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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  80-82   .494
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Rene Lachemann, John Boles, Cookie Rojas
General Manager:   Dave Dombrowski
Stadium:  Joe Robbie Stadium
Attendance:  1,746,767
Payroll:  $30,079,500
Playoffs:  -

Florida Marlins affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Andre Dawson (41)
Youngest Player:  Felix Heredia (20)
Longest Tenure:  Robb Nen, Chris Hammond, Dave Weathers, Jeff Conine, Gary Sheffield, Pat Rapp, Rob Natal, Alex Arias (4)
Top Hitter:  Gary Sheffield (2)
Top Pitcher:  Kevin Brown (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Mark Kotsay (#9)

Roster Continuity:  68.97%
Top Prospect:   Edgar Renteria
National League Standings
NY Mets7191.43825.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-04-01vs PIT1L  0-40-1341,815 Kevin BrownPaul WagnerPaul WagnerKevin Brown 04-4
1996-04-02vs PIT2L  1-40-2320,243 John BurkettDenny NeagleJason ChristiansenAlejandro PenaDan Miceli18-7
1996-04-04vs PIT3W  6-21-2519,008 Al LeiterJohn EricksAl LeiterJohn Ericks 710-3
1996-04-05vs SFN4L  1-71-3524,769 Pat RappOsvaldo FernandezOsvaldo FernandezPat Rapp 817-9
1996-04-06vs SFN5W  1-02-3334,002 Kevin BrownMark LeiterRobb NenMark Dewey 917-8
1996-04-07vs SFN6L  7-142-4519,842 John BurkettMark GardnerSteve BourgeoisJohn Burkett 1631-15
1996-04-08@ SDN7L  2-92-5544,470Chris HammondJoey HamiltonJoey HamiltonChris Hammond 1840-22
1996-04-09@ SDN8W  5-23-5515,160Al LeiterFernando ValenzuelaAl LeiterWillie Blair 2342-19
1996-04-10@ SDN9L  0-33-6510,510Pat RappBob TewksburyBob TewksburyPat RappTrevor Hoffman2345-22
1996-04-11@ LAN10L  0-53-7536,023Kevin BrownChan Ho ParkChan Ho ParkKevin BrownTodd Worrell2350-27
1996-04-12@ LAN11W  3-14-7440,343John BurkettIsmael ValdezJohn BurkettIsmael Valdez 2651-25
1996-04-13@ LAN12L  1-34-8446,059Chris HammondHideo NomoHideo NomoChris Hammond 2754-27
1996-04-14@ LAN13L  1-64-9549,728Al LeiterPedro AstacioPedro AstacioAl Leiter 2860-32
1996-04-16@ ATL14L  2-54-10526,625Kevin BrownSteve AverySteve AveryKevin BrownMark Wohlers3065-35
1996-04-17@ ATL15L  2-44-11528,884John BurkettGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJohn BurkettMark Wohlers3269-37
1996-04-18@ ATL16W  5-35-11425,300Chris HammondTom GlavineChris HammondTom GlavineRobb Nen3772-35
1996-04-19vs LAN17W  5-06-11424,143 Pat RappIsmael ValdezJay PowellDarren Hall 4272-30
1996-04-20vs LAN18W  7-47-11435,542 Al LeiterHideo NomoAl LeiterHideo NomoRobb Nen4976-27
1996-04-21vs LAN19W  5-48-11423,842 Kevin BrownPedro AstacioKevin BrownDarren HallTerry Mathews5480-26
1996-04-22vs SDN20L  3-58-12417,473 John BurkettAndy AshbyAndy AshbyJohn Burkett 5785-28
1996-04-23vs SDN21L  2-78-13519,667 Chris HammondSean BergmanSean BergmanChris Hammond 5992-33
