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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  66-48   .579
Result:   1st in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Davey Johnson
General Manager:   Jim Bowden
Stadium:  Riverfront Stadium
Attendance:  1,897,681
Payroll:  $39,826,333
Playoffs:  -

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tom Browning (34)
Youngest Player:  John Roper (22)
Longest Tenure:  Tom Browning (11)
Top Hitter:  Kevin Mitchell (8)
Top Pitcher:  Jose Rijo (7)
Top Draft Pick:  C.J. Nitkowski (#9)

Roster Continuity:  51.24%
Top Prospect:   Pokey Reese
National League Standings
St. Louis5361.46513.0
Chi Cubs4964.43416.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-03vs SLN1L  4-60-1332,803 Jose RijoBob TewksburyBob TewksburyJose RijoMike Perez46-2
1994-04-04vs SLN2W  5-41-1255,093 John SmileyRheal CormierHector CarrascoRob Murphy 910-1
1994-04-06vs SLN3W  8-82-1120,179 Tom BrowningRene Arocha 1718-1
1994-04-08vs PHI4W  5-43-1127,868 Jose RijoBen RiveraHector CarrascoDavid West 22220
1994-04-09vs PHI5W  2-14-1125,666 John SmileyCurt SchillingJohn SmileyCurt SchillingHector Carrasco24231
1994-04-10vs PHI6W  7-55-1121,131 Erik HansonJeff JudenPete SchourekJeff JudenChuck McElroy31283
1994-04-11@ MON7W  9-46-1112,526Tom BrowningKirk RueterHector CarrascoGil Heredia 40328
1994-04-12@ MON8W  7-17-1112,466Tim PughDenis BoucherTim PughDenis Boucher 473314
1994-04-13@ MON9L  2-37-2114,072Jose RijoPedro MartinezJohn WettelandChuck McElroy 493613
1994-04-15@ PHI10L  1-37-3132,980John SmileyJeff JudenJeff JudenJohn SmileyDoug Jones503911
1994-04-16@ PHI11L  4-67-4136,070Erik HansonDanny JacksonDanny JacksonErik HansonDoug Jones54459
1994-04-17@ PHI12W  7-08-4143,400Tom BrowningShawn BoskieTom BrowningShawn Boskie 614516
1994-04-19vs PIT13W  8-29-4123,891 Jose RijoDenny NeagleJose RijoDenny Neagle 694722
1994-04-20vs PIT14W  5-410-4120,341 Tim PughPaul WagnerJohnny RuffinPaul WagnerHector Carrasco745123
1994-04-22vs FLO15W  4-211-4132,198 John SmileyCharlie HoughJohn SmileyRichie LewisJeff Brantley785325
1994-04-23vs FLO16L  2-311-5129,075 Erik HansonRyan BowenJeremy HernandezHector CarrascoBryan Harvey805624
1994-04-24vs FLO17W  5-212-5127,416 Tom BrowningChris HammondTom BrowningChris Hammond 855827
1994-04-25vs CHN18W  4-313-5125,427 Jose RijoAnthony YoungJeff BrantleyRandy Myers 896128
1994-04-26vs CHN19W  8-214-5122,217 Tim PughTurk WendellTim PughTurk Wendell 976334
1994-04-27@ PIT20L  1-314-6110,343John SmileyZane SmithZane SmithJohn Smiley 986632
1994-04-28@ PIT21W  19-715-6110,846Erik HansonRandy TomlinErik HansonRandy Tomlin 1177344
1994-04-29@ FLO22W  8-516-6129,030Tom BrowningChris HammondTom BrowningChris HammondJeff Brantley1257847
1994-04-30@ FLO23L  3-416-7140,731Jose RijoDavid WeathersDavid WeathersJose RijoJeremy Hernandez1288246
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01@ FLO24L  4-916-8141,409Tim PughPat RappPat RappTim Pugh 1329141
1994-05-02@ CHN25W  9-017-8125,889John SmileyWillie BanksJohn SmileyWillie Banks 1419150
