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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  54-61   .470
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Butch Hobson
General Manager:   Dan Duquette
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,775,818
Payroll:  $36,334,084
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Andre Dawson (39)
Youngest Player:  Greg Blosser (23)
Longest Tenure:  Roger Clemens (11)
Top Hitter:  Mo Vaughn (8)
Top Pitcher:  Roger Clemens (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Nomar Garciaparra (#12)

Roster Continuity:  76.10%
Top Prospect:   Trot Nixon
American League Standings
NY Yankees7043.619--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04vs DET1W  9-81-0234,023 Roger ClemensMike MooreScott BankheadStorm DavisJeff Russell981
1994-04-06vs DET2W  5-42-0217,977 Frank ViolaDavid WellsRicky TrlicekDavid WellsJeff Russell14122
1994-04-07vs DET3W  9-63-0215,304 Danny DarwinTim BelcherDanny DarwinTim BelcherGreg Harris23185
1994-04-08@ CHA4W  8-64-0142,890Aaron SeleJason BereTony FossasPaul AssenmacherJeff Russell31247
1994-04-09@ CHA5L  5-64-1127,429Roger ClemensJack McDowellJack McDowellGreg HarrisRoberto Hernandez36306
1994-04-10@ CHA6L  0-84-2223,848Joe HeskethAlex FernandezAlex FernandezJoe Hesketh 3638-2
1994-04-11@ KCA7W  8-55-2215,883Frank ViolaMark GubiczaPaul QuantrillMike Magnante 44431
1994-04-12@ KCA8W  22-116-2113,968Danny DarwinKevin AppierDanny DarwinKevin Appier 665412
1994-04-13@ KCA9L  1-26-3115,845Aaron SeleTom GordonBilly BrewerJeff Russell 675611
1994-04-15vs CHA10W  5-37-3131,085 Roger ClemensAlex FernandezRoger ClemensAlex FernandezJeff Russell725913
1994-04-17vs CHA11L  4-77-4234,501 Frank ViolaScott SandersonScott SandersonFrank ViolaRoberto Hernandez766610
1994-04-18vs CHA12L  1-127-5334,657 Danny DarwinWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezDanny Darwin 7778-1
1994-04-19vs OAK13W  13-58-5321,745 Aaron SeleBob WelchAaron SeleBob Welch 90837
1994-04-20vs OAK14W  2-09-5225,372 Roger ClemensSteve KarsayRoger ClemensSteve Karsay 92839
1994-04-21vs OAK15W  6-510-5128,032 Joe HeskethBobby WittScott BankheadDennis Eckersley 988810
1994-04-22vs CAL16W  6-511-5125,870 Frank ViolaChuck FinleyGreg HarrisBill Sampen 1049311
1994-04-23vs CAL17W  5-312-5133,889 Danny DarwinJohn DopsonDanny DarwinJohn DopsonJeff Russell1099613
1994-04-24vs CAL18W  5-413-5132,521 Aaron SelePhil LeftwichAaron SelePhil LeftwichJeff Russell11410014
1994-04-25@ SEA19L  2-413-6135,468Roger ClemensRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonRoger Clemens 11610412
1994-04-26@ SEA20L  3-413-7114,093Joe HeskethChris BosioBobby AyalaGreg Harris 11910811
1994-04-27@ OAK21W  1-014-7115,250Frank ViolaRon DarlingFrank ViolaRon DarlingJeff Russell12010812
1994-04-28@ OAK22W  4-115-7117,142Danny DarwinTodd Van PoppelDanny DarwinTodd Van PoppelJeff Russell12410915
1994-04-29@ CAL23W  6-416-7130,178Aaron SelePhil LeftwichAaron SelePhil LeftwichKen Ryan13011317
1994-04-30@ CAL24W  4-117-7155,057Roger ClemensMark LeiterRoger ClemensMark LeiterGreg Harris13411420