1996-04-24@ PIT22L  3-68-1459,812Pat RappDenny NeagleDenny NeaglePat Rapp 6298-36
1996-04-25@ PIT23W  4-19-1458,315Al LeiterJohn HopeAl LeiterJohn HopeRobb Nen6699-33
1996-04-26@ SFN24W  3-010-14412,461Kevin BrownOsvaldo FernandezKevin BrownOsvaldo Fernandez 6999-30
1996-04-27@ SFN25L  3-610-15515,711John BurkettMark LeiterMark LeiterJohn BurkettRod Beck72105-33
1996-04-28@ SFN26L  4-1010-16523,535Chris HammondWilliam VanLandinghamWilliam VanLandinghamChris Hammond 76115-39
1996-04-30vs PHI27W  7-211-16515,252 Pat RappMike WilliamsPat RappMike WilliamsRobb Nen83117-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-05-01vs PHI28L  5-611-17514,672 Al LeiterRich HunterKen RyanAl LeiterRicky Bottalico88123-35
1996-05-02vs PHI29L  0-211-18514,888 Kevin BrownMike GraceMike GraceKevin BrownRicky Bottalico88125-37
1996-05-03@ COL30L  5-911-19548,129John BurkettArmando ReynosoArmando ReynosoJohn Burkett 93134-41
1996-05-04@ COL31L  5-1711-20548,101Chris HammondMarvin FreemanMarvin FreemanChris Hammond 98151-53
1996-05-05@ COL32L  4-511-21548,134Pat RappKevin RitzKevin RitzYorkis Perez 102156-54
1996-05-06vs NYN33W  4-112-21516,819 Al LeiterMark ClarkAl LeiterMark ClarkRobb Nen106157-51
1996-05-07vs NYN34W  3-213-21520,127 Kevin BrownJason IsringhausenChris HammondJason IsringhausenRobb Nen109159-50
1996-05-08vs NYN35W  6-314-21521,357 John BurkettPaul WilsonYorkis PerezDoug HenryRobb Nen115162-47
1996-05-09vs COL36W  6-215-21421,008 Kurt MillerMarvin FreemanKurt MillerMarvin Freeman 121164-43
1996-05-10vs COL37W  4-216-21427,309 Pat RappKevin RitzPat RappKevin RitzRobb Nen125166-41
1996-05-11vs COL38W  11-017-21431,549 Al LeiterMark ThompsonAl LeiterMark Thompson 136166-30
1996-05-12vs COL39W  7-518-21421,058 Kevin BrownMike FarmerRobb NenCurt Leskanic 143171-28
1996-05-13vs SLN40W  5-219-21419,227 John BurkettAndy BenesJohn BurkettAndy BenesJay Powell148173-25
1996-05-14vs SLN41W  11-520-21416,070 Kurt MillerDonovan OsborneTerry MathewsJeff Parrett 159178-19
1996-05-15vs SLN42L  0-620-22418,066 Pat RappTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyrePat Rapp 159184-25
1996-05-17@ CHN43L  1-320-23432,528Al LeiterJim BullingerJim BullingerAl LeiterTurk Wendell160187-27
1996-05-18@ CHN44W  3-221-23438,003John BurkettSteve TrachselJohn BurkettSteve TrachselRobb Nen163189-26
1996-05-19@ CHN45W  8-722-23430,420Kurt MillerJaime NavarroMatt ManteiTurk WendellRobb Nen171196-25
1996-05-20@ CIN46W  5-323-23318,023Pat RappDave BurbaPat RappDave BurbaRobb Nen176199-23
1996-05-21@ CIN47W  3-224-23419,534David WeathersRoger SalkeldDavid WeathersRoger SalkeldTerry Mathews179201-22
1996-05-22@ CIN48L  1-424-24322,055Al LeiterJohn SmileyJohn SmileyAl LeiterJeff Brantley180205-25
1996-05-24vs SLN49L  2-424-25419,583 John BurkettMike MorganMike MorganJohn BurkettT.J. Mathews182209-27
