16,034 Brian GivensMark LangstonMark LangstonBrian Givens 43840434
1996-06-21vs CAL71W  10-5-16,274 Ben McDonaldJim AbbottBen McDonaldJim Abbott 44840939
1996-06-22vs CAL72L  4-6-35,464 Angel MirandaShawn BoskieShawn BoskieAngel MirandaTroy Percival45241537
1996-06-23vs CAL73W  8-4-17,051 Scott KarlChuck FinleyRamon GarciaChuck Finley 46041941
1996-06-25@ KCA74W  5-3-14,448Ricky BonesMark GubiczaRicky BonesMark GubiczaMike Fetters46542243
1996-06-26@ KCA75L  3-7-14,560Brian GivensChris HaneyChris HaneyBrian Givens 46842939
1996-06-27@ KCA76W  6-2-17,670Ben McDonaldTim BelcherBen McDonaldTim Belcher 47443143
1996-06-28@ TOR77W  5-1-31,333Jeff D'AmicoJuan GuzmanJeff D'AmicoJuan GuzmanMike Fetters47943247
1996-06-29@ TOR78W  7-4-31,170Scott KarlMarty JanzenScott KarlMarty Janzen 48643650
1996-06-30@ TOR79L  2-15-30,104Ricky BonesErik HansonErik HansonRicky Bones 48845137
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-07-01@ DET80W  2-0-10,727Steve SparksOmar OlivaresSteve SparksOmar OlivaresMike Fetters49045139
1996-07-02@ DET81W  2-1-9,455Ben McDonaldFelipe LiraRamon GarciaA.J. SagerMike Fetters49245240
1996-07-03@ DET82L  5-8-11,047Jeff D'AmicoBrian WilliamsBrian WilliamsJeff D'Amico 49746037
1996-07-04@ NYA83L  1-4-24,243Scott KarlAndy PettitteAndy PettitteScott KarlJohn Wetteland49846434
1996-07-05@ NYA84L  3-12-26,699Ricky BonesDwight GoodenDwight GoodenRicky Bones 50147625
1996-07-06@ NYA85L  0-2-24,033Steve SparksJimmy KeyJimmy KeySteve SparksJohn Wetteland50147823
1996-07-07@ NYA86W  4-1-35,242Ben McDonaldKenny RogersBen McDonaldKenny RogersMike Fetters50547926
1996-07-11vs TOR87L  3-6-16,019 Jeff D'AmicoJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanJeff D'AmicoTony Castillo50848523
1996-07-12vs TOR88W  12-5-15,691 Ben McDonaldErik HansonBen McDonaldErik Hanson 52049030
1996-07-13vs TOR89L  7-15-29,383 Scott KarlPat HentgenPat HentgenScott Karl 52750522
1996-07-14vs TOR90L  5-7-20,798 Cal EldredMarty JanzenTim CrabtreeRamon GarciaMike Timlin53251220
1996-07-15vs DET91L  9-10-15,819 Ricky BonesA.J. SagerA.J. SagerRicky BonesGregg Olson54152219
1996-07-16vs DET92W  20-7-12,476 Jeff D'AmicoBrian WilliamsJeff D'AmicoBrian Williams 56152932
1996-07-17vs DET93W  3-2-21,121 Ben McDonaldOmar OlivaresMike FettersTom Urbani 56453133
1996-07-18vs NYA94W  16-4-19,079 Scott KarlDwight GoodenScott KarlDwight Gooden 58053545
1996-07-19vs NYA95W  7-5-19,300 Cal EldredAndy PettitteCal EldredAndy PettitteMike Fetters58754047
1996-07-20vs NYA96L  2-4-25,473 Tim VanEgmondMark HuttonMariano RiveraTim VanEgmondJohn Wetteland58954445
1996-07-21vs NYA97W  3-2-25,662 Jeff D'AmicoJimmy KeyJeff D'AmicoJimmy KeyMike Fetters59254646
1996-07-22@ SEA98L  3-8-40,555Ben McDonaldMatt WagnerMatt WagnerJose Mercedes 59555441
1996-07-23@ SEA99W  7-3-22,378Scott KarlRusty MeachamScott KarlRafael Carmona 60255745
1996-07-24@ SEA100L  7-8-19,899Cal EldredBob WellsBobby AyalaMike Fetters 60956544
1996-07-25@ CAL101L  4-5-16,841Tim VanEgmondJason GrimsleyMike HoltzGraeme Lloyd 61357043