1994-05-03@ CHN26W  5-218-8125,430Erik HansonMike MorganErik HansonMike MorganJeff Brantley1469353
1994-05-04@ CHN27L  2-518-9118,509Tom BrowningSteve TrachselSteve TrachselTom BrowningRandy Myers1489850
1994-05-05vs HOU28L  6-818-10124,620 Jose RijoGreg SwindellMitch WilliamsJeff BrantleyJohn Hudek15410648
1994-05-06vs HOU29W  4-319-10127,482 Tim PughPete HarnischTim PughPete HarnischHector Carrasco15810949
1994-05-07vs HOU30W  11-720-10126,735 John SmileyBrian WilliamsJohn SmileyBrian Williams 16911653
1994-05-08vs HOU31L  0-520-11127,174 Erik HansonDoug DrabekDoug DrabekErik Hanson 16912148
1994-05-09@ SDN32W  3-221-11112,764Tom BrowningA.J. SagerJohnny RuffinPedro MartinezJeff Brantley17212349
1994-05-10@ SDN33W  5-022-1117,311Jose RijoJose MartinezJose RijoJose Martinez 17712354
1994-05-11@ SDN34W  9-523-11113,296Tim PughAndy BenesPete SchourekAndy BenesHector Carrasco18612858
1994-05-13@ SFN35L  5-923-12120,868John SmileyMark PortugalMark PortugalJohn SmileyRod Beck19113754
1994-05-14@ SFN36L  1-323-13134,103Erik HansonSalomon TorresSalomon TorresErik HansonRod Beck19214052
1994-05-15@ SFN37W  9-624-13142,082Jose RijoJohn BurkettJeff BrantleyRod Beck 20114655
1994-05-17vs ATL38W  4-325-13127,836 Tim PughGreg MadduxJeff BrantleyGreg McMichael 20514956
1994-05-18vs ATL39L  1-325-14128,375 John SmileyTom GlavineTom GlavineJohn SmileyMike Stanton20615254
1994-05-19vs ATL40W  3-026-14134,714 Erik HansonJohn SmoltzErik HansonJohn SmoltzChuck McElroy20915257
1994-05-20vs LAN41W  3-227-14133,374 Jose RijoTom CandiottiJohnny RuffinJim Gott 21215458
1994-05-21vs LAN42L  4-627-15144,530 John RoperRamon MartinezRamon MartinezJeff Brantley 21616056
1994-05-22vs LAN43L  3-1027-16133,012 Tim PughPedro AstacioPedro AstacioTim Pugh 21917049
1994-05-23@ COL44L  3-827-17145,713John SmileyMarvin FreemanMarvin FreemanJohn SmileyBruce Ruffin22217844
1994-05-24@ COL45L  7-1127-18147,885Erik HansonDavid NiedKent BottenfieldErik Hanson 22918940
1994-05-25@ COL46L  2-327-19147,264Jose RijoKevin RitzMike HarkeyJose RijoBruce Ruffin23119239
1994-05-26@ COL47W  14-428-19153,407John RoperGreg HarrisJohn RoperGreg Harris 24519649
1994-05-27@ NYN48L  2-1028-20123,303Tim PughPete SmithPete SmithTim Pugh 24720641
1994-05-28@ NYN49L  4-528-21120,605John SmileyDoug LintonMike MadduxJohn SmileyJohn Franco25121140
1994-05-29@ NYN50L  5-828-22124,997Erik HansonBobby JonesBobby JonesErik HansonJohn Franco25621937
1994-05-30vs MON51W  7-329-22127,875 Jose RijoKen HillJose RijoKen Hill 26322241
1994-05-31vs MON52W  5-430-22125,046 John RoperButch HenryPete SchourekJeff Shaw 26822642
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01vs MON53L  9-1030-23123,653 Kevin JarvisGabe WhiteTim ScottHector CarrascoPedro Martinez27723641
1994-06-03vs NYN54L  3-430-24232,028 John SmileyBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenJohn SmileyJohn Franco28024040
1994-06-04vs NYN55W  8-531-24238,890 Jose RijoBobby JonesJose RijoRoger MasonJeff Brantley28824543