1996-05-25vs SLN50L  0-524-26426,312 Pat RappAndy BenesAndy BenesPat Rapp 182214-32
1996-05-26vs SLN51W  8-225-26420,573 David WeathersDonovan OsborneDavid WeathersDonovan Osborne 190216-26
1996-05-27vs CIN52W  6-226-26315,919 Al LeiterJohn SmileyAl LeiterJohn Smiley 196218-22
1996-05-28vs CIN53W  6-227-26414,052 Kevin BrownDave BurbaKevin BrownDave BurbaTerry Mathews202220-18
1996-05-31vs CHN54L  1-227-27319,552 Pat RappJaime NavarroJaime NavarroPat Rapp 203222-19
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-06-01vs CHN55L  4-527-28330,133 Al LeiterFrank CastilloTurk WendellTerry Mathews 207227-20
1996-06-02vs CHN56W  3-228-28322,174 Kevin BrownAmaury TelemacoKevin BrownAmaury TelemacoRobb Nen210229-19
1996-06-04vs MON57W  5-029-28314,821 John BurkettKirk RueterJohn BurkettKirk Rueter 215229-14
1996-06-05vs MON58L  1-229-29321,342 Pat RappRheal CormierRheal CormierPat RappDave Veres216231-15
1996-06-07@ NYN59W  12-230-29313,009Al LeiterPete HarnischAl LeiterPete Harnisch 228233-5
1996-06-08@ NYN60L  6-730-30322,550David WeathersMark ClarkMark ClarkDavid WeathersJohn Franco234240-6
1996-06-09@ NYN61L  0-330-31340,707John BurkettJason IsringhausenJason IsringhausenJohn Burkett 234243-9
1996-06-10@ MON62W  5-231-31334,867Pat RappRheal CormierRobb NenMike Dyer 239245-6
1996-06-11@ MON63L  2-331-32310,758Kevin BrownUgueth UrbinaTim ScottKevin BrownDave Veres241248-7
1996-06-12@ MON64L  0-831-33312,341Al LeiterJeff FasseroJeff FasseroAl Leiter 241256-15
1996-06-13@ PIT65W  4-332-33315,083David WeathersZane SmithYorkis PerezFrancisco CordovaRobb Nen245259-14
1996-06-14@ PIT66L  4-532-34326,494John BurkettMatt RuebelDan PlesacRobb Nen 249264-15
1996-06-15@ PIT67L  8-1232-35315,596Pat RappDanny DarwinDanny DarwinPat Rapp 257276-19
1996-06-16@ PIT68W  4-233-35328,120Kevin BrownDenny NeagleKevin BrownDenny NeagleRobb Nen261278-17
1996-06-17@ SFN69L  0-133-3639,524Al LeiterOsvaldo FernandezOsvaldo FernandezAl LeiterRod Beck261279-18
1996-06-18@ SFN70L  8-933-37315,439David WeathersMark LeiterJeff JudenPat Rapp 269288-19
1996-06-19@ SFN71L  4-733-38313,274John BurkettWilliam VanLandinghamJose BautistaTerry Mathews 273295-22
1996-06-21vs PIT72W  4-034-38320,442 Kevin BrownDanny DarwinKevin BrownDanny Darwin 277295-18
1996-06-22vs PIT73L  1-434-39326,666 Al LeiterDenny NeagleDan PlesacYorkis Perez 278299-21
1996-06-23vs PIT74L  3-534-40320,769 Pat RappMarc WilkinsJon LieberPat RappFrancisco Cordova281304-23
1996-06-24vs SFN75W  2-135-40316,860 John BurkettMark LeiterJohn BurkettMark LeiterRobb Nen283305-22
1996-06-25vs SFN76W  5-436-40316,577 David WeathersWilliam VanLandinghamJay PowellRod Beck 288309-21
1996-06-26vs SFN77W  3-237-40321,188 Kevin BrownAllen WatsonKevin BrownAllen Watson 291311-20
1996-06-28vs ATL78W  2-038-40330,661 Al LeiterTom GlavineAl LeiterTom GlavineRobb Nen293311-18
