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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  82-80   .506
Result:   2nd in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Terry Collins
General Manager:   Gerry Hunsicker
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,975,888
Payroll:  $26,894,000
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Danny Darwin (40)
Youngest Player:  Bobby Abreu (22)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Biggio (9)
Top Hitter:  Jeff Bagwell (5)
Top Pitcher:  Shane Reynolds (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Mark Johnson (#19)

Roster Continuity:  72.60%
Top Prospect:   Billy Wagner
National League Standings
St. Louis8874.543--
Chi Cubs7686.46912.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-04-01vs LAN1L  3-4-34,375 Shane ReynoldsRamon MartinezRamon MartinezShane ReynoldsTodd Worrell34-1
1996-04-02vs LAN2W  5-4-20,492 Greg SwindellIsmael ValdezTodd JonesJohn Cummings 880
1996-04-03vs LAN3W  5-2-14,858 Mike HamptonHideo NomoMike HamptonHideo NomoTodd Jones13103
1996-04-05vs SDN4L  4-10-28,629 Darryl KileBob TewksburyBob TewksburyDarryl Kile 1720-3
1996-04-06vs SDN5L  4-8-24,510 Shane ReynoldsAndy AshbyTrevor HoffmanMark Small 2128-7
1996-04-07vs SDN6L  2-17-16,258 Greg SwindellSean BergmanSean BergmanGreg Swindell 2345-22
1996-04-08vs SFN7W  6-2-13,488 Mike HamptonWilliam VanLandinghamMike HamptonWilliam VanLandingham 2947-18
1996-04-09vs SFN8L  1-3-13,588 Doug DrabekAllen WatsonJeff JudenJeff TabakaRod Beck3050-20
1996-04-10vs SFN9L  5-11-14,183 Darryl KileOsvaldo FernandezOsvaldo FernandezDarryl Kile 3561-26
1996-04-11@ CIN10W  9-4-18,946Shane ReynoldsMark PortugalShane ReynoldsMark Portugal 4465-21
1996-04-12@ CIN11W  10-8-24,960Greg SwindellRoger SalkeldTodd JonesMarcus MooreJeff Tabaka5473-19
1996-04-14@ CIN12L  3-5-0Mike HamptonPete SchourekPete SchourekMike HamptonJeff Brantley5778-21
1996-04-14@ CIN13L  8-9-21,552Doug DrabekJohn SmileyJeff ShawAnthony YoungJeff Brantley6587-22
1996-04-16@ NYN14W  9-6-13,795Shane ReynoldsJason IsringhausenShane ReynoldsJason IsringhausenTodd Jones7493-19
1996-04-17@ NYN15W  7-5-12,065Darryl KilePaul WilsonDarryl KilePaul WilsonTodd Jones8198-17
1996-04-19vs CIN16W  13-5-22,728 Greg SwindellPete SchourekDoug BrocailPete Schourek 94103-9
1996-04-20vs CIN17L  1-6-34,098 Doug DrabekJohn SmileyJohn SmileyDoug Drabek 95109-14
1996-04-21vs CIN18W  7-5-27,845 Mike HamptonDave BurbaTodd JonesJeff Brantley 102114-12
1996-04-22@ SFN19W  11-8-8,867Shane ReynoldsMark LeiterShane ReynoldsMark Leiter 113122-9
1996-04-23@ SFN20W  8-4-8,439Darryl KileWilliam VanLandinghamDarryl KileWilliam VanLandingham 121126-5
1996-04-24@ LAN21L  2-5-26,666Doug BrocailIsmael ValdezIsmael ValdezDoug Brocail 123131-8