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01@ CAL25W  10-118-7134,810Joe HeskethBrian AndersonJoe HeskethBrian Anderson 14411529
1994-05-03vs SEA26W  7-619-7123,309 Frank ViolaDave FlemingScott BankheadDave FlemingKen Ryan15112130
1994-05-04vs SEA27W  4-220-7124,807 Danny DarwinGreg HibbardDanny DarwinGreg HibbardTodd Frohwirth15512332
1994-05-06@ NYA28L  1-320-8130,979Aaron SeleJimmy KeyJimmy KeyAaron Sele 15612630
1994-05-07@ NYA29L  5-620-9144,712Roger ClemensMelido PerezBob WickmanJeff Russell 16113229
1994-05-08@ NYA30L  4-820-10128,680Joe HeskethTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandPaul QuantrillSterling Hitchcock16514025
1994-05-09vs MIL31L  4-720-11321,844 Danny DarwinMike IgnasiakMike IgnasiakDanny Darwin 16914722
1994-05-10vs MIL32L  5-920-12320,473 Gar FinnvoldJaime NavarroJaime NavarroGreg Harris 17415618
1994-05-11vs MIL33W  7-121-12321,471 Aaron SeleCal EldredAaron SeleCal Eldred 18115724
1994-05-12vs MIL34W  3-122-12322,126 Roger ClemensRicky BonesRoger ClemensRicky BonesJeff Russell18415826
1994-05-13vs TOR35W  5-323-12232,579 Joe HeskethPat HentgenJoe HeskethPat HentgenKen Ryan18916128
1994-05-14vs TOR36W  11-224-12233,771 Danny DarwinAl LeiterDanny DarwinAl Leiter 20016337
1994-05-17@ BAL37L  2-324-13247,420Roger ClemensMike MussinaMike MussinaRoger ClemensLee Smith20216636
1994-05-18@ BAL38W  5-225-13247,612Aaron SeleBen McDonaldAaron SeleBen McDonald 20716839
1994-05-19@ BAL39W  3-226-13247,467Danny DarwinSid FernandezDanny DarwinSid FernandezJeff Russell21017040
1994-05-20@ MIN40L  2-2126-14220,766Joe HeskethCarlos PulidoCarlos PulidoJoe Hesketh 21219121
1994-05-21@ MIN41L  0-126-15228,457Gar FinnvoldKevin TapaniKevin TapaniGar FinnvoldRick Aguilera21219220
1994-05-22@ MIN42W  9-227-15221,971Roger ClemensJim DeshaiesRoger ClemensJim Deshaies 22119427
1994-05-24vs CLE43L  3-527-16229,696 Aaron SeleJack MorrisJack MorrisAaron SelePaul Shuey22419925
1994-05-26vs CLE44W  13-528-16228,380 Joe HeskethJulian TavarezJoe HeskethJulian Tavarez 23720433
1994-05-27@ TEX45L  3-428-17243,761Roger ClemensHector FajardoHector FajardoTodd FrohwirthCris Carpenter24020832
1994-05-28@ TEX46W  3-229-17246,396Gar FinnvoldBruce HurstGreg HarrisCris CarpenterJeff Russell24321033
1994-05-29@ TEX47L  6-829-18246,354Danny DarwinKenny RogersKenny RogersDanny Darwin 24921831
1994-05-30vs KCA48W  6-530-18233,341 Aaron SeleKevin AppierKen RyanHipolito Pichardo 25522332
1994-05-31vs KCA49L  7-930-19222,537 Joe HeskethTom GordonTom GordonJoe HeskethRusty Meacham26223230
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01vs KCA50W  4-231-19228,307 Roger ClemensDavid ConeTony FossasMike MagnanteJeff Russell26623432
1994-06-03vs TEX51L  2-1331-20233,524 Gar FinnvoldBruce HurstBruce HurstGar Finnvold 26824721
1994-06-04vs TEX52L  4-1031-21232,325 Danny DarwinKenny RogersKenny RogersDanny Darwin 27225715
1994-06-05vs TEX53L  7-1031-22233,803 Aaron SeleKevin BrownJay HowellJeff Russell 27926712
1994-06-06@ DET54L  5-1131-23219,570Joe HeskethTim BelcherTim BelcherJoe Hesketh 2842786
1994-06-07@ DET55W  5-132-23213,708Roger ClemensDavid WellsRoger ClemensDavid Wells 28927910