1996-06-29vs ATL79W  5-339-40340,952 Pat RappJohn SmoltzPat RappJohn Smoltz 298314-16
1996-06-30vs ATL80L  4-539-41334,023 John BurkettJason SchmidtBrad ClontzJohn BurkettMark Wohlers302319-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-07-01@ HOU81L  2-639-42318,513Kevin BrownMike HamptonMike HamptonKevin Brown 304325-21
1996-07-02@ HOU82L  3-439-43318,897David WeathersDonne WallJohn JohnstoneTerry Mathews 307329-22
1996-07-03@ HOU83L  3-439-44324,537Al LeiterDoug DrabekDoug DrabekAl LeiterTodd Jones310333-23
1996-07-04@ PHI84L  5-839-45317,460Pat RappCurt SchillingRon BlazierPat RappRicky Bottalico315341-26
1996-07-05@ PHI85L  4-739-46446,872John BurkettMike MimbsToby BorlandKurt MillerRicky Bottalico319348-29
1996-07-06@ PHI86L  1-239-47422,278Kevin BrownMike WilliamsMike WilliamsKevin BrownRicky Bottalico320350-30
1996-07-07@ PHI87W  7-440-47428,183David WeathersRuss SpringerTerry MathewsRicardo JordanRobb Nen327354-27
1996-07-11@ ATL88W  9-841-47433,208John BurkettSteve AveryJohn BurkettSteve AveryRobb Nen336362-26
1996-07-12@ ATL89L  3-641-48432,517Al LeiterTom GlavineTom GlavineAl LeiterMark Wohlers339368-29
1996-07-13@ ATL90L  0-341-49436,953Kevin BrownJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzKevin Brown 339371-32
1996-07-14@ ATL91L  10-1541-50431,134Chris HammondJason SchmidtGreg McMichaelYorkis Perez 349386-37
1996-07-15vs HOU92W  15-542-50415,807 Pat RappDonne WallDonn PallDonne Wall 364391-27
1996-07-16vs HOU93W  3-243-50415,610 John BurkettDoug DrabekYorkis PerezTodd Jones 367393-26
1996-07-17vs HOU94W  11-244-50416,345 Al LeiterShane ReynoldsAl LeiterShane Reynolds 378395-17
1996-07-18vs PHI95W  7-045-50416,521 Kevin BrownMike MimbsKevin BrownMike Mimbs 385395-10
1996-07-19vs PHI96W  11-246-50319,123 Chris HammondMike WilliamsChris HammondMike Williams 396397-1
1996-07-20vs PHI97W  7-447-50324,336 Pat RappRuss SpringerPat RappRuss SpringerRobb Nen4034012
1996-07-21vs PHI98L  3-1247-51320,873 John BurkettCurt SchillingCurt SchillingJohn BurkettRicky Bottalico406413-7
1996-07-23vs LAN99L  1-747-52317,889 Al LeiterIsmael ValdezIsmael ValdezAl Leiter 407420-13
1996-07-24vs LAN100W  3-048-52320,486 Kevin BrownHideo NomoKevin BrownHideo NomoRobb Nen410420-10
1996-07-25vs LAN101L  3-648-53318,151 Chris HammondPedro AstacioPedro AstacioChris HammondTodd Worrell413426-13
1996-07-26vs SDN102L  0-348-54319,677 Pat RappAndy AshbyTrevor HoffmanDonn Pall 413429-16
1996-07-27vs SDN103L  12-2048-55326,182 John BurkettBob TewksburyRon VilloneTerry Mathews 425449-24
1996-07-28vs SDN104W  8-249-55322,683 Al LeiterJoey HamiltonAl LeiterJoey Hamilton 433451-18
1996-07-29vs SDN105L  3-549-56318,281 Kevin BrownScott SandersScott SandersKevin BrownTrevor Hoffman436456-20
1996-07-30@ LAN106L  4-549-57434,973Marc ValdesHideo NomoAntonio OsunaDavid Weathers 440461-21