1996-04-25@ LAN22L  4-6-33,530Doug DrabekHideo NomoHideo NomoDoug DrabekTodd Worrell127137-10
1996-04-26@ SDN23L  2-3-21,254Mike HamptonFernando ValenzuelaTim WorrellMike HamptonTrevor Hoffman129140-11
1996-04-27@ SDN24W  6-0-38,309Shane ReynoldsAndy AshbyShane ReynoldsAndy Ashby 135140-5
1996-04-28@ SDN25W  3-2-27,208Darryl KileSean BergmanDarryl KileSean BergmanTodd Jones138142-4
1996-04-29@ SDN26L  0-2-8,979Doug BrocailJoey HamiltonJoey HamiltonDoug Brocail 138144-6
1996-04-30vs ATL27L  5-7-17,795 Doug DrabekJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzTodd JonesGreg McMichael143151-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-05-01vs ATL28W  3-0-18,546 Mike HamptonSteve AveryMike HamptonSteve Avery 146151-5
1996-05-03vs MON29W  4-1-19,633 Shane ReynoldsRheal CormierShane ReynoldsRheal CormierTodd Jones150152-2
1996-05-04vs MON30L  1-2-22,810 Darryl KileKirk RueterDave VeresXavier HernandezMel Rojas151154-3
1996-05-05vs MON31L  0-5-25,207 Doug BrocailJeff FasseroJeff FasseroDoug Brocail 151159-8
1996-05-06@ PHI32W  11-5-15,906Doug DrabekRich HunterDoug DrabekRich Hunter 162164-2
1996-05-07@ PHI33W  7-5-16,569Mike HamptonMike GraceAnthony YoungRuss SpringerTodd Jones1691690
1996-05-08@ PHI34L  1-2-16,284Shane ReynoldsSid FernandezKen RyanJeff Tabaka 170171-1
1996-05-09@ MON35W  11-4-12,470Darryl KileKirk RueterDarryl KileKirk Rueter 1811756
1996-05-10@ MON36L  2-5-30,315Doug BrocailJeff FasseroJeff FasseroJim DoughertyMel Rojas1831803
1996-05-11@ MON37L  9-10-26,084Doug DrabekPedro MartinezMike DyerJim Dougherty 1921902
1996-05-12@ MON38L  6-7-19,345Mike HamptonUgueth UrbinaUgueth UrbinaMike HamptonMel Rojas1981971
1996-05-13@ CHN39L  0-6-22,610Shane ReynoldsSteve TrachselSteve TrachselShane Reynolds 198203-5
1996-05-14@ CHN40W  6-3-17,562Darryl KileJaime NavarroDarryl KileJaime NavarroTodd Jones204206-2
1996-05-15@ CHN41W  7-5-16,093Donne WallFrank CastilloDonne WallFrank CastilloTodd Jones2112110
1996-05-16@ CHN42L  1-13-15,902Doug DrabekAmaury TelemacoAmaury TelemacoDoug Drabek 212224-12
1996-05-17vs PIT43W  4-2-22,882 Shane ReynoldsZane SmithShane ReynoldsJon LieberTodd Jones216226-10
1996-05-18vs PIT44L  1-2-21,010 Darryl KileDanny DarwinFrancisco CordovaAnthony YoungDan Plesac217228-11
1996-05-19vs PIT45W  4-3-18,815 Donne WallPaul WagnerTodd JonesJon Lieber 221231-10
1996-05-20vs SLN46L  3-5-14,547 Doug DrabekDonovan OsborneDonovan OsborneDoug Drabek 224236-12
1996-05-21vs SLN47L  2-8-17,935 Shane ReynoldsTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreShane Reynolds 226244-18
1996-05-22vs SLN48L  2-5-15,353 Darryl KileAlan BenesAlan BenesDarryl KileT.J. Mathews228249-21
1996-05-24vs CHN49W  8-7-23,910 Donne WallSteve TrachselTodd JonesBob Patterson 236256-20