1994-06-05vs NYN56W  9-632-24227,992 John RoperMauro GozzoJeff BrantleyFrank Seminara 29725146
1994-06-07@ SLN57W  5-033-24128,353Erik HansonBob TewksburyErik HansonBob Tewksbury 30225151
1994-06-08@ SLN58L  2-833-25132,500John SmileyAllen WatsonAllen WatsonJohn Smiley 30425945
1994-06-09vs COL59W  7-134-25131,990 Jose RijoKevin RitzJose RijoKevin Ritz 31126051
1994-06-10vs COL60W  10-435-25133,610 John RoperGreg HarrisJohn RoperGreg Harris 32126457
1994-06-11vs COL61W  6-436-25136,887 Kevin JarvisDavid NiedTim FortugnoDavid NiedChuck McElroy32726859
1994-06-12vs COL62L  2-336-26130,992 Erik HansonLance PainterSteve ReedHector CarrascoBruce Ruffin32927158
1994-06-13@ LAN63L  4-536-27139,535Pete SchourekRamon MartinezRamon MartinezKevin JarvisTodd Worrell33327657
1994-06-14@ LAN64L  2-536-28131,826Jose RijoPedro AstacioPedro AstacioJose Rijo 33528154
1994-06-15@ LAN65W  4-237-28151,736John RoperKevin GrossJohn RoperKevin GrossJeff Brantley33928356
1994-06-17@ ATL66L  5-637-29149,330Erik HansonGreg MadduxGreg McMichaelJeff Brantley 34428955
1994-06-18@ ATL67W  16-038-29149,081John SmileyTom GlavineJohn SmileyTom Glavine 36028971
1994-06-19@ ATL68W  12-439-29149,233Jose RijoJohn SmoltzJose RijoJohn Smoltz 37229379
1994-06-21vs SFN69W  2-140-29125,896 John RoperJohn BurkettChuck McElroyJohn BurkettJeff Brantley37429480
1994-06-22vs SFN70W  4-341-29129,744 Erik HansonBuddy BlackJeff BrantleyRich Monteleone 37829781
1994-06-23vs SFN71W  7-542-29132,107 John SmileyBill SwiftJohn SmileyBill SwiftChuck McElroy38530283
1994-06-24vs SDN72W  3-243-29128,267 Jose RijoScott SandersHector CarrascoTim Mauser 38830484
1994-06-25vs SDN73L  0-643-30138,844 Pete SchourekJoey HamiltonJoey HamiltonPete Schourek 38831078
1994-06-26vs SDN74W  12-444-30126,357 John RoperKerry TaylorJohn RoperJeff Tabaka 40031486
1994-06-27@ HOU75L  6-744-31121,197Erik HansonDarryl KileTodd JonesJeff Brantley 40632185
1994-06-28@ HOU76W  5-345-31124,016John SmileyGreg SwindellJohn SmileyGreg SwindellJeff Brantley41132487
1994-06-29@ HOU77L  1-345-32124,477Jose RijoShane ReynoldsDave VeresChuck McElroyJohn Hudek41232785
1994-06-30@ PIT78L  4-645-33116,330Pete SchourekZane SmithMike DyerHector CarrascoRavelo Manzanillo41633383
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01@ PIT79W  4-246-33132,956John RoperPaul WagnerJohn RoperPaul WagnerJeff Brantley42033585
1994-07-02@ PIT80W  8-247-33127,376Erik HansonSteve CookeErik HansonSteve Cooke 42833791
1994-07-03@ PIT81W  4-348-33127,499John SmileyJon LieberJohn SmileyJon LieberJeff Brantley43234092
1994-07-04@ FLO82W  5-149-33125,952Jose RijoPat RappJose RijoPat RappHector Carrasco43734196
1994-07-05@ FLO83W  9-450-33125,003Pete SchourekCharlie HoughPete SchourekCharlie Hough 446345101
1994-07-06@ FLO84L  3-450-34125,365John RoperMark GardnerRobb NenHector Carrasco 449349100
1994-07-07vs PIT85W  8-751-34128,488 Erik HansonSteve CookeJohnny RuffinBlas Minor 457356101
1994-07-08vs PIT86W  12-452-34134,167 John SmileyJon LieberJohn SmileyJon Lieber 469360109