1996-07-31@ LAN107L  0-349-58429,565Pat RappRamon MartinezRamon MartinezPat RappTodd Worrell440464-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-08-01@ LAN108W  7-650-58441,197John BurkettPedro AstacioChris HammondDarren DreifortTerry Mathews447470-23
1996-08-02@ SDN109L  1-250-59418,239Al LeiterJoey HamiltonTrevor HoffmanYorkis Perez 448472-24
1996-08-03@ SDN110W  5-251-59455,412Kevin BrownScott SandersKevin BrownScott SandersRobb Nen453474-21
1996-08-04@ SDN111L  4-651-60435,302Marc ValdesFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaChris HammondTrevor Hoffman457480-23
1996-08-05@ COL112W  16-952-60448,313Pat RappMarvin FreemanMark HuttonMarvin Freeman 473489-16
1996-08-06@ COL113L  0-1152-61448,339John BurkettMark ThompsonMark ThompsonJohn Burkett 473500-27
1996-08-07@ COL114L  5-1252-62448,622Al LeiterKevin RitzKevin RitzAl Leiter 478512-34
1996-08-08vs NYN115L  0-352-63421,627 Kevin BrownPete HarnischPete HarnischKevin BrownJohn Franco478515-37
1996-08-09vs NYN116W  2-153-63421,506 Mark HuttonRobert PersonRobb NenDoug Henry 480516-36
1996-08-10vs NYN117W  9-654-63422,115 Pat RappPaul WilsonPat RappPaul WilsonRobb Nen489522-33
1996-08-11vs NYN118L  3-554-64421,092 Marc ValdesMark ClarkMark ClarkMarc ValdesJohn Franco492527-35
1996-08-13vs COL119W  5-055-64426,256 Al LeiterKevin RitzAl LeiterKevin Ritz 497527-30
1996-08-14vs COL120W  2-156-64426,589 Kevin BrownMark ThompsonKevin BrownCurt LeskanicRobb Nen499528-29
1996-08-15vs COL121W  7-657-64321,723 Mark HuttonJamey WrightJay PowellBruce RuffinRobb Nen506534-28
1996-08-16@ SLN122L  2-657-65330,507Pat RappAndy BenesAndy BenesPat Rapp 508540-32
1996-08-17@ SLN123L  3-457-66430,792Marc ValdesDonovan OsborneT.J. MathewsJay PowellDennis Eckersley511544-33
1996-08-18@ SLN124L  3-557-67434,564Al LeiterTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreAl LeiterDennis Eckersley514549-35
1996-08-19@ CHN125W  4-358-67332,302Kevin BrownAmaury TelemacoKevin BrownAmaury TelemacoRobb Nen518552-34
1996-08-20@ CHN126L  1-858-68422,119Mark HuttonKevin FosterKevin FosterMark Hutton 519560-41
1996-08-21@ CHN127L  3-858-69427,699Pat RappFrank CastilloFrank CastilloPat Rapp 522568-46
1996-08-23vs CIN128L  5-659-7030 Marc ValdesGiovanni CarraraGiovanni CarraraMarc ValdesJeff Brantley527574-47
1996-08-23vs CIN129W  8-359-70321,497 Al LeiterKevin JarvisAl LeiterKevin Jarvis 535577-42
1996-08-24vs CIN130W  5-360-70333,883 Kevin BrownDave BurbaKevin BrownDave BurbaRobb Nen540580-40
1996-08-25vs CIN131W  6-561-70327,372 Kurt MillerMike RemlingerRobb NenLee Smith 546585-39
1996-08-27@ SLN132W  6-362-70324,784Mark HuttonMike MorganMark HuttonMike MorganRobb Nen552588-36
1996-08-28@ SLN133W  3-263-70321,767Marc ValdesDonovan OsborneChris HammondCory BaileyRobb Nen555590-35
1996-08-29@ SLN134W  10-964-70323,105Al LeiterTodd StottlemyreAl LeiterTodd StottlemyreRobb Nen565599-34