1996-05-25vs CHN50W  5-2-34,326 Doug DrabekJaime NavarroDoug DrabekJaime NavarroTodd Jones241258-17
1996-05-26vs CHN51W  7-2-33,245 Shane ReynoldsFrank CastilloShane ReynoldsFrank Castillo 248260-12
1996-05-27@ PIT52W  5-3-8,906Darryl KileZane SmithDarryl KileZane Smith 253263-10
1996-05-28@ PIT53L  5-6-7,182Mike HamptonMatt RuebelDan MiceliGreg SwindellFrancisco Cordova258269-11
1996-05-29@ PIT54W  7-4-11,679Donne WallDanny DarwinAlvin MormanDanny DarwinTodd Jones265273-8
1996-05-31@ SLN55L  4-6-37,625Doug DrabekDonovan OsborneDonovan OsborneGreg SwindellTony Fossas269279-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-06-01@ SLN56L  4-5-34,958Shane ReynoldsAndy BenesCory BaileyXavier Hernandez 273284-11
1996-06-02@ SLN57L  0-2-32,703Darryl KileTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreDarryl Kile 273286-13
1996-06-04vs COL58W  16-8-18,418 Mike HamptonMark ThompsonMike HamptonMark Thompson 289294-5
1996-06-05vs COL59W  4-1-14,954 Donne WallArmando ReynosoDonne WallArmando Reynoso 293295-2
1996-06-06vs COL60L  7-14-22,112 Doug DrabekKevin RitzKevin RitzDoug Drabek 300309-9
1996-06-07vs PHI61W  11-5-22,585 Shane ReynoldsCarlos CrawfordShane ReynoldsCarlos Crawford 311314-3
1996-06-08vs PHI62W  7-3-23,739 Darryl KileCurt SchillingBilly WagnerRuss Springer 3183171
1996-06-09vs PHI63W  2-1-30,180 Mike HamptonMike WilliamsAnthony YoungMike WilliamsTodd Jones3203182
1996-06-10@ COL64W  10-9-48,007Donne WallArmando ReynosoDonne WallArmando Reynoso 3303273
1996-06-11@ COL65L  5-7-48,014Doug DrabekKevin RitzGarvin AlstonAnthony YoungBruce Ruffin3353341
1996-06-12@ COL66L  0-8-48,024Shane ReynoldsMarvin FreemanMarvin FreemanShane Reynolds 335342-7
1996-06-13@ SFN67L  8-12-10,527Darryl KileMark LeiterMark LeiterDarryl Kile 343354-11
1996-06-14@ SFN68W  9-1-10,758Mike HamptonWilliam VanLandinghamMike HamptonWilliam VanLandinghamBilly Wagner352355-3
1996-06-15@ SFN69W  4-3-18,530Donne WallAllen WatsonDonne WallAllen WatsonTodd Jones356358-2
1996-06-16@ SFN70L  7-8-27,624Doug DrabekMark GardnerRich DeLuciaAlvin Morman 363366-3
1996-06-17vs CIN71W  5-4-24,977 Shane ReynoldsKevin JarvisAnthony YoungJeff ShawTodd Jones368370-2
1996-06-18vs CIN72L  4-6-20,505 Darryl KileJohn SmileyJeff BrantleyXavier Hernandez 372376-4
1996-06-19vs CIN73L  7-10-38,218 Mike HamptonMark PortugalMark PortugalMike HamptonJeff Brantley379386-7
1996-06-20@ LAN74W  4-2-49,656Donne WallHideo NomoDonne WallHideo NomoTodd Jones383388-5
1996-06-21@ LAN75W  11-3-33,273Doug DrabekTom CandiottiDoug DrabekTom Candiotti 3943913
1996-06-22@ LAN76L  0-3-37,844Shane ReynoldsRamon MartinezRamon MartinezShane Reynolds 3943940
1996-06-23@ LAN77L  3-4-35,467Darryl KileIsmael ValdezTodd WorrellXavier Hernandez 397398-1
1996-06-25@ SDN78W  9-4-13,458Mike HamptonBob TewksburyTodd JonesScott Sanders 4064024