1994-06-08@ DET56L  5-1432-24217,414Gar FinnvoldBill GullicksonBill GullicksonGar Finnvold 2942931
1994-06-10vs BAL57L  7-1032-25333,673 Danny DarwinJamie MoyerMike OquistKen RyanLee Smith301303-2
1994-06-11vs BAL58L  2-532-26333,295 Aaron SeleMike MussinaMike MussinaAaron SeleAlan Mills303308-5
1994-06-12vs BAL59L  4-832-27332,280 Nate MincheyBen McDonaldBen McDonaldNate Minchey 307316-9
1994-06-13vs MIN60L  2-532-28329,159 Roger ClemensJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesRoger ClemensRick Aguilera309321-12
1994-06-14vs MIN61L  4-532-29327,874 Gar FinnvoldPat MahomesDave StevensGar FinnvoldRick Aguilera313326-13
1994-06-15vs MIN62L  5-732-30330,243 Danny DarwinScott EricksonScott EricksonDanny DarwinRick Aguilera318333-15
1994-06-16@ CLE63L  6-732-31341,631Aaron SeleJason GrimsleySteve FarrJeff Russell 324340-16
1994-06-17@ CLE64L  1-832-32341,189Nate MincheyDennis MartinezDennis MartinezNate Minchey 325348-23
1994-06-18@ CLE65L  2-832-33441,759Roger ClemensMark ClarkEric PlunkRoger Clemens 327356-29
1994-06-19@ CLE66L  5-632-34441,833Gar FinnvoldJack MorrisJack MorrisGreg HarrisPaul Shuey332362-30
1994-06-20@ TOR67W  4-133-34450,028Joe HeskethTodd StottlemyreJoe HeskethTodd StottlemyreTony Fossas336363-27
1994-06-21@ TOR68W  13-134-34449,460Aaron SeleBrad CornettAaron SeleBrad Cornett 349364-15
1994-06-22@ TOR69W  3-235-34350,288Nate MincheyDave StewartNate MincheyDave StewartKen Ryan352366-14
1994-06-24@ MIL70W  4-336-34318,914Roger ClemensRicky BonesGreg HarrisMike FettersKen Ryan356369-13
1994-06-25@ MIL71W  10-837-34335,234Joe HeskethBill WegmanKen RyanDoug Henry 366377-11
1994-06-26@ MIL72L  4-537-35329,414Tim VanEgmondBob ScanlanJaime NavarroTim VanEgmondMike Fetters370382-12
1994-06-27vs NYA73L  1-537-36333,204 Aaron SeleJimmy KeyJimmy KeyAaron Sele 371387-16
1994-06-28vs NYA74L  4-1037-37333,268 Nate MincheyMelido PerezMelido PerezNate Minchey 375397-22
1994-06-29vs NYA75L  3-437-38332,704 Roger ClemensScott KamienieckiSteve HoweJeff Russell 378401-23
1994-06-30vs NYA76W  6-538-38332,967 Joe HeskethTerry MulhollandChris HowardBob WickmanKen Ryan384406-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01vs OAK77L  3-638-39328,336 Tim VanEgmondRon DarlingRon DarlingTim VanEgmond 387412-25
1994-07-02vs OAK78W  10-239-39331,792 Aaron SeleTodd Van PoppelAaron SeleTodd Van Poppel 397414-17
1994-07-03vs OAK79L  0-1039-40330,943 Chris NabholzBobby WittBobby WittChris Nabholz 397424-27
1994-07-04vs CAL80W  4-140-40326,624 Roger ClemensPhil LeftwichRoger ClemensPhil Leftwich 401425-24
1994-07-05vs CAL81L  3-1040-41326,199 Joe HeskethChuck FinleyChuck FinleyJoe Hesketh 404435-31
1994-07-06vs CAL82L  6-1040-42328,763 Tim VanEgmondRuss SpringerBob PattersonCory Bailey 410445-35
1994-07-07vs SEA83L  3-440-43333,249 Aaron SeleRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonKen RyanBobby Ayala413449-36
1994-07-08vs SEA84W  4-341-43333,355 Chris NabholzDave FlemingChris NabholzBill RisleyKen Ryan417452-35
1994-07-09vs SEA85L  4-741-44333,092 Sergio ValdezChris BosioChris BosioSergio ValdezBobby Ayala421459-38
1994-07-10vs SEA86W  9-242-44333,555 Joe HeskethJim ConverseJoe HeskethJim Converse 430461-31