1996-08-30@ CIN135W  3-165-70322,485Kevin BrownMike RemlingerKevin BrownMike Remlinger 568600-32
1996-08-31@ CIN136L  8-2265-71325,196Kurt MillerKevin JarvisKevin JarvisKurt Miller 576622-46
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttFLO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1996-09-01@ CIN137W  6-166-71325,521Mark HuttonJohn SmileyMark HuttonJohn Smiley 582623-41
1996-09-02vs CHN138W  4-367-71316,622 Marc ValdesSteve TrachselMarc ValdesSteve TrachselRobb Nen586626-40
1996-09-03vs CHN139L  3-1167-72315,528 Al LeiterJaime NavarroJaime NavarroAl Leiter 589637-48
1996-09-04vs CHN140W  9-268-72314,879 Kevin BrownKevin FosterKevin BrownKevin Foster 598639-41
1996-09-05vs MON141L  2-668-73316,080 Pat RappOmar DaalBarry ManuelPat Rapp 600645-45
1996-09-06vs MON142W  4-069-73316,943 Mark HuttonJeff FasseroMark HuttonJeff FasseroJay Powell604645-41
1996-09-07vs MON143L  1-269-74325,278 Marc ValdesMark LeiterMark LeiterMarc ValdesMel Rojas605647-42
1996-09-08vs MON144W  2-170-74319,427 Rick HellingPedro MartinezRick HellingPedro MartinezRobb Nen607648-41
1996-09-09@ NYN145L  1-670-75314,100Kevin BrownPaul WilsonDave MlickiKevin Brown 608654-46
1996-09-10@ NYN146W  9-371-75314,746Al LeiterPete HarnischJay PowellDoug Henry 617657-40
1996-09-11@ NYN147L  1-371-76312,448Pat RappJason IsringhausenJason IsringhausenPat RappDerek Wallace618660-42
1996-09-12@ MON148L  4-571-7739,308Mark HuttonMark LeiterDave VeresJay PowellMel Rojas622665-43
1996-09-13@ MON149L  2-371-78313,723Rick HellingPedro MartinezPedro MartinezRick HellingMel Rojas624668-44
1996-09-14@ MON150L  2-371-79317,546Kevin BrownJose PaniaguaDave VeresJay PowellMel Rojas626671-45
1996-09-15@ MON151W  4-372-79326,166Al LeiterOmar DaalAl LeiterOmar DaalRobb Nen630674-44
1996-09-17@ PHI152W  11-573-79315,507Pat RappMatt BeechPat RappMatt Beech 641679-38
1996-09-18@ PHI153L  6-873-80317,158Mark HuttonMike WilliamsToby BorlandKurt MillerRicky Bottalico647687-40
1996-09-20vs HOU154W  3-174-80321,518 Kevin BrownShane ReynoldsKevin BrownShane ReynoldsRobb Nen650688-38
1996-09-21vs HOU155W  2-175-80331,023 Al LeiterDoug DrabekFelix HerediaBilly Wagner 652689-37
1996-09-22vs HOU156W  6-076-80317,461 Rick HellingDarryl KileRick HellingDarryl Kile 658689-31
1996-09-24vs ATL157W  12-177-80318,245 Pat RappSteve AveryPat RappSteve Avery 670690-20
1996-09-25vs ATL158W  3-078-80329,178 Kevin BrownTom GlavineKevin BrownTom GlavineRobb Nen673690-17
1996-09-26vs ATL159W  7-179-80325,553 Al LeiterDenny NeagleAl LeiterDenny Neagle 680691-11
1996-09-27@ HOU160W  3-280-80321,725Mark HuttonDarryl KileMark HuttonDarryl KileRobb Nen683693-10
1996-09-28@ HOU161L  1-580-81321,832Rick HellingDanny DarwinDanny DarwinFelix Heredia 684698-14
1996-09-29@ HOU162L  4-580-82342,658Andy LarkinShane ReynoldsJohn HudekChris Hammond 688703-15

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