1996-06-26@ SDN79W  4-3-12,388Donne WallTim WorrellDonne WallTim WorrellBilly Wagner4104055
1996-06-28vs NYN80L  2-7-24,569 Doug DrabekMark ClarkMark ClarkDoug DrabekDoug Henry4124120
1996-06-29vs NYN81W  9-1-35,454 Shane ReynoldsRobert PersonShane ReynoldsRobert Person 4214138
1996-06-30vs NYN82W  9-3-35,981 Darryl KileJason IsringhausenDarryl KileJason Isringhausen 43041614
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-07-01vs FLO83W  6-2-18,513 Mike HamptonKevin BrownMike HamptonKevin Brown 43641818
1996-07-02vs FLO84W  4-3-18,897 Donne WallDavid WeathersJohn JohnstoneTerry Mathews 44042119
1996-07-03vs FLO85W  4-3-24,537 Doug DrabekAl LeiterDoug DrabekAl LeiterTodd Jones44442420
1996-07-04@ ATL86W  5-2-49,060Shane ReynoldsJohn SmoltzShane ReynoldsJohn SmoltzXavier Hernandez44942623
1996-07-05@ ATL87W  7-1-36,896Darryl KileJason SchmidtDarryl KileJason Schmidt 45642729
1996-07-06@ ATL88L  2-4-41,619Mike HamptonSteve AveryMike BieleckiMike Hampton 45843127
1996-07-07@ ATL89L  1-9-28,716Donne WallGreg MadduxGreg MadduxDonne Wall 45944019
1996-07-11@ NYN90L  2-8-18,557Doug DrabekMark ClarkMark ClarkDoug Drabek 46144813
1996-07-12@ NYN91W  3-1-17,405Shane ReynoldsBobby JonesShane ReynoldsBobby JonesBilly Wagner46444915
1996-07-14@ NYN92W  7-5-0Darryl KileJason IsringhausenXavier HernandezDave MlickiTodd Jones47145417
1996-07-14@ NYN93L  3-10-33,505Mike HamptonPete HarnischPete HarnischMike Hampton 47446410
1996-07-15@ FLO94L  5-15-15,807Donne WallPat RappDonn PallDonne Wall 4794790
1996-07-16@ FLO95L  2-3-15,610Doug DrabekJohn BurkettYorkis PerezTodd Jones 481482-1
1996-07-17@ FLO96L  2-11-16,345Shane ReynoldsAl LeiterAl LeiterShane Reynolds 483493-10
1996-07-18vs ATL97L  2-3-35,822 Mike HamptonJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzTodd JonesMark Wohlers485496-11
1996-07-19vs ATL98W  7-6-39,090 Darryl KileBrad WoodallDarryl KileBrad WoodallBilly Wagner492502-10
1996-07-20vs ATL99W  2-1-49,674 Donne WallGreg MadduxBilly WagnerGreg Maddux 494503-9
1996-07-21vs ATL100W  4-3-45,561 Doug DrabekTom GlavineXavier HernandezGreg McMichael 498506-8
1996-07-22vs SDN101W  1-0-21,563 Shane ReynoldsJoey HamiltonShane ReynoldsJoey HamiltonBilly Wagner499506-7
1996-07-23vs SDN102L  4-7-19,620 Mike HamptonScott SandersScott SandersMike HamptonTrevor Hoffman503513-10
1996-07-24vs SDN103W  6-4-19,168 Darryl KileFernando ValenzuelaXavier HernandezRon Villone 509517-8
1996-07-26vs LAN104W  4-3-27,089 Donne WallRamon MartinezDanny DarwinMark GuthrieBilly Wagner513520-7
1996-07-27vs LAN105L  5-6-36,841 Doug DrabekChan Ho ParkAntonio OsunaTerry ClarkTodd Worrell518526-8
1996-07-28vs LAN106W  3-2-32,912 Shane ReynoldsIsmael ValdezDanny DarwinJoey Eischen 521528-7
1996-07-29@ CIN107W  2-1-22,163Mike HamptonMark PortugalMike HamptonMark PortugalBilly Wagner523529-6