1996-07-26@ CAL102L  5-6-18,189Jeff D'AmicoDennis SpringerDennis SpringerJeff D'AmicoTroy Percival61857642
1996-07-27@ CAL103L  0-7-17,497Ben McDonaldChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBen McDonald 61858335
1996-07-28@ CAL104W  4-3-25,539Scott KarlMark LangstonAngel MirandaMike HoltzRamon Garcia62258636
1996-07-30vs SEA105L  5-6-0 Cal EldredBob WellsBob WellsCal EldredBobby Ayala62759235
1996-07-30vs SEA106W  4-3-18,591 Tim VanEgmondBob WolcottTim VanEgmondBob WolcottMike Fetters63159536
1996-07-31vs SEA107L  3-9-30,772 Jeff D'AmicoSterling HitchcockSterling HitchcockJeff D'Amico 63460430
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-08-01vs SEA108L  2-9-18,425 Ben McDonaldJamie MoyerJamie MoyerBen McDonald 63661323
1996-08-02@ OAK109W  4-3-10,056Scott KarlAriel PrietoAngel MirandaBilly TaylorMike Fetters64061624
1996-08-03@ OAK110W  7-0-15,171Ricky BonesDoug JohnsRicky BonesDoug Johns 64761631
1996-08-04@ OAK111L  2-4-10,281Tim VanEgmondDave TelghederDave TelghederTim VanEgmondBilly Taylor64962029
1996-08-05@ OAK112W  13-3-8,616Cal EldredWillie AdamsCal EldredWillie Adams 66262339
1996-08-06vs BAL113L  3-13-17,075 Ben McDonaldMike MussinaMike MussinaBen McDonald 66563629
1996-08-07vs BAL114L  2-12-20,287 Scott KarlScott EricksonScott EricksonScott Karl 66764819
1996-08-08vs BAL115L  4-6-18,620 Jeff D'AmicoRocky CoppingerRocky CoppingerJeff D'AmicoRandy Myers67165417
1996-08-09vs BOS116L  7-9-0 Tim VanEgmondJeff SuppanJeff SuppanTim VanEgmondHeathcliff Slocumb67866315
1996-08-09vs BOS117L  1-4-19,541 Ricky BonesVaughn EshelmanVaughn EshelmanRicky BonesStan Belinda67966712
1996-08-10vs BOS118L  2-3-20,297 Cal EldredTim WakefieldTim WakefieldCal Eldred 68167011
1996-08-11vs BOS119L  0-2-19,178 Ben McDonaldRoger ClemensRoger ClemensBen McDonaldStan Belinda6816729
1996-08-13@ BAL120L  3-4-44,461Scott KarlRocky CoppingerArchie CorbinGraeme LloydRandy Myers6846768
1996-08-14@ BAL121L  5-8-47,480Jeff D'AmicoDavid WellsMike MilchinRicky BonesRandy Myers6896845
1996-08-16vs CHA122W  9-7-0 Cal EldredWilson AlvarezAngel MirandaAl LevineRon Villone6986917
1996-08-16vs CHA123W  3-2-25,529 Tim VanEgmondKevin TapaniTim VanEgmondKevin TapaniMike Fetters7016938
1996-08-17vs CHA124L  2-6-31,551 Ben McDonaldAlex FernandezAlex FernandezBen McDonaldRoberto Hernandez7036994
1996-08-18vs CHA125W  8-7-33,094 Scott KarlLuis AndujarAngel MirandaJeff DarwinMike Fetters7117065
1996-08-19@ MIN126W  6-1-21,879Jeff D'AmicoFrankie RodriguezJeff D'AmicoFrankie Rodriguez 71770710
1996-08-20@ MIN127L  7-12-14,630Ricky BonesScott KlingenbeckJose ParraRicky Bones 7247195
1996-08-21@ MIN128W  10-7-15,885Cal EldredBrad RadkeDoug JonesDave StevensMike Fetters7347268
1996-08-23@ CLE129W  6-5-42,405Ben McDonaldOrel HershiserDoug JonesJose MesaMike Fetters7407319
1996-08-24@ CLE130W  4-3-42,437Scott KarlChad OgeaBob WickmanEric PlunkMike Fetters74473410
1996-08-25@ CLE131L  5-8-42,335Jeff D'AmicoJack McDowellPaul ShueyAngel MirandaJose Mesa7497427