1994-07-14@ OAK87W  2-143-44340,457Roger ClemensTodd Van PoppelRoger ClemensTodd Van Poppel 432462-30
1994-07-15@ OAK88W  4-144-44323,607Chris NabholzSteve OntiverosChris NabholzDennis EckersleyKen Ryan436463-27
1994-07-16@ OAK89L  0-944-45326,540Aaron SeleRon DarlingRon DarlingAaron Sele 436472-36
1994-07-17@ OAK90W  4-345-45331,480Joe HeskethCarlos ReyesSteve FarrMark AcreKen Ryan440475-35
1994-07-18@ CAL91L  4-1345-46317,019Tim VanEgmondBrian AndersonBrian AndersonTim VanEgmond 444488-44
1994-07-19@ CAL92L  4-645-47320,335Roger ClemensMark LangstonMark LangstonRoger ClemensJoe Grahe448494-46
1994-07-20@ CAL93L  4-845-48317,180Chris NabholzPhil LeftwichPhil LeftwichChris NabholzRuss Springer452502-50
1994-07-22vs SEA94L  3-645-49311,776 Aaron SeleRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonAaron SeleBobby Ayala455508-53
1994-07-23vs SEA95W  6-546-5030 Joe HeskethDave FlemingJoe HeskethDave FlemingKen Ryan461513-52
1994-07-23vs SEA96L  3-646-50317,168 Tim VanEgmondJohn CummingsBobby AyalaJose Melendez 464519-55
1994-07-24vs SEA97W  8-247-50322,411 Roger ClemensGeorge GlinatsisRoger ClemensGeorge Glinatsis 472521-49
1994-07-26@ NYA98W  10-748-50338,448Chris NabholzJimmy KeyChris NabholzJimmy Key 482528-46
1994-07-27@ NYA99L  3-448-51342,482Aaron SeleMelido PerezBob WickmanKen Ryan 485532-47
1994-07-28@ NYA100W  1-049-51344,403Joe HeskethScott KamienieckiJoe HeskethScott KamienieckiKen Ryan486532-46
1994-07-29vs MIL101W  7-250-51333,528 Tim VanEgmondAngel MirandaTim VanEgmondAngel Miranda 493534-41
1994-07-30vs MIL102L  1-550-52333,081 Roger ClemensCal EldredCal EldredRoger ClemensMike Fetters494539-45
1994-07-31vs MIL103L  2-550-53332,220 Chris NabholzRicky BonesJaime NavarroChris NabholzMike Fetters496544-48
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01vs TOR104L  2-651-5430 Aaron SelePat HentgenPat HentgenAaron Sele 498550-52
1994-08-01vs TOR105W  4-351-54333,429 Nate MincheyBrad CornettNate MincheyBrad CornettKen Ryan502553-51
1994-08-02vs TOR106L  7-851-55332,976 Joe HeskethDave StewartDanny CoxScott BankheadDarren Hall509561-52
1994-08-03vs TOR107W  7-252-55332,047 Tim VanEgmondAl LeiterTim VanEgmondAl Leiter 516563-47
1994-08-04vs TOR108L  2-552-56333,199 Roger ClemensTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreRoger ClemensDarren Hall518568-50
1994-08-06vs CLE109W  8-453-57324,934 Aaron SeleJason GrimsleyAaron SeleJason GrimsleyChris Howard526572-46
1994-08-06vs CLE110L  0-753-57332,405 Chris NabholzDennis MartinezDennis MartinezChris Nabholz 526579-53
1994-08-07vs CLE111W  4-154-5830 Joe HeskethChad OgeaJoe HeskethChad OgeaKen Ryan530580-50
1994-08-07vs CLE112L  10-1554-58334,523 Gar FinnvoldJack MorrisJeff RussellTodd Frohwirth 540595-55
1994-08-08@ MIN113L  2-554-59322,733Ricky TrlicekKevin TapaniKevin TapaniRicky TrlicekRick Aguilera542600-58
1994-08-09@ MIN114L  3-454-60421,429Roger ClemensScott EricksonDave StevensTodd Frohwirth 545604-59
1994-08-10@ MIN115L  7-1754-61423,492Chris NabholzJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesScott Bankhead 552621-69

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