1996-07-30@ CIN108L  4-5-27,015Darryl KileDave BurbaJeff ShawTerry Clark 527534-7
1996-07-31@ CIN109L  0-10-26,082Donne WallJohn SmileyJohn SmileyDonne Wall 527544-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-08-02vs SFN110W  5-1-22,682 Doug DrabekMark GardnerDoug DrabekMark GardnerXavier Hernandez532545-13
1996-08-03vs SFN111W  4-1-35,930 Shane ReynoldsShawn EstesShane ReynoldsShawn Estes 536546-10
1996-08-04vs SFN112W  7-6-33,646 Mike HamptonOsvaldo FernandezMike HamptonOsvaldo FernandezBilly Wagner543552-9
1996-08-06vs MON113L  5-7-17,658 Darryl KileJeff FasseroJeff FasseroDarryl KileMel Rojas548559-11
1996-08-07vs MON114L  5-13-19,703 Donne WallMark LeiterMark LeiterDonne Wall 553572-19
1996-08-08vs MON115W  6-2-26,632 Doug DrabekPedro MartinezDoug DrabekPedro Martinez 559574-15
1996-08-09@ PHI116W  5-1-21,780Shane ReynoldsDavid WestShane ReynoldsDavid West 564575-11
1996-08-10@ PHI117W  3-1-18,486Mike HamptonCurt SchillingMike HamptonCurt SchillingBilly Wagner567576-9
1996-08-11@ PHI118W  10-5-24,150Darryl KileMike WilliamsDarryl KileMike Williams 577581-4
1996-08-12@ MON119L  1-8-35,458Danny DarwinMark LeiterMark LeiterDanny Darwin 578589-11
1996-08-13@ MON120L  4-7-17,103Doug DrabekPedro MartinezPedro MartinezDoug DrabekMel Rojas582596-14
1996-08-14@ MON121W  8-3-19,136Shane ReynoldsRheal CormierShane ReynoldsRheal Cormier 590599-9
1996-08-16@ CHN122W  8-3-37,139Mike HamptonFrank CastilloMike HamptonFrank Castillo 598602-4
1996-08-17@ CHN123L  3-12-39,775Darryl KileSteve TrachselSteve TrachselDarryl Kile 601614-13
1996-08-18@ CHN124L  8-10-37,210Doug DrabekJaime NavarroJaime NavarroDoug BrocailTurk Wendell609624-15
1996-08-19vs PIT125W  2-1-15,067 Shane ReynoldsChris PetersAlvin MormanRamon Morel 611625-14
1996-08-20vs PIT126W  9-4-19,866 Donne WallDan MiceliDonne WallDan MiceliXavier Hernandez620629-9
1996-08-21vs PIT127L  2-5-13,357 Mike HamptonDenny NeagleDenny NeagleMike HamptonJohn Ericks622634-12
1996-08-22vs PIT128L  6-8-14,899 Doug DrabekEsteban LoaizaMarc WilkinsBilly WagnerJohn Ericks628642-14
1996-08-23vs SLN129L  0-1-35,554 Darryl KileDonovan OsborneDonovan OsborneDarryl KileDennis Eckersley628643-15
1996-08-24vs SLN130W  3-1-43,258 Shane ReynoldsTodd StottlemyreShane ReynoldsTodd Stottlemyre 631644-13
1996-08-25vs SLN131W  4-1-31,609 Donne WallAlan BenesDonne WallAlan BenesXavier Hernandez635645-10
1996-08-26vs SLN132L  2-3-21,624 Mike HamptonAndy BenesAndy BenesMike HamptonDennis Eckersley637648-11
1996-08-27vs CHN133W  6-5-15,374 Danny DarwinFrank CastilloAlvin MormanTerry AdamsXavier Hernandez643653-10
1996-08-28vs CHN134W  5-4-18,026 Darryl KileSteve TrachselGregg OlsonKent Bottenfield 648657-9
1996-08-29vs CHN135L  3-4-16,151 Shane ReynoldsJaime NavarroJaime NavarroShane ReynoldsTurk Wendell651661-10