1996-08-26@ CHA132W  3-2-19,637Cal EldredWilson AlvarezCal EldredWilson AlvarezDoug Jones7527448
1996-08-27@ CHA133W  4-2-15,443Tim VanEgmondAlex FernandezTim VanEgmondAlex FernandezMike Fetters75674610
1996-08-28@ CHA134L  0-2-17,269Ben McDonaldJames BaldwinJames BaldwinBen McDonaldRoberto Hernandez7567488
1996-08-29vs MIN135L  1-6-14,922 Scott KarlFrankie RodriguezFrankie RodriguezScott Karl 7577543
1996-08-30vs MIN136W  5-4-17,444 Jeff D'AmicoTravis MillerBob WickmanJose Parra 7627584
1996-08-31vs MIN137W  3-2-20,187 Cal EldredBrad RadkeDoug JonesRich RobertsonMike Fetters7657605
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-09-01vs MIN138L  2-6-17,074 Tim VanEgmondScott AldredScott AldredTim VanEgmond 7677661
1996-09-02vs CLE139W  7-6-18,015 Ben McDonaldAlbie LopezDoug JonesJose Mesa 7747722
1996-09-03vs CLE140W  8-2-10,599 Scott KarlOrel HershiserScott KarlOrel Hershiser 7827748
1996-09-04vs CLE141L  0-7-12,666 Jeff D'AmicoChad OgeaChad OgeaJeff D'Amico 7827811
1996-09-06vs TEX142L  3-7-16,714 Cal EldredJohn BurkettJohn BurkettCal Eldred 785788-3
1996-09-07vs TEX143L  1-2-19,110 Ben McDonaldKen HillKen HillBen McDonaldMike Henneman786790-4
1996-09-08vs TEX144L  1-7-17,542 Jeff D'AmicoBobby WittBobby WittBryce Florie 787797-10
1996-09-09@ BOS145W  6-0-22,386Scott KarlTom GordonScott KarlTom Gordon 793797-4
1996-09-10@ BOS146W  11-10-20,487Ramon GarciaVaughn EshelmanRamon GarciaJoe HudsonMike Fetters804807-3
1996-09-11@ BOS147L  1-4-21,310Cal EldredTim WakefieldTim WakefieldCal EldredHeathcliff Slocumb805811-6
1996-09-12@ TEX148W  15-4-41,303Ben McDonaldKen HillBen McDonaldKen Hill 8208155
1996-09-13@ TEX149W  6-3-39,235Jeff D'AmicoBobby WittJeff D'AmicoBobby WittMike Fetters8268188
1996-09-14@ TEX150W  8-6-45,901Scott KarlRoger PavlikScott KarlRoger PavlikMike Fetters83482410
1996-09-15@ TEX151L  2-6-45,941Ramon GarciaDarren OliverDarren OliverRamon GarciaEd Vosberg8368306
1996-09-17vs TOR152W  4-0-10,184 Ben McDonaldLuis AndujarBen McDonaldLuis Andujar 84083010
1996-09-18vs TOR153W  2-1-9,550 Cal EldredErik HansonMike FettersMike Timlin 84283111
1996-09-20vs DET154L  1-10-15,046 Scott KarlOmar OlivaresA.J. SagerScott Karl 8438412
1996-09-21vs DET155W  13-6-33,106 Jeff D'AmicoTodd Van PoppelJeff D'AmicoTodd Van PoppelRon Villone8568479
1996-09-22vs DET156L  5-7-15,705 Ben McDonaldBrian MoehlerJose LimaMike Fetters 8618547
1996-09-23@ BAL157W  8-7-46,542Cal EldredMike MussinaDoug JonesTerry MathewsMike Fetters8698618
1996-09-25@ NYA158L  2-19-0Tim VanEgmondDavid ConeDavid ConeTim VanEgmond 871880-9
1996-09-25@ NYA159L  2-6-37,947Scott KarlKenny RogersKenny RogersScott Karl 873886-13
1996-09-27@ DET160W  7-6-8,606Ben McDonaldTodd Van PoppelBob WickmanTodd Van Poppel 880892-12
1996-09-28@ DET161W  7-2-12,939Cal EldredBrian MoehlerCal EldredBrian Moehler 887894-7
1996-09-29@ DET162W  7-5-13,038Jeff D'AmicoJustin ThompsonAlberto ReyesJohn CummingsMike Fetters894899-5

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