1994-07-09vs PIT87W  5-353-34142,044 Jose RijoRick WhiteJose RijoRick WhiteJeff Brantley474363111
1994-07-10vs PIT88L  6-753-35133,419 Pete SchourekDenny NeagleSteve CookeHector CarrascoBlas Minor480370110
1994-07-14vs CHN89L  3-453-36128,497 John SmileySteve TrachselSteve TrachselJohn SmileyRandy Myers483374109
1994-07-15vs CHN90W  7-154-36134,791 Jose RijoWillie BanksJose RijoWillie Banks 490375115
1994-07-16vs CHN91L  2-754-37144,271 John RoperMike MorganMike MorganJohn Roper 492382110
1994-07-17vs CHN92W  3-255-37136,475 Erik HansonKevin FosterJohnny RuffinJose Bautista 495384111
1994-07-18vs FLO93W  5-356-37127,424 Pete SchourekCharlie HoughPete SchourekCharlie HoughJohnny Ruffin500387113
1994-07-19vs FLO94W  13-557-37126,847 John SmileyMark GardnerJohn SmileyMark Gardner 513392121
1994-07-20vs FLO95L  7-857-38125,555 Jose RijoDavid WeathersTerry MathewsJeff BrantleyRobb Nen520400120
1994-07-22@ CHN96L  6-757-39140,001John RoperMike MorganChuck CrimScott ServiceRandy Myers526407119
1994-07-23@ CHN97W  3-158-39141,010Erik HansonKevin FosterJohnny RuffinChuck Crim 529408121
1994-07-24@ CHN98L  0-358-40139,317Pete SchourekJim BullingerJim BullingerPete SchourekRandy Myers529411118
1994-07-25vs HOU99W  7-459-40128,693 John SmileyGreg SwindellJohn SmileyGreg SwindellHector Carrasco536415121
1994-07-26vs HOU100L  5-659-41135,595 Jose RijoPete HarnischTodd JonesJohnny Ruffin 541421120
1994-07-27vs HOU101L  1-759-42137,258 John RoperDoug DrabekBrian WilliamsScott Service 542428114
1994-07-28@ SDN102L  2-359-43110,538Erik HansonBill KruegerTrevor HoffmanJohnny Ruffin 544431113
1994-07-29@ SDN103W  4-160-43118,393Pete SchourekAndy AshbyPete SchourekAndy AshbyJeff Brantley548432116
1994-07-30@ SDN104W  7-661-43116,553John SmileyAndy BenesHector CarrascoTrevor Hoffman 555438117
1994-07-31@ SDN105W  2-162-43128,147Jose RijoScott SandersJeff BrantleyPedro Martinez 557439118
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01@ SFN106W  4-363-43120,087Erik HansonBill SwiftJohnny RuffinDave BurbaJeff Brantley561442119
1994-08-02@ SFN107W  9-764-43123,727Pete SchourekJohn BurkettScott ServiceJohn BurkettChuck McElroy570449121
1994-08-03@ SFN108W  17-465-43132,282John RoperBuddy BlackJohn RoperBuddy Black 587453134
1994-08-05vs ATL109L  6-1665-44147,072 John SmileyTom GlavineTom GlavineJohn Smiley 593469124
1994-08-06vs ATL110L  1-265-45152,567 Jose RijoGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJose RijoMark Wohlers594471123
1994-08-07vs ATL111W  3-266-45144,543 Pete SchourekKent MerckerPete SchourekKent MerckerJeff Brantley597473124
1994-08-08vs ATL112L  4-666-46135,041 John RoperSteve AverySteve AveryJohn RoperGreg McMichael601479122
1994-08-09vs LAN113W  5-367-46131,177 Kevin JarvisTom CandiottiKevin JarvisTom CandiottiJeff Brantley606482124
1994-08-10vs LAN114L  3-667-47128,456 John SmileyKevin GrossIsmael ValdezJeff BrantleyTodd Worrell609488121
1994-08-11vs LAN115L  0-267-48133,876 Jose RijoRamon MartinezRamon MartinezJose Rijo 609490119

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