1996-08-30@ PIT136W  10-0-24,619Donne WallChris PetersDonne WallChris Peters 6616610
1996-08-31@ PIT137W  5-4-27,559Mike HamptonFrancisco CordovaXavier HernandezJohn EricksJohn Hudek6666651
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-09-01@ PIT138L  5-9-14,144Danny DarwinJason SchmidtDave WainhouseDanny Darwin 671674-3
1996-09-02@ SLN139L  7-8-32,955Darryl KileDonovan OsborneAlan BenesDoug Brocail 678682-4
1996-09-03@ SLN140L  3-12-23,955Shane ReynoldsTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreShane Reynolds 681694-13
1996-09-04@ SLN141L  4-6-34,891Donne WallAndy BenesAndy BenesDonne WallDennis Eckersley685700-15
1996-09-06vs COL142W  2-1-20,932 Danny DarwinJamey WrightXavier HernandezCurt Leskanic 687701-14
1996-09-07vs COL143W  5-4-37,213 Darryl KileRoger BaileyDarryl KileDarren HolmesJohn Hudek692705-13
1996-09-08vs COL144L  2-5-31,316 Shane ReynoldsBryan RekarSteve ReedShane ReynoldsBruce Ruffin694710-16
1996-09-09vs COL145L  2-4-13,833 Donne WallKevin RitzKevin RitzDonne WallBruce Ruffin696714-18
1996-09-10vs PHI146W  4-3-12,700 Doug DrabekCurt SchillingAlvin MormanCurt SchillingXavier Hernandez700717-17
1996-09-11vs PHI147L  8-10-17,300 Danny DarwinMatt BeechJeff ParrettChris HoltRicky Bottalico708727-19
1996-09-12vs PHI148W  4-1-16,103 Darryl KileMike WilliamsDarryl KileMike Williams 712728-16
1996-09-13@ COL149L  3-6-48,049Shane ReynoldsArmando ReynosoDarren HolmesXavier HernandezBruce Ruffin715734-19
1996-09-14@ COL150L  3-7-48,132Donne WallKevin RitzKevin RitzDonne Wall 718741-23
1996-09-15@ COL151L  4-11-48,038Doug DrabekMark ThompsonMark ThompsonDoug Drabek 722752-30
1996-09-17@ ATL152L  4-5-32,109Darryl KileJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzDarryl KileMark Wohlers726757-31
1996-09-18@ ATL153L  2-6-29,885Mike HamptonGreg MadduxGreg MadduxMike Hampton 728763-35
1996-09-20@ FLO154L  1-3-21,518Shane ReynoldsKevin BrownKevin BrownShane ReynoldsRobb Nen729766-37
1996-09-21@ FLO155L  1-2-31,023Doug DrabekAl LeiterFelix HerediaBilly Wagner 730768-38
1996-09-22@ FLO156L  0-6-17,461Darryl KileRick HellingRick HellingDarryl Kile 730774-44
1996-09-24vs NYN157L  0-4-39,511 Donne WallBobby JonesBobby JonesDonne Wall 730778-48
1996-09-25vs NYN158W  5-4-15,760 Shane ReynoldsMark ClarkJohn HudekDerek Wallace 735782-47
1996-09-26vs NYN159W  6-2-13,751 Doug DrabekPaul WilsonDoug DrabekRicky Trlicek 741784-43
1996-09-27vs FLO160L  2-3-21,725 Darryl KileMark HuttonMark HuttonDarryl KileRobb Nen743787-44
1996-09-28vs FLO161W  5-1-21,832 Danny DarwinRick HellingDanny DarwinFelix Heredia 748788-40
1996-09-29vs FLO162W  5-4-42,658 Shane ReynoldsAndy LarkinJohn HudekChris Hammond 753792-39

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